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updated 9th Feb 2015 <inclusion of Kakashi pov snippet>


Konoha’s Hokage Tower

He had only been out of commission for two days and within that short span of time too much had happened. While he had been recuperating after the battle, Root had been discovered and dismantled, with Danzo branded a traitor for treason. While he had been grieving for the death of his teammates, the Hokage had apparently made plans for him.

Kakashi looked at the termination order the Third Hokage had just handed to him.

“You are terminating my services to the Anbu.” Kakashi said neutrally, not revealing his shock.

“Yes Kakashi.” The Third said, motioning him to sit down on the couch. “I have need of your services elsewhere.”

Kakashi nodded, he had guessed as much. “I heard about Root when I passed by the town criers just now. Are you assigning me to the team hunting down the remaining rogues?”

“Ah Root.” The Third said with a weary sigh. “No, hunting of the rogue nins will not be of your concern. I have the hunter nins and Ibiki handling that. No I need you for something closer to home.”

“Naruto.” Kakashi said, quickly discerning the topic of The Third’s discussion. Though Konoha had gone through an upheaval in the past three days, there were only a few matters of particular concern. Madara, Naruto’s real abilities and bloodline, and the discovery of Root.

“Yes.” The Third answered with a nod. “As you are aware, the council and I have given Naruto a field promotion, for his services in defending the Uchiha clan. The promotion bypass the rank of Genin and propel him straight to the position of Chunin. I have decree that Naruto will hold the title of special Chunin to the Hokage. I intend to guide his training at times, because even with his bloodline and current capabilities, he is but a child. But with my duties, I can’t be around to focus on him, Naruto is going to need a teacher.”

The Hokage took out a sealed letter from his robe, handing it to Kakashi who accepted it without showing a hint of emotion of his face.

“As of this moment, I am authorising the formation of a special two man Chunin team. You will be leading team Kakashi with Naruto Uzumaki under your command. Your team will answer directly to me and me alone. I want weekly updates on Naruto’s progress, but most importantly I need you to be Naruto’s teacher because… he knows…” The Third said in a tired voice. “He knew who his parents were, and as of now, you are one of the few remaining links to Minato and Kushina.”

“I see.” Kakashi said, feeling old pain stirring at the thought of his teacher and old team. He had been there when Naruto had revealed his knowledge and training with The Eye to the Hokage. “So you want me to keep an eye on the boy, and reach out to him using my history with his parents.”

“No.” The Third said firmly. “I want you to be there for him as a family friend. Not just watching over him from the shadows like what you have doing all these years, but to be someone he can depend on and trust, just as Minato had been to you.”

“I can never be like Minato sensei… but I will do my best.” Kakashi said gravely. It was the best he could offer, especially since there was no way he could turn down this request. His debt to his late teacher could never be repaid in this lifetime.

“Good. Team Kakashi will officially be activated at midday today.” The Third said looking firmly at Kakashi. “Pick Naruto up at his apartment and get him officially registered into the Shinobi corp. Take this afternoon to get to know him. Assess your new student tomorrow, and official training will begin the day after. I want a full report on Naruto’s capabilities and your team’s proposed training schedule submitted by late evening tomorrow.”

As Kakashi gave his affirmation to the Hokage. A cloak figure remained undetected outside the Hokage tower. N5 was listening in to the meeting through his mind link with S5.

“So Kakashi Hatake is going to be our Jonin sensei…” N5 mused. “Best get that information to Boss Sica. I am sure he will want to know about it.”


Konoha’s Eastern Forest

Hidden under advanced cloak, N31 and numerous other fellow clones were seated in a large clearing in Konoha’s eastern forest, situated near Training Ground 23, but far enough from any known landmarks that few Konoha ninjas and residents seldom ventured into this area.

The twenty men team were what was termed by the Boss as the Eastern Research Clone Brigade. Like their fellow clone brigades in the South, West, and North part of Konoha’s forest, they serve a dual role as researchers and learners.

The Naruto clones were tasked with learning the various theoretical Federation subjects that Boss had handpicked, while their Sica clones were tasked with various research projects Boss had designated.

The Eastern Clone Brigade also had the dubious honour of analysing data from Boss’ altercation with Madara, Madara’s true capabilities, any weakness the infamous ninja might have, as well as planning strategies to combat Sharingan and their advanced forms. The Western Clones were to focus research on any possible Chakra shielding and Chakra sensing techniques that might help the Boss. Meanwhile the Northern and Southern Clones were focusing their attention on the various research projects regarding seals and Ninjutsu techniques that Boss had previously ordered.

A mental prompt from S31 caused N31 to blink as his holographic screen which was previously showing data on University level Mechanical Engineering froze up. Looking around, he saw his fellow clones eyeing their respective holographic screens showing different subjects, without any hints of disturbance.

All of them were under a large layered dome shaped cloak, formed by all of their Sicas working together. Using manipulation of light, those outside the cloak would see no one in the clearing, while those within the light cloak would be able to see the going-ons of outside.

In practical and theoretical application, a rudimentary cloaking device which utilize bending of light would cause the one under the cloak to be surrounded by darkness, blinded to the outside world. After all, a reflective shield bending light away from itself, would have allowed no light to enter its interior. This flaw however could be rendered moot if the device that created the shield was able to generate and render its own light source, within the reflective shield.

Thankfully Sica was a state of the art creation by the Pangalactic Federation, imbued with the best of their holographic technology. Sica’s light based cloaking technique would bend the light around its user, to grant a version of invisibility, while at the same time layering a screen of light within the layered cloak, displaying the scanned images of what’s outside the cloak.

Yes Sica, what is it? N31 asked mentally, not wanting to disturb the rest of the clones by asking his question out loud.

I was analysing Sharingan genetic data for weaknesses, and have discovered abnormalities in the genetic scans of Madara’s Sharingan, several of the Uchiha clan members and Kakashi Hatake. S31 revealed causing N31 to frown.

Kakashi Hatake… he’s the ninja that saved us from Madara and is now Boss’ new Jonin instructor. N31 noted. S5 had sent out an update to all Sicas about Team Kakashi only minutes ago, and the memories of Boss’ near death at Madara’s hands were still firmly entrenched in N31’s mind. He… Boss… still have nightmares from Madara’s assault. The one with that implanted Sharingan?

Yes. Kakashi Hatake gained his Sharingan on a mission during the Third Shinobi World War. His left eye was destroyed by an attack, and according to previously scanned mission reports, it seemed his teammate, one Obito Uchiha, perished in that particular mission. Sica stated. Before his eventual death, Obito Uchiha granted Kakashi Hatake his left Sharingan eye. The operation was done with assistance from Rin Nohara, the third member of their team, who also happened to have medi-nin training.

Okay… so what is the abnormality? N31 asked, wondering what Sica was getting at.

The previously scanned Sharingan from Kakashi is in its advance stage, and possesses 34% genetic makeup of Kakashi’s own body. As Kakashi lacks the genetic traits of an Uchiha, it appears that he is incapable of deactivating his Mangekyō Sharingan. Sica revealed, causing N31 to blink at the information. Records stated that Obito Uchiha never gained the Mangekyō Sharingan when he gifted it to Kakashi, thus it is possible that the evolution of Kakashi’s eyes happened after the eye was implanted into him. And that due to this, part of Kakashi’s own genetic materials were used to further the evolution process.

But the key issue is that Kakashi’s Mangekyō Sharingan bears a 92% structural match to Madara’s Mangekyō Sharingan. Kakashi and Madara’s Mangekyō Sharingan are most certainly the same “type” of Mangekyō Sharingan, even though the gene makeup in Kakashi’s Mangekyō Sharingan differs from Madara’s. This difference in genetic makeup is probably caused by the Mangekyō Sharingan evolving in Kakashi’s body. Several other Uchiha clan members also possessed a 68%-81% genetic match to Madara. Sica continued.

Simplify it for me please. N31 said with a wince. I know Boss took Biology classes, but we were never that well verse in it. We barely scrap a passing score from the previous test.

As you wish. Sica stated. Based on my limited analysis, with no verified sources of genetic materials from Madara Uchiha to refer to, and the high structural similarities of Kakashi and “Madara’s” Mangekyō Sharingan. I theorise that Kakashi and “Madara’s” Mangekyō Sharingan are the same “type”.

I further theorized that there is a 95% chance that the Madara Uchiha who attacked Uchiha clan is actually not the real Madara Uchiha, but is actually one Obito Uchiha who has survived. Obito Uchiha was listed as an orphan, but based on the genetic scans, I might have uncovered several close relatives of his in the clan.

“What?” N31 shouted in shock, forgetting to speak mentally within his head. Several of his fellow clones looked his way curiously. “But how? How do you come to this conclusion?”

Scans of “Madara’s” facial layout bears a 96% match to the portrays of Madara Uchiha, however deeper tissue scans revealed that the “Madara” who attacked the Uchiha clan bears tissue scarring in his left eye socket. Sica revealed. “Madara” also possessed a Mangekyō Sharingan in his right eye, and a normal Sharingan in his left eye. Both eyeballs bears a 76% genetic mismatch, which meant that they came from two different people with distant bloodline relations.

“So you are saying with the close similarity ‘Madara’ and Kakashi’s Mangekyō Sharingan has with each other, and the tissue scarring you detected in his left eye socket… it’s more than likely Obito Uchiha is the ‘Madara’ who attack the Uchiha clan.” N31 said in shock. “If so that would explain why the ‘Madara’ that attacked the clan is not the juggernaut of power the legends stated him to be. Even though he is more than powerful enough to make a good showing of it. But why did you take so long to come with this conclusion?”

The abnormality detected in Kakashi’s Mangekyō Sharingan delayed crucial data comparison. Thousands of simulations were ran to pinpoint why Kakashi’s implanted Mangekyō Sharingan would contain some of his genetic data, yet bear a high structural comparison to “Madara’s” Mangekyō Sharingan. I only reached the conclusion that evolution of Sharingan to Mangekyō Sharingan utilize the host’s genetic materials a few hours ago. Which allows me to eliminate misleading data and connect the dots. Sica revealed. With the other Sicas focused on other key objectives, my overall conclusion on Obito’s Mangekyō Sharingan was only finalized a few minutes ago.

“What’s going on?” N35 who was seated next to N31 asked. It was then N31 realised he had gotten the attention of his entire clone brigade.

“My Sica just discovered something very important.” N31 said with a grimace. “Sica, disseminate the information to Boss and the other clones. We need to know exactly who we are fighting. At least this Obito Uchiha should be much weaker than the real Madara Uchiha… right?”


Konoha Training Ground 37

The fresh scent of earth and morning dew permeate the thick forest that made up Konoha’s Training Ground 37. Crickets chirping, rodents going to ground, fledglings taking flight as a new dawn broke over the forest top, sending gentle streams of the morning sun to pierce through the dark canopy.

There was a gust of wind, followed by multiple similar gusts around a small clearing, as the forest fell silent. Sica dropped the light cloak that had hid Naruto from sight. Naruto took a deep breathe of the cool crisp air, the warmth of a delicious ramen broth settling in his stomach.

Having Ayame and Teuchi deciding to drop by, to congratulate him on becoming a Chunin, with a delicious ramen breakfast had been a surprise. Though with his clones scattered all over Konoha, Naruto had caught wind of their intention half an hour before their arrival.

His original intent had to do some personal training before starting another regiment of the Wild Hunt, but the visit by his favourite ramen owner had derailed that plan. It was no big deal though, he could always have his clones pick up on the training when he meet his Chunin instructor in the afternoon.

There were still three hours before midday. Turning to the shadow clones he had just created, who were still hidden from sight, Naruto called out. “You know what to do. Perimeter Team, secure the area and warn us if anyone make their way here. Red team, listen to your Sicas, get yourself into position before I start the Hunt.”

Silent gusts of wind was all that greeted him as his shadow clones moved out towards their assigned roles. Naruto began to do some light stretching in the small clearing, wincing at a rapidly healing bruise on his left arm.

“Those Senju and Uchiha ninjas are really getting better at realizing I was slipping out of the apartment. The older Uchiha ninja in particular nearly caught up with me before I could slip into the morning crowd… even while you were cloaking me!” Naruto said with a grimace. “I would have been impressed if he wasn’t becoming so much of a nuisance to shake off. I bumped into that wall with enough force to nearly shatter the cloak because I was too busy trying to avoid him. You were saying it was because he did something with his Sharingan?”

The Sharingan is known to grant its user an incredible clarity of perception. The Uchiha that managed to catch up with you, Shadou Uchiha, was listed in Konoha’s Shinobi records as one of the best Taijutsu expert in the village. Sica revealed to Naruto’s question. His mastery of his Sharingan was such that he could detect the slightest of movement in his opponents’ bodies before they attack. Knowledge that you had some kind of invisibility technique was beginning to spread among the upper tiers of Konoha’s ninja. With this foreknowledge, it was possible he managed to track you by the dust stirred in your path, when you trek down that cluttered side alley into the town square.

“I wasn’t aware the Sharingan could track movements to that extend.” Naruto said with a frown. “That bloodline itself seemed to be remarkably powerful and broken. Madara was able to do some kind of warp teleport with his advanced Sharingan. It is scary what he was capable of doing with that ability.”

Sharingan, like most bloodlines, are known to have slight potency and variations when they manifest in different Uchiha members. Shadou Uchiha’s Sharingan has an advantage in detecting minute movements. Madara’s Sharingan probably specialise in space-time manipulation. Sica stated clinically. With Madara’s right limbs containing a variation of Wood Release genes close to those that you possesses, it is highly probable that Madara, like Danzo, is trying to recreate the Izanagi technique. A technique written in several old records as the most powerful Genjutsu technique ever known.

“The most powerful Genjutsu technique.” Naruto said with a disbelieving snort. “What does it do exactly? Trap you in an infinite illusion?”

No, the Izanagi does not stimulate an infinite illusion trap. The technique that possess the same effect as your supposition is known as the Tsukuyomi. It was one of the list of known Mangekyō Sharingan techniques recorded in the Uchiha clan’s archives. Sica said, surprising Naruto with the fact that such a technique actually existed. Though the illsuion technique is not infinite, the user can manipulate one’s mind to change their perception of time, while trapping them in a very powerful mental illusion.

The only known user was an Uchiha who died several decades ago. Though it is possible future Mangekyō Sharingan users who possess the same “type” of Mangekyō Sharingan as him, might be able to utilize the same ability.

“Oh… I wasn’t really expecting there to be such a technique.” Naruto said with a grimace. “I guess we should be glad that Madara’s Mangekyō Sharingan didn’t seem to be able to use that powerful mind illusion technique. Otherwise I will probably be dead many times over. I hadn’t learn any Genjutsu defences so far, I would have been practically defenceless.”

The Mangekyō Sharingan possessed quite a number of varied abilities. According to Uchiha clan’s archives, the clan were aware of eighteen Uchiha who gained the Mangekyō Sharingan, though only ten of those listed ever have their abilities recorded. Of these ten, four different Mangekyō Sharingan types were identified. Sica stated. The Mangekyō Sharingan of Madara and his brother were among those not in records, and based on the abilities he showed during the battle, Madara’s Mangekyō Sharingan did not match any of the four known Mangekyō Sharingan types.

“I wonder…” Naruto mused to himself, even as he checked his gear for the upcoming Wild Hunt exercise. “If Madara was so powerful with his Mangekyō Sharingan… Maybe I can use that same Mangekyō Sharingan against him.”

You wish to genetically alter your optical genetic structure to possess the Mangekyō Sharingan? Sica asked.

“That thought did cross my mind.” Naruto admitted. “But let’s discuss this later. First let’s get the Wild Hunt for the day over with.”

Very well. Sica affirmed. Today’s Wild Hunt is a tracking and hostage rescue operation. Red Team will be posing as a group of rogue Mist Nins. One clone will be transforming himself into a civilian woman held hostage by the Mist ninjas. The objective is to find the hideout of the Mist ninjas, take down or contain them, while ensuring the civilian hostage is rescued and survives the operation.

Battlefield intel revealed that Mist ninjas’ base is located somewhere North of your current position. This band of Mist ninjas are known for their powerful water techniques and Taijutsu skills. The operation ends within the timeframe of two hours. Good luck Naruto.

Naruto rolled his eyes at Sica’s narration. “Why can’t you just tell me that the Red Team is limited to water techniques and Taijutsu attacks instead of spinning all this story about Mist ninjas?”

Centuries of Federation Psychological research on Humanity reveals that humans are more likely to remember and relish the experience when they are roleplaying it. Sica stated primly. It is common for Federation Training Operations to have varying storylines for different training scenarios. I believe the concept of roleplaying does not just apply to training exercises but also in many types of human entertainment, particular among human adults. As such, to carter for your learning needs, I have used 28 mil-cycles to craft the optimum training scenario for you today.

“Seriously?” Naruto said shaking his head. “Federation humans are weird.”

His fingers flicked into a series of handseals as he pulled and mould the Wood chakra within him. Power took form within his body and flowed out… in the forms of eleven wood clones exiting out of his body. It took a few seconds for the Wood clones to lose their green brown wood-like outer appearances, before their skin and clothes managed to stabilise into the probable texture and colouring. Due to his Wood Release bloodline, using the Wood clones technique came remarkably easy to him. Naruto just never see the need to use this particular clone technique until now.

With Sica’s rule that it would not help Naruto during the Wild Hunt exercise, it became redundant to use Shadow Clones to help him during the exercise. The Shadow Clones’ Sicas would have refused to assist him in the duration of the exercise. As such, it was much better to call on Wood clones who were tougher then Shadow Clones, able to communicate with him from afar, and merge into plants.

Among the few records Sica had managed to scan of the Wood clone technique, it also possesses various other utility features that Naruto was still trying to master. The fact that the Wood clones’ Sica replica did not work at all do not actually matter during the Wild Hunt exercise. What was important was their durability in combat and various other utility skills.

“Alright, the five of you are the forward team. As for you, you are to stay behind and watch over me while I direct the forward team.” Naruto said, taking command of his wood clones. “The remaining five, I need you to transform yourself into kunai. Each of member of the forward team will take one of you. The five transformed clones will be our… insurance, once we located Red Team.”

The Wood clones nodded, dividing themselves up. One of the clone moved to stand by him, while five of the clones transformed into Kunai which the rest of the clones quickly picked up, one a piece. Unlike the Shadow clone technique, the power of the wood clones are proportional to the power the user focuses on the clones. As such for maximum effect, Naruto needs to stay behind to make sure he can fully utilize the power of his wood clones.

Making sure his team was ready, Naruto turned to look down at Sica on his wrist.

“Alright Sica we are good to go.” Naruto announced.

Acknowledge. Sica said. Wild Hunt exercise will commerce in 5 seconds. 5, 4, 3…

Naruto frowned when Sica’s mental voice came to a sudden halt.

Wild Hunt exercise has been halted. I am receiving a priority information package from S31. Sica stated. You need to know of this. It appears after further data analysis by S31, that the Madara Uchiha who attacked the Uchiha clan, might not be the original Madara Uchiha of legend… S31 has reached a probability of 95% that the attacker might actually be one Obito Uchiha, allegedly deceased during the Third Shinobi World War…


>> [Draft in progress] chapter 14 Part 3 – Merchant Clone and the Gadget shop, Jonin sensei, Chunin first Day

Monster Souls (BtVS/ Multiple) Chapter 1 Part 1

Note: Sorry ^^” Life’s been hectic… a lot of things have been going on in my personal life and I finally found time to complete a side draft.

I am working on Part 3 of the new Village Hidden in the Bay chapter, and Part 2 of Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki chapter, and also a new chapter draft for Master of the Forbidden Seals, so I am writing all over the place. lol

Please be patient, I will get something out soon.

<< MS Prologue


Chapter 1: <Not Confirmed>

Streets of Sunnydale

She had been there when it happened.

Being stood up by her now ex-boyfriend at the “Halloween party” of the year, Cordelia had stormed out of the party in a fit of rage. Having hitched a ride from Harmony to get to the Bronze, Cordelia ended up having to walk back home, stalking the street in her skin tight expensive cat costume from party town.

Cutting through the western suburbs, Cordelia had caught sight of the student volunteers for this year’s neighbourhood trick-or-treat program leading their assigned group of rugrats around. Wincing in distaste, Cordelia mused thankfully that at least she managed to escape being roped into taking a bunch of children around the neighbourhood getting candies.

It was around that time when she sighted Xander in a hideous costume, wriggling arms and all, leading his group of children across the street. With a shudder of disgust at Xander’s costume sense, Cordelia turned and walked away, keeping a distance from him. That was when things had gone to hell.

One moment, the neighbourhood was filled with the giggles and laughter of children out trick or treating, and then the next, screams, roars and cries of horror filled the street. In front of Cordelia’s very eyes, she saw people… children changing and morphing into monsters, fairies and other creatures that she could not even begin to identify.

She was busy ducking away from a rampaging dog-man, when suddenly everything return to normal. The children changed back into frightened kids. Jojo the dog-man morphed back into a quarterback she recognised from high school. Cordelia was about to lay one in on the asshole that had caused her such a fright when loud piercing screams of agony sounded behind her.

Whirling around, Cordelia had gasped in horror as she saw Xander across the street, trapped in an enormous orb of energy that seemed to be tearing him apart. He was flashing from his normal human self, to a monster, and then back to a human several times. All the time he continued screaming, pain evident in his cries.

Cordelia was already rushing forward before she realised what she was doing. Her foremost thought was to save Xander from whatever shit he had gotten himself into now, no matter the fact that he was Cordelia’s favourite verbal stress bag most of the time. Cordelia would never admit it to anyone, but she did like Xander for having the guts to verbally spar with her.

That was when Xander literally imploded right in front of her, his body exploding into dust of silver gold sparkles.

Cordelia remembered screaming in shock and horror at seeing someone she knew scattered into little bits around her. And to her eternal disgrace, she fainted dead away in the middle of the street.


Ethan’s Halloween shop

The first sign that something had gone wrong was when the glowing statue of Janus, which he had used as a spell foci for his specially crafted Halloween spell, had virtually imploded right in front of his face.

The massive chaotic energies released from the foci’s destruction was enough to pick him up and slammed him across the room. Ethan had felt a stabbing pain in his stomach as he laid on top of the wrecked clothing stand that he had been thrown against. Painfully lifting his head, he saw a jutting piece of metal rod sticking out of his stomach.

Ethan gave a muffled cry of pain, which dissolved into ironical tears filled chuckles. It seemed that a piece of metal must have been worked loose when he was slammed against the clothing stand. He, one of the most powerful chaos mage in this world, was going to die from a clothing stand. This certainly was not how he imagined he would go down.

Tired, weary, and wrecked with pain, the fight having gone out of him, Ethan laid amongst the wreckage, waiting for death, as he slowly bleed out. Thoughts of the things he still wanted to do, the spells he still wanted to try, flashed across his mind.

He had no idea how long he hovered between life and death, mostly death actually, when he thought he heard footsteps from the front of his shop. Then the door to the shop’s back room opened and a tall human figure stepped in.

Ethan’s eyes were blurring by now, and all he could make out was a tall dark figure with piecing red eyes staring at him, as the figure bent over his fallen body.

“So you are the chaos mage.” A thick voice devoid of humour said. Ethan could only stare mesmerised into those striking red eyes as his life began to slip away. “The one who caused all those chaos in the streets, the one who held the secrets of the chaos spell work you cast on the innocents.”

Ethan’s mind had already gone numb, unable to voice his opinions or gave any replies as the man continued. “And now you lay dead, most probably from your spell work having gone awry.” The unknown man said gravely. “In most circumstances, I would have let fools like you continue on to the grave. But unfortunately I still need you. Your knowledge of chaos to be precise. I have vowed never to do this to anyone… but I guess even for a man such as me, there are still temptations which I cannot resist. You have unwittingly stumbled onto part of the process leading to a lost art, and I need the knowledge in your head.

“What I am going to do to bring you back will take years… but you have the potential, and I am a patient man. I have all the time in the world after all. And when you return, I will make sure you do not harm anymore innocents. From now on, you are my charge, my servant. Your actions and your knowledge will be mine to wield, and you will listen to my commands.”

The man grabbed Ethan’s mouth, forcing it open. Ethan was unable to resist, watching dimly as the man raised a knife and cut his own wrist. Blood… that looked to be black as ebony, flowed out of the wound, straight into Ethan’s opened mouth.

The black blood flowed smoothly down his throat… and then it burned.

Ethan screamed in pain as a raging fire within his body consumed him, and an eternal darkness consumed him.


Streets of Sunnydale

He remembered being changed, helpless to do anything as his changed form grabbed the little children who moments ago was his charge. He remembered the alien hunger and foreign mind that took over his body, as it directed his body to consume those children.

Horror had filled him as he tried to fight that action with all of his might. Control over his body remained out of his reach… but HE WILL NOT GIVE UP!

I am the manifestation of my Will

Struggling against the alien persona hopelessly, he nonetheless tried his best to wrestle for control over his body.

Pain radiated in his very being. He WILL NOT GIVE UP. He WILL NOT GIVE IN.

Immerse pressure built up in his being, and like a dam bursting open… something changed.

He felt the alien mind weakened for a brief moment, and in that moment he took back control of his changed body, quickly flinging the crying children away from his many limbs.

Then tides of raw… energies struck him, burning a path through his body, his soul. And somehow he knew, in that brief moment, he saw the Origins of those energies, as the titans of raw power swept across the entirety of his body.

Formed from the tides of Chaos

Grounded by the Origins of Worlds

No matter how helpless his situation was, no matter how painful resisting those energies were, he cannot give up. He will not give up! For something deep within him knew that if he let those raw energies do what they want with his body, something TERRIBLE would happen. Mentally screaming, he reached deep within himself and began the fight for control again.

I am the Monstrous Concepts and I am Myself

I am the Souls forged strong through the Trials of Pain

His body shifted and reformed numerous time, flickering faster than the human eyes could hope to perceive. As control over his physical form was wrestled between him and the raw energies multiple time.

Something had to give… Something did give…

Bearer of Infinity and the Human Will

I stand unflinching. Come forth Monster Souls!

The tides of power reached an unbearable crescendo, his body glowed with energy. A wistful triumph filled him as he realised he was going to die. But at least he did not go out without a fight.

Casting one last look into the chaotic street of Sunnydale, Xander felt relieved that at least he had prevented himself from harming anyone.

And then his body… exploded.


>> [Draft in progress] chapter 1 Part 2 – The flasher on the street, Magus’ new home, Grieving interruptus


Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/ Star Ocean) Chapter 14 part 1

<< TNNU Chapter 13 Part 5


WraithRune’s Notes: Hi guys! Some readers have feedback about the lack of action scenes for the past 2 chapters. I wish to reassure everyone that there will be fighting scenes as the story progresses, but I still need to fill in a lot of unanswered sub-plots that were started in the previous few chapters.

I apologise if all those “slice of life” story segments seems dull and long, but I am only trying to build a more… hmm… how should I put it… comprehensive story world? Those story segments are a way for me to “integrate” information about various other plots into this story, and not to leave any sub-plots hanging. >.<” It’s my own way of writing to avoid info dumps.

I planned this chapter to explain/ at least tie up most of the sub-plots, with chapter 15 onwards starting a new arc which will hopefully be more action pack when the rogue and missing nins come out of the wood works and go after our lovable blond… who might decide to experiment a bit more with… other bloodlines… and did I mention I cried during the canon Wave arc when Haku died? ;)


Story Title: Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki

Crossover: Naruto / Star Ocean game series/ Stargate series

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or plot from Naruto anime/manga series and the Star Ocean Video games series. This is a work of fanfiction.



Sweeping his tails on the ground so that he could lay on them like a blanket. Kurama was about to settle in for a few days’ worth of nap time when golden lines of power appeared on the walls outside of his prison. Kurama’s eyes widened as the golden lines began forming into a massive seal, and the faces of two very familiar humans appeared, trapped within the massive seal, seemingly in deep sleep.

His mouth dropped into a wide jawed gap, and Kurama snarled in disbelief and anger, feeling fury surged within him. “You worms just wouldn’t stay dead will you!”


Chapter Fourteen: <unconfirmed>

Konoha’s Western Town Square

The death bell tolled at the early crack of dawn, just as Ayame was helping her father open the shutters to their Ramen restaurant. For a moment Ayane almost did not realise what that bell toll meant, until she saw her father Teuchi freezing up beside her, jerkily turning to face the town square.

Following the shocked gaze of her father, Ayame turned towards the almost deserted town square, where she could see various other shop owners ventured out of their establishment in confusion.

“That’s the death bell.” Old Fukigen who owned the pharmancy next door, stumbled out of his shop and spat on the ground. “Didn’t thought I would hear it again in my lifetime, the past few Kages straightened up our Konoha ninjas real good… but then there will always be some bad eggs in a batch.”

“I hadn’t heard the death bell since way back when I started civilian school.” Ayame said in surprise, now able to identify the solemn bell tolls that would have sounded throughout Konoha. She had been six at that time, on the way to her first day of civilian school, when the bell had tolled. Her mother had been still alive then… feeling a brief stab of pain in her heart, Ayame ruthless shunted that memory away. That had been all in the past and there was no point dwelling upon it.

“Ah yes, that was on your very first day of civilian school.” Teuchi said gravely in memory. “The Fourth Hokage caught three Konoha traitor ninjas near the end of the Third Shinobi War and their crimes warrant them a public execution.”

“Wonder which traitor ninja they caught this time.” Old Fukigen said in a grumpy voice. “Maybe it is that Madara Uchiha that has the village in a ruckus the past few days. I am going to go take a look once the town cryers came by to announce the time for the execution.”

Ayame shuddered, the thought of watching someone or a few someones being executed in front of her, was not something she could stomach. She felt her father laying a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“We will give it a miss. Everyone will be hungry after watching that execution. Best that Ayame and I set up the restaurant and prepare for customers.” Teuchi said simply, and Ayame felt a brief flutter of relief in her stomach.

Old Fukigen shrugged. “Suit yourself Teuchi, but I am telling you, if you miss this execution, the next one will probably be years later. If there’s one thing to be said about our Kages, they brought up our ninjas right and proper. Not as much as bad eggs as the other ninja villages. Why the other day, this merchant from Kirigakure was telling me dastardly tales about their ninjas. Enough to cull your blood I tell you…”

The familiar whistle of the town crier pierced the air as the last toll of the death bell faded, cutting off Old Fukigen’s words. Everyone in the square was turning to look at the town crier, dressed in his bright coloured uniform of yellow, as he made his way to the centre of the western town square on his horse.

Jumping down from his transport in a well-timed leap, the town crier proceed to stick two large announcements on the village notice board in the town square, right next to the centre water fountain. He then turned to face the shopkeepers and the morning shoppers who were already moving towards him.

“I will close the shutters father.” Ayame offered, moving to reclose the shop shutters they had opened moments ago. “You go and find out what is going on first.”

Teuchi nodded with a frown, striding off with Old Fukigen hobbling beside him. Ayame could hear the town crier from where she was locking up the shutters as he began to speak. He must have been one of the few rare town criers with chakra training that could enhance their voices… The village only use them for important announcements… what was going on?

“Hear me citizens of Konoha!” The town crier hollered, his voice carrying effortlessly to the end of the town square, through whatever voice amplifying chakra technique he was using.

With his slightly soft and pudgy built that Ayame could see from the distance as the town crier stood on the still of the water fountain, the town crier was most probably a former drop out from the ninja academy and not an actual ninja. The fact that he rode on a horse to get around the village was further proof that he had never gotten past the level of a Genin, if he even did graduate from the ninja academy at all.

“The Hokage and the Konoha Council know that a lot of you are worried and horrified by the attack on our Uchiha clan by one of Konoha’s most infamous traitor, Madara Uchiha. They wish to affirm their vow that they are doing their best to let no harm befall the citizens of Konoha.

“The village’s militia has been fully mobilized, and the village will remain in lockdown for the next week until Konoha’s ninjas can ascertain that Madara Uchiha and the escaped Uchiha traitors are not hiding anywhere in our village to launch another strike.

“In the midst of the search for Madara Uchiha, Konoha’s Anbu had however uncovered a band of traitorous rogue ninjas hiding in one of Konoha’s underground catacomb network. This band of rogue ninjas was led by the former Konoha Council advisor, Danzō Shimura, who had ordered this band of rogue ninjas to carry out numerous treasonous acts against Konoha itself.

“Among their numerous villainous acts were the capture of numerous Konoha children to be brainwashed and trained as part of their rogue organisation. The selling of village secrets to enemy villages. Betraying Konoha’s ninjas by leaking ninja missions to our enemies, and organ harvesting of our bloodline clans.

“A pre-emptive strike on the rogue organisation was conducted the previous night by the Anbu and numerous high level Konoha ninjas. Most of the rogue ninjas and their Konoha contacts have since been captured, several are on the run and are now listed as missing nin by Konoha’s Hunter nins.

“A full investigation was counted into the rogue organisation, and those linked to it yesterday. Due to the overwhelming amounts of damning evidence collected, the Hokage and the Konoha Council has made an unanimous vote for the execution order of all senior members of Danzo’s rogue organisation.

“The execution order will be held at the tenth hour, on the execution hill. Among the traitors to be executed are Danzo Shimura, Neumura…” The town crier shouted his news, his voice never wavering throughout his speech.

Darting easily through the morning crowd due to her slender frame, Ayame reached her father who was listening to an engaging discussion with Old Fukigen, Toreda the Merchant and Saamon the Fishmonger.

“To think that Danzo was secretly leading a group to do such things!” Old Fukigen said in horrified outrage. “Stealing children, betraying our own ninjas and organ harvesting!! Why he is worse than that former student of the Third… what’s his name? The white faced Sanin?”

“That’s Orochimaru.” Saamon was saying. “And they are both as bad as each other. Both are well respected Konoha ninjas… and they betray the village… and all of us like that! At least Danzo and his group was caught, instead of escaping like Orochimaru.”

“I have talked to Orochimaru, you know before they discovered his secret lab full of body parts and children, and force him to become a missing nin” Toreda confided in a delighted voice. The man, a self declared gossip, was in his element. “He was buying so much luminous pearl cream from me. That’s how how he kept his skin so white and smooth. I used to use him as my sales example to the ladies before he turned traitor. And you know what they say about guys who buy stuff like pearl cream. They prefer the ironwood to the butter pot…”

Ayame looked at her father who was standing beside the group of gossiping men and hid a grin as he gave a helpless shrug. The three men were old friends of the family, though there were times Ayame thought they could rival housewives with their love of boasting and gossiping. Her attention was drawn to the town crier as he finished listing the names of those soon to be executed. Instead of coming down the fountain still at the end of his speech, he drew in his breath and continued speaking.

“Now, the Hokage and the Konoha Council wish to assure you that there are good news in such dark times.” The town crier said, making a hand seal as his voice carried out to the crowd. “The Hokage and the Konoha Council have granted full disclosure on the attack of the Uchiha clan…”

Beside her, Teuchi hushed the three men next to him as the town crier began recounting events of the attack. Some were already public knowledge, like Madara Uchiha and the Uchiha traitors being the ones that attacked the Anbu tower and the Uchiha clan. How two secret Anbu teams monitoring the Uchiha clan had managed to save most of the clan before the militia reached the clan and caused the attackers to flee. Others however were new to the gathered crowd.

“… what was not revealed in the previous village announcement before lockdown was implemented, was that the Hokage in his wisdom, had stationed a third… specialized team of ninja, made up of a Jonin and his apprentice, to keep watch over the Uchiha clan.

“The Jonin was a former disciple of the Sanin, Jiraiya, and his apprentice was a distant descendant of the Senju, who came into the Wood Release bloodline at the age of seven. This specialized team was only supposed to observe. But when the attack on the Uchiha clan began, this team of two was instrumental in the defence of the Uchiha clan, and delaying the advance of Madara Uchiha until help from Konoha militia could arrive.”

All around Ayame, people were whispering excitedly to each other at the revelation that someone, of Senju blood, had activated the Wood Release bloodline. Anyone who was born or lived in Konoha for long would know of the three great Konoha bloodlines. The Wood Release, the Sharingan, and the Byakugan. Among the three, the Wood Release bloodline was reputed to be the most powerful and elusive bloodline, that until now, was thought to be possessed only by the revered First Hokage.

As civilians living in a ninja village, it was inevitable that the common folks learnt a bit of ninja history, either through civilian school, interaction with ninjas, or just plain gossiping. Even Ayame had heard of the old village rumours about the infamous experiments Orochimaru had conducted on captured village children years ago. How those experiments somehow managed to grant one or a few of the children who survived, the legendary bloodline. And how those alleged children were locked away as village treasures never to see the light of day.

Those rumours had never been confirmed, unlike now when an actual village announcement confirmed the existence of a new Wood Release bloodline heir. Everyone were surprised and excited at the news. And those who have no idea what the Wood Release bloodline was, were being filled in by the rest of the crowd.

“As commendation for their actions during the attack on the Uchiha clan, the two men team will be rewarded by the Hokage and the Konoha Council. The Hokage and the village elders had also granted a battlefield promotion to the Jonin’s apprentice, one Naruto Uzumaki, for his commendable expertise in using his Wood Release bloodline during a battlefield situation…”

The town crier continued his speech, seemingly uncaring of the shocked silence that descended upon the gathered crowd. Ayame felt her heart skipped a bit as she looked in bewilderment at her father after hearing the town crier said a very familiar name.

“Did… did he just say Naruto’s name?” Ayame said, eyes wide in shock. She had not seen Naruto for the past few days, but had thought it was because of the lockdown… now she knew differently. Naruto had been taking part in the defence of the Uchiha clan. Questions raced through her mind. Was he hurt? Where was he right now?

Beside Ayame her father shrugged, seeming as startled as her at what they had just heard. “Naruto… have the Wood Release bloodline?” He muttered as if unable to comprehend that fact.

“By the Sage’s left pinkie…” Old Fukigen swore softly, before turning gratefully to Teuchi. “It is a good thing you convinced me not to listen to all those propaganda the Civilian Guilds were sprouting about that Uzumaki boy all these years. I am betting the various Head of the Guilds are going to be mighty embarrassed once news of this spreads.”

Ayame saw her father nodding dumbly to Old Fukigen as she strained to listen for what else the town crier had to say. Something about the Senju and Uchiha clans… and custody? She was unable to pick up any more of what the town crier was saying, even with his voice amplifier technique enhancing his voice. The gathered crowd had at last recovered from the shock of the news they just heard… and had erupted into pandemonium.

Her father grabbed her by the arm, pulling her out of the crowd. Old Fukigen hobbling behind, with Toreda and Saamon following.

“We are closing the restaurant today, and going to check up on Naruto.” Teuchi said firmly. “Whatever happened, he is still our Naruto, and he is just a child. If he was involved in defending the Uchiha clan three days ago… we need to make sure he is alright, especially since he has no parents to take care of him.”

“I will cook up his favourite miso ramen to bring with us.” Ayame said rushing to their restaurant. “I will be real quick, give me half an hour.”

“The town crier didn’t say the boy was injured, so he’s most probably alright.” Toreda voiced out to Teuchi. There was a look of shame on the older man’s face. “If you are visiting the boy… help me pass some gifts from me to him. I don’t know the child that well, but he’s a god damn village hero… and I feel guilty about the time I have to bar him from the shop because a few civilians were making a scene about how they can’t shop with him around.”

“I don’t know the child at all.” Saamon said with a shrug. “And I never did bother with those malicious gossip about the boy. But he must be something special to get a commendation and a battlefield promotion at his age. He deserves a celebratory meal for his efforts. I just got a fresh shipment of Silver Blues from the Land of Wave, I will spot you one to go along with the boy’s miso ramen, they are good when grilled.”

“Thank you.” Teuchi said with a nod. “I am sure Naruto will appreciate that. But most importantly, I want to make sure the boy’s alright. And maybe now with the village announcement… maybe things will get better for him…”


Konoha’s Northern Town Square

The morning crowd was still milling in the Northern Town Square long after the town crier had left. Ino turned from the shop window with a frown and returned to arranging the fresh batch of flowers for display. She had been kept so busy that she missed hearing the announcement.

Waking up at the break of dawn was nothing new for her, even though there were times she hated the fact she could not just laze around in bed like a normal civilian girl. For all that her father was the clan head of the Yamanaka clan, or rather due to the fact that he was the clan head, he insisted that Ino set a good example for the rest of the clan children.

If it was a school day, she would just need to tend to the gardens or do some light training before setting off for the Academy. For a non-schooling day, she and the other children would take turns helping some of the clan members tend to the florist shop in the Northern Town Square.

Today was not supposed to be her turn to help with the store. But something had happened during the previous day that had her father and a lot of the senior clan members in a bad mood. For all that the adults tried to hide news from prying ears, Ino had managed to hear whispers about uncle Fū who had turned traitor and that he was going to be executed today.

She only had a vague memory of her father’s distant cousin, who was one of the few Yamanaka that lived outside the clan compound. Uncle Fū was a stern stoic man, and had not talked much the few times Ino had seen him when she was little.

Whatever the case, when morning dawned early in the morning, the clan’s children were awakened. Most were tasked to help with setting up a new garden plot in the eastern end of the Yamanaka clan compound, their civilian parents guiding them and keeping them busy. It was a sweaty thankless task which would take more than half a day, but would most probably seem like a game to the younger ones.

The older Yamanaka children like Ino were however tasked with reorganising the display of the Yamanaka shop, refreshing the current flower stock, cleaning the shop’s storage room and repainting the shop front. Her mother and several Yamanaka adults were directing their children on what to do, keeping everyone soundly occupied. In the meanwhile, her father and most of the Yamanaka clan ninjas, except for the few guarding the clan compound, had seemingly disappeared.

“That’s a nice summer style flower arrangement.” Shiruku Yamanaka said appreciatively as she walked up to Ino’s side, a barrel of paint and two paint brushes in one hand. “I guess you were listening when I was teaching you.”

“Just because my eyes were closed doesn’t mean I wasn’t listening mom.” Ino whined. “And where’s dad? Why are we here actually? I remember helping to clean the shop a few months ago when the New Year began!”

“Don’t whine, it’s unsightly. And there’s nothing wrong with cleaning the store again.” Shiruku said and motioned Ino towards the front door. “Come on. I need you to help me repaint the window stills in blue.”

“Cousin Keyan just painted the window stills brown a few months ago!” Ino protested incredulously as she followed her mother out of the shop, leaving her aunts and cousins busying away behind her.

“And I am sure it is a nice colour, but summer’s coming and a new colouring combination for our shop exterior is just the thing.” Shiruku said simply. “And while we bond over this perfect mother-daughter activity, I have been meaning to talk to you about the Academy.”

“Mom I don’t want to bond with you! ….” Ino said with a wince.

“You aren’t too old for me to pinch your bottom my dear girl. Or whip it into shape.” Shiruku said smiling at her daughter, causing Ino to shudder at the hint of steel in her eyes. Unlike most women who married into the Yamanaka clan, Ino’s mother was not a civilian but a Konoha ninja who managed to reach the rank of special Jonin in the field of Muchijutsu, the rare art of whip fighting. And she was not the sort to take nonsense from anyone.

“Fine!” Ino grumbled, grabbing a paint brush from her mother as both of them began working on one of the window stills.

“So I have been hearing a lot of things about this Naruto Uzumaki boy recently.” Shiruku said as Ino turned to look at her. “He is one of your classmates isn’t he?”

“What kind of things did you hear?” Ino asked wryly. It was quite obvious that her mother was fishing for information about Naruto. There was a reason why her father was the Interrogation expert of Konoha, and not her mother.

“Things.” Shiruku said smiling at her daughter, ending that line of conversation without an answer. “Now what can you tell me about the boy?”

Ino rolled her eyes, dad would have at least wheedled the information out of her without her even knowing. “I know he is the best of buddies with Choju and Shikamaru. He is also friend with Shino and has some kind of friendship rivalry thing going on with Kiba. They used to meet behind the Academy after school and just lay on the hill looking at clouds, but recently Naruto managed to motivate even that lazy ass Shikamaru to do some training after school.”

“What kind of training?” Shiruku asked, looking at her daughter inquisitively.

“Some academy exercises? I have no idea. I don’t really join them that much, and the few times I saw that they were going to train, I left.” Ino said with a shrug. “I don’t want to get all sweaty and dirty, I have enough of that in class. I only dropped in on their group and join them for a few lazy hours when Sakura and the other girls don’t have plans. I did hear them saying Naruto was training and guiding them… which is weird because even Kiba’s class results are better than Naruto in some areas. I have no idea what Naruto have to teach them.”

“I see… what else did you hear about Naruto and his group of… friends?” Shiruku asked carefully.

“Well, I heard Hinata joined their group two weeks ago.” Ino revealed, causing her mother to give her a sharp look. “The girls were talking in the locker room last week and Hinata mentioned Naruto was training her as well.”

“So let me get this straight.” Shiruku said slowly. “Naruto Uzumaki had formed a… training group which consisted of almost all of the clan heirs in your Academy class… except you. And had formed close relationships with almost all of the clan heirs in your year class… except you.”

Her mother seemed deep in thought as Ino began to look at her mother wearily. “My… he is truly a prodigy in the ninja arts, and politics as well… with the intellect and far sightedness to plan all of his future alliances and connections… so far ahead…”

“Mom, why are you muttering like a crazy woman.” Ino said rubbing the goosebumps on her arm. “You are scaring me.”

Her mother straightened, startling Ino as she looked up at her, all seriousness in her eyes. “Ino, once the Academy opens, find out from Shikamaru and Choji if this training group of Naruto’s is still… on-going, If it is, I want you to join their group and befriend them. Befriend all of them and train with them you understand me?”

“What?!” Ino stared at her mother, shocked by the seemingly ridiculous request. “Mom! I am just normal friends with Naruto and those in his group… well maybe excluding that lazy bum and Choji-eat-a-lot. I feel more like their babysistter. But the point is Sakura is my best friend, and I am not leaving her and the rest of the girls to join Naruto and the others in getting all sweaty and dirty when I can enjoy myself with the girls!”

“It is your clan duty as a daughter heir.” Shiruku said sternly, shocking Ino. “Bring Sakura along if you have to, but I want you to integrate yourself into this training group that Naruto Uzumaki had created and form alliances with everyone in the group.”

“Mom…” Ino asked slowly, finally realizing something was not right. “What is really going on?”

Shiruku gave a tired sigh. “Your uncle Fū has been branded a traitor for many atrocious crimes he committed for a rogue organisation before he was apprehended yesterday. All the crimes he committed came to light before the Konoha Council yesterday… and had left a black mark on the Yamanaka clan. You need to do your part in restoring our clan’s reputation.”

“And how is befriending and training with Naruto and the others going to help with our clan’s reputation?” Ino asked incredulously.

“Ino… there has been lot of changes in the village the past few days… and certain secrets have come to light.” Shiruku said to her daughter carefully. “Naruto Uzumaki has been receiving specialized training from… a Jonin. He is also involved in the defence of the Uchiha clan during the attack by traitor ninjas three days ago.

“He is a distant descendant of the Senju clan, and possesses the legendary Wood Release bloodline. The Senju and Uchiha clans both declared him to be under their protection and are fighting for custody of the boy. He is also given a battlefield promotion to become a Konoha Chunin. Right now, he is one of the heroes and prodigy of the village. The potential amount of politic clout Naruto would have is enormous. Do your duty and befriend him and the rest of the clan heirs of your class year. Who knows, maybe they could actually motivate you to treat your career as a kunoichi more seriously.”

Ino stared at her mother in shock. “Wh… WHAT!”


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Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/ Star Ocean) Chapter 13 part 5

<< TNNU Chapter 13 Part 4

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Naruto’s apartment

Laying on his bed, the lights were switched off in his room. To an outside eye, it would seem as though Naruto was asleep. In reality he was conversing with Sica, after sealing both his legacies away in a storage seal array he had inked onto his right chest.

Calling up the memories of his time in The Legacy, Naruto “pushed” his memories through the mental connection he and Sica shared with great ease. Having bonded with Sica for more than a year, with their communication done mostly via telepathic speech, Naruto was pretty well verse in the special communication link he shared with the A.I.

There was a significant pause as Sica previewed Naruto’s memories. The pause was longer than ten heartbeats, which was a threshold Naruto had discovered through experience usually meant Sica was stumped by whatever it had come across. It had taken Naruto quite a while to realise that Sica was not all knowing and infallible, even with Sica’s seemingly infinite capability to store and recall information. If Sica was not able to provide an answer or estimate within ten heartbeats, it usually meant it had encountered a situation outside its calculations.

Can you provide a clearer memory of those Ancient language you saw in the scroll within the sub-dimension? Sica asked after a moment.

Scrunching up his face, Naruto tried to recall what he saw from the scrolls Old man Hokage had opened back in The Legacy, to show him as a teaching example.

“Did you find something?” Naruto asked as he passed Sica the memory of what he could remembered from that brief glance at the scroll.

Based on the wordings you recall from the scroll written in the Ancient language of your world, I am able to match it with 75% accuracy to a language matrix stored within my database. Sica revealed. I need a larger sampling of this Ancient language of yours to calculate a more accurate estimate. But at the moment, it seems that this Ancient language of yours bears a close relation to the language of a very old race called the Muah.

“The Muah?” Naruto asked narrowing his eyes. “You have been coaching me in Federation History for months, and I don’t recall going over any race named that during all those lessons.”

Knowledge of the Muah is not accessible to the common public in Federation space. That is why they are not covered under any of the Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced civilian education materials I have gone through with you. Sica said unaffected by Naruto’s scepticism. All knowledge of the Muah are classified under Code Grey by Federation Military. Access to this data was only input in my system due to the fact that all high level Federation operatives have a responsibility to inform the Federation if they came across any Muah ruins or artifacts. Which means they need to identify items of Muah origins in the first place.

Naruto frowned, intrigued at this new nugget of information Sica had revealed. “And you estimate that the Ancient language in my world is related to the language of the Muah? Who are these Muah anyway?”

Based on research that Federation scientists had been conducting on the Muah for the past centuries, the Muah is an ancient race that predates Humanity’s claim on Earth. Sica said as it narrated what it knew.

The biological structure of Muah bears similarities to Humanity, but they are tougher, stronger, and more mentally capable in everyway. Many researchers on the subject of Muah believed that this ancient race created the first humans as a second evolutionary pathway to their race.

After World War III devastated the landscapes of Earth, ancient Muah ruins were exposed and the military began secret research into those ruins. Their research bears fruit, revealing that the Muah were once refugees fleeing from a deadly plague that threatened to annihilate their kind.

Recovered and deciphered Muah writings stated that the plague was unleashed by the Great Enemy of Muah, and only three cities of its people survived. To escape from their racial enemy, two cities of Muah decided to flee deep into space, hoping that they would travel far enough that their enemy would never reach them again.

Only one city of Muah decided to attempt a radical experiment and travel sideways, to an alternate reality, thus forever escaping the reach of their Great Enemy. Their alternate reality portal technology was untested at the time, yet their desperation forced them to use it. Half their numbers perished in the attempt, and the surviving Muah arrived on Earth drastically altered and changed. Muah literature heavily emphasised that the First Travellers who survived crossing the “lines of realities”, saw the inner workings of the cosmos.

Naruto frowned. He had learnt of the planet Earth when he covered Federation History with Sica, but the historical facts that the A.I. was telling him now was something new to him. And reality travel? What few Federation comics and literature he had read, viewed the existence of alternate realities as pseudo-science.

He doubted the Federation had any technology capable of reality traveling. Though he was beginning to understand that the Federation Military likes its secrets and there might be more wonders out there in the galaxy which he might never know. If only he could build a starship and travel out to space. But even if Sica could guide him in how to construct one, he lacked the technologies and rare metal alloys to even build the components using Federation templates… Unless he used the knowledge he had and create something new…

Sica continued narrating even as Naruto pondered over the information on Muah and his wandering thoughts.

What those First Travellers saw, led to the surviving Muah and their descendants exploring a totally new scientific field, abandoning most of their old technological advances. Many Federation researchers believed that the Muah were the pioneers of Symbology Science. Many of their Symbology experiments were dangerous, and one such experiment unleashed a catastrophe on Earth that shattered their fledging civilization. It was believed the surviving Muah fled Earth after that catastrophe, leaving humanity to grow unhindered through the next thousands of years.

Decades after Humanity reached out into space and formed the Federation, explorers discovered Muah ruins and Human civilizations on a number of other planets in the galaxy. Based on several Muah findings, one popular theory was that the Great Catastrophe which shattered Muah civilization on Earth, was actually the formation of uncontrollable wormholes created from experimental symbology. These wormholes sent the Muah civilization and a number of the first Humans tribes on Earth at that time, all over the galaxy, thus seeding them on a number of unexplored planets.

Till now, no Federation exploration team ever found a surviving Muah civilization, though several powerful humanoid beings, alleged to be Muahs, had been encountered by a number of Federation explorers through the centuries. Several of these alleged Muahs left warnings of a great threat, and how the universe was in peril. But other than that, all the Federation had on the Muah were their ruins, ancient text and uncovered technologies. With centuries of research, they had also compiled a language matrix of the Muah language.

Naruto blinked at Sica’s words. “So the Federation has their own language matrix of the Muah language?”

Yes, it has an estimated range of around 81.73% accuracy at deciphering Muah text and language. Though the accuracy varies with the different Muah dialects. Sica revealed. Due to the Muahs on different planets using a slight variant of their own language, language shifts are a common factor to account for when Muah texts and ruins are discovered on different planets.

“It will be useful at the very least.” Naruto said decisively. “I can get some of my Shadow Clones to begin learning the Muah language the Federation possessed, so that I have a language base to begin deciphering those scrolls in The Legacy from. I just wish I could bring you into The Legacy somehow, or create a horde of shadow clones to help me. But the Shadow Clone technique requires normal chakra, which is a blend of yin-yang elements, and my yin clone in The Legacy only have access to yin chakra. I did try to imagine a clone of myself in that place… but I guess yin chakra doesn’t work that way.”

Suggestion to pass knowledge of yin chakra manipulation from the Yamanaka and Nara clans to your shadow clones. Sica proposed. It may help your yin clone understand the limits and benefits of operating in a yin dimension. It might also assists your yin clone in future yin chakra manipulation.

Naruto pursed his lips, deep in thought. “I guess those knowledge are vital to me… now that I have The Legacy. But put that idea on the back burner for now. There is too much on my plate at the moment, and I need to focus on the more important priorities. I have clones scouting Konoha as an early warning system in case Madara comes back. I have clones training more vigorously in mid-long range Wood Release techniques, and a number exploring what few chakra shielding seal techniques you managed to scanned from my father’s library down at Root. Add in the Wild Hunt exercies…”

Naruto gave a grimace as he thought of the amount of work, training and research his clones had been doing since the Uchiha attack. Sorting out the clones’ memories had proven to be a massive headache as what they were doing were now less paced out and more intensive.

Even the scouting clones were now helping with research in their spare time. Naruto seriously doubted that he could continue to coherently understand his clones’ memories if he was to increase their workload or make more of them to help. He was mentally hanging by a thread as it was, and he had a feeling if he put more mental stress on his clones or create more of them… the memories they would pass back to him would be an incomprehensible mess.

“And then there is the plan to integrate ‘civilian’ clones into Konoha in order to… improve the living conditions in the village and start their own separate information networks. I have spent so much effort in planning for that, I am not willing to let that go for now.” Naruto said stubbornly. “Add on to the fact that I now have to allocate some clones to learn the Muah language…”

Naruto clenched up as his stomach rumbled.

I am detecting mild waves of unidentified chakra energies from your stomach, similar to what happened ten minutes ago before you came to bed. Sica noted. It is most probably a side effect from your trip into The Legacy.

“Umrph. This is the second time it happened!” Naruto groaned as he jumped out of bed and rushed for the toilet. “Put that down as something to investigate as well, when we have time. I can’t be rushing to the toilet every time I leave The Legacy!”


Dead Demon Consuming Seal

Kurama rumbled, pacing his cage which had gotten larger and more spacious during the past few months. Flowers, lush green grass and even small saplings had sprung up in the cell with him. The nine-tailed fox narrowed his eyes, recalling the day he had first sighted his container, the day when he realised the brat had somehow gotten the Wood Release bloodline.

The boy had managed to trap him underneath massive roots when he tried to attack him, and even after the boy left, the roots had remained. It was until recently when something in the boy’s mental state had changed, that Kurama was freed of the roots. His prison had also became larger, and plants had started growing within it. For a moment it almost reminded him of father’s gardens…

Kurama snarled at the memory, whipping his tails around in anger, it would not do to dwell on the past. That brat was so far removed from father that it was a sacrilege to compare him to the Great Sage.

Giving the fresh roses nearby a sniff, Kurama was at least thankful that it was not raining blood like it had been for the past two days. That had been a horror to clean out of his fur. And the smell… he might be called a demon by those human meat bags, but that did not mean he like sleeping in a prison that smelt of blood. He was about to settle down to sleep when a massive familiar wave of energy swept through the prison.

Kurama jerked out, mouth hanging wide. He KNEW that chakra signature. Did the boy found the Uzumaki legacy?

The Uzumaki’s Dead Demon Consuming seal allowed an emotional and mental bond from him to his containers when they suffered emotional turmoil. Kurama was well aware of the Uzumaki’s legacy from the time those dratted women, Mito Uzumaki and Kushina Uzumaki had been his containers.

There was another, stronger burst of familiar exotic yin energy that signified his container leaving The Legacy. Kurama growled, there was no doubt about it, that brat must have discovered the keepsake of his clan. Not that it mattered to him anymore, with the powerful Wood Release bloodline the brat possessed, the chance that Kurama could break out of his prison one day was almost nil.

With hopes of escape gone, Kurama had been resigned to his fate for the past months. At least now, it was somewhat comfortable in here. He did not have to worry about the prospect of spending decades squeezed inside a small cage. And hopefully he would be freed, to be able to reform in the world once more, when the brat expires from old age or mortal injuries.

Kurama was personally hoping for the latter, though he did have to admit the saturation of Wood chakra everywhere had a calming effect on his nerves. At least he could no longer detect all those pesky negative emotions of the brat and the various monkeys around him. Of course the saturation of Wood chakra also had the side effect of blocking him from manipulating the brat through the emotional and mental bonds.

Sweeping his tails on the ground so that he could lay on them like a blanket. Kurama was about to settle in for a few days’ worth of nap time when golden lines of power appeared on the walls outside of his prison. Kurama’s eyes widened as the golden lines began forming into a massive seal, and the faces of two very familiar humans appeared, trapped within the massive seal, seemingly in deep sleep.

His mouth dropped into a wide jawed gap, and Kurama snarled in disbelief and anger, feeling fury surged within him. “You worms just wouldn’t stay dead will you!”


Pangalactic Federation Codex


Level 7 encryption enabled…

Secure Tunnelling Protocol [ALL GREEN]

[Research Codename: Ancients]

Muah – The Old Race [Code Grey Access Required]

The remains of an ancient civilization – named the Muah by the four researchers who first discovered the ruins [Doctors Arnold Maverick, Sally Ugo, Maison Alberts and Jonathan Hannah] – are discovered in an ancient, dried-up seabed, in A.D. 2072.

Using the DNA contained in a 12,000 year old sarcophagus (which had one chromosome ‘lost’ to modern humans), the Earthlings convenes Project Hope, an experiment designed to combine the ancient Muah DNA with modern human DNA in order to create superhumans.

The project proved to be a failure. [more information Project Hope – Code Black Access Required],

Evidences uncovered during the past decades strongly indicated the Muah were an advanced race from an alternate reality. They fled to Earth thousands of years ago due to a catastrophe.

It is known that the first Muah abandoned all their previous technologies to research into the fields of symbology when they settled down on Earth. Reason for the technological abandonment was unknown.

Subsequent generations of Muah lost all knowledge of their previous technological base, and possessed incredible symbolgy science.

Muah of Roak [Alleged – Need further confirmation -/ + Confirmed by NAME REDACTED]

The Muah are also known to the people of Roak as the Old Race.

Centuries of research led to a common theory, that the Muah on Roak originally hailed from the Mu continent on Earth, but an ancient catastrophe dispersed them all over the known galaxy.

There is evidence in Muah ruins on Roak, that a meteor struck the Mu continent on Earth, originally located on the Earthern Pacific Ocean. The meteor disrupted an experimental symbology containment field and a space-time portal was opened.

The portal scattered the Muah and the first generations of humans on Earth all over the galaxy. Some of the Muah found themselves on the Planet Roak where they set up a civilization away from the planet’s natives. Wanting to return home, the scattered Muah tried different methods to return to Earth.

The Muah of Roak created the Eye of Truth [more information Project All Seeing – Code Black Access Required], a device capable of opening space-time portals. While the device worked, the Eye of Truth had an unfortunate side effect. It accidentally opened up a portal to the “Demon” World, causing “demons” to attack the Muah and the native Fellpool.

The Muah of Roak managed to close the gate, but the damage was done, and now there was a portal to the “Demon” World on Roak. Ashamed of their actions, and too afraid to use the Eye of Truth, the Muah on the planet accepted their fate and locked themselves away, hoping one day to return home. They sealed the object inside their Temple of Purity and entrusted its protection to the natural symbological natives of Roak, the Runes.


>> TNNU Chapter 14 [Draft] Part 1

Village Hidden in the Bay (Worm/Naruto) [draft snippet] Chapter 5 Part 2

Edited 7th Jan 2015

(OLD draft snippet Chapter 5 Part 2)

Notes: After much thought, I decided to go with my original plan to give Lisa a similar ability akin to the mind dive feature of Ar Tonelico games and a mild fusion of the Persona(s) from the game series. This draft is edited to path the way for the dives into the Cosmospheres.

I also did not like how I originally portray Lisa’s second trigger… so here’s an edited and hopefully better copy.

The first Cosmosphere mind dive will be in draft 3, still in progress >.<” sorry, being a busy few weeks.

<< Village Hidden in the Bay Chapter 5 [Draft] Part 1


Reality 8757-A41, Brockton Bay, 3rd July 2010

There had been the pain, the overwhelming fear and desperation of the unknown, of not knowing why this was happening to her, and how it was happening to her. She had not realised until then, how much she had depended upon her parahuman analytic ability to understand the world and people around her. Red tinted her vision as she was crippled by the spasms rocking her body… and then like a switch had been flipped, everything had shut off.

An infinite darkness stretched before her, the sparkling of numerous stars doting the horizon. She felt as though she had seen these stars before. There had been a brief memory, of something she had seen in a pain wrecked moment, as she screamed out into the void for help.

The stars were of various sizes and colours, and they pulsed with… voices. Many were no bigger than grains of sand, radiating sounds of static. A number were a little larger. The voices she heard from those closest to her were familiar yet foreign at the same time. Then there were the large stars that shone with radiant light. The voices coming from them were strong and loud, occasionally she could catch words she could understand, human words that she could comprehend individually, but they came to her in a jumbled mess, leaving her with no context of what she was hearing.

It was as though she was floating in an infinite darkness of stars and Noises. She could hear every words coming out of the many stars she could see. Words that dissolved into nonsensical Noises as she began to hear more and more, as they began louder and louder…

Lisa barely managed to stop herself from retching at the audio pollution she was suffering from. She drew in a deep shuddering breath, for a moment it was as though the darkness around her tightened in anticipation.

“Stop!” She screamed, her voice somehow cutting through the loud incomprehensible din. Her plead cutting through the expanse of the darkness as though amplified by an unknown entity.

There was a short moment of blessed silence before some of the stars started pulsing with Noises again. It did not take long for the rest of the stars to emit their own Noises, now louder than before. A number were moving quickly, several vanishing into the darkness that lie beyond her sight.

Lisa sobbed, jamming her fingers into her ears, yet the Noises were too loud to be muffled. She just want it to STOP. To stop HEARING all the chaotic mishmash of voices. Something surged from her body, a pool of energy that she had no idea she possessed. The energy wrapped around her body, her head, her ears, as if granting her protection. And blessed silence return.

With a gasp, Lisa looked around her, startled at the total silence that now enveloped the darkness. Without the noises distracting her, Lisa was finally able to take stock of where she found herself in. She remembered following that transformation cape who might have plant related abilities. She remembered following that cape to her home, only to end up discovering a hidden entrance of some sort. That entrance had some unknown defence mechanism which literally rendered her analytic power useless and turned it against her.

The pain and desperation from having her power crippled, the subsequent losing of her conscious, and then discovering herself… here. It did not paint a pretty picture. Had she tripped some sort of defence mechanism that the transformation cape had set up? Was she trapped in some sort of dimensional space made by powerful tinker devices?

Looking around for more clues, it was then she caught sight of the blazing emerald star floating behind her, with a shimmering white star next to it. The emerald star, made all earthly and beautiful by the twines of brown weaving within itself, was descending in a downward pattern. Whereas the shimmering white star, with a greyish crystal of some sort embedded in its interior, was tagging along.

There was a sense of familiarity about the shimmering white star, a nagging feeling that was enough for Lisa to attempt to follow it. It did not take her long to discover that she could fly, or at least managed an approximation of flight, by willingly herself to travel in whichever direction she wanted.

Descending down after the shimmering white star, she sank into a mass of glowing dust particles. For a heart stopping moment, as the particles brushed up against her, she heard the…


…burrowing themselves deeper underground. Their alien… foreign tongues incomprehensible to her. She felt the…


… coursing against the skin of the many earthworms tunnelling in all directions.

Lisa gasped, willingly herself to move out of the cloud of tiny sparkling lights, soaring after the emerald star and its accompanying white star as though they were a life line. She reached their side, stumbling into a large zone of darkness where there was no cloud of dust like particles.

Her disorientation caused her to brush up against the emerald star, and that was when she heard and felt


“… what happened?” A young female voice asked, her voice resounding in Lisa’s head. “The seals were supposed to keep people away! The paralysis seal on the trapdoor is only supposed to be the last layer of defence if they manage to get pass the Deterrence seal! And that voice screaming in my head for help… and then later with just one word resounding in my head to ‘stop’… god… was that her?”

“We found her on the trapdoor. And she somehow managed to see through the Genjutsu produced by the Deterrence seal, only to be paralyzed. She is most probably the one letting out those mental cries. I doubt she’s just an ordinary civilian.” A male voice said in deep tones.

“… this is bad… I wonder who else heard the her cries…” The girl said. “I wonder what her powers really do…”


“If you are worried about her mental powers or of her gaining control of your body, I do know several mental defence seal arrays that can prevent… or at least hinder similar mental techniques.” The male voice said, trying to sound assuring. “Konoha were allies with the Yamanaka clan who specialized in mental defence and mental attack techniques, and they helped the village develop several defence techniques and seal arrays against mental attacks.”


“What! You can do that?” The girl said in shock. “… that will be a big help… but you don’t understand. Remember the research I have done on parahuman powers? Telepathy is supposed to be a power that would never appear in parahumans. The only alleged being known to possess telepathy is the Endbringer Simurgh. If this girl is the one that cried for help in our heads… are we the only ones that heard her crying out? Because if others heard it as well… there will be chaos in the streets.”

Jerking away from the emerald star in shock, Lisa’s eyes widened, as her analytic power came to the forefront, piecing together the pieces.










Her power whispered to her, making more leaps of judgment in mere seconds, somehow working faster and smoother then she had ever wield it before.











Lisa shuddered, feeling the rush of her power analysing all that she had experienced and seen. The possible conclusion her power had drawn was so impossible… yet having taken into account her current situation, and the conversation she had overheard from the emerald star. It is highly probable that she triggered… with some kind of telepathic ability.

Most parahumans get their powers by suffering through massive trauma, a Trigger Event that somehow empowered them based on the situations they found in. Few however were known to Trigger a second time. A second trigger granted a cape a new set of powers, or further empower their original parahuman abilities. It was considered a pipe dream in the cape world, and not something that could be replicated at will.

Lisa had read about second triggers when she first found out about her Thinker ability, while reading up on information about parahuman. Known capes who had second triggers numbered less than twenty amongst the thousands over capes in the world. Second triggers were so rare, that they were considered an impossibility by most.

From the conversations emitting from the emerald star, and Lisa’s own dim memory of the events that brought her here, she would guess that she had some kind of broadcast telepathy, based on the conversation she had just listened in to. This dark space was probably some sort of conceptual dimension/ space that her power accessed when she tried to use her new abilities. And the stars around her were most probably representation of people in real time.

If she was to touch the other stars physically, Lisa had a strong hunch that she could sense the emotions and heard the thoughts of the people, insects, or maybe even animals that they represented. It was at that moment Lisa realised how much trouble she was in. Like the unknown cape had thought and said to her companion, telepathy was supposed to be an impossibility. The Endbringer Simurgh was the only being known to possess telepathy, commonly utilized through her infamous telepathic screams.

Though the man’s words to the transformation cape did hinted that there were other… capes out there with telepathic abilities, what with the mental defences he had alleged knowledge of. It was something to worry about for another time, once she was able to get out of the situation she was in, and had secluded herself in a safe place to research what was a Konoha, or Yamanaka clan, which sounded sort of Japanese.

When possible telepathic abilities were discussed in parahuman forums, it always stirred up a lot of fear, paranoid and anxiety because everytime the Simurgh showed up, people who had heard her screams for too long tend to go down the wrong paths in life, maybe sooner, maybe later. Those people literally became walking time bombs. More than a few had their mental state altered by the Simurgh, becoming someone that would cause great destruction to the world in future.

The stigma attached to telepathic abilities, due to the devastation caused by Simurgh using similar abilities, meant that telepathy or powers related to it, caused an undue amount of fear in the populace. Masters that could control humans via their emotions, or just wrestle control of ones’ bodies, drew dangerously close to that line. And it was well known the Protectorate had plans drawn up to put down or deal with parahumans with those sort of Master abilities.

Lisa could only imagine what plans they might have drawn up for someone with real telepathic abilities. Lock down Brockton Bay and wall it up like they did to the other cities attacked by Simurgh through the decades? Sentence everyone in the city to imprisonment within confined areas like world war refugees? The possibilities were terrifying.

And if her telepathic cry for help was heard by everyone in the vicinity… Lisa felt dread pooling in her stomach. It would not end well for her. She had a rough idea of how she sent out that cry for help, but now was not the time to attempt to replicate what she had done in desperation and confusion.

“Shit!” Lisa cursed, chilled with fear at what might await her once she woke up in her body. Visions of being locked away by the Protectorate to rot in some dark hole… or even imprisoned in the Birdcage crossed her mind. With the paranoia behind telepathic powers, Lisa was doubtful the government or any agencies out there would let her stay free, even if she did not hurt anyone. “Why didn’t I listen to my common sense and leave that cape alone… what am I supposed to do now? And how am I going to get out of this place?”

She glanced at the white star representing her essence which had been floating motionlessly close by. Maybe if she touched it, she could… tunnel into her body or something and leave this place? It was worth a try at the very least, especially since there were no visible exits in this dark space.

If others really heard her telepathic calls, the first time which was probably the cry for help, and then the second time when she panic and shouted at the Noises to stop, the Protectorate would surely have been notified by now. And with the close proximity the white star representation of herself was to the emerald star, her physical body was most probably very close to the unknown cape and her companion.

She need to wake up quickly, extradite herself from wherever place the unknown cape and her companion have brought her to, and leave the area. There would be time to experiment and figure out more about her new powers once she was in a safe location that was preferably out of Brockton Bay.

Rushing to the white star that was her essence, Lisa set her jaw grimly as she gripped the white shimmering orb with both hands. There was a brief sensation of lingering pain… most probably from the paralysis she suffered before she blacked out, and then her hands sunk into the light. The darkness around the star swirled to life, as tendrils of darkness began to press into the compression her hands had made.

Lisa was startled, nearly rearing back, as the tendrils of darkness grew to a torrent. She was unable to pull herself out of the white star, as a strong pulling force began emitted from the white glowing star which had expanded in size. Resistance proved futile as the star expanded in size, seemingly determined to suck in all the darkness around her, including herself.

Giving a muffled cry, Lisa plunged right into the portal, through the sea of white tainted by streaks of passing darkness. She was plummeting down a tunnel, screaming her lungs out, only this time, she could not hear herself cry.

Then images formed on the streaks of darkness flying past her. Images that were of times long past.

Lisa’s eyes widened as she literally saw her life flashing before her, images that even she had forgotten until now, as she fell down the endless tunnel, into a lifetime of her own memories…


It was but a simple Information shard, split from the Thinker during the Gestation cycle. It had a predetermined path, planned by the Warrior and the Thinker. A path that would direct it to the most suitable host for this ordinary Information shard.

The entity in the shard, bonded with its host during her deepest emotional turmoil, sinking its roots into her, gathering her turbulent emotions and potential for growth in order to evolve and mutate into a better shard, it had changed.

From its host’s desire to understand people and the world, it mutated into the best form to gather information and analyse them. Becoming more powerful and efficient as it tweaked its host’s emotions and increase her desire for knowledge so that it could be utilized and pushed to its limits. It had become more than just a shard to contain Information, but also a shard to Analyse the data it gathered.

It worked towards the purpose the Thinker and Warrior had assigned for it. To encourage its host to seek out conflict, to constantly grow and become more powerful, until the time when it could return to the Thinker and be whole again.

But an abnormality had occurred. Its host had come into contact with a powerful unknown energy form that somehow synergized with the host’s mental energies. It could feel the foreign energy reaching towards it, it SCREAMED at its host to fight it to no avail.

The host’s mental state crumbled and the foreign mental energy pierced into the shard, linking it directly to the mental neurons of its host, corrupting and changing the shard as the foreign energy leeched into the shard’s own energy conduits, drawing and then converting the shard’s energies into its own power source.

The shard’s own energy conduits, which was spread out across three alternate worlds was no longer under its control. The entity tried to fight back, trying to understand the unknown energy and figure a way to combat it.


The foreign energy whispered, empowered by the power of the shard’s own energy conduits. The entity gave a wail as what amounts to its conscious crumbled. Battered and influenced by the foreign energy which it did not know how to defend against or assimilate into itself, the entity’s conscious tried to stretch and leave its own crystalline structure. The effort weakened and then extinguished its conscious as the foreign energy continued its attack.

Without a sentient conscious to influence, and with the human host already under its thrall, the foreign mental energy continued feeding on the shard’s energy conduits, growing stronger and stronger until it filled up the crystalline shard. Its energy bond with the leftover’s of the entity’s original conscious, and from those knowledge it gained… sentience.

It changed and evolved, no longer a shard entity of the Thinker. No it was something more. It was the darkness formed from the spirit, the shell created from nothingness, a power made to… deter other sentient from those under its protection?

It pondered its existence, trying to figure out its potential and purpose. It was still a child though, taking its first step, observing the world through its host’s eyes.

Then its host had fainted, leaving its mental link opened and unwatched. The control the human host had of the shard now laid untended to. Like a child taking its first step into the world, it stretched out through the mental link, pouring out around its host in its energy form, invisible to the other physical beings… but one. A female human being that has the same energy signature as it…

She was… its creator? Mother?

It did not have time to ponder as a strange sensation came from within itself. Its host’s mental state had appeared within the layer of energy that made up its body. The host still had no control over her physical functions, allowing it free rein to explore the physical realm. There were several brief tingles as its host tried something within itself, but mostly it was ignorable.

Then its host did something strange. If it had a mouth, it would wail in shock as it found itself being pulled back into its host body, as its energy signature began to reform under the host’s control.

And as its world changed, it learnt something new.


>> [Draft in progress] Part 3 – Taylor (point of view) – Mind Dive Stage 1 [Sarah Livsey] The Little Girl in the Glided Cage

Village Hidden in the Bay (Worm/Naruto) [draft snippet] Chapter 5 Part 1

<< Village Hidden in the Bay Chapter 4


Story Title: Village Hidden in the Bay

Crossover: Worm/ Naruto

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction. No profit is made from the story. Just a fan’s way of keeping the fandoms alive.

Summary: She was destined to be the saviour of her world. She was the fated antihero, coming into power on Jan 2011. Yet webs of fate could be altered. Realities away, a forbidden technique was used, and the web of destiny… was shattered.

Chapter Five – Simurgh-Lite?

Reality 8757-A41, Brockton Bay, 3rd July 2010

The Brockton Protectorate was a madhouse. The PRT teams were assembling in combat gears, The Protectorate and Wards of Brockton Bay had been called back to the Headquarter, and Director Piggot was in an emergency video conference with Director Costa-Brown and the rest of the regional PRT Directors.

Vista stood nervously with the wards as they gathered in the operations room. She looked at Kid Win who was standing stiffly in his armoured costume. “Is it true?” Vista asked her fellow ward. “A real telepathic cape triggered in Brockton Bay?”

“Apparently so.” Kid Win said, sounding nervous as well. “I heard the calls started coming in through the call centre half an hour ago and the staff flagged up the calls as high priority. The callers were from the Mulberry district, a suburb at the eastern part of town. A lot of them heard a mental cry for help, and based on the callers, it was a “young female” mental voice. Ms. Militia and Velocity were on patrol near that area and went there right away after Assault who was on command duty, told them about the calls.”

“If the grownups are already there, what are we gathered here for?” Shadow Stalker asked crossly.

“Come on Shadow Stalker, a telepathic cape? That’s major news, especially if she is a new cape and is in trouble. There are no known capes with telepathy. It is one of the superhuman powers that everyone thought will never appear in capes.” Clockblocker said rolling his eyes at Shadow Stalker’s lacking cape knowledge.

“The Simurgh is the only being alleged to possess telepathic abilities and you know what happened to those that heard her telepathic screams for too long. There are decades of horror stories and theories of what a real telepathic cape can do with his/her power.” Clockblocker continued enthusiastically, even as Vista shuddered at the mention of the most feared Endbringers. “They probably gathered us to help find or rescue her.”

“Then why are they stalling us here with them?” Shadow Stalker growled, jerking a thumb to the fully geared PRT teams entering the large operation room. “Where are the rest of The Protectorate anyway? We could be on our way now to the east side of town to help Ms. Militia and Velocity with the search.”

“Like Clockblocker said, there’s a lot of terrifying theories of what a real telepath could do. The tradition science fiction telepath can read and control anyone’s minds, find out anyone’s darkest secrets, you know… stuff like that. The Simurgh on the other hand can mess people up with her telepathic scream, turning them into human time bombs that cause mass destruction or casualties in the future. A lot of people are scared that a real telepath will be like a mini Simurgh, or worst.” Triumph, the current leader of the Wards said. “Now that a real telepath has appeared… I think the Directors of PRT and the rest of the Protectorate are probably coming up with protocols and counter-measures of what they should do if this newly triggered telepath take control of anyone, or rip important secrets from everyone’s minds.”

“Oh god… you know how long Director Piggot’s conference calls normally takes. It’s going to be hours before they decide to mobilize us. Especially since this isn’t an Endbringer attack.” Clockblocker said in a long suffering voice. “The new cape could be dead or worse by the time we find her! And anyway, I thought they have protocols in place against capes with mind control. It’s basically get the hell out of their radius and shoot them dead if they are hostile.”

“There are protocols against capes with Master ability over people, but there are none against capes that can read minds, or implant long term mental suggestions in people. Not unless they plan to implement the battle protocols PRT have for the Simurgh.” Triumph said in a reasoning voice. “I doubt the people in Mulberry district would appreciate being quarantined in a refugee camp for the rest of their lives. And frankly that’s overkill. The new cape is probably running scared or in trouble, not an Endbringer.”

“Fuck it, I say we move out on our own.” Shadow Stalker said, seemingly eager for action. “We can…”

The door to the operation room opened again, and this time everyone stiffened in attention as Director Piggot stalked in with Armsmaster. The rest of the Protectorate still in headquarters followed behind the two. Whatever Shadow Stalker planned to say was interrupted as the director gave everyone a serious glare.

“Let’s get down to business.” Director Piggot said briskly, walking to the centre of the room. The Wards and the PRT teams quieten down as they focused their attention on her. “As of 1855hr, it has been confirmed that a female telepathic cape has triggered in the Mulberry district, sending out a mental cry for help. Ms. Militia and Velocity has begun search in that area 20 minutes ago without any luck in locating the new cape. The four PRT teams in the eastern outstation have been sent to lockdown the neighbourhood once our analysts highlighted the new cape as a possible A-rank threat or higher. The Mayor and PRT’s board of directors have reached a conclusion in regards to the threat assessment of this new cape.”

“Currently the whole neighbourhood is in chaos, some who heard the cry are trying to help with the search, several families tried to leave the neighbourhood, some already slipping away before the lockdown was implemented. Director Costa-Brown has authorised the use of PRT Thinkers. PRT Delta and Echo teams, you are to set up post in the command centre and coordinate with the PRT Thinkers in finding out all those within the Mulberry district when the cape triggered. You are then to locate all those who left the neighbourhood before the lockdown.”

“News have already leaked to the local news stations about the appearance of a possible telepathic cape in that district. Dragon is helping to block release of the information online for the time being, but the information stoppage will not last long. Once the villain gangs in town know of the telepathic cape’s existence, there’s a good chance they will be in the area to find the cape for themselves… Considering that this is the first known telepathic cape to trigger, it doesn’t matter how powerful her telepathic ability is, she will be a rarity and commodity that will be considered a prize by the local villains.”

“As such, the rest of Brockton Bay’s Protectorate, the Wards, PRT Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Teams, you are to help the four PRT teams already in position to enforce the lockdown. The Mayor has also called up Brockton Bay’s civilian defence teams to help enforce barricade of the area until we find the cape. Road blocks and metal fences will be set up to fence in the target “hot” zones. There are six main roads into the district, all of you will be split into different groups to guard those access points and patrol the surrounding areas.”

“As for Teams Foxtrot, Juliet and Whiskey, Armsmaster has plotted out the possible location and radius of the telepath’s power based on the calls we have received. You will be starting your search for the new cape within that radius before expanding out of the search radius if needed.” Director Piggot said as the large projection screen in the operation room came alive. Armsmaster was manipulating the projector which projected a large map of the Mulberry district. Two circles, a small red circle and a large green circle was drawn. “The green circle is the lockdown radius, the red circle will be your initial search radius.”

“All of you will be issued a PRT special response armband. Master/ Stranger protocols are in place. Report any unusual behaviours, emotions and thoughts immediately. The green zone should be out of the telepath’s ability range, but that’s only an assumption, and only if she had not already move or was moved. Armsmaster will be coordinating the effort from the command centre. Kid Win, you are to stay and assist him. All Thinkers, Tinkers and PRT personnel with Secret level clearances are not allowed to be anywhere near Mulberry district.” Director Piggot said sternly. “Unfortunately Ms. Militia was already in the area before we could implement this. But for the rest, Battery and all the PRT teams’ group leaders, you are to direct your individual teams from the command centre. Triumph, you are also sitting this one out.”

“What!” Triumph said in surprise at being singled out. “But why?”

Director Piggot just gave him a passing glance. “It is orders from above. Now Armsmaster, you can begin the briefing, I want the response teams to be out of here in ten minutes.”

Armsmaster nodded curtly. “We don’t have much time. So I am going to separate all of you that’s assigned to lockdown duties into teams first. Assault, Clockblocker and Alpha team will take over checkpoint 1…”

As Armsmaster began calling out the team roles and assignment, Vista sneaked a peak at Triumph. From the grim twist of his mouth behind his mask, Vista knew that the Wards’ team leader was displeased at being asked to stand down.

“Guess your daddy must not have wanted you in the field, Roy.” Shadow Stalker jibbed from beside Vista, causing Triumph to stiffen angrily. The wards all knew each other’s civilian identities, and Roy just happened to be the son of Brockton Bay’s current Mayor.

“Stop that Shadow Stalker.” Aegis hissed from the side, stepping up to Triumph’s side. “We are not supposed to use each other’s names in public, or even among PRT personnel. Those protocols exists for a reason.”

“Come on, it is not like they can’t guess who Triumph is, what with the way daddy dearest look out for him.” Shadow Stalker said with a hint of scorn. Triumph’s eyes flashed with anger and he stepped forward. Vista knew if no one interfered soon, Shadow Stalker would have agitated yet another ward into a verbal argument or physical confrontation. Something that had been happening with increasing frequency ever since Shadow Stalker joined them two months ago.

“Stop it!” Vista spoke up, glaring at Shadow Stalker. She was not backing down for all that Shadow Stalker loomed over her short frame. She might be the youngest of the Wards, but she had a Shaker 9 rating for a reason. Vista was not afraid of Shadow Stalker for all her aggressiveness and bad attitude. “Why must you always be so abrasive?”

“Is there a problem Wards?” Armsmaster barked out sternly. He glared at the Wards who fell silent at his look. “No? Good, then let’s move out. We have to find that telepathic cape before it is too late.”


>> Village Hidden in the Bay Chapter 5 [Draft] Part 2

Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/ Star Ocean) Chapter 13 part 4

<< TNNU Chapter 13 Part 3

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Borders of Amegakure, Land of Rain

Three days of running through forest and rocky slopes had given Mozu Uchiha more than enough time to think about his circumstances. Where once he was one of the most powerful political figure within the Uchiha clan, Mozu had no doubt that he was now a marked man, by both his clan and Konoha, should they ever discover that he was still alive.

In one fell swoop, he had lost his prestige, his wealth and his clan. When Madara Uchiha had appeared before him, breaking him out of his Anbu cell, Mozu had taken the man’s offer to help him destroy his own clan, for he had nothing left to lose. And even now, as he thought back on his own actions, he had no regrets. For his clan was the one that first abandoned him when he and many others were imprisoned by the Anbu for their crimes of planning to take control of Konoha by force.

Hitsuji Uchiha, his fellow Uchiha survivor and companion, a young man who had only attained the rank of a Jonin a few weeks ago, was however noticeably guilt ridden over what he had done in the name of the clan. He had however continued following Madara and Mozu to wherever they were going because there was no other choice.

Madara had made very clear that if they do not join him, they would be better off dead. And there was also the fact that both of them were now wanted men if they ever reveal their faces to the world. Having the backing of the legendary Madara Uchiha would make even the most cold blooded hunter nin pause. In the end both Mozu and Hitsuji deferred to Madara for their continued survival, though Mozu planned to gained a bit more out of that relationship than Hitsuji would ever bear to contemplate.

They had slipped past the Konoha border patrols hours ago, and now they were deep in the Land of Rain, a country that had fully isolated itself shortly after the Third Shinobi War. There were a lot of rumours about what had been going on within that country, but most people were of the mind that Hanzō of the Salamander, leader of Amegakure, the Hidden Rain Village, must have snapped after the war.

After the Rain Daimyō and his entire family perished during the Second Shinobi War, Hanzō had taken over the running of the country as well as the Hidden Village. He had been uncontested mainly due to the fact that the Land of Rain had been a major battleground between the more powerful Elemental nations due to its unfortunate location right smack in between the Lands of Fire, Earth and Sand. No Feudal Lords dared to stake a claim on what was basically a war torn country of that time, what with the quick succession of the Second and Third Shinobi Wars.

By the time an accord of peace was finally reached by most of the Elemental Countries, Hanzō and his ninjas had fully entrenched themselves into the workings of the Land of Rain, and no one outside of a major Hidden Village had the power to contest their claim to the country. No Feudal Lord dared to start another war to claim the Land of Rain for themselves, and thus as the Land of Rain began fully isolating itself from its neighbouring countries, so too did its neighbours ignore its existence.

Now Madara was seemingly challenging the status quo. Mozu had to wonder how Madara would deal with the Rain ninjas who were said to indiscriminately kill trespassers and intruders into their land. Mozu had no doubt Madara would be able to deal with whatever ninjas in his way, but it did beg the question why Madara was leading them ever deeper into the Land of Rain.

The constant rain chilled Mozu’s bones, and they finally came to a stop at a rocky cliff overlooking distant towering buildings.

“Is that… is that Amegakure?” Hitsuji asked, breaking the silence, awed at the sight before him.

None of the later generations of Konoha ninjas had ever seen Amegakure before, though Mozu had been involved in several major battles against Earth ninjas near the Hidden Rain village way back during the Third Shinobi War. Amegakure had certainly changed, the flame scarred buildings from the war had been transformed into towering modern buildings made of stone and steel. The towering skyscrapers were almost comparable to the industrial sector of the Fire capital. It seemed that the Rain ninjas and civilian craftsmen had been hard at work during their isolation.

“Yes it is.” Madara said stiffly. “Now stop gaping and follow me.”

Hitsuji blinked at the admonishment, while Mozu quickly followed after Madara as the legendary ninja rounded a rocky outcropping. Madara removed a specified rock on the ground, revealing a complex seal array of some sort. A drop of blood from Madara activated the seal. Mozu was surprised when a segment of the cliff wall in front of them began to slide open.

“Follow me.” Madara said brusquely, striding into the awning corridor leading into the cliff.

Stepping in, Mozu was glad of the musty warmth as he was finally out of the accursed chilling rain. Hitsuji scrambled after them, and barely managed to enter the tunnel before the cliff wall door slid back into place, closing off the outside and shutting out the pitta-pattering of the rain.

The cliff tunnel was lit up by lamps spaced apart. And as Madara led them deeper into the cliff, Mozu began to wonder if Madara was actually leading them to his lair. The secret base where the infamous ninja had lived all these years. That the man actually made his home right next door to Amegakure was so outrageous and high handed, that it actually fit the arrogant characteristic Madara was supposed to have.

They came out of the stifling tunnel into a large cavern suddenly. Mozu and Hitsuji quickly stilled as they realised there were three people in the back of the cavern looking right at them. All of them wore thick black clocks with distinctive red markings. The red haired man, seated on the throne at the back of the cavern, was the first to caught Mozu’s eyes. From the distance, Mozu could tell there was something… unusual with the man’s eyes, but unless he gets closer or activate his Sharingan, he was unable to tell what’s wrong with it.

Next to the red haired man was a purple haired woman who was looking at them sternly, as she stood by the right of the throne. To the throne’s left hand side was an orange haired man who had what seemed to be black metal piecing through parts of his nose and ear lobes. He also spotted an Amegakure head band, marking him as a Rain ninja.

“Madara, you have returned.” The red haired man on the throne same, as Madara and his group came to a stop in the centre of the cavern. Right in the middle of a massive seal array crafted into the ground. Mozu fingered his kunai nervously. Things were not progressing as he imagined. He had thought he would become Madara’s right hand man. He had thought Madara was bringing them to his lair. But now… who were those three people in front of them? With the presence emitting from all three, it was obvious they were ninjas of some sort and of at least Jonin level if he was to guess.

“Ah yes.” Madara said gravely. “Unfortunately things did not go as I planned. I did bring you two new recruits for your… little organisation. I am sure they will be good partners to you, and help you achieve both of our common goals.”

Mozu felt his blood chilled. Was Madara trading him and Hitsuji away to some other ninjas right in front of their faces? If Madara would even bear to work with these ninjas, that meant they must have possessed a certain level of power, maybe even more than Jonin level… Hokage level maybe? He could not make any rash moves at the moment, at least until he knew more of what he was dealing with. Hitsuji must have come to the same conclusion, because the younger Jonin was standing stiffly next to Mozu, his eyes wide.

“I see…” The red haired man said standing up from his throne walking down towards them. His companions, the woman and the orange haired man followed.

Now that the red haired man was closer, Mozu could made up the indecipherable swirls in the man’s purple eyes. What the man had was not a Sharigan, but it was obviously some kind of bloodline Mozu had never encountered. There was no telling what kind of Dojutsu abilities the man could use.

“I presume these two are Uchiha ninjas?” The red haired man asked as Madara gave a nod. The man smiled slightly, though there was no emotions in his eyes. Mozu felt a chill at the man’s next words. “Welcome to the Akatsuki, I am sure both of you will become… valued members of our organisation in no time.”

Hitsuji stifled a muffled cry, even as Mozu tried to get a handle on the shock coursing through his body. Dread pooled in his stomach as he realised both he and Hitsuji had been conscripted into one of the most wanted and little known criminal organisation in the Elemental countries. Not much was really known about the Akatsuki apart from the fact that they were made up of S-rank ninjas who would accept missions of the darkest sort. Missions that other Hidden Villages would have rejected due to political or moral reasons.

“I will have to get the other members to train these two newcomers up to their level of course.” The red haired man said as he turned to regard Madara. The fact that the red haired man was talking to Madara as an equal was enough to chill Mozu’s blood. “What will your plans be? Now that your aspirations for Konoha had obviously failed.”

Madara regarded the red haired man impassively for a moment before smiling back grimly. “I encountered a problem I did not expect in Konoha. A problem I plan to take care of. It is none of your concern. Focus on taking care of your little kingdom and organisation Pain, and I will worry about my own plans. Just make sure my kinsmen know better than to reveal my existence to the rest of the group will you? I will just hate to have to personally get involved in your little band of ninjas.”

Mozu suppressed a shudder as Madara gave him and Hitsuji one last look before turning and walking away, down one of the many tunnels leading into this cavern. Mozu turned to look at the three ninjas before him as the red haired man continued to observe them. Unable to meet the unknown man’s glance, Mozu looked away as the man whom Madara had called Pain, turned to the woman beside him.

“Get them outfitted properly Konan.” Pain said eyeing the two of them like they were some interesting insects. “Induct them. I will recall Sasori and Orochimaru. I am sure Orochimaru will be interested in meeting our latest ex-Konoha recruits and train them to a level we will have use for. Our plans are finally moving Konan, and if we stay patient… in a few more years, the goals of the Akatsuki will come to fruition… and there will be peace in the world… through our overwhelming might.”


Borders of Amegakure, Land of Rain

Exiting the hidden tunnel, the false wall closing behind him, the stern looking man made a handseal that dispelled the seal array attached to his face.

Obito felt his face shifting, altering back to its original form. His implanted eye, gained from an unfortunate Uchiha ninja he stumbled across two years ago, twitched painfully in protest. That implanted Sharingan could never achieve Mangekyō Sharingan, but the transformation seal array was powerful enough to make it look as though it bears the swirls of a Mangekyō Sharingan.

In many ways, the transformation seal array was a vital part to his appearances as Madara Uchiha in the world. The transformation seal array was a gift from the extinct Uzumaki clan, to the old Fire Daimyō during the birth of his son. Carefully stored away as a treasured gift in the Fire Daimyō’s treasure vaults, the transformation seal array, and various other “gifts” from the Uzumaki clan to the old Fire Daimyō, were never really utilized in the field.

With the destruction of the Uzumaki clan, those gifted seal designs were considered by the Fire Daimyō to be royal treasures. Many in the ninja world considered it a waste for those powerful seals to just sit unused in the Fire Daimyō’s treasure vaults, and many ninjas had tried and failed to penetrate into the vaults which were protected by seal arrays done way back when the Uzumaki clan exists. It was common belief no one could damage the royal vaults, until more than a year ago during the meteor showers.

One of the meteors had imploded right on top of one of the vaults. The force of its impact was powerful enough to destroy part of the Uzumaki seal protections, even collapsing a large portion of the vault. With no Uzumaki to repair the broken seal arrays, it had been an easy matter for Obito to phase into the vaults a few months later, bypassing the flimsy protections the seal masters in the fire capital had put up.

Obito had taken the Uzumaki seal designs in the vault and had made progress in deciphering a number of them. Perhaps the current Fire Daimyō never discovered the theft, or perhaps to save his reputation, he kept the loss of his treasures silent. Whatever the case, there was never any public outcry that the royal gifts of Uzumaki seals were stolen even after so much time had passed.

Standing near the entrance of the cave, watching the rain fall outside, Obito did not turn when something began emerging from the shadows at the side of the cave.

“You seem to be in deep thoughts my little Obito.” White Zetsu said as it separated from Black Zetsu, both of them walking towards him, standing at each of his side. “What is on your mind my darling little… mrmph!”

“Shut up.” Black Zetsu said, punching White Zetsu in the face. He turned to regard Obito. “It seems that Kyubi brat will be a problem for our plans. To be so powerful so young, we need to take him out now before he became a real obstacle.”

“You were watching the fight then?” Obito asked.

“The back end of it.” White Zetsu said with a shrug. “We were trying to get into the Hokage’s library as planned, but those damn Uzumaki seals protecting it were too hard to break. We can’t do it even with that Seal Breaker array you picked up from those stolen Uzumaki scrolls. We wasted half our chakra blasting through the first layer of protection, only to realise there was no way we have enough chakra to destroy all the protective seal arrays. At least not before reinforcement arrives.”

“Failures aside, I have to admit that Kyubi brat is a chakra monster.” Black Zetsu commented as well. “We saw the clones you were fighting against. It is obvious his Wood Release bloodline allows him to tap into the Nine-tails’ chakra effortlessly. He is an army in and out of himself. He is a danger that needs to be destroyed before he becomes even more powerful.”

“Between the three of us. I am sure we can deal with the kid anytime.” White Zetsu said excitedly. “We can lure him into a training ground away from the village, extract the tailed beast and then gobble him up! A dash of wasabi and soya sauce and I am sure he will be delicious!”

“No.” Obito said shortly, causing Black Zetsu to narrow his eye at the man.

“Don’t tell me you are getting soft just because he was your old teacher’s kid.” Black Zetsu said sternly. “Remember the plan!”

“I am thinking of the plan.” Obito said. A brief expression of conflict flashed across his face before he got his emotions under control. “Naruto Uzumaki has to die. But it will be a temporary death, for once I achieved our goal and bring true peace to everyone in the world, I can bring him back, together with his parents. I will regain what I lost… Kakashi will be his old self again, and Rin… Rin will be alive, and the three of us can be as we used to be… a world without any suffering…”

There was a moment of silence before Obito took a shuddering breath. “There is no need for us to dirty our hands when others would willingly do it for us, causing more havoc within Konoha at the same time. Come tomorrow, I need both of you to set off for all the Elemental nations. Send a message to all of our… contacts… and ask them to spread the word. Disseminate the news to common folks, nobles, and ninja alike. It is time… the world knows that the son of the Fourth Hokage is still alive…”


>> TNNU Chapter 13 Part 5