Exile’s Sanctuary Chapter 4

Story Series: Xander in Exile

Path 08 – Stargate Atlantis verse

Story title: Exile’s Sanctuary

Author: Wraithrune

Crossovers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Stargate Atlantis/ Harry Potter/ Multi-Xovers

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or plots from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Transformers, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Final Fantasy IX, Smallville, Dungeons and Dragons, Naruto, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Ironman. This is just a work of fanfiction.

Summary: Halloween night ended with Xander gaining eleven powerful spells. Banished to the Stargate Atlantis reality by the Powers that Be, Xander will craft a new life out there, becoming a Force to be reckoned with.


Chapter Four : Falcon of Hope

They found the wreckages of a space battle within ten minutes of flying deeper into space. Closer to the planet were the blasted pieces of the two Lantean satellites, apparently both were destroyed in the battle. It was a pity as Xander had been hoping to be able to salvage pieces of Lantean technologies. But his pity was put aside as they sighted a much larger dome shaped ship, the size of a small mountain lying motionless in space in the distance.

Flying the Gateship closer to the large object which seemed to be a starship of some kind, had revealed the two large gaping holes running through the ship. No life signs were detected by the Gateship’s limited sensors, and the group stared at the ship in stunned silence.

“It fits the description of a Wraith Hive ship.” Cordelia spoke through dried lips. She licked her lips nervously. “I mean the natives of the different worlds I’ve been to have talked about its size and horrifying appearance… I just never expected it to be so big! You can house a small city inside it.”

“If it is a Hive ship, it must have been disabled by the two Lantean satellites in the past.” Xander said as he lean forward, peering through the magical windows by the side of the Gateship. “But that means there must be other ships back in the past which destroyed the two satellites.”

“The thought of there being more ships of this size crewed by space aliens with vampiric tendencies isn’t exactly making me feel better.” Willow said with a shudder. Beside her, the three new additions to the group were staring at the large Hive ship in grim silence.

Peggy was pale faced as she leaned into Steve who hugged her tightly. Bucky’s lips were stretched into a grim line, his eyes dark with emotions. “So these Wraiths that are out there in the many worlds of this reality, sucking the lives out of human, did any of you know how many of them are there in this reality?”

“We never have an exact number.” Jonathon said dryly, clutching his shaking hands in front of him. “But the ship in front of us seemed to be able to fit hundreds, thousands of humanoid beings. The legends we’ve gathered said that there are many other Hive ships out there. When you tally up the numbers… the total numbers of the Wraiths could range in billions.”

“According to folklore, the Wraiths went into hibernation a few hundred years after the Ancestors/ Lanteans vanished. The main reason seemed to be because their food supply, the humans, were diminishing.” Cordelia said harshly. “It is a common legend that the Wraiths will awaken every few decades to ‘cull’ humans, to feed on them. When taken in this sense, it simply means that the Wraiths are giving humanity more time to grow in numbers so that they could be hunted down for food.”

“It is sick.” Peggy said her eyes flashing with anger. “Humanity are simply food to these Wraiths.”

“I can’t in good conscience let this continue, not if I can help it.” Steve swore grimly. The blond haired man turned to Xander. “Xander, you say you need our help to defeat the Wraiths. How do you plan about doing it?”

Xander seemed startled at being asked, but quickly recovered. “I’ve been planning to create more people that I can trust, that can help the group out in gathering information about the worlds in this reality, and also find out the locations of the Lanteans so that we can gather the powerful technologies of the vanished race.” Xander explained to everyone. “But now with this Hive ship before us, we might very well have access to the Wraith’s own technologies. That’s going to be as good as gaining more Lantean technologies. If we can retrieve usable technologies on the Hive ship and reverse engineer them, we might have a fighting chance against the Wraiths if it even comes to a space battle.”

“Xander, if that Hive ship was disabled by the two destroyed satellites, it would have to be several thousand years old.” Jonathon spoke up by the side. “Even if we’re able to find and reverse engineer Wraith technologies, the Wraiths will have surely advanced their own technologies by now. We’re playing catch up to a race that’s thousands of years old.”

“But at least we’ll have a jump start on it.” Bucky said as he stared in contemplation at the giant starship sitting dead in space before them. “Look on the bright side kid, most of you have powers I’d never have imagined. I’m not sure how powerful these Wraiths are one on one, but I doubt that they could match most of you here.”

“Aside from the sucking the life out of humans part, the old legends never attribute them with any superhuman abilities, aside from their advanced technologies, and above human strength and senses.” Willow said with a frown. “The legends we gathered did hint that the Wraiths might be able to communicate with each other, or at the very least, sense each other over the distance, something like telepathy. No one has really seen such a thing though, since it is the one trait that’s hard to prove.”

“Meaning anyone with super speed can run circles around them, not to mention the other abilities I’ll be giving everyone in the group.” Xander said with satisfaction.

“You’re talking about this Blue magic that you possess.” Peggy said eyeing Xander with curiosity and apprehension. “You plan to bestow upon us abilities from those enhancement spells you were talking about?”

“Yes, the three of you are considered part of the group, which means all of you will have access to the same Blue magic enhancements as the rest of us.” Xander said with a nod. “We will definitely need all the empowerment we can get since we’re planning to go up against a race of space vampires.”

“Superpowers of my own. Now that sounds good.” Bucky said with a grin. He looked around at everybody. “So… when are we going over there to do some scavenging?”


Cordelia was glad that she did not have to step foot into that dark creepy mountain sized starship. After much discussion, it was decided that Xander, Bucky and all the Transformers, sans one who would operate the Gateship, would head over to explore the Hive ship.

Delta-D, the youngest Drone Transformer, had been stuck with babysitting the Gateship under protest as she was overruled by her older Sparked siblings. The group had their meal, after which Xander had retreated to the mansion to quickly patch up his nearly completed Ironman armor so that it would do for travel in vacuum. Bucky had Willow and Peggy made magical adjustments to his Ironman armor so that he could fit in comfortably. As the group only have two Ironman armors, armors which Xander and Bucky had the first claims to, those two were chosen to head the exploration mission.

Willow and Peggy had known of several shields charms, but those charms had never been tested in vacuum before, and the risk of the charms suddenly cancelling out while people were within them meant that none of the others would be following the exploration group.

Delta-D had guided the Gateship into what seemed to be the hangar bay of the Hive ship after preparations were completed. By then, Willow had enlarged the pilot section of the Gateship. Everyone not in the exploration team had entered the enlarged section, closing the door separating it from the back section of the Gateship. Meanwhile at the back section, the exploration team had opened the ramp door of the Gateship, walking into the dark hangar of the Hive ship which was open to hard vacuum.

The exploration team had been outfitted with magical globes of light which followed the group around, lighting their immediate area. Willow had also cast a spell on Xander’s Ironman helmet, which allows everyone back in the Gateship to access whatever Xander’s seeing, hearing and saying through an enlarged mirror.

“There seems to be smaller ships here in this hangar place.” Xander was saying as the mirror showed a view of a long flying vessel of some sort, there were several others of similar shape lined up behind the vessel. “Cybermind’s saying that the vessel is some kind of bio-mechanical technology. He has already cracked its data system and is downloading its contents.”

“That’s good, we’ve access to Wraith vessels now.” Jonathon said his seat beside Cordelia. Willow had magically stuck the enlarged mirror to the side of the pilot section of the Gateship, with everyone seated in chairs placed in front of the mirror. She even had her golems standing at the side, ready to serve refreshments if needed. At the pilot seat of the Gateship, Delta-D was sulking at the mirror as she sipped on her Energon cube.

“Alright, Cybermind’s done, we’re heading deeper into the ship.” Xander’s voice came through as the exploration group proceeds forward. Several minutes of walking and the group reached the end of the hangar, stepping into a corridor that seemed to be made up of some weird veiny stuff.

“Argh… it’s disgusting.” Xander said after a moment. “Sensors’ saying that the ship’s partially biological.”

“Okay, that’s it, I am so not going inside the ship ever.” Cordelia said with a shudder as Xander came upon what seemed to be cocoons attached to the ship of the walls. Xander had reached forward and there had been tearing sounds as Xander parted it. The dried up husk of a human startled everyone.

“What is that?” Peggy said jumping from her seat in shock.

“Oh god.” Xander said, his voice sounded sick over the mirror. “There are people in these cocoon objects. My guess is that the Wraiths who used to be on the ship must have feed on them.”

“Damn those Wraiths.” Steve cursed as the mirror turned to show the other Transformers opening up several other cocoons. Two showed dried out husks of humans, but one contained a perfectly preserved body of a female, her face and eyes frozen forever in fear.

“It is all conjecture right now, but it is highly possible that the Wraiths keep people alive in these cocoons to feed on them when needed.” Xander said in a shaky voice, though a hint of anger was beginning to creep through. “Not all were dead when the Hive ship was disabled. I hadn’t seen any Wraiths’ bodies around so they must have fled, leaving those humans still trapped in these cocoon things to die in vacuum. I… I am going to kill them!”

“You can add me to the list.” Steve was growling. Peggy laid a restraining hand on him.

“Calm down Steve, the communication is one-way only. Xander can’t hear you.” Peggy said as she grimaced. The exploration group was opening all of the cocoons in the immediate area. Some were empty. Many contained dried out husks of humans, others contained perfectly preserved human beings.

“It is horrible.” Willow said in a whisper as she stared at the scenes in the mirror. “I’ve heard so many legends of the natives from other planets. I thought I know what I am dealing with… but seeing it… is another different thing. The Wraiths probably think of humans as nothing more than cattle or livestock for their own consumption.”

“I can’t imagine the humans of this reality living under the Wraith’s thumb for thousands of years.” Cordelia said grimly. “Most of the planets we’ve been to have legends of glorious past, of cities and towns with advanced technologies. But all that’s left now are small towns or villages that are barely surviving. I always thought it strange… but now, now I understand. In fact I am starting to think it is a wonder that humanity have survived in this reality for thousands of years.”

The view in the mirror changed as the group headed into a chamber with consoles of some sort in the center of the room. Cybermind and the Drone Transfromers immediately descended upon the consoles.

“We’re in the console rooms of some sort but the Transformers are unable to access the main data bank of the Hive ship as there’s no power in the ship. They can only get whatever data’s in the consoles.” Xander said. “We’ve the location of the main data bank however, Cybermind’s leading us to it.”

The exploration group began to move forward, passing several corridors, chambers and cocoons. They passed a charred section of the ship where a large blast had passed through. It was there that they saw their first Wraith corpses lying motionless on the floor with injuries. The Wraiths were indeed humanoid in nature with demonic looking faces, a fact that had groused Cordelia out.

The exploration group finally stopped in a large chamber where an oval shaped object extrude from the center of the floor. The object was several meters tall and Xander walked forward, placing a hand on it. The Transformers gathered around it in excitement. “We’ve hit jackpot guys. This is the main data bank of the Hive ship. I can spark it. Hopefully we’ll gain a new member who knows how to use all the Wraith technologies in the Hive ship.” Xander said. Golden power exploded from his gauntlet hands, settling around the main data bank of the Wraith Hive ship. The shape shuddered, breaking away from the floor as it shifted into a humanoid form.

Xander’s voice came through the mirror in satisfaction. “Welcome Hope, we’re glad that you’re joining the family.”


The new female Transformer Hope was an odd ball. Created from the main data banks of the Hive ship, she was part biological and mechanical. She also possessed incredible control for a new born Transformer. By the time she had entered the Gateship with the exploration team, Hope had managed to transform into a female biological form, looking surprisingly human. Jonathon had been floored by that revelation.

Her appearance had also triggered Cordelia’s ire. “Why the hell does she look like Angelina Jolie?” Cordelia had demanded as she blasted at Xander.

“This form is most pleasing to Xander. It is why I have chosen it.” Hope had replied, causing Xander who had taken off his helmet to blush.

“Hope. Please no sharing of inheritary memories.” Xander quickly cut in before Hope continued. Giving an awkward cough, Xander looked at everyone. “Hope is created from the main data bank of a Hive ship. The data within had been wiped originally, but Hope had been able to retrieve those data back. Apparently in her new form, it is an easy task for her to retrieve the deleted data in her memory banks. She’s able to provide us with valuable intelligence about the Wraith and their technologies.”

“We know, we’ve seen and heard everything through the enchanted mirror.” Steve said nodding to Hope politely. “It is good to have you with us. After what I’ve seen of that Hive ship, I am very much determined to put a stop to those Wraiths, and before we can do that, we need intel.”

“That I can provide, but it will be a long history if I am to narrate everything.” Hope said looking at everyone. The Transformers were crowded around Hope, looking at their new biological sister in awe.

“Is it possible to give us a summarized version of the history?” Willow asked as she gestured at everyone to sit down. “And since it will be a long talk, let’s settle down and I’ll have the golems prepare some tea and biscuits.”

“Very well, I will touch upon the major points of Wraith history.” Hope said with a nod as everyone was seated. “125,895 years ago, the Wraiths began life. They are descended from a bug named the Treósha. These creatures are small black carapaced creatures that share the Wraith’s method of sustenance of draining the life from other living beings. When humans first arrived on their worlds, the bugs began to feed on the humans, thus beginning a process whereby they incorporate human DNA into their own. In time, this resulted in the birth of the Wraith species which grew to more humanoid proportions.

“The Wraiths are characterized by a pale blue or light-green epidermis, yellow eyes, and white, black, or red hair. As a species they have a social structure similar to that of ants or other hive/nest-based creatures, with distinct physiological differences between castes of Wraith, tailored to facilitate different functions within the society. They also possess powerful telepathic abilities. Their physical strength and agility are more than the average human, making them more powerful. Their eyes can glow in the dark, giving them night vision and thermal vision abilities.

“As a race, the Wraiths are led by the Wraith Queens who control technologies and history within a Hive ship. Most Wraiths are considered “Workers” and have only access to restricted technologies and the Wraith’s own history. Only the Wraith Queens have total access to all the data within their Hive ships, data which could span centuries of history.

“In the beginning of Wraith history, the Wraiths had no access to higher technologies. Things changed when they first stumbled upon a Lantean outpost and killed their inhabitants. Using technologies taken from the outpost including a hyperspace capable cruiser, the first generation of Wraiths developed the basis of Wraiths’ bio-mechanical technology, the Wraith Seeds. The Wraith Seeds are an incorporation of the Lantean’s nanite technologies, and the Wraiths’ own powerful cellular structure.

“The Seeds act as pathogen. It is designed to infect a host and grow outward from there, using the host as a central processor. As the pathogen spreads, it manifests tendrils outside the body which search for raw materials. The tendrils break down and consume raw materials as they expand over an area, eventually growing into whatever structure it is meant to become. The host’s brain will be likewise slowly consumed, until nothing remains but the mind of the organism. The pathogen will be capable of sentience and higher reasoning, such as defending itself against attacks.

“The tendrils from the pathogen will usually attach to nearby energy sources in order to feed the pathogen’s growth. Its body consists of a bio-polymer with nanites, metallic traces, present in its form which eventually harden, similar to the growth of an exoskeleton on a beetle. The organic elements will be resistant to energy, heat and even radiation. This technology created what you know as the Wraiths’ Hive ships. Which is turn, forms the basis of my existence.”

“These Wraith Seeds sounds extremely nasty.” Cordelia said with distaste. “To use living creatures as sacrifices of their technologies, it is disgusting.”

“The more we find out about the Wraiths, the more I am convinced that we must protect the humans in this reality from them.” Xander said grimly. “What are the chances of us being able to replicate these Wraith Seeds, Hope?”

“Quite easily as a matter of fact.” Hope replied as everyone turned to look at her. “I am after all Sparked from Wraith technology, a Hive ship. What’s more, I am Sparked from the core of that particular Wraith technology itself. The origin point from where the Wraith Seeds began in its original host. My biological tissues contained the Wraith Seeds. I can easily rewrite some of my cells to create Wraith Seeds capable of creating Wraith technologies.”

“Wow… that’s equal parts awesome and scary.” Jonathon said in surprise as he looked at Hope. “But do the Wraith Seeds really need a living host?”

“Well, it’s not really a must.” Hope replied to everyone’s relief. “I can alter the cells and inject them into any biological waste, but the cells must have access to an energy source for them to begin the consuming and growing process.”

“That’s good to know.” Xander said with a smile. “These Wraith Seeds are in essence biological nanites, with them, we can ‘grow’ any technologies that we write into these Seeds. With Hope’s help, it will most probably be a remarkably simple process.”

“Can you imagine the things we can do with such technologies?” Bucky said excitedly. “With my Tony Stark’s memories… there are so many technologies I can think of to grow!”

“I can agree with you on that Bucky. Alright, back to the drawing board guys.” Xander said with a grin as he looked at all the scientists and inventors in the group. “We’ve a starship to design.”


Ten hours later, the designs and preparations were done. The ship design the group had come up with was kept to a sleek compact shape as Willow and Peggy were perfectly capable of enlarging spaces in the ship if there were any need to. Xander had been of the reasoning that a small ship was more difficult to hit, while a large ship gave opponents more opportunities to score.

Using the design of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars (with majority votes from Jonathon, Xander and his Transformers), they outfitted the interior with Wraith technologies, technologies of Tony Stack and Richard Reeds, as well as organic and crystal technologies Xander had possessed from his Halloween memories, technologies which he had been unable to replicate until now. It had taken Xander a while to pass Hope all the higher science knowledge that he knew, partly because he had to input his knowledge into a computer console while Hope replicate the knowledge from it. Of course not all the technologies could be fit onto the ship, thus only the necessary technologies to counter the Wraiths were chosen.

But they were done at last. Cybermind had guided the Gateship to a desert on the planet, where the group began working to set up Energon cubes and the Wraith Seeds which Hope had created. Large amounts of plant compost and soil were ferried to the location to be used as bio-materials.

They could of course set up everything on the disabled Hive ship, and let the Wraith Seeds consume the Hive ship for materials. But there had been human bodies on the Hive ship, and no one wanted to stay on a stay ship that was created from human remains. Thus the desert was chosen.

Hope had rewritten the codes for the Wraith Seeds significantly. The organic and crystal technologies from Xander’s Halloween memories had made a very large contribution to the changes. The organic and crystal technologies Xander had were of space faring races from a game in Xander’s reality called Space Empire V, and there were technologies which even the Wraiths had never created.

With everything set up, the group had immediately retreated back into the Gateship which flew up into the air, above the large pile of bio-materials with the Wraith Seeds and Energon cubes set up in the center.

Willow had created magical views of the set up below. At first there did not seem to be any visible changes, then the Wraith Seeds which had been contained in a transparent magical shell inside one of the Energon cubes began growing tendrils. The tendrils latched onto the nearest bio-material and began spreading.

“Argh… I can’t watch this. It is giving me the creeps.” Cordelia said as she quickly turned away. “I am going back to my room. See you.” Cordelia grimaced as she disappeared, using her portkey to return to her room in the Mansion.

“It is a bit unsettling.” Jonathon said looking green as more tendrils erupted below them. “And it is going to take a day for the whole process to complete. We only need someone to observe that things didn’t get out of hand. The rest can retire back to the Mansion.”

“I’ll take first shift then.” Xander said looking at the magical view of their starship growing below. “The rest of you get some rest, then send someone to replace me after six hours. I started this whole group… it is only right I am here to watch over the beginning of our real efforts against the Wraiths.”


Twenty-three hours in, the Wraith Seeds had finished growing into a starship with chrome colored Bio-Crystalline armor, that took the form of the Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon. The ship was created from several different tech bases and thus featured several abilities.

Being a bio-mechanical ship, it was partially alive and conscious, programmed to be loyal to the group. It was also double the size of the original Millennium Falcon. The Bio-Crystalline armor was created from a blend of Wraith and Space Empire V’s Organic and Crystalline technologies. The armor was capable of regenerating from hull damage rapidly, dampens beam weapon attacks, and was capable of transforming into Stealth plates which renders a ship nearly invisible to sight or sensors.

The ship was powered by 10 large scale inter-linked Arc Reactors specially designed with Tony Stark’s technology. A large Energon tank was also installed so that the ship could tap into Energon energies as a secondary option. Hyperdrive, communications, sensors, energy weapons, tracking drones and beaming devices were based on Wraith technologies. Several Wraith Hibernation Pods and Cloning Chambers were set up in the ship for purely medical purposes in case they need to preserve anyone or clone body parts that were needed. Jonathon had also upgraded the Wraith’s computer technology with Richard Reed’s molecular computer technology, creating a compact and more powerful computer core.

Jonathon and Bucky had also worked together to create a servitor droid design which was included in the Wraith Seeds. According to Hope’s rewriting of the Wraith Seeds, ten servitor droids would be created to support the necessary ship tasks.

The ship did not have Star Trek replicators, but it did have the next best thing. Using Organic technologies from Space Empire V, with some tweaking and upgrades from Xander, Bucky and Jonathon, Ordnance Vats were created. Ordnance Vats were organic organs that could generate supplies and weapons for the ship over a period of time. There were five of such vats grown inside the ship, and they were in actual fact, a type of organic replicator.

For defensive technologies, they had two Energy Dampener, a crystalline technology that cause energy disruptions on targets, which in turns would cause weapons or anything connected to energy sources to be disrupted.

As for offensive technologies, this was an area where the new ship shines. Beside the Wraith’s energy beams, the ship had a Shard Cannon which fires super dense crystal projectiles using a polarized cannon. The Shard Cannon was considered the epitome of crystal projectile technology in Space Empire V, few ship hulls in the game could protect against such an attack. Hope had calculated that even Wraith Hive ships’ regenerative hulls would find it hard to recover from a Shard Cannon attack. The hulls would be shredded and it would be hard to regenerate a hull that had large pieces of dense crystals stuck within.

The ship also had two organic protrusions. One was an Enveloping Acid Globule which fires a ball of enveloping acid that would be deadly to any organic or metallic technologies. The other was a Hyperdense Globule which fires a super dense ball of organic matter that could be used to burden enemy ships.

Alpha-D, one of the Drone Transformer, had driven the Gateship into the small hangar of their new starship and the group had walked out of the Gateship into a brightly lit hangar whose walls were made up of sparkling smooth pale blue inter-locking crystals. Several crates were stacked in the corner of the hangar.

“It is beautiful.” Peggy said appreciatively as she looked around her. She, Steve and Bucky had been in this reality for close to two days, and already her old life on Earth was starting to seem like a far away dream, after all the wonders… and horrors she had seen in this reality.

“At least it doesn’t look like the Wraith Hive ship.” Willow said with a nod. “I don’t think I can stay in a ship like that.”

“Neither can I.” Xander agreed. “Alright Hope, I need you to go with me to the ship core to ensure that the ship had grown alright. The rest of the Transformers, explore the new ship and make sure there’s nothing abnormal on board.” Xander said as he turned to instruct his Transformers. “Jonathon, check those crates in the hangar. If the ship was grown according to our design, the Uniform Computers based on Richard Reed’s design would be inside. Those uniforms will act as our official ship uniforms and personal computers if there’s a need for it.”

“On to it.” Jonathon said as a raised a hand, stretching it across incredible distances, snagging the crates and pulling it towards them. Peggy had opened her eyes wide at the display of the startling superpower. “So we’re sticking to the name we’ve chosen for the ship aren’t we?” Jonathon asked as Xander began walking away with the Transformers.

Xander paused and grinned. “Of course. Our new ship will be named Falcon, and I’ve best go to let our ship core know that we’re glad to have him.”


The rooms on the ship were of incredible designs, made the more lovely with their inter-lacing crystalline walls of shimmering colors. There had been a few times Willow thought she had landed in a wonderland of sorts with shimmering lights reflecting off the walls. There were twenty living quarters on board the ship and it would take a while to enlarge and customize all of the rooms. The rooms were large enough as they were, but everyone could always do with more space.

Everyone was of course still welcomed to their rooms in the Mansion, but Willow knew that some in the group would prefer to start living in the ship. The Transformers for instance were very excited about linking up with Falcon’s main ship core, communicating and directing the ship, Hope in particular was interested in staying in the Engineering Bay, close to the ship core, it was possible Hope was attached to the ship due to the fact that the Wraith Seeds were formed from her cellular structure.

Steve, Bucky and Peggy had also expressed an interest in taking up residence in the ship’s living quarters most of the time. Since they were newly created in this reality, they had no time to customize their rooms in the Mansion anyway, and Peggy had revealed that she would much rather look at the darkness of space, the flicker of stars, through her room windows in the ship then stay within a magical Mansion.

Everyone else had taken rooms in the available living quarters as well, and it was predicted that everyone would be transiting back and forth between ship and Mansion as and when needed. Now that their starship was created, it was time for the group to make concrete plans for their future, and that was the reason why everyone were gathered in the dining area after Xander and the Transformers had made sure that everything on board was in top shape.

“With a starship of our own, we’re able to do more things now.” Xander was saying as he addressed everyone. “We have a mobile base with its own laboratory and medical bay. We can basically use the ship to travel to the planets we wish to get information on. An away team will be formed to go down to the planets in question to trade, explore and get more information, while the rest can stay on the ship in orbit to provide support as and when needed.”

“That seems like a sound plan.” Steve agreed. “But how important are the trading aspect exactly. You were telling us previously that these Ordnance Vats within the ship can produce anything?”

“Yes, the Ordnance Vats can produce anything it has a template of. But the denser the material, the more energy is needed to produce the objects.” Xander answered. “Our current energy generators are large scale Arc Reactors linked together to provide a significant power output, they are however not limitless in energy. There’s the Energon tank, but that’s for secondary power generation. If possible, I will advise everyone to use the Ordnance Vats only for food and necessity items, so that more energy will be available for weapon creation if we ever come under attack. According to Hope’s calculations, the energy consumption for hyperdrive during hyperspace travel is enormous and will put a strain on the reactors. We’ll continue to work on better energy generation, but for now, if we can trade for items we need, we do that first. If we need access to metals, we mine for it.”

“Understood.” Steve said with a nod. “So I presume that the away team will be made up of mostly me, Peggy and Cordelia since the rest of you are more capable with coming up new technologies for the group?”

“Actually, I will prefer if we take turns.” Jonathon said with a grimace. “Lab work is nice and all, but I prefer a bit more human interaction. I am starting to get cabin fever being trapped at the base researching technologies with only Xander and the Transformers for companionship.”

“Since our numbers have increased, we can take turns going on information gathering and trading trips.” Xander agreed. “Cybermind is able to convert the Stargate addresses into actual locations in space, so that we’re able to travel there via hyperspace. Cordelia and Willow had already compiled a list of Stargate addresses they had gathered through the trading trips. There are a few that we’ve still not been to, we can choose one and go there tomorrow.”

“Ah yes… about that.” Steve said, his voice suddenly sounded heavy. “I have something to discuss with all of you.”


The bodies of the humans of the Hive ship. With all that had gone on, Cordelia had been able to push the unpleasant matter out of her mind. But then Steve had brought it out again during the meeting. Steve had been the one that insisted on settling the matter with the bodies, and Xander had agreed. The stone faced man had wanted to enter the Hive ship personally to gather all of the human dead on the ship and gave them a proper burial, even if he would have to search each and every cranny of the dark Hive ship for the bodies.

Thankfully, Xander had offered an alternate solution. Hope had been able to provide locations of where the ‘cocoons’ or hibernation pods of the Wraiths, had been used to store humans before the Hive ship had been disabled. The four Drone Transformers were then assigned the tasks of beaming up those dead bodies, which with their enhanced speed, were completed within an hour. The bodies were then taken back to a desert on the planet where everyone had gathered.

The sight of hundreds of drained human husks and dead bodies were enough to stun the gathered group into silence. The bodies had been placed on the sand as those in the group said prayers for the deceased. It had been agreed by everyone that a large scale cremation was the only way to deal with the bodies. Steve Rogers, dressed in his Fantastic Four uniform, had burst into flames, swooping down to each of the bodies and setting them on fire.

It took a long time, the searing flames and smoke was deflected by a shield spell Willow and Peggy had erected. Peggy had started crying shortly as the bodies began burning, and Cordelia had been surprised to find tears rolling down her eyes as well.

With all the wonders that the group had experience, with the powers that they now had, Cordelia could not help but feel that it was appropriate that they were here now saying goodbye to the many human dead, who had died so long ago, to remind the whole group of what they were truly fighting for.

Gathering technologies and powers were not the main focuses of the group. Stopping the Wraiths however was the key goal. It just happens that if they were to win in fights against a vampiric race which was thousands of years old and had its own space technologies, they need more powerful technologies to overcome their adversaries.

“Rest in peace.” Xander said grimly, a tear streaking across his face, as he stared at the wall of flames in front of them, as the bodies burnt to ashes. “I’ll protect those that are left in this world… I promise.”




Ship Sections

  1. Hangar
  2. Cargo Bay
  3. Life Support
  4. Medical Bay
  5. Laboratory
  6. Engineering Bay (ship generators, stations, hyperdrive engines, ship core)
  7. Living area (20 living quarters)
  8. Recreation/Dining area
  9. Cockpit



Uniform Computers

–          Made up of unstable molecules which allows for usage of special powers

–          Molecular computers woven into the suit

Bio-Crystalline armor

– Capable of regenerating from hull damage and dampens beam weapon attacks

– Capable of generating Stealth platings which renders a ship nearly invisible to sight or sensors

5 Ordnance Vat

– An organic organ that can generate supplies and weapons

10 Large Scale Arc Reactors

– Tony Stark’s Ironman energy generator

2 Energy Dampener

– Crystalline technology which cause all weapons on target ship to be disrupted

1 Enveloping Acid Globule

– Organic gland that fires a cohesive ball of enveloping acid

1 Shard Cannon

– Super dense crystal projectiles fired by a polarized cannon

1 Hyperdense Globule

– Organic gland that fires a super dense ball of organic matter which burdens enemy ships

Wraith Hyperdrive

Wraith Sensors

Wraith Communications

Wraith Energy Weapons

Wraith Tracking Drones

4 Wraith Beaming Devices

6 Wraith Hibernation Pods – Medical Purpose

4 Wraith Cloning Chambers – Medical Purpose


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