Warlock Xander (Prologue)

Story Title: Warlock Xander

Crossover: BtVS/ Charmed/ Multiple

Summary: Halloween night ended horribly for many. Mentally broken… in the end, Alexander might be the world’s only hope.

Prologue – Breaking Point

The soft resistance as blade meets flesh. The scraping of blade against bone. The feeling of thrill as new power rushed into his body through the blade. The girl in costume who was impaled on his blade gave a soft gurgle as she died.

Her power was now his to wield. The power of Time Bombs. To create variably sized yellow orbs of pure psionic energy that explodes with concussive and destructive force. The persona of the Warlock laughed as he basked in the power’s afterglow. The Warlock ruled over his body with iron control. The real Xander was however screaming inside his head, unable to get out, unable to control his own body that was killing all the children and teenagers around him.

The screaming… it seemed to go on forever. On a deathly still street, a young black haired man sat in the middle of the road, surrounded by numerous dead bodies of children and teenagers in costumes. The stench of blood and death hangs heavily in the air.

Dressed in her princess costume, Buffy looked gorgeous and Xander felt his heart skipped a beat. He felt very ordinary dressed in front of her in his everyday T-shirt and jeans. But then, it was not as if he had the cash to spare for a full blown costume. Not to mention he had outgrown Halloween years ago. A cheap two dollar dagger bought from the new Halloween shop and his costume was done.

“What are you supposed to be?” Buffy asked, tilting her head in puzzlement as she looked at him.

“You know the Charmed TV shows you and Willow forced me to sit in with every Wednesday?” Xander said with a grin as he held out the dagger which was his athame. “I am a powerful and evil Warlock from Charmed. The evil Warlock Xander who will steal all of your powers by killing you. Muwhahaha!”

Sounds of running footsteps, a red haired girl gasped as she ran into the street. Her face paled as she saw the bloodied and dead bodies. Tears ran down her face even as she vomited onto the street.

A sob choked her throat as she wailed. “Oh god no… Xander… oh god…”

The robed boy in front of him actually put up quite a fight, blasting at him with magical items. Even the Warlock’s new powers were barely able to bring the robed kid down. The athame slid into the boy’s body as the child’s face paled. The boy struggled weakly before lying limply on the athame. The Warlock pushed the body off even as new powers rushed into him.

Reality Manipulation: Alchemic Fusion. Creating alchemy items by fusing different items together.

Reality Manipulation: Item Read. Instinctively knows the history and use of an item.

Reality Manipulation: Item drops.  Defeated enemies may turn into items or money.

Reality Manipulation: Item Harvest. Harvesting items from harvest points all over the world.

The Warlock chuckled at the incredible abilities he now possessed. Powers which were out of this world. He knew not what was going on this very night. How he came to be in a strange street filled with many magical creatures all around him. But he did know one important thing… There were still a lot more powers for him to reap and possessed.

Blood… death… in the depths of his mind, he could only watch in horror as his own hands wield a real athame, killing those that had been changed during the night. The powerful coursing of energies within his body empowered him, filled him… and drove him to madness.

He screamed.

It was useless.

He struggled.

But his body no longer belonged to him.

Trapped in his personal hell, he could only watch as dozens of young children and teenagers died under his hands.

It was futile. He stopped struggling. Walls built up around him. He just wanted everything to end. Darkness surrounded him. He could not see anything now, hear anything now, feel anything now. Yes… it was better this way.

It was better if he was dead.

In the background… the screaming still goes on.


Buffy watched from the fenced up area the police had set up. The dead bodies were already being carted off. Then there was the screaming, the screaming from Xander. Oh merciful god… Xander who had blood all over him, whom witnesses had confirmed to the police that he had killed everyone around him. Giles had managed to break the horrific spell that had turned a lot of people into their costumes… but it was too late, for many…

Willow was the first to find Xander, then Buffy had arrived after hearing the screams in the distance. Screams of a blood soaked Xander rocking in the middle of the street, his eyes clenched tight, unresponsive to a crying Willow who was by his side.

Then the police had arrived on the scene. Buffy and Willow had been wrenched away from Xander. The area was fenced up and Buffy managed to contact Giles for help while Willow wailed in anguish as she watched the police tried to knock Xander out to stop the screaming.

But no matter how many blows landed on Xander’s head, the screams continued, even as he began to bleed from the wounds. Buffy tried to intervene, but the police with their guns stopped her. Giles arrived, grey faced and grim. An ambulance had pulled up by then, and even Giles’ intervention was unable to prevent Xander from being tied up in a straitjacket as the orderlies carried him into the vehicle.

“Giles… what will happen to Xander?” Willow sobbed as Giles returned, a dark look on his face as Xander was driven off in the ambulance. “He didn’t mean to kill them. I know he didn’t mean it! Please! You have to help him!”

“I will try my best.” Giles promised bitterly. “I’ll call the Watchers’ Council and pull in some favours. They might be able to help. But even then… Xander will be placed on a murder charge. You have to prepare for the worse Willow… We have to prepare for the worst.”

Beside the two of them, Buffy stood still and silent. Her tears had long since dried up. Her heart was now numb. She watched the ambulance carrying Xander disappeared down the road… and for the first time in years, she prayed.

Please let Xander be alright.


3 days later

General Lewis sighed as looked through the folder in front of him. “The Harris murder spree. So the Watchers’ Council had confirmed that the real cause was a magical blow up by a rogue magic user?”

“Yes General. The Council has contacted the White House to ask for an intervention. And as the department in charge of handling the supernatural in the States, this request is routed to us.” Major Bernard answered grimly.

“It’ll be difficult to cover this up. The case is all over the National news for the past three days.” General Lewis shook his head wearily. “The common public opinion is to lynch that poor kid. How is the boy in question?”

“He has stopped screaming after his voice ran out. Now he just stares into space. The psychologist profiling him had said that he is suffering immerse mental trauma, he might never recover.” Major Bernard said as his eyes drifted to the notes in his hands. “According to the Council’s analysis of the spell cast that night, it was a powerful reality warp spell that could only be cast within the vicinity of an active Hellmouth, when certain astronomical bodies are aligned in specific formations, an event occurring once every two hundred and thirty years. The spell that was cast, transform everyone wearing tainted costumes into what they were going as for Halloween night. It’s very powerful and unstable, lasting only for six hours. Those affected are unable to control their bodies as their Halloween personas took over. ”

“Which boils down to the fact that all of the senseless death was because of the thoughtless act of a magic user.” General Lewis growled. “But in the end, our hands are still tied. There is already too much public outcry about the case. If only we could have contained the incident before the press got wind of it. Now it is too late. The best I can do is prevent a death penalty, and ensure that the poor boy live in a contained facility. In the grand scheme he is just an unlucky soul in the wrong place at the wrong time, it’s highly unlikely the government will approve of me spending too much resources to help out the boy.”

“Alright, I’ll try to speak to the DA of the case.” Major Bernard said with a nod.

“Good. Also send out a notice to our team. I want that mage captured and imprisoned.” General Lewis said with a growl. “And send me the files on the Initiative program, we might have to jumpstart the whole project in light of recent events. It seemed that the supernatural world is becoming more and more dangerous in the States… and we’re going to need a counter for them soon…”


2 months later

“And in a case which has shocked millions. The Trial for Alexander Lavelle Harris has been concluded… Known as the Murderer of Sunnydale, he killed 42 children and teenagers in Sunnydale’s suburb during Halloween night… The murder weapon was never found, though a plastic knife sleek with blood of his victims was discovered beside him. Numerous eye witnesses convicted him of multiple counts of murder… On plead of insanity, Alexander Lavelle Harris is sentenced to life imprisonment in the Fort Lenin facility at the outskirt of Salt Lake City…”

Willow choked back a sob as she stared at the news. The past two months had been especially hard on the group. Xander was labelled a murderer by almost everyone in Sunnydale. Only the small group had known the truth of what happened. Giles had called in all the favours he had from the Watchers’ Council and the best he could manage was to prevent Xander from getting a death penalty.

And none of the group had been allowed to see Xander after he had been taken away. Just the thought of Xander being tossed into a prison cell for a crime not totally of his fault, it had devastated Willow. She had lost Jesse to vampires, now she would lose Xander to the crimes of a rogue magic user.

Buffy was there throughout the ordeal. Surprisingly, Cordelia had been with them as well. She had been the only one at school who had not said one word of condemnation against Xander. But even then, it was not enough.

Willow had enough of being weak. Of letting the supernatural world destroy her friends, destroy her life. Willow could not stand this feeling of helplessness anymore. She would make a stand, become as powerful as can be, and maybe one day, she might be able to think of a way to free Xander.

And to begin her new resolve, there had been the little spells she had been learning. But after seeing what the rogue magic user had done to all those innocents around him, Willow knew corruption by magic was a valid concern. She would never want to become someone who would use magic to harm others, and the best person to ask for help would be Giles.

She would find Giles tomorrow, learn more magic, become more powerful… and one day… maybe one day she would be able to set Xander free.


In his small cell, Xander sat at the edge of his metal bed, staring lifelessly into space. After ascertaining that he would not go violent for the past few weeks he had been locked in the cell, the guards had finally left out the straitjacket one week ago. His hands were untied, but even then, all Xander did was stare at nothingness, skipping meals and eating without expression once in a while.

The guards of the facility had left him pretty much alone by the end of his two month stay. Thus no one was around to notice as the dull eyed boy began chuckling, shivering and shuddering.

“Lights… lights all around… 42 of them floating inside me…” Xander muttered, an unhinged look in his eyes. “They cry out in pain… they cry out in pain… what if I touch one of them…”

Xander raised a hand and looked on crazily as a small yellow orb of energy began forming in his palm. “Lights… all around… I am sorry… I am sorry…”

And then the screaming began again.


List of personas killed/ absorbed powers (Able to access only 1 Persona/ set of powers at a time):

Marvel verse

Tabitha Smith (Boom-Boom): Creates variably-sized yellow orbs of pure psionic energy that explode with concussive and destructive force.

Noriko “Nori” Ashida (Surge): Electrical generation and manipulation, superhuman speed

Alison Blaire (Dazzler): Ability to convert sound into light beams of various forms and intensity

Victor Creed (Sabretooth):Regenerative healing factor, Superhuman senses, strength, stamina, agility, and reflexes, Resistance to telepathic assault and control, Retractable claws, Fangs, Longevity due to healing factor

Mana Khemia verse

Game World Alchemist: Reality Manipulation (Alchemic Fusion, Item Read, Item drops, Item Harvest)

Charmed verse

Whitelighter: Orbing, Hovering, Glamouring, Healing, Photokinesis, Thermokinesis, Mind Manipulation, Sensing, Cloaking, High Resistance, Reconstitution, Regeneration, Immortality, Omnilingualism, Scrying, Spell Casting, Potion Making

Patty Halliwell: Molecular Immobilization, High Resistance, Spell Casting, Potion Making, Scrying

The Evil Enchantress: Telekinesis, Conjuring the Elements, High Resistance, Spell Casting, Potion Making, Scrying


One thought on “Warlock Xander (Prologue)

  1. Beyondannoyed

    Oh goodie! Another story!… Do I even need to ask if you’re going to follow through with it? It’s already a foregone conclusion that you’d never finish anything you start. Which is really sad too, because you come up with such interesting premises, but you never follow them to a workable conclusion. You just drop them in favor of the newest idea that pops into your head because you got tired of trying to write the older one in what limited time you have… and the really damning thing is, some of them only have one chapter…

    Maybe your pen name should just be Bunny Farm, because apparently all you’re good for is plot bunnies, with no substance to fill them in with.


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