Destroyer of Earth Chapter 1 Part 1

Story Title: Destroyer of Earth

Crossovers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Avengers

Summary: Everything has ended, faded as if a dream. In a new reality, in a new Earth, the Destroyer of her World seeks only to start a new life. Someone wants to conquer this new Earth. Too bad for them, nobody told them that the Big Bad Witch is in town…

Pairing: Steve Rogers (Captain America)/ Willow Rosenberg

Author’s Notes: This is my first attempt at writing a story with a pairing. There will be no Harlequin romance type of thing going on in this story. (sorry but I am a guy, and I am of the opinion that those types of stories actually destroy your brain cells ^^”) It will mostly be a lot of action (like the movie), a lot of magic (aka World Ending Witch), with a dash of romance. Now if that fits your taste in fiction, read on 😉

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show, or the Avengers movie. I am just a devoted fan of both fandoms. The show and the movie have ended, and this is my little contribution to keep both fandoms alive.

Prologue – And then the World thus end

He got to her too late.

Fire slashed across the sky, the very earth beneath their feet crumbled and shattered.

He got his sane rational friend back… instead of the world ending one. But the spell had already been cast. She was now the vessel of the spell, the magic was pulled from the earth, into her unwilling body. She was unable to fight against the powerful dark magic tearing the world apart.

She hovered in mid-air beside the dammed tower. Black and white lightning of magical energies crackled all around her. Her tear streaked eyes looked down at him. Frightened… Helpless…

Heat blasted from the ground, singeing his face. There was a forlorn and quiet acceptance that he was going to die with the world and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

The sky went up in flames. Screams sounded in the distance. The ground beneath him gave way. He fell downwards into boiling magma.

“No!” She cried out in agony. “By the Goddess! No!”

A blast of magma spluttered outward, towards him.

The last sound he heard was the horrified scream of his best friend, the roaring of hot flames…

And everything went dark…


Chapter One – Two Lost Souls

Midtown Manhattan, New York City

Watching the fast moving cars speeding across the busy streets of New York, Steve had to calm his nerves for the hundredth time. Two months since his revival, two months since Shield had tried to integrate him into modern day society, and he was still struggling to get used to this life so drastically different then in the early 1900s, with technologies so advanced that he only just figured out how to use the television in his new apartment.

He was well and truly out of his time. He was the hero of America, the one that history books had portrayed as Captain America, the man whose sacrifice and “death” had caused World War II to be ended that much quicker. What the history books never say was that he had been trapped in ice for the past decades. He had survived, hibernating in the ice for many years, until the powerful military organization known as Shield had found him, dug him and thawed him out, and then gave him a new identity and life in this world.

Shield was a secret military law-enforcement agency with ties to the current America. Upon his awakening after Shield had defrosted him, after discovering that he was displaced in time, Nick Fury, the director of Shield, had offered Steve a place in the organization. In an unfamiliar world, with only his military know-how and fighting skills as his few noteworthy talents, Steve had accepted. He had been a soldier once, he could be a soldier again. None of his family or friends was alive after so long, and even if they were, it was doubtful that the America government would let him approach them. He had been America’s icon, the government’s secret weapon, his identity itself was supposed to be classified.

There had been nothing for him to live for in this world that had advanced without him. New York, his old hometown, had changed so drastically that there had been nothing he recognized. The only definite purpose he had in his new life was to fulfill whatever missions Shield would assign him. Steve looked around the busy streets that lead out from his apartment building, people rushing to work, children walking by with their parents, lovers walking hand in hand… it was times like this he really missed some familiar companionship… he really missed Peggy, the woman he had truly loved for the first time in his life, who had similarly loved him back.

In the darker hours of his second lease at life, Steve had questioned himself if he had done the right thing back them. He had sacrificed himself to crash the Red Skull’s aircraft, with its shipload of powerful weapons into the Artic, saving a lot of lives, but ending his chance to be with his love ones permanently.

When he had calmed down and thought about it, all of what he had done was worth it of course. His life and chance for happiness in exchange for the lives of many others. It had been the right thing to do then, it was still the right thing to do now. With such heavy thoughts in his head, he had tried not to ponder too much about the past. He had a new life now, it was time to begin living it.

Mark, the Shield agent who had been assigned to him as his handler, had handed him a map of New York City at the start of his new life in this bustling haven of commerce. With a sizable sum of monthly payout from Shield, in exchange for Steve being part of the organization’s task force, Steve had made it a goal in his new life, apart from training to keep up his physical abilities, to explore this new New York and go shopping.

In part it was to familiarize himself with his new home. There was also the fact that his apartment had only the bare essentials. He wanted to buy things for himself that he would own, to add his own personal touch to the apartment and make it a home. Thus he tends to bring back quite a number of things from his exploration trip into the city.

Crossing the streets, he made his way to a small business district tucked away in downtown New York. He had memorized the map, and since he had not been there before, it would be worth it to take a look.

Turning around the corner, he came to a row of quaint shop houses, cafes, restaurants, Steve walked passed them, looking through the shop windows with a sense of regret and wonder. The America of his time did not have cafes or restaurants that had their interior decorated to such extend like this… modern society. Neither did the America then, have such a wide selection of exotic food stuff from overseas. He had never even heard of some of the food.

A waft of fragrance greeted him, causing him to look across the narrow street, to a small florist shop in a corner. A variety of colorful blossoms were arrayed within and outside the shop and there was already a few people crowding at the shop front, selecting the different flowers that caught their eye.

Steve felt compelled to move forward, flowers were not exactly to his fancy, but those blossoms were so attractive and colorful that it reminded him of how dreary his apartment looked. His place could definitely use some brightening up.

“Some lilac to go with the roses will be just the thing.” A petite red haired woman, most probably the florist, was saying to a young man outside the shop. “Let me arrange them up nicely for you. I’ll even throw in some sterlingia for free. First dates are important.” The woman turned, giving the young man a wink. Steve caught sight of the face of the young red haired, sparkling dark eyes, with a mischievous smile on her face. A pretty young woman who seemed to know how to enjoy her life.

The young man stammered a thanks as the two of them entered the shop. Steve paused outside, looking at the rows of flowers on display outside the shop front. The light fragrance of fresh flowers… it reminded him of his forays into the countryside of his… old New York.

“Can I help you?” A voice piped up beside him. Steve turned around, he had been so lost in thought that he did not realize that the red haired florist had stepped up beside him.

“Erm… I’ll take some violets, and some of those sunflowers.” Steve said blushing slightly as the young florist smiled at him.

“Meeting your girlfriend later? I’ll just wrap them up for you then.” The young woman said cheerily.

“Ah not a girlfriend. It’s… for my apartment.” Steve said as he tried to think of a correct way to phrase his words. “I just moved in, and I though the flowers will look nice in the apartment.”

“Oh you’re new to the Big Apple? Actually in a sense, so am I.” The young woman said with a laugh. “I’ve been here for close to half a year so I know the city quite well now. The hustle and bustle here, it’s… different from what I was used to.”

“This place… is not what I expected either.” Steve said, feeling himself warm up to the woman. “So where are you from? Is your hometown in the country side?”

It was as though a switch had been flipped in the young woman when Steve had asked his question. Her smile instantly dropped off, her face freezing into an emotionless mask, and for a second there, her eyes had looked terrified… haunted. And then she blinked, turning quickly towards the flowers as she plucked out a few from the buckets.

“My hometown’s a small place near the west coast, you wouldn’t have heard of it.” The young woman said nervously, trying to smile at him but failing badly. Whatever Steve had said seemed to have unnerved her. “Well as a housewarming gift to you, let me add some lilies and hibiscus to the selection, free of charge. How many violets and sunflowers do you need?” The young woman asked, the small talk between the two of them seemed to have dried up.

“Give me a bundle of four each.” Steve said, looking at the woman as she bustled back into the shop with the flowers.

With quick deft hands, she began arranging the flowers and then wrapping them up. Steve shifted in the uncomfortable silence.

“Look… I am sorry if I said anything wrong.” Steve said, attempting to apologize but stopped when the young woman just took a deep breath, as if to steady herself before shaking her head.

“It’s not your fault, just… some memories.” The woman said with a brittle laugh. When she looked up, Steve could see that her eyes were shimmering with tears.

“Well erm, I’ll just pay for the flowers then.” Steve said, feeling a bit flustered, he seemed to have stirred up some bad memories for the young woman. Not to mention the fact that he had no idea how to act around teary women. The woman rang up the register in silence, biting her lips as she returned him the change.

“Thanks for your patronage. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in the city.” The woman said, trying to plaster on a smile.

“I am sure I will… eventually.” Steve muttered, tickling a weak laugh out of the woman. Perhaps it was the look in her eyes, the look that spoke of lost, of heart ache, a look that stirred up a sense of kinship within him. He paused turning back. “I am Steve Rogers.”

The young woman blinked before giving him a genuine smile, though her eyes still look haunted, as if she had witnessed something that had left a deep scar in her life. “I am Willow… Willow Rosenberg.”



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