Cosmos’ Birth Prologue

Story Title: Cosmos’ Birth

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Babylon 5/ Stargate

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV shows or comics, and Babylon 5 TV shows. This is a work of fanfiction

Summary: YAHF. Jason Ironheart, rogue telepath whose enhanced powers went out of control. Xander unwittingly became him for one Halloween night and the world is changed forever.

Prologue: Halloween Night

Xander looked at his father’s army uniform which he had been planning to wear for Halloween night, or at least its rags.

“I am sorry Xander.” His mother said apologetically, eyes flashing with shame. “Your father was drinking and wandered into your room. He saw the uniform… you knew how he felt about his old army life. He tore the whole thing in a drunken rage.”

Xander slapped his hand to his forehead and gave a sigh.

“Never mind mom, I’ll come up with a new costume.” Xander said with a groan, holding the two dollar gun he had bought from the Halloween shop.


Buffy blinked at the costume Xander was wearing. She vaguely remembered seeing it before on the TV, but what it was about escaped her for the moment.

“Xander? I thought you were going as a soldier?” Buffy asked curiously as she moved towards Xander for a closer look at his costume. Carefully lifting up the layers of her eighteenth century dress.

“So did I.” Xander chuckled uncomfortably. “But something unfortunate happened to the old army uniform I was planning to use. I went back to the Halloween shop to return the gun I bought and managed to cash in on a deal. The shopkeeper was closing up the shop and let me have this uniform for ten bucks.”

“What is your costume supposed to be?” Buffy asked while waiting for Willow to come down from her room.

“Ah this? I am a telepath from the Psicorps, Babylon 5 TV show.” Xander said with a grin. “You know the show about aliens and humans in space that Willow and I forced you to watch that one time. And I am going as not just any telepath, but the most powerful rogue telepath the Psicorps has ever known… Jason Ironheart…”


Ethan looked at his carefully timed clock. 7.15pm. The planets Venus and Jupiter were now carefully aligned, and the veils between worlds near the Sunnydale Hellmouth itself were the thinnest from now until midnight. It was time to cast the spell.

A grin lit up Ethan’s face. He would be casting one of his greatest spell work today, and the chaos shortly to descend upon Sunnydale would truly be something to behold.


Powerful dark magic pulsed through the entirety of Sunnydale. Those that were dressed in magically tainted costumes were changed. In the span of an instant, Willow found herself becoming a real ghost, her horde of children she had been leading around trick or treating had turned into demons and other fairy tale creatures.

“What is happening?” Willow said in fear as she hovered in the air. She waved her hand and gulped weakly as it passed through the wall of the house beside her. From within the house she heard a startled scream.

“I am a ghost. My children have all changed into weird creatures…” Willow paused, a stunned look on her face as she figured out what was going on. “We’ve all turned into what we’ve dressed as!”

For a moment, she paused in indecision, then she turned and fluttered into motion.

“I need to find Xander and Buffy. I need to make sure there are okay!” Willow muttered as she flew down the chaos filled street, where various tiny demons were battling with mythological creatures.


Jason Ironheart cried out in pain as his massive telepathic abilities swirled out of his control. He had been a participant in a Psicorp experiment in producing more powerful telepaths. The experiment had unfortunately been successful. He became powerful enough to bypass even the most powerful mental blocks and had learn that the higher ups intended for him to become a telepathic assassin, to create a group of telepaths with powerful enhancements just like him.

He had escaped before the experiments could conclude, fleeing to Babylon 5, a neutral ground for all galactic powers. He had stayed hidden there as a rogue telepath, even as his powers began to rapid grow out of control.

He had seek help from his ex-lover Talia, but in the end there was nothing even she could do. His powers continued growing exponentially, he could access the thoughts of everyone on board the space station Babylon 5, even those on the ships out in space in the vicinity. He received telepathic scans of all objects on Babylon 5 and the nearby starships, right down to the very last atoms. His telekinetic powers grew to the level where he could shred the space station, Babylon 5 into pieces.

His powers were no longer just mind over mind, mind over matter, but also mind over energy. Jason knew if he wanted to, he could reshape the very atoms itself, that was if he had full control over his powers. But he did not. He doubt anyone mortal could control the massive power coursing through his body. He could no longer stay human, not if he wanted to ensure the safety of Talia, of everyone on board Babylon 5. He had to become something more, something that could control the powers he now wield.

Jason Ironheart let go, freeing his conscious. His powers flowed freely through his body, trying to complete the transformation he needed.


And then everything changed. He was no longer on Babylon 5. A new set of thoughts, from hundreds of minds, flashed through his head. Sunnydale. Earth. Year 1998. Demons and magic were real.

Memories of Ethan Rayne, his satisfaction at casting his most powerful spell yet, by tapping on the residue dark energies of the Hellmouth, to change everyone into their costumes. Memories of one Alexander Lavelle Harris now trapped within the body Jason now controls. Memories and scans of hundred of demons, mythological characters, comic book characters, game characters and others, all who had taken over the bodies of the ones they were possessing.

Jason had already set off the change, to complete his transformation back in his real body in Babylon 5. The same thing was happening to the body of Alexander Lavelle Harris and he was unable to stop it. But Jason had a more immediate concern. If his conscious was now here, what was happening to his body back at Babylon 5? He need to get back! He have to get back.

Regret at not being able to help the one he possessed flooded through his body. Shame was foremost in his mind. But he could not abandon the one he loves, namely Talia and those on Babylon 5 to unknown fate, to not know what happened to those he cared about.

The transformation was almost complete in Alexander Lavelle Harris’ body. His physical body already beginning to turn into motes of energy. Jason sent a telekinetic blast in the direction of the Halloween shop. He knew from the Halloween shopkeeper that destruction of the magical focus in his shop was enough to return everyone back to normal and hopefully restore his consciousness back to his original body. He also knew that he had no way of controlling the power level of the telekinetic blast, it might well kill the Halloween shopkeeper, but after what the mage had done, Jason considered him acceptable casualty.

He felt it the moment the magical focus was destroyed. His consciousness began to fade even as Alexander Lavelle Harris regained control of his body and the entire memory of Jason Ironheart who had possessed his physical shell for the duration was passed to the boy.

The terrified cries of Alexander as he discovered what had happened to him, would stay with Jason Ironheart for the rest of his life.


He was taken over by a fictional character, a rogue telepath who had been forced to transform into something inhuman in the hopes to survive, and prevent his powers from going out of control and killing everyone.

He had turned into Jason Ironheart, the rogue telepath in question due to the actions of one Ethan Rayne, dabbler of chaos magic.

The voices of the thousands of minds Jason had scanned on Babylon 5 rang in his head. The voices of hundreds of other voices, all residents of Sunnydale added to the already cramped memories he now possessed. He had knowledge of all of the atomic structures of everything on Babylon 5, as well as everything in Sunnydale. He could still sense hundreds of minds in Sunnydale, though his range was much smaller and limited than Jason Ironheart. He could also access his telekinetic abilities though he suspect that his ability in that area was less than Jason Ironheart as well.

He was also now inhuman.

Xander hovered in the middle of the air, glazing at his new form in shock. His clothes had burnt away, he no longer had skin or bones, or even hair. He was now a humanoid being of energy. A translucent skin of power held firm the vast energies within him. Looking at his translucent hands and translucent body, Xander could see the swirling masses of blue and white energies, colliding, entangling, merging together within him.

Startled cries of terror forced Xander out of his shock. He realized that he was surrounded by children and teenagers from the High School who were glazing at him in fear.

He could sensed their thoughts.




He could even see one of the teenager taking out a camera, preparing to shoot a picture. Xander knew he had to act, he had to fled.

In a blazing white blue light, Xander vanished, streaking high up into the atmosphere.


He should have known he had no need to breath in this form. Xander had found out that fact when a misjudge of his powers had flew him into the depths of space. He was now floating over Earth which was a gleaming blue marble hanging below him.

A suddenly wave of power surrounded him. Xander tensed as white orbs of light formed into the form of a human male. The dark haired human male was wearing white robes of some sort, he was also smiling at him, seemingly uncaring of the vacuum around them.

“Alexander Lavelle Harris.” A voice intoned inside Xander’s head. The mouth of the human male did not open, but Xander knew that the telepathic voice came from him.

“Who are you? I did not know there are others… like me…” Xander sent back telepathically, knowing that sound did not travel in vacuum. He had felt the vast energy emitting from the seemingly human like figure in front of him. The power emitting from him was on a magnitude much higher than the energy Xander now possessed. He knew instinctively that whoever was in front of him was a similar energy being just like he now was.

“I am Janus. Janus Trinuem.” The man replied with a smile.

Xander froze, memories of one Ethan Rayne surfaced forth. Memories of how Ethan was the worshiper of the God of Beginnings, Changes and Doorways, the Roman God Janus. Janus was the one that Ethan had preyed to when he cast the Halloween spell. Was he now face to face with a real God?

“I recognized that name.” Xander said apprehensively. “Who are you really? Can you change me back?”

“Who am I and what you’ve become is a lesson that you need to know sooner or later.” Janus replied, his eyes looking at Xander with wryly humor. “But first you need to know the history of the world…”

Massive energies flared up, and suddenly, Xander and Janus were no longer floating over Earth, but of some other planet, with strange starships streaking across the space above the planet.

“Hundreds of millions of years ago, the Alterans, the first evolution of humanity lived together as one society in a distant galaxy along the evolutionary path to ascension. They were the first of human kind, even before those on Earth. As their society grew in power, a philosophical division soon emerged among the Alterans, dividing them into two factions: the Ori, who continued to become more and more fervent in their religious beliefs, and the last faction who still called themselves the Alterans, who came to rely more heavily on science and rationality.”

Xander stared in shock as the two of them floated closed enough to one of the starships to see through the seemingly glass paned windows, showing human like figures within the ship. Janus just looked at the starships and the planets below sadly before continuing narrating to Xander what had happened.

“Ultimately, the Ori became so extreme in their beliefs that the two factions split apart and began to oppose each other, culminating in the Ori attempting to wipe the Alterans out. The Alterans were too few in numbers, however, and were ultimately forced to hide their ways. Though they considered using their knowledge to defend themselves, they faced a war of attrition, one they ultimately believed that they could not win. To avoid genocide, the Alterans built a ship and left their home galaxy, while the Ori remained. After many thousands of years, the exiled Alterans discovered the Milky Way, where they would directly and indirectly influence much of galactic and intergalactic history.”

Space around them warped, swirling into masses of black and white before resolving into the view of a large starship streaking across the stars using some sort of strange faster than light method that Xander had never seen before, not even when he called upon Jason Ironheart’s memories of Babylon 5’s technologies to guide him.

The starship slowed before a gleaming blue green planet in a very familiar star system. Xander swallowed nervously as he realized the planet was Earth.

“The Alterans would settle upon Terra, which would later be known to you as Earth. They made a new life for themselves, growing more powerful technologically, and expand to many planets in the Milky Way. The Alterans would later re-discovered Ascension, the casting aside of the mortal shell, to ascend into an energy being. Ascension was a topic fiercely researched even back when the Alterans and Ori remained a single race. The Ori who ascended wanted followers to believe in them, while the Alterans seek Ascension to understand the secrets of the universe. This was the core fundamental that in the end tore these two factions apart.”

Xander found his view of Earth changing. Now he and Janus had appeared in a beautiful city sitting in the expanse of a large ocean. Strange vehicles crossed the air above them. Human like figures went on their everyday life. Janus pointed to his left where Xander watched wide eyed as a kind faced woman vanished into orbs of light.

“The Alterans could not be sure what really triggered Ascension in a being. They have seen a number of their kind succeed in Ascension, but were unable to replicate the process. All they knew was that to ascend, one needed to be in an enlightened state of mind. Those who Ascended on the other hand laid down rules so that they would not become like the Ori. The Ascended would stay apart from all mortal affairs, they would never intervene or interfere.”

The peaceful and beautiful city vanished to be replaced now with hordes of demons and monsters rampaging through the streets.

“The Alterans researched more then just Ascension during that time. They were also looking into dimensional travels. The first few experiments resulted in great tragedy. What you would later called the Hellmouths appeared on Earth, through the failed experiments, connecting directly to hellish dimensions. Hordes of powerful beings and monsters were unleashed upon Terra… Earth. Even with their great technologies, the Alterans were helpless against the onslaught. The Alterans faced genocide on Earth until the Ascended broke their own rules and intervened. The Ascended sealed away the most powerful of the beings, as well as the Hellmouths. The lesser beings and monsters you now know as demons and vampires were allowed to survive as the Ascended considered them sentient beings in their own right and have no more wish to end anymore lives.”

The demon infested city was now in ruins, with weary looking humans moving to and fro as they made various repairs to the city.

“Unfortunately the intervention of the Ascended came at a price. The Ori who ascended sensed the vast energies used in the Ascended’s intervention. They located Earth and the Milky Way where the Alterans had fled to and settled down. The Ori unleashed their attack when the Alterans were still recovering from their losses. A complex and powerful virus struck down half of the Alteran population, killing them. The survivors realizing that the Ori had found them and that the Ori would continue their attack fled to what you humans now called the Pegasus galaxy. During that time, the Alterans had already started an experiment using an offshoot of their DNA to create a second evolutionary branch of humanity. They were left on Earth and would become the ancestors of the new humanity. You Xander, are one of their many descendants.”

Janus looked at Xander, a measuring look on his face. Xander got the feeling that Janus felt great grief and pain at the events that had happened.

“I would not bore you with what happened in Pegasus. Suffice to say, the Alterans encountered a great enemy there and had to fled back to Earth thousands of years later, after the Ori turned their attention from the Milky Way. I was one of those who returned. For a time, I reside with those you now know as the pre-historic Romans before I ascended. A few of us who ascended during that time were seen by the next evolution of humanity, which led to us being worshiped as gods. Being Ascended led to certain abilities, one of which is that any mortal beliefs in an ascended being, prayers and such would empower the ascended being in question. That was what the Ori did, growing more powerful through the beliefs and faith of their mortal population. That however, is not the Alteran way.”

The view changed to that of an old temple, masses of people were praying before a statue.

“Prayers and faith from the mortals to us would be instantly converted to energy it is a process that even we the Ascended could not control. The belief of the mortals formed into energy which we could use but which we do not. The Alteran Ascended as a whole do not tap into this extra reserves of power. Instead, because we do not lay claim on these powers, they became accessible to some of our so called “followers” who possessed the ability to manipulate energy in the higher planes. These “followers” tapped into the energy of their “Patron Gods” and are able to cast various spells, such as what Ethan Rayne had done on Halloween night.”

“So I became inhuman because you are not responsible enough to claim your own extra reserves of powers?” Xander asked incredulously, with a bit of anger.

“We are not the Ori, who enslaved the beliefs of mortal races. Letting the mortals tap into the reserves of power they themselves generated is a small price to pay.” Janus said fiercely, causing Xander to backed away from the power pouring out of the man. “Alexander Lavelle Harris, I regret what had happened to you, but you have two choices left. To continue with your ascension, after which you will be bond by the ascended laws of non interference. You will however, once fully ascended, gained mastery over the secrets of this reality.”

Xander stayed silent, his mind flashing back to Willow and Buffy. If he ascended, he would become more powerful, but unable to help his friends, so what was the point?

“What about the second option?” Xander asked, looking at Janus firmly.

“The second option is wroth with danger. Your transformation is partial. You became an energy being that resides in the mortal plane, half way between ascension. You have considerably less power than any of the Ascended and  is unable to enter the energy planes. You can also die in the mortal plane.” Janus said before continuing with a gleam in his eyes. “But of course, you are not bond by the rules of the Ascended and are allowed to use your new powers however you wish.”

“Really?” Xander said with a pondering look in his eyes. “Is there a way I can gain back my human form if I remained half ascended?”

“You now possessed vast telepathic and telekinetic abilities with the knowledge of how to use them because your Halloween persona, Jason Ironheart was able to wield those powers. You are also able to control energy, mere atomic materials with thoughts alone, but you have no experience in them because Jason Ironheart’s powers grew too rapidly for him to gain any form of mastery with  them.” Janus replied. “You will need to experiment with your energy and atomic manipulation. Once you master that, you’ll be able to craft a physical shell for yourself.”

Xander nodded with a grateful look in his eyes. “Then I made my decision. I’ll stay half ascended.”

“I understand.” Janus said with a nod. “The Ascended will not contact you in future unless you decided to ascend and join us. Just a few words of advice. You possessed the memories and atomic imprints of thousands of beings and structures from the fictional Babylon 5 and the Halloween affected people turned real during Halloween night. Those knowledge would grant you immerse power once you’ve mastered energy manipulation. You must use your abilities wisely. And remember, you may be powerful, but in the end you are still mortal, you can be killed. Be careful.”

“I will.” Xander said with a nod.

Light swirled around the two of them and they were back to hovering over Earth.

“Good luck Alexander, you will need it.” Janus said as he vanished into motes of lights.

Left alone out in space, Xander came to a decision. He could not return back to Earth, not now in his inhuman form. He need to master energy manipulation and build a physical shell for himself before he could return.

Turning, he made way for Mars.


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