Exile’s Sanctuary Chapters 1-3

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Story Series: Xander in Exile

Path 08 – Stargate Atlantis verse

Story title: Exile’s Sanctuary

Author: Wraithrune

Crossovers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Stargate Atlantis/ Multi-Xovers

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or plots from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Transformers, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Final Fantasy IX, Smallville, Dungeons and Dragons. This is just a work of fanfiction.

Author’s Note: It bothered me that I never clearly defined the limitations and effects of Xander’s Blue magic spell, which hampered me when I was world building a story around the concept. So I spent time crafting out a different set of rules for the Blue magic spells in this story. Hopefully giving this story a more refined and more believable flavor. Here is a different take on what if Xander landed in the Stargate Atlantis universe on a different world, with a more stringent set of spell rules in place to guide him.

Summary: Halloween night ended with Xander gaining eleven powerful spells. Banished to the Stargate Atlantis reality by the Powers that Be, Xander will craft a new life out there, becoming a Force to be reckoned with.


Chapter One : Banished

Xander was looking forward to Halloween night. A ‘stay in at home and watch horror movies with popcorn and coke’ kind of night. Not a ‘lead Sunnydale’s bunch of little rugrats doing trick or treating’ kind of night. He had never expected Principal Synder to actually force him to be a student volunteer. To do his little bit of community service by leading a bunch of children around the neighborhoods upon threat of detention. Oh! How he hated that deplorable troll.

He had been forced to dip into his meager savings and decide two dollars was all he could afford to spend on a costume. Senior Harris had believed in survival of the fittest. Every week, Xander’s total sum of pocket money amounted to less than twenty bucks. This meant he had to spend frugally if he was to have enough for every day’s lunch… and sometimes dinner.

Bad luck or maybe good luck had caused him to bump into Ms Calendar at the costume shop. That little incident had caused his can of soda to spill over a Final Fantasy IX character costume, which Ms Calendar had offered to pay for, insisting that the whole incident was her fault. The piece of stained monster costume had landed in Xander’s hands, after all what self-respecting, attractive young woman wants to go as a monster for Halloween night?

Seeing as it was a free costume, Xander had taken it and done research on it. The character he was dressing up as was Quina Quen. Quina Quen belongs to a genderless race of people from the world of Final Fantasy IX. S/he would often eat anything s/he sees, and had the ability to cast powerful Blue magic. Blue magic are powerful spells gained from the monsters s/he consumed. All in all, Xander did not have any qualms about going as Quina Quen as he had actually saved the two bucks on his original idea of buying a toy gun, even if he did look a little ridiculous. Partially because Quina Quen had a blank smiley face with small beady eyes and a long red tongue sticking out of large red lips.

He had no idea that he would turn into Quina Quen during Halloween night, due to the wicked spell of the Halloween shopkeeper, who was in actuality a powerful Chaos mage. But the worse memories of his life were yet to come, as he consumed the lives of six innocent souls…


Quina Quen blinked as she found herself transported from Alexandria Castle to what seemed to be a small town running amok with monsters. Her nostrils flared as she gave a strong sniff, catching the scent of powerful magical monsters all around her. If she consumed these monsters, she was sure that her Blue Magic repository would increase to the next level. There was also the fact that she was not averse to trying out new cuisine. Her stomach growled and saliva dripped from her long red tongue as she surveyed the monsters, demons, fairies, half human half goat creatures and even a metal monster with greedy eyes.

“Food!” Quina cried out as she thrust out her large iron trident, spearing one of the little demons running past her and began eating it.

Instantly, power flooded within her, and she identified the new spell she had gained from the demon as one of Invisibility.

“Next!” Quina crowed as she chased after a bunch of flying fairies. She managed to spear one of the fairies who dangled lifelessly on her trident after giving a death cry

Uncaring of the fate of the monsters, and only caring about tasting these delicacies, Quina consumed her next meal.


The spell had ended when Willow who had become a ghost clued Quina in on the fact that those she had eaten were actually human children. With her magical senses, Quina had gone on the war path, tracking down the dark mage. Along the way, she had saved Buffy, who had become a helpless eighteenth century woman, from Spike and his vampire minions. Needless to say, Quina got a good meal out of the vampires, gaining more Blue magic.

Quina had arrived at the Halloween shop, killed the shopkeeper and ended the spell. Xander had returned to his body with the knowledge of having physically eaten six young children.


How long he cried, Xander knew not, until sounds of footsteps caused him to look up, seeing the eyes of a weary man dressed with a bowler’s hat and long trench coat. Xander got up in an instance, sensing the ethereal energies around the man.

“I am Whistler, a Balance demon, a mouthpiece for the Powers that Be, the Cosmic Entities that watched over this world.” The man said looking at Xander with pity. “Alexander Lavelle Harris, you are offered a choice by the Powers that Be. They would restore the lives of those you have consumed, and in return, you must give your promise never to return to this reality again.”

“What do you mean?” Xander asked, feeling a little light headed. He would agree to anything if he could restore the lives of the children he had eaten. Even now, the very thought of having eaten six innocent young lives caused him to be ill.

“Due to what happened during the Halloween spell, you are now the very embodiment of Chaos, a disruptive force upon this reality. Your continued presence in this reality would disrupt the fragile balance here.” Whistler said, his eyes looking away. “You’ll be taken to another reality where no Powers reside, a neutral plane where you can live the rest of your life in peace. But you must promise never to return. In exchange, the Powers are willing to grant this boon, to restore the lives of those that you’ve consumed. Your… exile, for the lives of those you have eaten.”

“I agreed.” Xander said instantly, there was no further need for thought. He knew what he must do.

Whistler nodded as shimmers of light flooded the small room and the bodies of six young children, still in their costumes appeared, lying asleep on the floor. Xander was startled when he saw an additional figure appeared, an exact replica of himself next to the sleeping children, his eyes closed.

“This reality needs you as well, the version of you that is not afflicted by chaos.” Whistler explained as he moved forward to touch Xander’s hands. “The Xander on the floor would live through the rest of his life, without the powers within you, fulfilling his purpose in the Great Balance. And you Alexander, must fulfill the bargain you’ve made.”

Xander felt a slight disorientation as powerful energies wrapped around his body, transporting him away. In the streets of Sunnydale, the unconscious bodies of Spike and his minions reappeared. If Xander had known that they would be restored, he might have given second thoughts to his decision, as it was, he was now gone from the reality. For the bargains of the Powers that Be were vague and wily. The terms states that all Xander had consumed would be restored, and Spike still has a greater purpose to serve. As for Ethan Ryan, his death did not warrant a revival as this small chess piece in destiny could easily be replaced by another, who would cause less trouble in the future…

~ An account of the beginnings of Alexander Lavelle Harris, Founder of Sanctuary


In another reality…

Hot and humid air swirled around him as he appeared in the middle of what looked like a tropical rainforest. Sounds of chirping insects and birds sounded in the distant, and sunlight danced through the thick forested foliage. Wherever world Whistler had dumped him to, it was seemingly day here, instead of the night in Sunnydale.

Where was he? He had no idea. One moment he was in the Halloween shop and the next moment he was apparently brought here by whatever magic Whistler had used on him. The words Whistler had said and the promise Xander had made with the higher being caused the whole situation to feel surreal. And then there was the enormous power bubbling within him, powerful magic that he now possessed.

His Blue magic was an instinctual ability, which meant that he knew how the eleven Blue magic spells he possessed functioned. His eleven spells could in essence, be grouped into two different categories. Enhancement type spells, and creation spells.

Enhancement type spells were spells that have permanent effects on their targets. The Invisibility spell, the Fireball spell, and the Visions spell gained from children dressing as demons, the Flight spell gained from a child fairy, the Plant Manipulation spell gained from a child Satyr belonged here. The four other Blue magic gained from consuming Spike and his vampire minions, the Agelessness, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed and Regeneration spells also belonged to this category.

These spells could only be cast on sentient targets, meaning any beings that possessed mental cognitive functions. The spells would grant their sentient targets permanent abilities related to the spells cast upon them, greatly boosting the targets’ natural capacity in certain areas.

For instance, the Invisibility spell allows a creature to generate energy fields that could render objects invisible in the physical plane of existence. The Fireball spell allows someone to generate fireballs. The Visions spell allows the target to be able to see into the past, present or future depending on circumstances.

The Flight spell allows sentient creatures the magical ability of controlled flight. The Plant Manipulation spell allows one to manipulate plant life. The Agelessness spell stops molecular degeneration in a target, essentially granting him/ her an immortal life span, although the target could still die from great damage to its mortal shell. The Enhanced Strength spell enhanced the strength of the target, which also involves strengthening one’s individual muscles, increasing durability. The Enhanced Speed spell enhanced the innate speed of a target, which means one’s speed of thoughts was also enhanced. The last enhancement spell, the Regeneration spell simply allows rapid cellular regeneration of a target.

The power and strength of the enhancement spells depends on how much mana/ magical energy was used in the casting of the spells, as well as the physical conditioning of the target’s body. An Enhanced Strength spell cast with a small amount of mana might only multiply a target’s natural strength and durability by two. An Enhanced Strength spell cast onto a target with large amounts of mana might however allow a target to multiply his existing strength and durability by a hundred times.

This also meant that to get the most of the enhancement type spells, they must be cast on a target in peak physical condition or possessing a natural inclination towards certain aspects of the spell. An Enhanced Strength spell cast on a baby would only multiply the baby’s current strength, even when the baby grew up, the mystical strength enhancement would not change. An Enhanced Strength spell cast on a weight lifter would however greatly multiply the target’s current strength, even carrying on when the target is old of age.

And then, there was the last category of his Blue magic. The creation spell category contained two of his most powerful Blue magic spells. The Giving Sparks spell he gained from a child dressed as the Bumblebee Transformer, and the Halloween spell he gained from consuming the statue which was the focus of the original Halloween spell.

The Giving Sparks spell allows him to synch his own Spark/ Soul with a mechanical target, allowing the mechanical target to gain a Spark/ Soul and came to life. The target in essence becomes a Transformer bond to Xander. The only limitation to the spell was that the larger the target, the more mana he would need to cast the needed spell.

As for the Halloween spell, it was probably one of his most powerful and complex Blue magic spells. In this spell contains the 418 essences of the people affected by the original Halloween spell. Half of the number, 209 of the imprints were of the people and what they were wearing before they were affected by the spell. The other half of the imprints were of the people and the objects they bear after they were
affected by the spell. In those imprints, Xander found imprints of Willow, both as her normal self, dressed in a bed sheet and street clothing, and as Ghost Willow dressed in phased out clothing. There was also Buffy, both as her normal self and as an eighteenth century noble woman.

His instinctual knowledge of the Halloween spell revealed to him that he could in essence use one imprint, or combine any of the imprints to recreate a new character. They key is to choose which imprint to use as the main body. Using the essence of Magneto from X-Men as the main imprint and add in Ghost Willow’s imprint would lead to creating a real life Magneto with powers and memories of ghost Willow. The possibilities were limited to the 418 imprints he had.

Of course, the spell also has its flaws. For one, only a maximum of two imprints at most could be combined together or else the spell would destabilize and implode on itself. There was also the fact that if he wished to get any of the items tied to the imprints, he need to create a character possessing the imprints first. This meant that if he wanted to get Thor’s Hammer that had turned real, he had to create Thor, whom the hammer was tied to, or combine Thor’s imprint with another and create a new character.

Somehow, creating a real living and breathing Thor or someone else living just to get at the items tied to their imprints did not seem like such a great idea. He would in essence be dooming the newly created person to exile with him in a new world in a strange reality. Xander had no wish to inflict that on anyone. At least not in this current time… yet

Of course, among the imprints were some that would not mind a life of solitude free from civilization. Xander knew that because he could access the memories of the imprints within the Halloween spell at will. He had an uncomfortable moment when accessing Willow’s memories and found that she loved him in a sexual kind of way. He had cringed when Buffy’s memories revealed that she thought of Xander as just her extremely goofy friend. He had found the imprint of Ms Calendar and was shocked at her secret identity. There was even a future version of Cordelia, apparently Harmony had dressed up as Cordelia for the night, and the memories of future Cordelia was horrifying and astounding in regards to the future of the Angel and the others. But of course, there was nothing he could do now, trapped in a new reality. He needed to find out where he was, and if possible, build a new life for himself.

The first thing he needed to do was to find out if there were any humans and signs of civilization in this new world. For all he knew, he could be finding hostile aliens around the corner, which meant he needed to be prepared. There were powerful items in his Halloween spell which could aid in his exploration of this new world, but they involved creating new life to bring out those items. That was something he would rather avoid unless absolutely necessary.

This meant that for the moment, he would have to rely on his other Blue magic spells to defend himself and help him explore this new world. Xander spent some time thinking about how to use his spells to best effect, before at last coming to a solution. His mana reserves were at full capability, meaning he was filled with magical energies. Drawing on his enormous magical reserves, Xander craft all his magical energies into one Blue magic spell, Enhanced Speed, and cast it on himself.

Power unlike any other flooded him. Xander basked in the glow of powerful magic as his body changed to accommodate the powerful magical skill that now inhabits him. He was drained of magical energies, meaning he could not cast any Blue magic anytime soon. But passive magic of another sort now resides in him, that of the skill of Enhanced Speed.

Xander took one step forward and ran

His form blurred as he charged off into the unknown, faster than sound. A great gust of wind swirled in the places he had been through.

Casting the Enhanced Speed spell with all of his magical reserves had magically multiplied his original speed by hundreds of times, altering his body to be able to run faster than anything in this world, allowing Xander to burn a path across this new planet he found himself in.


Near nightfall, and four hours later according to his watch, Xander at last found a small rural settlement. Xander felt relief as he saw the first sign of humans in this new reality he found himself in. At least he was not going to end up as the only man in this world.

The settlement was some sort of farming village, with probably less than a hundred people living in it. Large acres of land were cultivated with some sort of golden corn like crops and other unknown fruits. Several areas were also filled with some sort of six legged mammals that looked like a buffalo with a pig’s head.

Staying out of sight as he watched the villagers retreat back into their wooden houses after a hard day’s work, Xander could make no sense of the language the villagers were conversing in. Whatever language the people here used, it was definitely not English. It would pose some problems if Xander was to ever try to communicate with the people here and find out where he was.

Deciding to be cautious, Xander speed through the fields, collecting a handful of several different crops. With an armload of fresh produce, Xander ran several miles from the village, arriving at the mouth of a cave that he had scouted earlier in the day. Xander had decided to make this cave his temporarily home until he knew more of this world, and before he made the decision to reveal himself to the people here.

In the meantime, he was getting quite hungry and the produce in his hand would do much to satisfy the burning hole in his belly.

As Xander munched on the unknown crops and fruits in the darkness, he began to make plans for his new life in this world.


Four days later…

It took him four days to scout out a large area of the planet. Four days of running through forests, and speeding across oceans. Four days to come to the conclusion that the village he had discovered on his first day was the only human settlement in this world.

During this time, Xander had also observed the villagers accessing some sort of advanced technology near the village, a large silver ring made of unknown metal, as well as a metal console platform that was in front of the ring device. The villagers would manipulate the console platform, causing the large metal ring to begin turning, before a silver pool of energy appeared in the metal ring through which the villagers disappeared into. Xander had also observed the metal ring turning on its own, forming the silver pool, through which people and villagers returning from wherever they went to, returned from.

It was not much of a leap of imagination for Xander to come to the conclusion that the metal ring was some sort of advanced technology that could open portals to other places. It was however a mystery how such rural people came into such powerful technology and where they went, since he found no other signs of civilization on this planet.

The metal ring device was too large to be affected by Xander’s Giving Sparks spell, he simply lack the total mana reserves to spark something of that size. His total mana reserves were however enough to spark the smaller platform device, but Xander was a bit weary of casting the spell straight away. He was not sure how the two devices were linked, and he was afraid that if he turned the smaller platform device into a Transformer, he might break whatever was forming the energy portal. If he was going to approach these people in the future, it was probably best not to start with breaking their powerful technologies.

Aside from scouting this new world, Xander had been casting enhancement spells on himself everyday once his magical reserves regenerated to its maximum limit, ensuring all his enhancements spells were cast at full strength. He had already cast the Flight, Invisibility, Enhanced Strength and Plant Manipulation spells on himself, gaining great control and power over each of his four new passive/active abilities. The land near his makeshift home was already growing with the various seed crops and fruits he had collected from his journey through the human village and across much of the planet.

Currently, he was at a crossroad. He needed to make contact with the humans here to find out what was the state of affairs in this new reality and how the portal technology work. He could either spend months eavesdropping on the villagers’ conversations and hope he would gain a rudimentary understanding of it, or he could create someone with the Halloween spell that could understand or pass him the language of the people here… and there were a few imprints in the Halloween spell that met the requirement. Of course, if he was to create a real life person with the Halloween spell, he was going to make sure he create someone who would not mind living as an exile with him in a new reality.

Xander might now have powerful Blue magic at his disposal, but he was still no linguistic genius. Understanding the language of the people here from scratch would take him years. There was also the fact that surviving in this new world for the rest of his life without someone to back him up was not something Xander was sure he could deal with. And so Xander choose the only option left to him. He would create a new life.


One day later…

One night spent recharging his magical reserves and Xander was back at full strength. Waking up early in the morning, Xander got out of his straw bed and speed off to a nearby stream to refresh himself. He also made the effort to wash his only set of clothes. Putting on the wet clothes, he speed off in circles, drying the clothes in a few short minutes.

After that, he returned to the entrance of his cave, overlooking a colorful blend of crops ready for harvest.

“It’s now or never.” Xander said fortifying himself as he reached into his Halloween spell and selected two imprints from it to create the new life. One of the imprint would act as the major one, the one whose body would be created, whose consciousness would be in control. The second imprint would only magically enhance the first imprint, empowering it.

Throwing out the crafted spell, Xander watched with bated breath as a golden cloud of energy swirled before him, forming into a familiar figure. A set of robes, broom, wand and pouch appeared beside the figure as well, formed from the secondary imprint.

“What the…” The figure in front of Xander uttered in surprise as she struggled her way out of a tangled bed sheet. Willow got free and looked at Xander in surprise.

“I… I have memories of a witch in my head. What is going on Xander?” Willow asked with a trace of fear in her voice.

Xander placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her down. “I am really sorry Willow for doing this to you. What I am going to tell you… it’s going to be hard to accept, but it’s the truth…”


She was a magical clone created by Xander who was now exiled to another reality after Halloween night. Willow felt sick. She also felt angry. How could Xander do this to her? And then there was those memories running around in her head. That of Hermonine Granger, a powerful wand witch, the secondary imprint that Xander had combined with hers to grant Willow Hermonine’s memories and powers.

Xander had given Willow Hermonine’s broom, wand and pouch which had appeared beside Willow when she had first formed. As for Hermonine’s robes, Willow was currently using it as a cushion while she stewed in Xander’s makeshift cave home.

“You’re angry.” Xander said with regret as he looked at Willow. “I understand. I am sentencing you to exile with me after all.”

“I am not angry about that.” Willow said, feeling a little surprised when she realized she was actually not that concerned about it. She had very little ties holding her back in Sunnydale after all. Her parents were always not around, sure there were Buffy and Giles. But before them, the only real family Willow had were Jesse and Xander. If the real Xander was going to be exiled, Willow had no qualms about following after him. “What I am angry about is you cloning me. I am not even a real person!”

“You are real Willow, as real as I am. You are your own person.” Xander said fiercely, holding Willow’s shaking hands. “You are Willow Rosenberg, my closest childhood friend.”

“I… it’s just a lot to handle right now.” Willow said taking a deep breath. She eyed Xander. “You said you can access the memories of the imprints in the Halloween spell. That means you can access my memories as well.”

“Yes.” Xander said flushing. “Well, I have to be certain you will not mind being exiled with me…”

“And you know that I love you.” Willow said closing her eyes, giving an embarrassed sigh before changing the subject. “I supposed there’s a reason you created me with Hermonine Granger’s memories then? She was one of the more powerful wand witches in her prime, having researched many powerful magics and was well verse in wandless magic. She even found ways to integrate magic with technologies, coining the term magictech. The memories of the Hermonine Granger I had was of her when she was a hundred and twenty years of age, right around the time when she was trying to build a magitech starship.”

“I am aware of that… the truth is, I have managed to find a human settlement in this world, but they are not exactly speaking in any language I know of.” Xander revealed with a grimace. “And I didn’t create you with only the intention of helping me translate their language with Hermonine’s magic. What I really need is someone I can depend on and trust in this new world… You are my first choice.”

Willow gave a wavering smile at Xander’s admission. Pulling her hands out of his comforting grasp, she fumbled in Hermonine’s magical pouch that had been created with her. The pouch was enchanted with a space expansion charm which meant there were a lot more objects stored within its confines then its outer appearance would belied.

“I guess you must have accessed Hermonine’s memories as well if you knew she could cast a language transfer spell to help you understand the language of this world.” Willow said as she pulled out a small hand sized, stone figurine of a five storey high, red bricked mansion. Bending down, she set it on the dirt floor of the cave. There was a flare of light as the small stone mansion on the dirt floor pulsed with magical energies and vanished. “Then you must know that she kept her Mansion in her pouch. The Mansion which served as her home and library of collected knowledge.”

“Yes… that is part of the reason why I gave you her memories and powers, as well as the items she was carrying when her Halloween self-turned real during Halloween night.” Xander answered as he looked down at the empty dirt floor where the Mansion remained cloaked from sight. “Hermonine was more than just a powerful witch, she’s also a spell crafter, which meant that she could create new spells and adapt to new situations in this world.”

“Then I suppose you will not mind if we retreat to Hermonine’s Mansion to rest instead of staying here in this musty cave.” Willow said wryly as she touched Xander’s hands. “I feel a sudden need for some herbal tea, and I am pretty sure Hermonine’s Mansion still have some stocks of it.”

Calling on Hermonine’s magic, Willow uttered the password that allowed them access to the small stone Mansion, whose interior had been enchanted with numerous powerful space extension charms to contain Hermonine’s workshop, library and various other rooms. The magical building also possessed powerful defensive charms to protect the small stone Mansion while it was sitting in the real world.


Hermonine’s Mansion was an artifact of incredible magical enchantments. Within the rooms in the Mansion, Xander could find no signs that he was actually physically inside a small magical space. The window views gave the impression that he was looking out at a field of pretty flowers.

The first floor of the Mansion consisted of a lavishly decorated living room, a dining room, a ball room and a well-stocked kitchen, where magical golems prepared and served the meals in the Mansion, as well as a large basement cellar which acts as a storage room. The second level contained ten large guest rooms. The third to fifth levels contained Hermonine’s large library, filled with ancient tomes of magic and sciences, there was also a special enchanted room created by Hermonine, called the Room of Requirement, as well as Hermonine’s workshop and her own quarters.

Willow had retreated to explore Hermonine’s workshop after having some calming tea served by a large golden golem. Since she now bore Hermonine’s magical core, it seemed that the magical protections of the Tower were now tied to her, making Willow mistress of Hermonine’s Mansion. Xander had left Willow alone, knowing that she needed sometime alone to come to terms with what had happened.

Xander had settled down in one of the guest quarters in the second level. Hermonine’s library might be one of the best in terms of magical and science texts, but Xander had a whole “library” of his own inside his Blue magic Halloween spell. The memories of the various demons, witches, superheroes and other characters would serve to entertain and educate him in the current free time he had.

Immersing himself in the memories of one Tony Stark, Xander settled down on one of the arm chairs in the room and began previewing the memories of how Tony Stark created the Iron Man armor in the Marvel verse comic reality.

Story Series: Xander in Exile

Path 08 – Stargate Atlantis verse

Story title: Exile’s Sanctuary

Author: Wraithrune

Crossovers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Stargate Atlantis/ Harry Potter/ Multi-Xovers

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or plots from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Transformers, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Final Fantasy IX, Smallville, Dungeons and Dragons, Naruto, Fantastic Four. This is just a work of fanfiction.

Author’s Note: Because of the vast potential crossovers the Halloween spell can create, I have decided to focus on only a few fandoms as the major crossovers of this fanfiction. Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the magic of Harry Potter, the creation of Transformers and the setting of Stargate Atlantis will create the large part of the story in this fanfiction.

Summary: Halloween night ended with Xander gaining eleven powerful spells. Banished to the Stargate Atlantis reality by the Powers that Be, Xander will craft a new life out there, becoming a Force to be reckoned with.


Chapter Two : Discovering the Worlds

A night spent exploring Hermonine’s workshop and the subsequent rest did much to improve Willow’s mood and her outlook in this strange reality. A whole morning of chasing Xander after he had enhanced her speed with his Blue magic made her think that maybe things would not be so bad after all. Gaining the ability to run faster than sound did have its perks, though even with her enhanced speed, she was much slower than Xander. From Xander’s explanation, the spell only enhanced her natural speed, meaning that Xander’s body was better conditioned than hers for running and thus gained more enhancements from the spell.

But that does bring up the point that Xander’s Blue magic was incredibly powerful, and almost without limits if his Halloween spell was factored in. Willow remembered seeing costumes of comic superheroes, gods and demons back when she was shopping at the Halloween shop. If Xander really possessed the imprints of all those characters as well as the ability to create them, the chaos he could unwittingly unleash was incredible.

With Hermonine’s memories and century of wisdom to guide her, Willow knew that great power brought great temptation. Hermonine was part of the group that had helped Harry Potter defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort. She had seen firsthand when a powerful apprentice of hers had grown intoxicated with power and became dark. Hermonine had in her prime stopped five other dark witches and wizards, with aid from her old friends, Harry Potter, Ron and Ginny Wesley, and Luna Lovegood. She had known of the temptation great power would bring, and Hermonine’s wisdom was telling Willow that this empowered Xander would bear careful watching. If he was to go rogue, Willow might be the only one in this world able to stop him.

It was nearing noon when Willow finally called a halt to test out her new super speed ability. They had begun making plans to approach the human villagers that Xander had seen, but first, Xander had brought her to the portal device that Xander had found near the village, which according to Xander, was used by the villagers and others not of the village, as a form of transportation between this world and god knows where. Willow had wondered if the portal worked similarly to the Floo network that the wizardry world used, but after running a diagnostic spell on the ring and platform devices, Willow had come to the conclusion that whatever those objects were, they were purely technological constructs that were surprisingly resilient to her magical energies.

“No luck.” Willow said twisting her wand, canceling the diagnostic spell which had created several holographic images and words in front of her. “All I am getting is that the platform device is putting out enormous amounts of energy of some sort, while the ring device is made of some sort of super dense and super conductive metal.”

“I guess we’ll have to go with my original plan then.” Xander said with a sigh. “I’ve seen people not of this village appearing from the portal bearing wagons of goods, probably traders of some sort. We can use that as our disguise to get information from the people here. But first we’ll need the language.”

“That will be the easy part.” Willow said looking to Xander. “You can cloak us from sight can’t you? Let’s go to the village square where I can work my magic.”

Xander gave a nod as the two of them blurred into gust of winds, racing into the human village nearby. They stopped at the center of the busy village where several stalls were set up. Xander quickly threw up an invisibility field, sheltering both of them from sight.

Langus.” Willow muttered, swishing her wand in the air. A ball of blue energy shot out of the wand, striking a middle age man nearby, before twin balls of energy erupted from the back of the man, shooting into Xander and Willow.

The man shuddered and gave a startled cry, attracting the attention of the nearby villagers. It was then Xander realized he could understand them as the villagers began speaking in surprise.

“Seems like it works.” Willow said looking at Xander as the villagers gathered around the man who had been hit by the spell. “I think it is our cue to leave.”

Turning, the two of them speed off, throwing up a large gust of wind, startling the already shocked villagers milling around in confusion.


It was late afternoon by the time Mortius, village leader of Nebolius, finished calming down the villagers from the excitement of the afternoon. Lebor who held one of the eastern farmlands had been struck with some sort of seizure, and the large dust devils which had blew up in the village center around that time had caused almost everyone to think the Wraiths were attacking. It was however a false alarm and Mortius had spent the better part of the day soothing nerves. Lebor had been instructed to rest for a few days by the village herb woman, while some of the older folks were muttering about bad omens.

“You’re back papa!” The voice of his five year old daughter chirped up as she poked her head from the kitchen door. “I was just making dinner.”

Mortius’ eyes dimmed as he looked at Renia, who was so much like her mother… who had been captured by the Wraiths in the last culling. His heart constricted painfully for a moment before he forced away the bad memories, giving his daughter a smile. “It’s alright I…”

“Mortius!” His door banged open as Orteis, the village blacksmith, entered the house hurriedly. “There are traders in the village center. Unknown traders bearing incredible goods. You’ve to see it for yourself!”

Mortius gave a sigh, it seemed that today’s just full of surprises. “I’ll be with you in a moment Orteis. Renia stay in the house, I’ll return soon.”

Walking briskly out of the house, Mortius followed after Orteis who set a brisk pace up the dirt path to the village center. His eyes widened in surprise as he sighted the two strangely dressed young couple standing beside a large sheltered wagon pulled by a burden beast of some kind. Already, villagers who had received news of the new arrivals were crowding around the wagon, where the young couple was showing off wares that Mortius had never seen before.

Clothes elaborately and colorfully woven were on display, as well as enormous crops that Mortius identified as some of the produce grown by the village, though never grown to the size of those being displayed on the wagon.

“Seeds to grow crops as large as this, within only two weeks of planting.” The young male trader was hawking to the crowd, while the young woman was promoting the clothes on display.

Mortius made his way to the front of the crowd. Several of the villagers were already promising items in exchange for the trade goods from the unknown traders.

“Good day sir.” The young man said as he saw Mortius walked up to him. “Can I interest you in any of my goods?”

“Actually yes.” Mortius said as a petite looking dress caught his eye. It would make a nice present for Renia. “But we can do business later. I am Mortius, village head of Nebolius. It’s my job to get to know the new traders to this village and if possible, form trade agreements with you.”

“Ah, you’re the village head. We’ve been asking to talk with you. We’re amiable to establishing some form of agreements in terms of trade with this village.” The young man said with a nod. “I am Xander, and my companion is Willow. Let us close up the wagon so that we can discuss the terms with you…”

“You can conduct your business first.” Mortius interrupted with a smile at the gathered crowd of villagers. “I think most of my village has an interest in your goods. But if you do not mind a simple meal, you and your companion are welcomed to join me for dinner at my place, where we can discuss more trade between us.”

“Of course, we’ll be pleased to do that.” The young man, Xander said with a nod.

“Now, about that yellow laced dress you have over there.” Mortius said as he made his own personal offer.


It was late by the time Xander and Willow had exited the village head’s house after a warm meal of wheat mixed with poultry of some kind. To all outward appearance, they were leaving the village towards the direction of the Gateway of the Ancestor. Oh, both of them now knew what that technological marvel was called now, Mortius, the village head, had been a wealth of information about this world. Xander could tell that Mortius was amused when Willow had told him that they were more than just traders in goods, but also traders in the history of the world. It was a suitable cover for them to gather information about this new reality and world they were in. The only problem was this world was much more vast… and dangerous than Xander had ever imagined.

Long ago, in this reality, there were beings known as the Ancestors, humanoids with access to great technologies. They were the ones that built the Gateways and placed them on thousands of inhabitable worlds. A large number of special Gateways also hover in space above planets, accessible only by ships flying through the stars. The Ancestors guided the first man to create their own civilization, and taught them their language. It was a time of peace.

Then the Wraiths, vicious life sucking aliens appeared. In their powerful Hive ships, the Wraiths attacked numerous worlds, and used humans as food sources. Centuries of fierce battles between the Wraiths and the Ancestors erupted. In the end, the Ancestors were said to have lost, vanishing from history thousands of years ago.

A dark age descended upon the galaxy, as the Wraiths became masters of thousands of worlds. Civilization collapsed, and the humans from all worlds learn to fear the coming of the Wraiths. Even now, the people could only fight to survive, regressing to a primitive state of existence. Few worlds still possessed their technologies. Nebolius was not one of them. Their old technologies had been lost thousands of years back, even the old ruins had crumbled totally, encroached by the spreading forest. From the billions of people during the time of the Ancestors, the Nebolians now numbered only in the hundreds. Centuries of being hunted by Wraiths had taken its toll on the population, and Mortius had revealed that if the Wraiths were to return again within this generation, Nebolius might very well fall and became ancient history.

“What do you think we should do Xander?” Willow asked as she guided the transfigured horse towards the Gateway of the Ancestor, with the wagon being pulled at the reins. “Life sucking aliens with powerful spaceships, this is totally different from the vampires back in Sunnydale who don’t even use modern weapons.”

“I think we need to know more first. We need to get more information about the Wraiths and the Ancestors who built the Gateways.” Xander said turning to look at Willow. “Mortius has given us those gate addresses he has friendly relations with, we can begin with those worlds. I may not have any starships in my Halloween imprints, but I do have some of the greatest minds within me. If need be, I can create someone with the intelligence of Tony Stark or Reed Richards. I even have an imprint of an alien scientist with access to organic technologies and another with access to crystal technologies. Even you Willow, with Hermonine’s magitech memories will be a great help. We’ll work something out to protect the people here.”

“There are thousands of populated worlds, and if what Mortius say is true, there are thousands of Wraiths out there with powerful technologies and only two of us. You really think we can protect these people?” Willow asked as they stopped in front of the Gateway. A quick look around showed no one in hiding. Willow released the transfiguration on the horse, changing it back into a wooden plank. She then cast a shrinking spell on the wagon of goods and carefully placed the shrunken objects in her pouch.

“We will think of a way.” Xander said as he gave one last look at the Gateway. “Come on, let’s make our way back to the cave and enter the Mansion. We can worry about our future tomorrow.”


Fifteen days later…

It did not take that many days of trading with other worlds, for Willow and Xander to both realize that metal ores were very rare in this Wraith plagued galaxy. Few worlds actually have the means to mine large quantities of metal, and whatever metal available was highly priced. Of cause the crop seeds that Xander had manipulated for fast and big growth were also highly popular. To the natives of most worlds the crop seeds were nothing short of being objects of miracles. In return, they had gained a wide variety of local plant seeds and products such as clothes, wine and tea, as well as information.

Fifteen days had passed since their first trade foray to the village of Nebolius. Within those fifteen days, Willow had turned plant fibers to large assortments of clothes with her carefully crafted spells. Xander had also passed all the enhancement spells at full strength to Willow and himself. They had all the enhancement spells with the exception of the Agelessness spell. Xander and Willow were not that certain they wanted to live forever, or to retain the looks of their current age and look like teenagers forever.

In the current time however, Xander and Willow could lift tones of weight if they wanted to, run faster than sound, regenerate their wounds in an instant, fly, cast large area invisibility fields, and manipulate large amounts of plant growth. Xander had jokingly remarked that the two of them were something like Superman, Poison Ivy and Susan Storms combined with extra abilities included.

With memories from the various scientists in his Halloween spell, and Mortius’ own descriptions, Xander had been able to come to the conclusion that the Gateway opens some sort of wormhole connecting to the different Gateways on other worlds. They had already traveled to four other different worlds with the device and with each new visit through the wormholes to new worlds, they uncovered more information about the Wraiths and the Ancestors.

The last settlement they had been to was Returs, a sizable mining town. They had managed to trade a lot of their clothes away for metal ores, and also gained the gate address to an abandoned planet where an outpost of the Ancestor supposedly still remained. But few people ventured there due to numerous stories of Wraith sightings in the area.

“Nothing in the east of the Gateway.” Xander said as the two of them slowed down in their running since their exit from the Gateway. They were trying to locate the alleged outpost that was on this planet. According to the old stories, the outpost was supposedly several miles away from the Gateway, discovered by an adventurous old miner from Returs.

“Then we’ll split up and cover the North and South separately and meet back by the Gateway.” Willow decided as she looked around the densely covered vegetation. “We’ll cover more ground this way.”

“Alright, see you in half an hour.” Xander said as he speeds off to the North, with Willow going off in the opposite direction.

Willow was the one that found the outpost to the south of the Gateway. It took but a few minutes for Xander to follow her back to the yellowed stone like building that had weathered the tides of time. The structure of the building still seemed sound, though the exterior of the building was layered with creeping vines.

Spending a few minutes trying to figure out how to open the door to the building, Xander at last gave up and forced the door apart using his enhanced strength.

Lumos.” Willow said as she cast out balls of light to light up the dark corridors, revealing dust covered gray walls and floors.

Entering the place cautiously, the two of them walked down the corridor which opened up to a large room, with a large central raised console in the center of the empty room.

“Can you figure out how to activate this thing or if it can even be activated?” Willow asked as Xander began poking around the transparent upraised panels of the console, each with some sort of writing etched onto them. Having now gained the spoken languages in this reality with Willow’s language transference spell, some of the words looked familiar to him, but apparently there was still a sizable difference in the language the Ancestors used compared to the language the humans in this galaxy now spoke.

“Can’t say I do.” Xander admitted after pressing several of the panels to no effect. “The power source of this place might have been drained after thousands of years since the Ancestors disappeared. I have another idea though, this console is small enough that I can Spark it as a Transformer. The newly created Transformer might know the purpose of this outpost.”

“My diagnostic spells revealed nothing of note.” Willow said as she put her wand away. “I guess turning that thing into a Transformer is the only way to get some clues about this place’s function.”

Xander gave a nod in agreement as he called up his Blue magic Giving Sparks spell. Silver light erupted from his hands, slamming into the console which began to tear itself out of the stone floors with a wrenching sound. The form of the console shifted until it became a humanoid mechanical figure, golden brown in color and only reaching up to Xander’s waist in height, standing before them. Two white optic orbs served as its eyes which swiveled to observe its surroundings. The newly created Transformer looked at Xander before kneeling before him.

“What do you wish of me, All Sparks?” The Transformer said, causing Xander to take a few steps back in shock.

“You can stand. I am actually not much of a “kneeling before me” kinda person.” Xander said a bit uneasily as he motioned the Transformer to stand up. “You are the first of your kind in this world. Do you have any knowledge of what you are? Before you were Sparked?”

“My shell used to be an advanced communication and digitized system of the race of beings calling themselves the Lanteans. They are the builders of my shell, and of the two weapon satellites orbiting over this planet that my shell is built to monitor.” The Transformer spoke with a deep gravel voice. “I also possess the entirety of your memories up to the current time I am Sparked, as well as instinctual memories of the original Transformer through which the Giving Sparks spell came from. My Spark is created from your Spark, I have your memories, I am bond to you.”

“I see.” Xander said sharing a glance with Willow. The whole memory sharing thing with the Transformer was new to him. It did however explain why the Transformer knew to speak in English. And with the information from the newly created Transformer, they now know what the Ancestors actually called themselves. “Can you still monitor the weapon satellites?”

“If this base still possessed power, I would be able to connect to the wireless sensor system in this outpost, and scan for the satellites. However the energy cell powering the base was long since drained.” The newly sparked Transformer revealed to Xander’s abject disappointment. “The last recorded data of the outpost several thousand years ago recorded that one of the satellite had been destroyed by the Wraith, the second satellite was supposed to be still in working order. But without power to the outpost, I can’t ascertain the condition of that second satellite in this current time.”

“Thousands of years.” Willow said in a musing voice as she looked around the room she was in. “That this outpost managed to survive the long years mostly intact is simply amazing. We may very well find the second satellite untouched as well.”

“That’s certainly cool, but do you have any idea why the builders of your shell, the Lanteans build an outpost here?” Xander asked, asking the question foremost in his mind.

“This outpost is established because they have a mining operation in the nearby area, where they mine Q-73 ores.” The Transformers revealed, causing Xander to raise an eyebrow.

“And what is this Q-73 ore?” Xander asked as he looked at the Transformer with interest.

“Q-73 ore is a super conductive and dense metal used to create starships hulls and weapons of the Lanteans. It is also more commonly used to create the Astria Porta, the devices allowing the establishing of wormholes between planets.” The Transformer revealed much to the excitement of Xander and Willow.

“You are talking about the Gateway devices.” Willow said her eyes widening in surprise. “Do you have the location of the mine?”

“Yes, that particular information is stored in my database.” The Transformer answered, causing Xander to break into a smile.

“Great, then I will need you to lead us to the mines. But first, you will need a name.” Xander said grinning at the Transformer who looked up at him curiously. “I am guessing you have the capabilities of a super computer and you were built to monitor war satellites from a great distance. How about the name Cybermind?”

“That name is pleasing to me. I will be Cybermind from henceforth.” The Transfomer said in agreement, giving Xander a nod of acknowledgment.

“Then let us move out. The day is young and I feel like doing more exploring before the Sun sets.” Xander said as Cybermind took the lead. The Transformer walked out of the outpost as he guided them towards the direction of the Lantean Q-73 mine.


The entrance of the mine had long been covered over by fallen trees and vegetation. If Cybermind had not known its location, they would never have found it. With Xander and Willow’s super strength and speed, as well as Willow’s magic, clearing the entrance was a cinch. It took only several minutes before the debris were stacked high beside the entrance, clearing a path for them to enter.

Willow had conjured up balls of colored lights to illuminate their way in. With Cybermind leading the way through the numerous tunnels, they had come to a halt in a large cave filled with machinery. According to Cybermind, this was the command center of the Lantean mining operation, though much of the machinery was in various states of disrepair.

“Is there anything around here that we can use?” Xander asked as Cybermind began wrenching open the latch of one of the many boxes like machines in the cave.

“My sensors indicate that this place no longer have any power to operate with. Several major components of the computerize system have also been removed, most probably by the Lanteans to prevent anyone from using them when they left.” Cybermind said as he reached into the small door of the machine he had forced open. He retracted his hand, showing Xander a round shaped metallic object the size of a beach ball. “The Lanteans make use of drones such as these to harvest their Q-73 ores. The drones are each equipped with a highly advanced transporter device through which they can beam up Q-73 ores hidden deep in the earth, store them in their buffers, and rematerialized the ores in the storage areas when they return. The computerize system controlling the drones is unable to work since it is currently without power. However, according to my scans, the drones themselves remained intact.”

“You mean they can be Sparked.” Xander said, realizing what Cybermind was hinting at. “How many of these drones are in this place?”

“My scans revealed that there should be fifty one of them.” Cybermind revealed looking at Xander who gaped at the thought of Sparking all of them. “The Lanteans apparently did not take all of the drones when they left.”

“The Giving Sparks spell is highly mana intensive. I can probably Spark two Transformers of this size each day if my current mana reserves are restored to its maximum level.” Xander said shaking his head. “But there’s also the fact I’ve been thinking of giving you most of the enhancement spells. Casting them at full power will take all of my magic reserves.”

“Which means you have to make the decision of making the Transformers you have more powerful versus creating more of them.” Willow said voicing Xander’s dilemma. “If it’s me, I’ll take quality over quantity. After all, we have no need for a horde of Transformers. A handful of the drone type Transformers will be enough to help mine the ores we need. And they are living beings bond to you, meaning it’s your responsibility to provide shelter for them. My Mansion has ten guest quarters, and you already occupy one of the living areas. That means there are nine rooms left. If each Transformer takes one room…”

“I can only create eight more Transformers maximum, unless we expand our living areas. Though with the size of the drone type Transformers, a few of them can occupy a single room comfortably.” Xander said, his eyes softening as he looked at Cybermind. “But you’re right Willow. The Transformers are new life created by me, synched from my soul. They are my soul children and taking care of them is my responsibility. I’ve gotten carried away in the excitement of all these new discoveries that I’ve forgotten what’s important. My apologies Cybermind.”

“No Xander All-Spark. We Transformers are bond to you through our Sparks. We will fulfill whatever duties you assign to us.” Cybermind said formally.

“You need to relax a little Cybermind.” Xander said as he took the drone from the Transformer’s hands. “I have enough juice left to create one more Transformer, and I already have a name for the little one.”

Power blazed in Xander’s hands as silver light engulfed the drone. The shell of the drone cracked and shifted, becoming a humanoid black and silver Transformer the length of Xander’s arm. The new Transformer apparently also possessed the ability to hover in the middle of the air.

“Greetings to you X-Spark!” The small Transformer called out excitedly. “You have named me! I know what I am called from your memories. I am Alpha-D, the first of the drone Transformers.”


They had spent hours exploring the command center of the Lantean Q-73 mine. There had been a small store of various metals left in the storage area, but none were Q-73 ores. Instead they were iron, silver and copper ores, which were probably of less value to the Lanteans, and thus not cleared away from the mine when the Lanteans had vanished.

The ores were carefully stored in the storage area in Willow’s Mansion. Iron, silver and copper might not be that valuable to the Lanteans thousands of years ago, but in the present time, this small store of ores were a treasure trove to the humans of this galaxy.

Willow already has plans to mold some of the ores into tools they could trade with. Hermonine knew a few spells that could refine metals and they would prove useful in turning the ores into usable metals. Xander also spoke of using the ores for a side project of his, namely creating some of the advanced technologies from the numerous imprints of highly intelligent and advanced beings in the Halloween spell. But that was still a long work in progress. Many of the advanced technologies required rare elements that Xander was not even sure exists in this reality. He planned to start small, creating some useful but basic technologies first.

Cybermind’s database contains the Lanteans’ survey results of the resources on this planet thousands of years ago. Unfortunately not all of the Lantean elements could be successfully translated by Cybermind. Xander knew the Lantean mine contained iron, silver, Q-73 element, but he and Cybermind had no idea what the ores of Iaons in Lantean refers to, not unless he create a scan device to identify that particular ore with a sample.

Alpha-D and any of the future drone Transformers would be a god send, and would be a great help gathering the various ores hidden deep in the earth, it had been a stroke of luck that the Lantean mining drones remained intact all these centuries.

At the moment, Willow and Xander were having dinner at the living room while the two new additions to the team, Cybermind and Alpha-D sat by their side watching them as they discussed plans for the future.

“We’ll need to set up a base of operations in the Lantean mine. But we also need to gather more information about this world.” Xander said as he gave Willow a contemplative look. “I’ve been thinking Willow, we’re going to need more hands around if we plan to do something to help the people of this galaxy to deal with the Wraiths. The two of us and whatever Transformers I Sparked aren’t going to make it without more support.”

“You’re thinking of… creating more people to join us with the Halloween Spell?” Willow asked uneasily. “Xander, just because I am okay with it doesn’t mean everyone will be. The people created by the Halloween Spell aren’t bond to you like the Transformers, you can’t force them to do what you want. If you create someone powerful that turns against us, it will do more harm than good.”

“I know, which is why I am going to create those that will want and not reject a new life here. Someone who will not use the powers I give them, to turn against the people of this world.” Xander bite his lips and gave a sigh. “I don’t plan to create anyone too powerful. You never know if someone good will turn bad in the future, and I am not going to use any imprints of demons or comic book villians, there might be a chance that the darker sets of memories might influence whoever is created in a bad way. Unfortunately that means the pool of imprints that I can use, the “good” and powerful ones are limited in number. Most of the Halloween imprints in the spell are dark in nature or are just imprints of ordinary people.”

“At least you’ve think it through. Who are you going to create?” Willow asked curiously.

“I’ve a few choices in mind, but I plan to discuss it with you first. We’re going to live with them after all…” Xander said with a grin.


A day later…

She was content, the Powers that Be had granted her a boon, allowing her to guide Angel back to the proper path at the point of her death. Her body had been gradually failing after the struggle with Jasmine, a rogue Power that had sought to use her body to be reborn into the world. Cordelia sensed when her heart stopped beating, when she was ready to ascend to Heaven…

Then foreign memories invaded her mind. Of a powerful kunichi, a female ninja named Tsunade Senju, one of three Sanins of the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Tsunade was one of her world’s most powerful healer, creating chakra techniques that could counter deadly poison, and regenerate deadly wounds. She was also known for her great strength, which when used offensively with her taijutsu, physical fighting techniques, made her a force to be reckoned with. As the Summoner of the Slugs, she was one of the few who had managed to sign a pact with one of the three great Summons.

Her feet touched ground. Cordelia blinked, shaken out of her second sets of memories. Instead of white clouds and angels with halos, she was looking at a bemused Xander and Willow who looked much younger than they should be. They were in some sort of circular living room, with rustic looking furniture and stacks of bookshelves along the walls. There was also a large golden brown golem of some sort looming near the room’s only stairs which lead upwards. Beside her was a boy she recognized as Jonathon Levinson, a loner back in her old High School. He was looking confusedly around himself, while a latex costume with a number 4 was crumbled on the floor beside him.

“Let me guess, I am not in heaven.” Cordelia said wryly, turning to address Xander and Willow, who she guessed must be the Powers that Be in disguise, taking on human forms that she was familiar with.

“Not exactly, you’re now alive again.” Xander said, walking forward and bent down to pick up something off the floor beside her. Cordelia’s mouth dried as she saw Tsunade’s favorite green and white robes, a pouch, as well as a large scroll she recognized as the Forbidden Scroll of Konoha, the Hidden Village of the Leaf.

“Who are you? What did you do to me?” Cordelia said carefully, backing away as she ruthlessly suppressed Tsunade’s memories which felt as real and vivid as her own memories. Belatedly she also realized that she could sense chakra, the living and mental energies in her body, which Tsunade used to execute her ninja techniques.

“Why did I have Reed Richards’ memories in my head?” Jonathon spoke up behind Cordelia, causing her to turn and look at him in shock. “The last thing I remembered is Halloween night and… where is this place?”

“Halloween night…” Cordelia’s mouth dried, remembering that one Halloween night back in Sunnydale when everyone had turned into their costumes.

“Things did not end exactly as you remembered during Halloween night Cordelia.” Xander said, pressing Tsunade’s possessions into Cordelia’s limp hands. “Come Cordelia, Jonathon, it’s time I explained what is going on…”


He was a magical clone of himself, with Mr Fantastic’s elastic powers and memories, as well as his high intellect. Jonathon was awed, shocked and thrilled at this new direction his life had taken. Xander had told them why he and the Cordelia clone were created. A new reality, in a new galaxy, where humans lived on thousands of worlds overrun by life sucking aliens called the Wraith. Xander was exiled to this reality after Halloween night by Higher Beings of their reality, he had first created Willow and then Jonathon and Cordelia in order to do something to help the people of this reality. To give humanity a chance.

Jonathon now had superpowers, super intellect… he could in essence become a superhero just like what he had always fantasied about. His life now has a purpose. Jonathon felt years of loneliness and low self-esteem falling away as he looked around the large dark cave which according to Xander was the mining command center of the good aliens, the Lanteans.

The cave was lit up by globes of floating lights cast by Willow. Cordelia was attempting to smash a large rock into pebbles as she tested out her new powers. Cordelia had taken the news, from the fact that she was a clone of the original, right down to the fact that she had new powers, with controlled calm, as opposed to Jonathon’s excitement. This new Cordelia was also more matured and developed, a real woman in every sense of the word.

“What are you looking at?” Cordelia snapped, causing Jonathon to avert his glance and close his gaping mouth.

“Sorry, you look different.” Jonathon mumbled, trying to call upon Reed Richard’s self-confidence not to squirm under Cordelia’s stare.

“Of course I am different, I am a few years older than the three of you.” Cordelia sniffed, glaring at Xander who grinned back at her. “Not that I appreciate being stuck in a reality with the three of you dorks for the rest of my life.”

“Come on Cordy, it is better than being dead.” Xander said in a persuasive voice. “And I really need people I can trust and rely on if I am to help the humans here.”

“You can’t be expecting to save a galaxy with only the four of us!” Cordelia said looking around the cave full of abandoned machinery. Her eyes lingered on the two Transformers that were already introduced to them. “Even with alien technologies and living Transformers!”

“I know, but we have to start somewhere and we need more manpower.” Xander said looking at Cordelia as he began to lay out his plan. “This mining facility will become our main base, but we still need a team roaming the planets to gather more information about possible abandoned outposts of the Lanteans. With Jonathon’s help, I’ll be able to work faster on creating advanced technologies from my Halloween memores. And Cordelia, Tsunade’s a powerful healer, her abilities would be a great help if we need to heal any of the humans in this reality. Also, offensively speaking, she’s the most capable out of the four of us here in dealing with large numbers of enemies. She’s trained to kill, with large scale battle experience.”

“Well, I’ll be glad to help out in any way I can. The humans in this reality deserve to get whatever help I can give.” Jonathon said eagerly as Cordelia rolled her eyes at him. “What shall we do first?”

“I think for the time being, you should take this day to find your footing.” Willow said as she handed Jonathon a small brass key. “You and Cordelia can take up any of the free guest quarters in my Mansion. That key is a portkey, a magical artifact that allows you to teleport into the Mansion. Just touch it and say the words ‘Willow’s Mansion’. I recently created a few of such portkeys for our own usage. Xander and I each have one, as well as you and Cordelia. However the portkeys only work when you’re on the planet when the mansion is. We’ve discovered that they could not travel inter-stellar distances.”

“Great, magical teleporting keys.” Cordelia grumbled. “Now I have seen everything.”

“You hadn’t seen anything yet.” Xander said with a grin to Cordelia. He turned to Jonathon, a gleam of excitement in his eyes.. “While we’re at the Mansion Jonathon, let me show you some of Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor designs that I’ve drawn out to blueprint. A second brain looking at them will be a great help.”


Story Series: Xander in Exile

Path 08 – Stargate Atlantis verse

Story title: Exile’s Sanctuary

Author: Wraithrune

Crossovers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Stargate Atlantis/ Harry Potter/ Multi-Xovers

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or plots from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Transformers, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Final Fantasy IX, Smallville, Dungeons and Dragons, Naruto, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Ironman. This is just a work of fanfiction.

Author’s Note:

Summary: Halloween night ended with Xander gaining eleven powerful spells. Banished to the Stargate Atlantis reality by the Powers that Be, Xander will craft a new life out there, becoming a Force to be reckoned with.


Chapter Three : New Lives, New Destinies

Teyla looked up as two women leading a four legged burden beast that was pulling a large wagon, walked into the village. This was the fourth morning since the Athosians had first set up their Summer camp near the lake when the women had arrived. They were obviously traders of sorts. Teyla quickly walked up towards them. As the village head, it was her duty to greet the strangers and find out what they wanted.

“Greetings, I am Teyla Emmagan. Welcome to Athos.” Teyla said pressing her hands together in greeting as she stopped in front of the women. By now, many of the Athosians had exited their tents, watching the newcomers curiously.

“I am Cordelia Chase and this is Willow Rosenberg.” The older and more beautiful woman spoke up. “We are traders who wander the worlds. Traders in goods, as well as information, especially about the history of the worlds.”

Teyla observed the women carefully. The younger one looked only to be in her teens, yet both women had a powerful presence around them. That two women could act as traders in strange worlds with no fear could only mean that they were powerful warriors in their own right who could defend themselves.

“You are information brokers then?” Teyla asked. She had heard of such people. They were people that gathered information and sell them to others.

“Not exactly.” The younger woman introduced as Willow spoke up. “Whatever information we trade for is for our own records only. It is part of our… customs… of our village which is now no more…”

Teyla’s throat closed. There were few things that could bring down civilizations of a world. One of the more common one was a full force Wraith attack or Wraith culling. The women must be from one of those worlds. Teyla understood the legacy of old customs, the Athosians themselves have their own unique customs which they uphold in each generations, like the singing of their death hymns. If the two women pursed knowledge because of their world’s customs, Teyla would not begrudge them.

“I understand. The day is young. Will you partake in tea with me?” Teyla asked with a smile, feeling a kinship with the women traders. She understood the dangers of trading in new world, being one of the few women in her village that was well trained in combat to fend for herself. She appreciated the bravery of the two women traversing worlds on their own. “The Athosians have a custom, we do not trade with strangers.”

“Then we’ll just have to know each other better and become friends wouldn’t we?” The older woman, Cordelia said with a laugh. “Come lead the way. I for one would like some tea, the journey has dried my throat.”

“Of course. Follow me.” Teyla said as she led the two women to her tent. “You may leave your wagon parked here, none in the village will touch it without permission, this I can guarantee. You may unhitch your burden beast and tie it to the pole beside the tent.”

“I’ll handle the horse and wagon.” The younger woman, Willow spoke up, looking at the older woman. “Why don’t you go in with Teyla first? I’ll join you later.”

Cordelia, gave a nod as she followed Teyla into her tent. Teyla proceed to pour three cups of stout tea as they sat around a small table, on the floor mat. Willow entered at this moment, taking a seat beside Cordelia.

“So, tell me more of yourself them, Cordelia Chase and Willow Rosenberg.” Teyla said with a kind smile. “And I will share with you the history of the Athosians.”

“Our village was on a planet called Earth. Farming and cultivation of crops was our domain. We have many skilled cultivators that created fast growing corps that were thrice the size of its original size.” Cordelia said, a tone of sadness in her voice. “Then the Wraith came, only a few of us survived, with the seeds we’ve harvested. Those of us who survived, fled to a new world. We made a new home for ourselves, and in time, Willow and I were sent out to trade with other worlds, for supplies and information. It is our belief that gathering information is the only way to know more about the Ancestors of long ago and the Wraith who plagued us.”

“I see.” Teyla said with sympathy. “I can share with you the Athosian tales of the Wraiths and of the Ancestors, but it would not be much. We do have an old Ancestors’ ruins in the middle of the lake, but its tales are lost in time, none dared to approach it because the Wraith had threatened to cull the village if any humans enter the ruins.”

“An old Ancestors’ ruins?” Willow’s eyes light up at the news. “But how would the Wraith know if anyone entered the ruins?”

“They have their ways.” Teyla said darkly, her lips pursed tight as she looked at her empty tea cup. “The Wraiths possessed powerful technologies none can fathom.”

“Indeed, the technologies of the Wraiths are something that we cannot understand. Come, let us talk of something less forbidding.” Cordelia interrupted, cutting through the heavy atmosphere in the tent. “I saw the colorful weaves you Athosians are wearing, where did you get the dyes for your clothes?”

Teyla looked up with a smile. “Ah yes, we get the blue dyes from the Tiamsythe plant in the region…”


A small ginger cat skipped gracefully around the ruins of the ancient city. From time to time, it would poke its head curiously into the small hidey holes of the ruins to see what lies beneath. From time to time, the cat encountered wild animals that would surprisingly turn away from it uninterestedly.

The cat must have spent close to three hours combing the ruins before it discovered a crumbled doorway. Squeezing in through the cracks of the rumble, it came out into a dark enclosed space. It’s cat’s eyes allowed it to take a good look around the darkened room, taking in the two strange rectangular shaped objects of some sort sitting in the center of the room. They were surprisingly intact.

The cat gave a meow of approval. Energy pulsed out from the cat as the two rectangular objects began shrinking in size until they could be comfortably fitted into the cat’s mouth. Gently picking them up with its sharp teeth, the cat proceeds to scamper out of the ruins.


Close to one and a half months had passed since the addition of Cordelia and Jonathon to Master Xander All-Spark’s group. Of course, the All-Spark had insisted on being called just Xander, something Cybermind had conceded. Since then three more drone Transfromers have been sparked, and all have been given powerful magical enhancements which greatly aid in their tasks.

The first thing Cybermind and the other Transformers had built with Xander and Jonathon’s help was the geo-thermal energy extractor, a Cybertronian construct which extracts geo-thermal energies from the planet and condense them into fuel liquid contained within specially constructed cubes. These Energon cubes contained powerful supplies of purified energies which the Transformers used as food, and which Xander and Jonathon used to power their various side projects.

Xander had created an upgraded version of Ironman’s Arc Reator with Jonathon’s help and the Transfromers’ instinctive Cybertronian technological know-how. An Ironman suit was also near completion. In the meantime, Jonathon was building a glider transport that the group could use for journey through the Stargate, or over land and space. Cybermind and Alpha-D was assigned to aid Jonathon while the rest of the drone Transformers were out in the mine extracting needed metals. That was the reason why he was around when Willow and Cordelia returned from their journey offworld, teleporting directly into the cave.

Xander and Jonathon had gone to greet the new arrivals, pulling Cybermind and Alpha-D along. Information about the two women’s latest offworld trip was shared, but the most valuable of their findings were the two shruken yellow plated rectangular transport of some kind Willow had discovered in a Lantean ruin.

The group had poured over the new finding once Willow had returned the two transports back to their original size. It had taken Cybermind a second to realize that he could detect some kind of wireless neural interface in the two transports. A few minutes of hacking into the system while the others were going over the two new Lantean technologies they discovered, and Cybermind was able to control one of the transports wirelessly with his mind, causing it to hover and move in the air.

“This is new.” Cybermind said as he looked at the moving transport with interest, while Jonathon who was within scrambled off it. Shifting through the data in the transport, he found a new command, activating the transport in build cloak system, causing it to vanish from sight. “Oh my.”


Xander looked at the two yellow plated Lantean transport thoughtfully. Gateships, Cybermind had revealed after he had managed to hack into the data within one of the transports. Used by the Lanteans for transport through the Stargates.

But the greatest technological discoveries were that the Gateships have the abilities to hover, cloak itself, control Stargates wirelessly, possessed sublight engines to travel quickly in space and deploy powerful Lantean drones weapons. These Lantean drone weapons were able to phase out of the physical plane for a short duration of time before detonating, allowing them to bypass any armor. Thankfully all of the information had been available within the database of the Gateships, and there were no need for the group to physically test out any of the systems. Especially not after Cybermind had hacked into the system and gotten all of the data.

It was just too bad that the Gateships were too large to be Sparked currently. Perhaps in a few months or years once his mana reserves grew larger he might be able to spark them. But what if the Gateships were smaller? Memories of how Willow had first shrunk the Gateships before returning them to their original size fluttered across his mind. If the Gateships were shrunken when he Spark them, surely the spell would work? But how would the shrinking spell on the Gateships affect the All Spark spell if the Transformers were brought to life? This would bear careful investigating and it was something he needed to discuss thoroughly with Willow before he tried it out.

All Transformers bears a Spark, a Soul birthed from his own. If something goes wrong with the Gateships because he Sparked them while they were under other kinds of magic, it would be on his conscience. He would explore all possibilities and plan out what could possibly happen before he Spark a shrunken Gateship.

In the meantime, he, Jonathon and the rest of the Transformers were pouring over the new technologies to see if there were ways to reverse engineer them. If they were able to replicate such advanced technologies, it would be a great boon to the group.

The only problem was that in order to speed up the process, they need more brains looking into those technologies. Perhaps it was time to add more new additions to the group.


The rich earthly scent of herbs filled the room which Cordelia had occupied as her personal room and workshop in Willow’s Mansion. After five days of trampling over two different planets meeting people with different cultures, it was good to be back in her room, with the semblance of civilization that the small group could afford with Willow’s magic.

Due to the group’s dynamic, with Xander and Jonathon as the resident scientists, Willow and herself made up the team that spearhead most of the off-world exploration trips. They were the ones that arranged trade deals with other villagers and gather more information about the Ancestors and the Wraiths. So far, they have managed to find the location of two other Lantean outposts, but unfortunately, both have been destroyed and ruined totally through the long years, there was nothing they could harvest from the ruins. Their luck had only changed when they found the ruins in Athos where Willow had discovered the two Gateships.

Xander had pulled Willow aside after dinner to discuss the consequences of Sparking a mechanical object while it was under another spell. All that mixing of technologies and magic was over her head anyway, which was the reason why Cordelia had retreated to the comforts of her room. Taking the time she had on her hands, she had begun brewing a new batch of poultices for wounds, as well as vials of counter-poison.

It had taken her quite a while to gather the various plants on the different worlds she had visited, identify which were useful to her in healing, gather those seeds and convince Willow to enlarge her room as well as magically spell parts of her room with artificial sunlight so that she could cultivate the various herbs she had identified.

Her room was now the size of a football field. The front portion of her room near to the door was her sleeping area. It was the original portion of the room which had been left untouched. The newly enlarged portion of the room deeper within was where she had spread plots of earth, create a water sprinkle system with Willow and Jonathon’s help as they combine magic with technology to ensure that the soil was well regulated with water and nutrients.

The plant manipulation ability Xander had granted her was a boon, allowing her to grow crops from seeds instantly within seconds or minutes. It had allowed her to maintain a large quantity of herbs, as well as inter-breed the plants to strengthen them or allow for different hybrids to be created. Perhaps it was Tsunade’s unique chakra system which Cordelia now possessed, or perhaps there were some other causes involved. But she alone of the group had the greatest affinity for the plant manipulation, enhanced strength, enhanced speed and regeneration abilities that Xander had passed to everyone.

None in the group was able to control and manipulate plant life as well as her. None had her strength or speed, allowing her to triumph over Xander who was the second strongest and fastest in the group. As for her regeneration ability, any wounds she suffered disappeared in the blink of an eye. Willow even theorizes that with her regeneration rate so rapid, she might regrow an amputated limb in seconds.

With her new powers and abilities, for the first time in years, Cordelia had felt safe and secured in her life, even when she was off to new worlds, and seeing new people. There had been a few skirmishes of course, when several unruly villagers thought to take advantage of two pretty girls alone on the road. They had learned to leave them alone however, after Willow and Cordelia had broken a few bones and bloodied a few noses. The two women were beginning to gain quite a reputation in the villages they visited.

Cordelia hummed as she began crushing several herbs together to make a new batch of wound poultice. It would still be a while before Cordelia left on her next trading and information gathering trip, and there were still a lot of poultices and potions she needed to prepare. After all, none in the worlds they had visited could heal as well as her, and her poultices and potions were always in hot demand.

They could really do with more help around the Mansion. Now that everyone in the little group had received their magical enhancements, Xander had been talking about “creating” new members to help out. Cordelia briefly entertained thoughts of future new members to the group before she shrugged. Xander would let them know of his choice either way, since they would end up living together. She would know when the time comes… and now for those poultices…


It was close to two months since her stay in this new and alien reality. Close to two months of exploring this new galaxy, learning about the new threats, and helping Xander assemble a group to help the humans of this reality.

Hermonine’s memories, the memories of a century old witch who was known for her wisdom, had given her precious grounding, both in the ways she used her new gifts, and also in making peace with future Cordelia who had been surprisingly mature.

All the exploration and information gathering trips had really caused the two girls to bond with each other. This new Cordelia had been a far cry from Cordelia the Queen of the Cordettes, who had been Willow’s childhood bane. Instead, this new Cordelia had been surprising down to earth, though her tongue had been still as sharp, as many a villager has discovered on their numerous off-world trips.

The Transformers and Jonathon had turned one of the Mansion’s guest rooms into their engineering lab. Willow as the only Harry Potter verse spell caster, had been working none stop during the first few weeks, refining metals with her spells and enlarging the engineering lab so that it was roughly the size of two football fields.

Various projects had been set up and the group was beginning to build the fundamentals of their technology base, with Willow helping on an occasional basis. While Willow really wanted a chance to discuss ways with Xander, Jonathon and the Transformers to integrate magic into technologies, gathering off-world information was also important as well.

Willow and Cordelia had acted as the group’s exploration party, going off worlds to gather more information about the Wraiths and the Lanteans, but even then, it was not enough. Not if they wanted to gather vital information about this reality faster, and build up technologies that could actually go head to toe with powerful aliens.

They need more people to help out. With all the spell casting he had been doing close to a daily basis, Xander’s mana reserves had increased, allowing him to create three living beings at one shot with his Halloween spell. When he had discuss creating more people to help out, and listed out who he proposed as the new candidates to join their little group, Willow had been all for it, so had the others. Jonathon in particular had been bouncing off the wall when told of who Xander had wanted to create with his spell. After all, who would not, if told that they would be seeing their favorite super hero in the flesh soon?

Gathered in the living room of the Mansion, everyone had watched as Xander reached deep into his mana pool and cast out the Halloween spell, molding it to his desire. Willow had tried to follow the spell casting with her magical senses, but as was the case when Cordelia and Jonathon were first created, all she could sense was a vast and complex spell matrix that she could not comprehend. Golden power had exploded from Xander’s fingertips, settling in the air before him. Three distinct forms began to appear and solidify, as well as several items which appeared beside them.

A snap of power, and two men and a woman appeared, staring around them in confusion. One man was dressed in a costume suit, holding a shield. The second was apparently a soldier of sort with all the weaponry on his body. The woman was dressed in a world war two army uniform, a pistol tuck in her belt holster.

“Steve?” The woman cried out in disbelief as she caught sight of the costumed man beside her. Her face had paled as she looked at the man, seemingly distraught. “What’s going on? I was at the base listening to your communications when your plane crashed. How are you here? Where are we? And why do I have these strange memories of a… witch in my head?”

“I don’t know. I thought it was the end for me… and I have memories of someone else too.” The costume man said in confusion, he trailed off as he sighted the second man next to him. “Bucky? I thought you were dead!”

“So did I, when I fell off the train. All I remembered was falling down a great height when I was tossed into the ravine.” The second man said, looking around him and did a double take when he saw the red and gold armor next to him. “Not to mention I have the memories of a man named Tony Stark, who happened to build an armor similar to this.” The man said as he pointed at the armor.

Xander gave a soft cough. The three tensed, and whirled around, bodies tensing for fight. Their eyes widened as they saw Xander and the others, including the five Transformers that were observing them.

Steve Rogers aka Captain America, instantly step protectively in front of the woman and the other man, his shield held out in front of him.

“Alright.” Steve growled. “What the hell is going on?”


He was a comic book hero, created by powerful magic, by teenager who had been banished to this new reality by the higher powers. At first he had treated the young man’s explanation with disbelief, but when the small group had started showing off their special powers, the Transformers, who were living sentient robots that could talk and comprehend things, he had no choice but to believe. Especially not after he went through the new memories in his head, that of Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four, who could spontaneously combust into flame as well as control them. He had to his embarrassment then discovered he not only have Johnny’s memories, but also his ability as well.

Becoming a living flaming man was not an experience he wanted to repeat. More so when he had turned off the flames and was left standing naked, being stared by everyone. The older and pretty brown haired woman had licked her lips while she had eyed him like a slab of meat. The young woman, Willow had blushed and quickly conjured up clothes for him, saving his modesty. The group had then told the three newcomers the reason they had been created, to help save the humans in this reality from spacefaring aliens who suck the life out of people.

The whole explanation was so ridiculously incredible that it had left Steve’s head swimming at the situation he, Peggy and Bucky were now in. Xander and his group had promised to help the three begin a comfortable new life in this reality if they decided not to join them in going against the Wraiths. Xander had further explained that it was highly possible the initial Halloween spell had copied their essences from some far flung alternate reality. That they were not just mere comic book characters brought to life, but living beings from other realities.

The three had been chosen because Steve and Bucky were near death in their individual timelines, and Peggy had suffered enormous heart break at Steve’s demise. Xander had thought that giving them a chance to live again and be with their love ones was better than dying. And when put that way, Steve had been grateful at the second chance in life, to have a chance to be together with Peggy. The only problem was that they were no longer in their reality, Earth did not even exists here!

“I guess we’ve no choice but to believe them.” Peggy said with bitter twist of her lips as she flicked the wand in her hand. The chair in front of her instantly turned into a purring tabby before she canceled the enchantment with a slash of her wand. “Not when all of us have been ridiculously empowered with foreign memories and powers.”

The three of them were currently gathered in a guest room of the magical “Mansion” owned by Willow Rosenberg, the only woman in the group other than Peggy to be granted “Harry Potter” witch type powers. Xander had tried explaining the Harry Potter story book verse to the three new comers. Peggy had gotten the gist of it due to her having the memories of Minerva Mcgonagall, one of the more well-known witches in the story book verse. Steve and Bucky were however hopelessly confounded. The whole concept of magic, much less the different types of magic was simply too much for Steve to take in.

Xander had assigned three guest rooms to them, before leaving them alone as they discuss their new fate in life. This particular guest room they were in had been assigned to Peggy, who had been testing her new powers on the items in the room the moment they stepped in. Beside the door to the room stood the red and gold armor that was created by the Tony Stark from Bucky’s memories. According to Xander, the armor now belonged to Bucky, though certain customizations had to be made to the armor before Bucky could even fit in. Bucky had gotten a golem… of all things, to help him carry the armor into the room.

“Too bad I lost out on the powers end.” Bucky said as he looked at the armor wistfully. “But Tony Stark does have a lot of technological knowledge that is way out of our time. Not to mention it seems that he is from the same universe as us. He remembered mentions of you, Steve, as Captain America who ended the World War.”

“As interesting as that tidbit of information is, it is not going to help us decide what we are going to do now. We may have a second chance to live again, but this is not our Earth, not our reality. If what Xander and the others said is true, the human race are scattered on hundreds or thousands of planets, connected by alien wormhole devices, and being preyed upon by powerful aliens.” Steve looked at Peggy, who he loved more than anyone else, and Bucky who had been his best buddy. “This isn’t the type of life I would want for any of us.”

“But at least we’re alive to decide our new lot in life.” Bucky said solemnly. “Frankly, I am glad to be able to live again, even if I have to deal with surviving in a place where I’ll never see home.”

“Bucky’s right.” Peggy admitted, her head bowed down as her hands clenched into fists. “Back then, at the tower, listening to your last transmissions. When I thought you’ve really died, I was raging and praying to God that somehow, someway, you’ll survive, and that I’ll do anything just to be with you again…”

“Oh Peggy.” Steve said as he pulled Peggy into a hug.

Peggy looked up, her eyes shimmering with tears as she leaned against him. “If I had to live a new life in another world, never to see Earth again, just to have a chance to be with you, I’ll say yes.”

“We could live a quiet life out there. Xander did say there were lots of worlds with human civilizations. There’s no reason for us to get into another war right after ours…” Steve said softly as he closed his eyes.

“And can you live with it? Knowing that somewhere out there are an army of aliens treating humans as their food source?” Peggy asked, her shoulders sagging. “You wouldn’t be able to live with the knowledge that you could help but choose not to. I know you too well for that. And neither can I live with myself if I turn a blind eye to this threat to humanity.”

“Those kids with their strange powers and magic needs us, if not, I highly doubt that the boy Xander would… create us.” Bucky said, looking uncomfortable as he stumbled over the last two words. “In a new world and a new place, it might be best to form an alliance with them. We can stay with them a while, see how they operate, see more of this new universe before we make a choice whether to stay with them or go off on our own. They did not seem to be in a hurry for us to decide our answers anyway.”

“That is probably for the best.” Steve agreed, looking at his old friend. “But in the meantime, maybe we should bunk together when we sleep. I know they assigned us individual rooms, and I highly doubt that they would try anything, but it might be best to be prepared for any circumstances.”

“I can apparate… teleport us out of this magical Mansion if need be.” Peggy said with a nod. “But I’ll need physical contact with all of you if it comes down to it.”

“Then it’s settled. I’ll try to see if I can get one of those golems to drag a bed in here. You two lover birds can share the master bed over there.” Bucky said with a grin.

“No need for that.” Peggy said as she twirled the wand in her hand. Instantly, a chair in the room morphed into a bed with a single mattress.

“Now that’s magic.” Bucky said appreciatively. “Tony Stark has some interesting ideas about energy creation… I wonder if I can use that knowledge to identify the energy that your magic uses…”


“They’ve agreed to stay.” Xander said with a grin as he returned from a chat with Steve Rogers. Willow, Cordelia and Jonathon had been waiting for him in the living room while they let the new arrivals settle in. The Transformers were back at work in the lab, finishing up the glider transport construction. “But Steve has asked for some proof for our words to them. In particular, they want proof about us being in another reality. I think they don’t really trust us yet.”

“Well I can’t blame them. We just tossed them into a new reality and they didn’t know any of us.” Cordelia said with a shrug. “I will be surprised if they just take our words at face value.”

“It is noon on this planet right now, which means if we’re going off-planet for a visit, Nebolius will be the best choice since it is probably day break there.” Willow said as she goes through her memories of the planetary timings for the worlds they had visited so far.

“Actually Willow, I was thinking more on the lines of traveling into space instead of a show and tell to other planets.” Xander said with a grin. “We need to test out the new Gateships, which according to Cybermind and the other Transformers, are fully functional. With the new Gateships, we can travel into space and also take the chance to see if the sole remaining defense satellite the Lanteans placed in this planet’s orbit is still there.”

“Of course.” Willow said, remembering Cybermind’s words when he was first created. “Cybermind had said that the Lantean outpost on this planet was built to monitor two defense satellites the Lanteans had placed in space above the planet. One had been destroyed when the Wraiths attacked this planet thousands of years ago, but before the outpost went offline, the second defense satellite was still operational.”

“It could very well be destroyed as well.” Xander noted cautiously. “But if there is wreckage of the satellites, we might be able to comb through them and uncover more Lantean technologies.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Jonathon said with a grin. “I’ll go get the Transformers to start preparing the Gateships.”

“I’ll rather us not be separated on the first test. We’ll transport one of the Gateship into the real world with everyone getting on.” Xander proposed. “Just in case we’re going to stay long in space, Willow I’ll like you to bring the Mansion with us on the trip.”

“Easily done. But if all of us are going into one of the Gateship, with the Transformers as well, it would end up being quite cramp.” Willow said as she began planning. “Give me half an hour to enlarge the inner space of a Gateship to be able to contain all of us comfortably. We can move out after that.”

“I’ll get the golems to whip up some food then.” Cordelia said as she made way to the kitchen. “We hadn’t have lunch, might as well have it in space.


Being teleported out of the magical Mansion was not what he had expected. Willow had given the three of them a brass key each that would teleport them in and out of the Mansion by using certain key words. She had called it a portkey and Peggy had seemed to understand what that meant. The actual teleportation experience… to describe visually was like being flushed down a toilet bowl, except instead of swirling water, there were swirls of gray fog all around. The physical experience felt like something had hooked his belly and dragged him along for the ride.

He had come out of the Mansion, to a large dimly lit cave, bending over as he fought the urge to heave out whatever was in his stomach. Steve appeared beside him, looking pale and uneasy, while Peggy and the rest of the strange group had reappeared in the cave looking none the worse after their magical journey.

“You alright Bucky?” Peggy asked with a tone of concern. “Some people can get portkey sickness.”

“And you’re telling me now?” Bucky groaned as he held on to his stomach. At the edge of his vision, he saw the tall older looking, pretty brown haired girl, the one that had introduced herself as Cordelia, walked towards him.

“Take a packet of this.” Cordelia said, handing him a small paper satchel of brown pills. “I made them especially for this type of situations. I had the same problem as you initially, but I gradually grow use to it. The pills will calm your stomach.” She turned to Steve and handed him a similar satchel. “You too, you look like you need them as well.”

“Thank you.” Bucky said, shaking out the pills and swallowing them dry. For a few seconds nothing happened, then his stomach settled itself as the sickening feeling of wanting to hurl disappeared. “Whoa. I’ve no idea pills have such a fast effect. I feel better already.”

“I infused a bit of chakra into the pills.” Cordelia said with a shrug. “They’re supposed to make the pills work instantly. Now that you guys are alright, we need to take a walk out of the mines. The proof that we’re going to show you… well it needs to be in open air.”

“Lead the way.” Steve said with a nod.

“Give me a moment.” A voice said.

Bucky turned around just in time to see Willow bending down to the ground behind them. A wave of her hand and a small Mansion appeared, which she quickly picked up and placed in the pouch tied to her waist. After all that he had been told, it was not a stretch of imagination for him to come to the conclusion that the small Mansion was the magic Mansion they had been in previously. It gave him a sense of amazement at what this magic could do. Its application in real world seemed to defy logic itself.

“Wandless magic.” Peggy breathed in surprise. “Not many Wizards or Witches could do that.”

“Not unless the Witch happened to be Hermonine Granger. The adult Hermonine Granger who had decades of experience under her belt.” Willow said with a smile. The name must have meant something to Peggy because she had drawn in a sharp breath as her eyes go wide.

Peggy opened her mouth as if to say something, but was interrupted by Xander who was calling out to everyone.

“Now if all of you will follow me.” Xander said, leading the way with the rest of the group tagging behind. Left with no choice, Bucky followed after them, with Steve trailing at his back. Peggy however walked forward in quick strides, tapping Willow on the shoulder before the two of them started whispering to each other.

Bucky tried to listen to what they were saying, but Willow lifted a hand and suddenly the voices of the two women disappeared, even though he could see their mouths moving. Bucky exchanged a look with Steve who shook his head and gave a shrug.

“It’s probably some sort of magic, and the whole thing is out of my depth.” Steve said resignedly. “Peggy apparently found out something that she wanted to ask Willow about. We can ask her about it later.”

“So how do you think they are going to prove to us that we’re really in another reality?” Bucky asked as they began walking through a tunnel that was lit dimly by the occasional globes of glowing stones.

“Honestly? I have no idea. Though if humanity is really spread across planets, most probably we’re going to end up visiting one of those human settlements that they were talking about.” Steve concluded.

They smelled the wet damp earth long before they saw the entrance out of the tunnel. Stepping out, Bucky was surprised to find that they were in a tropical rainforest, with the Sun shining over them. Xander paused in front of the large open space in front of the cave and gave Willow a look. The young witch quickly cut off her conversation with Peggy and moved forward, talking something out of her pouch, she placed it in front of her, and a yellow plated rectangular transport of some kind literally grew in front of them. His mouth dropped opened in shock and beside him, Steve drew in a sharp breath of surprise.

A door slide down from the back of the transport, and Bucky could see that the interior was a lot larger than it seemed to be from the outside. The transport seemed to be only a few feet wide, but the inner space was almost the size of the bedrooms assigned to them. There were a large dining table and chairs, even a row of sofa within. Two golems were standing at the side, and plates of food and glass of drinks were already spread out on the dining table.

As the group began to step into the transport with Bucky trailing behind, he could see that there were windows situated on the walls of the supposedly large interior that showed the views of what were outside, but what he had seen of the exterior of the transport had shown no windows except for the one at the front. This magic that the group wields was beyond awe inspiring. The uses with magic that could enlarge interior spaces, that Bucky, with the enhanced intelligence of Tony Stark, could think of… well there was a lot of ways that he could put them to good use. He could not wait to conduct experiments about the nature of magic itself.

The door of the transport closed as the last of the group, Steve, walked into the enlarged interior space. The group of Transformers, who were themselves another source of amazement for Bucky, gathered at the far end of the interior space, opening a door at the other end which led to a surprisingly small, front portion of the transport, where two seats, some spaces for other passengers and what was probably the control board of the transport were situated.

“We will guide the ship into space while you enjoy your meal.” The Transfromer called Cybermind was saying to Xander. “Though I am confident in controlling the Gateship wirelessly. It may be prudent for me to be near the manual controls in case something goes wrong. The other Transfromers will be standing by in case of emergencies.”

“That’s good to know.” Xander said with a grin. “Leave the door open, there’s no need for you guys to segregate yourself from us.”

“Understood Xander.” One of the four smaller Transformers that could hover in the air spoke up.

The transport began to move then. Bucky could not feel any physical motion of movement, which means the inertial dampers on this transport must be pretty advanced. But he could see that the transport was moving because of the fast changing views out of the magically created windows.

The transport was seemingly capable of flight, for within a few minutes, clouds were swimming in the view outside the windows, and then the transport plunged forward… into space.

Great darkness, starry expense, the brilliant glow of the Sun in the far distance…

The view of the world beneath them showed a brown green planet. It had only taken the transport a matter of minutes to leave the atmosphere of the planet.

“Oh my god.” Peggy was muttering beside him, a tear trickling down her face. “It’s beautiful.”

“This is a Gateship, a relic of the Lanteans. As I’ve told you, the Lanteans are a race of aliens with advanced technologies, who disappeared after the war against the Wraith thousands of years ago, leaving behind human civilizations who had suffered greatly under the Wraith.” Xander spoke up from the side, startling Bucky. “We’ve been going to various worlds, piecing together the histories of this reality… trying to uncover Lantean technologies to help us understand this reality better and to find a way to fight the Wraith. The Gateship is our recent find. It can travel into space, as well as having a few other incredible technologies. But even with the Gateship, it would not be enough. We know so little about this reality, our technological base is still being built, there’s no way we can bring the fight to spacefaring aliens who had been cruising around space for the past thousands of years. We need more help… we need you guys.”

There was a momentary silence after Xander’s words, and then Steve spoke up, a firm look in his eye. “Then you shall have it. Whatever help that we can provide.”


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