Draw the line

Got home late again because I was finishing up some stuff at work, especially since tomorrow will always have its own set of problems. Went to get grocery and was walking home with armloads of stuff when one of the bags containing glass bottles slipped and just smashed on the ground.

For a stupefied few seconds I just stood there staring at the ground brain dead wondering what I should do. It was only when a young boy walked up to me and started helping to clear the fragments of the glass bottles that I realised I have to do something.

I am tired, drained and upset and I realised one important thing as I walked back home. There’s no point working so hard, I got the same amount of pay doing a shit load of work. I spend my evenings rushing work when I could knock off and enjoy my week day evenings. For what? More criticism and no appreciation? Totally exhausted when I reached home unable to do what I wanted?

That one moment when my brain just froze and I was unable to comprehend the situation, I realised that I have enough. Work is work, my life is my life. I am not being paid to bear such a large amount of work, and I am not going to use my health to do so much for a work place that I am probably going to quit pretty soon.

I have enough. I am drawing the line tonight, and tomorrow I am going to request for an exact job description of what I am supposed to do and what I am paid to do. And if they want to squeeze more out of me, I am going to tell them straight to their faces to suck it up.


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