Arm Commander, Alexander Chapter Two

Note: This piece was written quite a while back and is still not beta 🙂 sorry for the grammar or spelling mistakes. I’ll go through them when I have time.

Story Title: Arm Commander, Alexander

Summary: Wearing an armor suit for Halloween night left Xander with some unexpected results. Sunnydale was destroyed… and the truth is out. Crossovers: BtVS/ SG-1/ Star Trek Voyager/ Harry Potter / Master of Orion II

Author: Wraithrune

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction and no profit is made. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek Voyager, Harry Potter and Master of Orion II all belongs to their respective owners. This is my way of keeping my favorite shows, book and game alive through fanfiction. And without further a dos, enjoy the story…

Chapter Two: The Aftermath

Three and a half hours ago, Arm HQ situated at the edge of sink hole Sunnydale

It was pure chaos. The opening of the Hellmouth. The sinking of Sunnydale. One second Giles was running for his life, the next he had appeared at the outer limits of Sunnydale with hundreds of others, watching in shock as the town sank. Flying ships resembling those Star Trek starships had appeared, depositing more people. And as the town sank, a large metal machine of some sort had appeared. The machine had aimed its large hands at the empty space a distance away and had built a large shelter which he had then herded the confused and frightened citizens of Sunnydale into. There they had found long corridors leading to large furnished rooms with all the basic necessities. People were talking of UFOs and alien abduction in frightened whispers, many had refused to step into the created shelter, fleeing down the highway leading to L.A.

Surprisingly the giant machine had proceeded to ignore the fleeing citizens and began to build a large compound of some sort a distance away. Giles had managed to locate Buffy, though they were unable to find Xander and Willow in the panicked crowd. The group of refugees had only managed to trek half way across Sunnydale and L.A. when tanks and army vehicles blocked their path. It had been shocking to Giles how quickly the newly arrived military had cordoned off the road to L.A., preventing the refugees from advancing further. They were forced to make camp at the side of the highway under military guard while a large portion of the military personals had proceeded back in the direction of Sunnydale.

Giles and Buffy had tried searching the crowd for anyone they knew when a tingling sensation and motes of lights appeared around them. Seconds later, they had disappeared from the shocked crowd of refugees who backed away in horror.


Three and a half hours ago, Arm HQ situated at the edge of sink hole Sunnydale

If someone had told Willow that sometime in the future she would be huddling together with Cordelia in what looked like a containment camp out of World War II, she would have called them nuts. That did not make it less real now, as Willow and Cordelia clutched to each other in fear, lost amidst the crowd of hundreds of frightened and displaced people. They had tried to find other familiar faces, but among so many people, even moving was difficult, Willow had been lucky that Cordelia was right beside her when she had appeared mysteriously near the edge of Sunnydale, together with many others as Sunnydale began to collapse.

Right at the moment, the two shared a blanket between them. Night has already fallen and the air was chilly, they had been lucky to even get a blanket from one of the soldier who was passing a stack of them around.

“I can’t sleep.” Cordelia said in a strained voice. Her face looked pale under the moon light.

“I know the feeling. We just watch our homes sinking into a large crater, then there are the flying spaceships and giant robot saving us.” Willow said shivering as she remembered the events. “I think we are justified at not being able to sleep. I just wish we can find Buffy and X…”

Willow’s words were cut off as motes of lights appeared around Cordelia and her. There was a stomach lurching sensation and then… they reappeared in a brightly light room with richly carpeted floor. Cordelia and Willow screeched in fear, jumping off their butts, clutching at each other and looked wildly around them.

“Willow!” A familiar voice cried out. And suddenly Willow found herself stumbling back as Buffy mysteriously appeared by her side, trying to hug her to death.

“Buffy… *cough*… slayer strength…” Willow choked. Buffy’s eyes widened in embarrassment as she quickly let go of Willow.

“What happened?” Cordelia asked in a shrill frightened voice, eyes darting wildly at the large furnished room which seemed to be a meeting room of some sort. There was a long table, surrounded by ten chairs, and a screen of some sort was hovering at the center of the table. “Did the aliens bring us here?”

It was then Willow realized that Giles was standing behind Buffy, looking around the room grimly. The older man seemed about to make a move to calm down a near hysterical Cordelia when the only door to the room at a corner of the wall, slide open, revealing a tall muscular man. His skin was a smooth bronze, with a hair of gleaming blond hair. He would be very handsome if not for the lecherous look on his face, his chilling alien silver eyes and a blinking antenna of some sort that seemed to be embedded into the left side of his head.

“Actually I brought you here to ravish you!” The man cried out as he lunged for Cordelia.

Cordelia gave a shrill scream, scrambling backwards in fear. Buffy rushed forward in an offensive stance while the man paused looking abashed.

“I was kidding Cordelia.” The man said rolling his eyes. “I couldn’t help it when I saw the look on your face. Anyway I didn’t mean to scare you that much.”

“Who are you?” Giles asked, his voice sharp as he moved to stand beside Buffy, sheltering Willow and a shuddering Cordelia from the strange and most possibly alien man.

“What G-man? You can’t recognize me?” The man asked with a grin. His tone was familiar, phrased in a friendly way. It took Willow a second to realize what had happened. Her rational mind was screaming that her suspicions were impossible, but her heart told her otherwise.

Before Giles or Buffy could stop her, Willow rushed forward, standing in front of the huge man who towered over her by half a height, who probably had triple her mass or more.

“Kindergarten.” Willow said, her eyes wide as she stared at the man who just gave her a friendly and very familiar goofy grin.

“Er… You’re talking about the time I steal your Barbie, the yellow crayon incident, or the Cordelia hate club?” The man asked as he gave a little frown. “Wait… the hate club is much later…”

“Xander?” Willow gasped in shock, her suspicions confirmed even as she heard similar shocked exclamations from behind her. “What happened to you? What is going on?”

“Yup the X-man in the flesh.” The man, Xander said. “Or should I say new flesh. I don’t know what really happened. All I know was that I was bringing my kids trick or treating. The next thing I know, my costume turned real, I woke up in a 60 feet tall Arm Commander unit, my body was changed, Sunnydale was collapsing and I was trying to save everyone. According to the last scans done by my starships, there are no recently dead human bodies in the now Sunnydale crater, which means I managed to save everyone in town. Unfortunately, a lot of cats, dogs and demons are now dead.”

“But this is impossible…” Giles said in disbelief as he looked at the strange man who was apparently Xander.

“Giles, Sunnydale is home to the Hellmouth, I have since learnt that nothing is impossible.” Xander said dryly. “And I brought you guys here to figure what in the world is going on. Cordelia… well she’s more of a tag along when I realized she was beside Willow from my scans of the area.”

“You don’t understand Xander.” Giles said agitatedly. “Whatever happened to you caused the Hellmouth to open. The energies of Sunnydale’s Hellmouth are most probably drained. The Hellmouth most probably no longer exists, its destruction is probably the catalyst that caused Sunnydale to collapse into a crater.”

“Oh…” Xander said looking stunned. “I did wonder what kind of magic was powerful enough to make my costume and everything in its database turned real. The energy requirements alone would be astonishing. But if the Hellmouth was powering the change… it explained everything.”

“Oh I am sure it does.” A sweet voice, tingling with hints of barely suppressed anger said as Cordelia stalked forward, her eyes blazing hot enough to burn Xander on the spot. “But you have another problem right now.” Cordelia snarled her fist clenched tight as she glared at the man who had frightened the life out of her. “Alexander Lavelle Harris… you are so DEAD!”


Three hours ago, Arm HQ situated at the edge of sink hole Sunnydale

Caitlyn Horsun, also known to the Arm population as Lady Hawk, was one of the foremost ace pilots of her faction. In particular, she was highly skilled in operating the Hawk, a powerful Stealth Fighter unit. She had been cloned thousands of times, ever since her skills were recognized one thousand and five years into the long four thousand years against the Core.

The memories of each of her cloned selves would be merged into the central data bank upon their death. As per Arm cloning protocols, only Caitlyn’s original memories of her first sixty years were kept intact, the life memories of her numerous clones were wiped clean. The only things that were retained from the memories of the clones were of the skill sets which they had gained. All these skills and experience would then be incorporated into the clone template of Caitlyn Horsun. Thus all new Caitlyn(s) began life anew, starting from their prime at age sixty, with incredible skillsets and abilities.

As per all Arm citizens’ clone templates, Caitlyn was conditioned to be obedient to the orders of the Arm Council and the Arm Commanders who led the battlefields. It had been a natural state of affairs in her faction, especially during the four thousand years war against the Core who was more superiorly powerful and efficient in many ways.

Thus when she stepped out of her cloning vat after she had awakened, the first thing she had done was to connect the neural interface next to the vat into her neural implant at the base of her head. Critical information flowed into her, revealing to her which Arm Council members and Arm Commander was in charge of her new body.

Caitlyn blinked as the data revealed key irregularities to her. She was assigned to no Arm Council members, though the Arm Commander in charge of her was Theodore Denól, a relatively young Arm Commander who had managed to attain the position of an Arm Commander with his powerful tactical skills and fast neural transfer capacity. Known to the Core as the Silver Seer, Theodore Denól was critical in allowing the Arm faction to regain control of the planets Amestril, Laborn, Mesroad, Resil and Oonara.

Commander Theodore had also flagged an Orange alert with Green status, which was Arm code for Dangerous Space Anomaly detected, Threat Level moderate. It was such a contradictory info flag that Caitlyn had blinked in surprise. The base’s crew members also numbered at twenty, including the Commander himself. The numbers were so ridiculously low that it falls below Arm safety protocols even in times of peace. An Arm base at the minimal was always staffed by a crew of at least five hundred Arm citizens. If the Core was to launch a surprise attack, twelve men and women would not be enough to counter even a squad of Core A.K., since a basic squad would have at least fifty units.

The last data speak of a need for urgent meeting with the Commander himself, which was something that was virtually unheard of. Caitlyn had never heard of any Arm Commander personally meeting with his own crew member. Arm Commanders and Arm Council members were the highest order of Arm society, they were never meant to interact with the normal Arm citizens. They were the protectors and guardians of the Arm faction, and their orders were absolute.

Instructions by the Arm Commander were always passed through neural interfaces. Since all normal Arm citizens were conditioned to obey the commands of the higher class no matter how distasteful the orders were, there was virtually no need for a face to face meeting.

As the blueprint of the Arm base was downloaded into Caitlyn’s head with directions to the meeting room, her mind whirled in confusion at what she had learnt. The Arm base she was currently in was ridiculously small. It only had an anti-matter power plant, a cloning center, four laser defense towers, a command center, and a hangar.

The hangar housed the Arm Commander unit… and five starships, ships that according to data provided, actually travelled in the stars faster than the speed of light. Arm and Core spacecrafts could only handle slightly less than the speed of light at best, they were meant for interplanetary travel at best, though in ages passed, before humanity split into the Arm and Core factions, constructor ships were built to transverse the galaxy, to construct and deposit Galactic Gates on each planets in their path.

By the time of the Core and Arm split, there were Galactic Gates on almost all the planets in the galaxy. With the instantaneous travel provided by the Galactic Gates, there had been no need for the Core or Arm faction to actually research into building ships that transverse space at faster than light speed, especially not when both sides were entrenched in a long bloody war.

Caitlyn wondered how on earth the Commander actually got his hands on those ships. She very much doubted that they were created by Core or Arm as their design philosophy was so drastically different. As a pilot, the thought of flying NEW crafts that could go faster than light enflamed something within her, but the order of the Commander deterred that burning desire for the moment.

First she had to get some clothes. Then she had to find the crew who were cloned, and proceed together to see the Commander to find out what in the world was going on.


Two and a half hours ago, Arm HQ situated at the edge of sink hole Sunnydale

Giles felt sick as Xander in his new transformed body, Willow, Buffy and Cordelia went through what actually happened during Halloween night. Apparently Willow and Buffy had experienced brief effects of possessions by their Halloween counterparts before they regained controlled seconds later, shortly before the Hellmouth opened. The memories were already fading quickly. In fact Buffy even had trouble remembering them, Willow surprisingly still retained the brief and full memory of her few seconds of time as a ghost. Cordelia however remained unaffected.

Things actually became clear when Giles discovered the name of the Halloween shop that Xander, Willow and Buffy had gotten their costumes from. When he had heard the name Ethan’s Halloween shop and gotten a verbal description of the shop owner from Xander, Willow and Buffy, Giles had known instantly who was the culprit for the destruction of Sunnydale and the transformation of Xander.

Ethan Rayne, an old acquaintance of his, who was also a relatively powerful magic user. That old fool must have tapped into the energies of the Hellmouth for his spell. Somehow, his magic must had gone awry, because the Hellmouth had been forced opened and its energies were used to make permanent changes to Xander and his costume. As to Ethan Rayne, Xander had spent half an hour scanning for him to no avail. Giles had little doubt that Ethan must have been physically destroyed by the unstable spell as what commonly happened when magic went wrong.

His actions however had grave consequences, even after his death, like now…

“What do you mean you’re going to tell the military that you’re an alien passing by and just happened to save everyone in Sunnydale?” Willow was gaping at Xander as the boy… no man, at least in the physical sense, told the group of his plans.

“I can hardly tell the military the truth.” Xander said patiently. “The military knows of the supernatural, it is evident in how closely they kept an eye on Sunnydale, though luckily from what I can tell through their networks, they didn’t catch any visuals of my costume turning real. What they do not know is that Sunnydale collapsed tonight, and what seemed to be aliens are here. Now think Willow, what happens if we tell the military, even let those outside the military know that there is a spell that can change fictional items real? The spell just needs to be powered by a Hellmouth, which might be drained dry, which might cause everything in its immediate area to collapse…”

“If this gets out, someone will replicate it.” Buffy said paling in horror. “And there might be no Xander with his powerful techno robot next time round to save everyone.”

“That’s correct.” Xander said, nodding at Buffy who had realized why he had spun up that cover story

“You’ve really changed.” Giles said eyeing Xander carefully. After hearing of the summarized version of who Xander had changed into, Giles knew that even though outwardly Xander’s character remained the same, the very core Xander’s essence had already been altered. It might even be possible that his psyche might already be damaged by the rogue spell Ethan had cast. “You’re thinking several steps ahead, of all possible consequences.”

Xander visibly hesitated. “Technically, I have more than 1,678 years of experience in warfare and tactical planning. I did tell you guys that.”

“And how deep are the changes?” Giles probe carefully. The changes experience by his previously goofy young charge would have world changing consequences. With the technologies at his disposal, Xander could very well alter the fate of the world with just his words. Giles had no idea what he should do right now after learning of the magical aftermath of Halloween night, one thing he did know was that he need to make sure Xander remain stable after the change.

“… well…” Xander seemed reluctant to continue. “Pretty deep I suppose. I am still me, it is just the memories of Theodore are pretty entrenched into my mind, his experience and skills just come naturally to me.”

“Those memories aren’t going to overcome you are they?” Willow asked looking frightened.

“No… I don’t think so.” Xander said with a thoughtful frown. “I can shut off Theodore’s memories if I really wanted to. It’s just after living so many lifetimes and thousands of years, the experiences and skills he had are incredible. I will have to be a fool not to tap on them.”

“Yes, but perhaps during times when there’s no need for you to access those memories, you could close them off like you said.” Giles spoke up. “We have no idea what prolonged connection to your Halloween self’s memories would do to you.”

“I could do that, but first I have to deal with the military problem outside my doorstep.” Xander said with a frown. “The Harry Potter verse database within my Commander unit actually has the energy variations of their various spells and magic. Some of the spells could hide locations and edit memories, the only problem is that I need to construct a suitable energy emitter to replicate those Harry Potter spells. That would take days or months even, so that means that particular database are useless for the moment.”

“Surely you aren’t going to modify someone’s memories just because you could?” Giles looked mildly horrified.

“Of course not. Giles you know me better than that!” Xander said with a sigh. “I am just exploring my options. The Master of Orion II has many powerful technologies, including cloaking and shield generators, I’ve actually been controlling my Commander unit to create some constructor bots which can create those items. Within half an hour, multiple layers of shield and cloak will surround the base. I seriously doubt anything in this world can damage the base after that, unless they can actually teleport in.”

“Some demons and magic users do have that capability.” Giles revealed. “But most importantly, everything you can create, even your own Commander unit, came from fictional media in our world. How are you even going to explain that to the military?”

“I am a highly advanced alien who took a liking to various Earth culture. In fact, I’ve created technologies based on the Star Trek Voyager shows and Total Annihilation game of Earth.” Xander said with a quirk of his lips.

“Total Annihilation?” Buffy asked at the name.

“That’s the game where the Arm Commander came from. I’ll been searching the internet for more details after I realized what really happened to me.” Xander answered, giving an uncomfortable shrug. “There’s not much information about the Arm and Core backstory which actually helps with my cover story. The list of Arm units in the game did match what I have.”

“So you’re hinging everything on the military believing you’re an alien that actually created working technologies based on Earth fiction.” Giles said as he gave Xander an incredulous look.

“Come on Giles, look at him.” Cordelia who had been sulking at the back of the group finally spoke up. The girl still seemed to be ruffled by the scare Xander had given her. “He’s taller than an average human being on Earth, his muscles looks like watermelons, he says he’s physically 50 years old and looks like 20, and let’s not mention the silver eyes. I mean alien much?”

“Theoretically I am still human.” Xander retorted, seemingly a little offended by Cordelia’s tactless feedback, even though he had been the one that started the whole topic. “Humanity in Theodore’s world just brought genetic alteration to a very high level. Physical genetic alterations were considered common, and the Immunity Serum administered to all newborns made them immune to a lot of diseases and virus in the galaxy, even lengthening cellular lifespans. To the Arm society, 50-60 years is the Prime of a normal human being. 80-100 is middle age, and for those that lived that far, their bodies started failing at around 150 years old. Though most Arm citizen chose to reclone themselves during their middle ages.”

“I call first dibs on the Immunity Serum.” Cordelia immediately said as her eyes brightened at the information.

“Hmph…” Xander said as he eyed Cordelia, though a grin was tugging at his lips. “I’ll let you know my decision in a few days… maybe.”

“You owe me the serum at the very least Xander Harris! After that scare you gave me.” Cordelia snapped, glowering at him. “Give me the serum and I’ll consider us even.”

“I was kidding with you.” Xander said rolling his eyes. “I’ll give all of you the serum once I prepared them.”

“Perhaps we should get back on track.” Giles continued firmly. “Even if the military believe that you’re an alien, how are you going to explain the base? I doubt they’ll take kindly to having an alien reside on American soil, even if you save a town full of people.”

“By the time I am done with the shield and cloak generators, they will not be able to even see or enter the base.” Xander said with a shrug. “And I don’t plan to stay on this base for long. I have some plans for the… future, and they don’t involve being stuck on Earth.”

“What do you mean?” Willow asked blinking in shock. “Xander, you can’t mean you’re going to actually use the starships and travel in space!”

“I have them, might as well use them.” Xander said holding up a hand to forestall Willow’s arguments. “All of you are welcome to join me on my voyage, but I need to warn you that I will not be just traveling in space for the sake of seeing the sights. My Arm Commander counterpart had seen space many times before. My real intention is to find a habitable planet and start the Arm race in this universe.”

“What!” Giles shouted in shock, for a moment losing control of his emotions as he realized what Xander was saying. “Xander! You can’t just let loose a race of such technological powerful beings into this reality. There would be grave consequences if they ever turned against Earth…”

“I told you guys the summarize version of what happened to the Arm people, but I never really told you what they suffered through for four long thousand years. Just to remain a true human being, a flesh and blood organic.” Xander said grimly. “Perhaps it is best if you see it and hear it for yourself.”

Giles jerked his head towards the door as it slid opened and men and woman close to Xander’s new height entered the room. All of them had perfectly sculptured bodies, with a dazzling variety of eye and hair colors. A particular pink pyramid bun on the head of a purple eyed woman left disturbing visual afterimages in Giles’ mind.

“Commander!” The gathered men and women said as they arranged themselves in orderly rows and columns, saluting Xander.

“At ease people.” Xander said as he straightened his body, giving them a firm nod. Turning to Giles and the girls, he introduced. “Everyone, meet the citizens of Arm.”


One hour ago, Arm HQ situated at the edge of sink hole Sunnydale

Buffy could tell that Giles was majorly displeased at the fact that Xander actually cloned the beginning of a new race of humans. But this Xander, no matter how alike Xander’s mannerism was, had been changed by whatever magic casted by the Halloween shop keeper during Halloween night. It was not just the change to his physical appearance, somehow Buffy could sense a hint of cold hard strength that emit from Xander just by standing close to him. Her Slayer senses were picking up hints that Xander, and the Arm clones he had created, were more than human. Not evil human… just different human.

And then there were the Arm clones themselves. One hour into the briefing Xander was giving them about the situation they were now in, how they were magical by-products in a world free of Core tyranny, and how Xander was setting them free of any commands given by the Arm Council or Arm Commander, as Arm Code 101 was now in effect, the crowd of nineteen Arm citizens burst into cries and tears of joy.

Seeing the confusion on Willow’s face, Xander had explained in detail the ins and outs of Arm society. The four thousand years of war between the Arm and Core impacted greatly on the Arm faction who was weaker than the Core in almost every sense. The Arm consists of flesh and blood humans, even though they were cloned. The Core consists of human conscious stored within powerful mechanical bots. Five hundred years into the war, the Arm faction realized they must take drastic measures or the war would be lost within centuries. Thus Arm Code 100 was set.

Arm Code 100 states that all Arm citizens’ clone templates have to be altered, making them follow the commands of Arm Council or Arm Commanders unconditionally. Arm Code 101 was actually created in the event that Arm won the battle against the Core, and flesh and blood humans were allowed to live in peace again. Code 101 was the code that frees all Arm citizens from Code 100. Apparently the very uttering of the code by an Arm Commander was enough to trigger a signal in their neural implants that freed them from obeying any further orders made by the higher class of Arm society. In short, it gave the Arm citizens back their free will.

That revelation had at last given everyone in the group a clear picture of why Xander was acting the way he did. A whole race of humans suffering for their ideals against enemies they could barely defeat for four thousand years. Though they might be fictional here, Xander now possessed the means to reclone them, and give the Arm citizens a second chance at life.

Five of the new clones were apparently skilled Geneticists, and they were tasked to begin the process of altering the clone templates in the Arm’s clone database, so that Arm citizens would regain their free will instantly after they were cloned. The process would take years, maybe decades even, but at least it was a start.

Six others were skilled engineers who were tasked to make changes to the five Voyagers in the hangar, to make them more powerful and efficient, in preparing for Xander’s trip into the stars. The estimated manhours for full system upgrade of Voyager, using data provided by Xander, was eight hours, using the Arm faction’s mobile nano-lathe tools, which could replicate inorganic structures in seconds or minutes.

The last eight were combat crew, tasked with defending the current base, and monitoring their current surroundings should there be any real need to. By this time, the shield and cloak generators Xander created was up, and according to Xander, they were safer in the base than anywhere in the world.

“I am going with you.” Willow spoke up firmly as Xander dismissed the Arm clones after telling them that once preparations were complete in about a day’s time, they would set off in search of a new world for them to restart their society.

“Xander, I know you sympathize with them, but it is not a wise move to just clone a race of powerful people with unknown agendas!” Giles spoke up heatedly as the group was alone in the room once more.

“It is more than sympathy Giles, I know these people, I feel like I am part of them.” Xander said firmly. “They are basically good people who had to suffer through four thousand years of hell. They deserve a fresh start.” Xander held up a hand as Giles seemed to want to continue arguing the point. “And I have backup plans if a day ever comes where the Arm society turn against Earth. I consider myself part Earth and Arm human, I am not going to betray the planet I was born on.”

“But Xander…” Giles continued, only to pause as he saw the look of resolution in Xander’s eyes. The shoulders of the older man sagged. “Very well, I will go with you on your journey, if only to make sure you don’t end up destroying Earth by mistake.”

“Your trust in me is as reassuring as ever.” Xander said rolling his eyes before turning to look at Buffy and the other girls. “Willow, I’d be pleased to have you come with me. What about you two Buffy and Cordelia?”

“My home just sinks into a crater which probably became a lake by now.” Cordelia snarked. “I might as well go see the stars.”

“I…” Buffy’s eyes widened as she realized she had forgotten something very important in all the excitement. “Mom! She’s supposed to be in Los Angeles right now collecting art pieces…”

“You have a cell phone number?” Xander asked.

“What… yes I have.” Buffy said blinking at Xander’s question.

“So you want me to bring her here and give her the full reveal? Or you want to stick to the status quo and return to her without her knowing any better?” Xander asked, looking at Buffy as he asked the question.

“I…” Buffy hesitated as she looked around the richly furnished high tech meeting room, she looked at the changed Xander, and thought about all that had been said for those past hours. “Bring her here, give her the full reveal.”

“Alright then, I’ll tap into her cell phone signal, activate a scan, get her location…” Xander frowned in concentration as motes of lights appeared next to Buffy. “And bring her here…”

Joyce Summers reappeared next to her daughter lying on the floor fast asleep, her bags and belongings appearing next to her.

“She was sleeping when I located her.” Xander said with a shrug. “The military is stopping all news about Sunnydale from leaking out so she most probably hadn’t heard what happened. You want to wake her up Buffy?”

Buffy kneel down and gently shook her mother awake. As her mother opened her eyes in confusion, Buffy knew that her life had changed from that moment on.



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