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Rise of the Alliance (BtVS/ Multiple) [draft snippet] Chapter 1 part 1

(Book 2 of The Ultimate Peasant Series: Order of the Silver Hand has been abandoned.)

After a long departure from that story, I decided that Book 2 should instead be plotted about the missing two months before Xander and company left for space.

This will be written in parts.

Story Title: Rise of the Alliance

Crossover: BtVS/ Warcraft III/ Stargate/ Multiple

Disclaimer: I do not own, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Warcraft games verse, Stargate TV verse, or any other fandoms I will be dabbling in. This is a work of fan fiction. Written without profit, for the enjoyment of fans of these great fandoms.

Summary: He is the One who can Build Anything. He is Alexander Lavelle Harris. Halloween night has changed him. Now things will never be the same again.

Prologue – Death of Magic

Notable crossover for this chapter: BtVS/ NCIS/ Castle/ Bones/ Stargate Universe

1 hour ago, Swiss Royal Hotel

Daniel “Oz” Osbourne was a simple guy, who just wanted a simple life while making the music he loves. He was also an adept programmer because he had been fascinated by computer programming since he played his first computer game. But in other subjects that he had no interest in, he was mediocre at best. He was barely able to pass his classes during his senior year in high school. Not because he could not understand the subjects, but because he had better things to do with his time then attend classes.

Which was why until a few moments ago, he had no idea that magic was real, that supernatural beings were out there, and that Sunnydale was a supernatural hotspot. There had been no logic in contemplating the existence of magic and supernatural, and he had never experienced first-hand encounters with the “night life” in Sunnydale.

Oh he noticed things, strange unexplained things, especially since he lived in Sunnydale ever since he was six, after his parents moved into town. Reports of people being killed by gangs on PCP which the newspapers in town barely covered, while grisly reports of those deaths were speculated online by relatives of the deceased who had been outraged about how Sunnydale’s police force had “covered-up” those deaths.

Then there were the handfuls of animal attacks once in a blue moon, sightings of “monsters” around town in the middle of the night. All of which began increasing with frequency during the past few months. Frankly Oz was surprised at himself at not piecing everything together, he might have been unmotivated, but if he was to be honest, he was quite intellectual in his own right

If he was to be honest, he first realised something was just not right with Sunnydale during Halloween night almost a month ago. Dingoes Ate My Baby, the band he was part of, managed to get a spot at Sunnydale’s most popular nightclub, The Bronze, during Halloween night. Part of the theme had been to dress up as fantasy characters which basically forced Oz to don on a Halloween costume for the show.

He had gone as a Bard from Final Fantasy Tactics. Sam, the band’s bassist had the same taste in games as him, and had gone as a ninja from the game. Devon the band’s lead singer had dressed as a werewolf, while the band’s previous drummer had gone in his own custom made wizard outfit.

Right as the band began its performance, Oz blacked out. When he woke up much later, he was half sprawled on an overturned table, having dim memories of singing magical bardic songs, trying to calm a crowd of monsters and creatures gone wild, while dodging a hulking werewolf.

The band’s previous drummer had been a gibbering mess, screaming about everyone turning into monsters. The owner of the Bronze had chalked everything up as a gas leak. Oz had not paid much thought to that incident, especially after the state of confusion he was in when he regained his senses. Though the drummer left the band shortly after.

They managed to get one of the juniors, a hulky Percy guy to stand in as a temporary drummer. Things came to a head a few weeks after Halloween, when Dingoes Ate My Baby landed an afternoon gig at the Swiss Royal Hotel in Sunnydale. There was going to be a Writer’s conference of some sort and the band were hired to entertain the crowd during breaks.

The four of them had been up early, setting up their equipment, doing sound testing before their gig started. He could still remember the high pitch screams of anger coming from above the ballroom. He remembered the whole building trembling, the shrills of the fire alarms, the chaos as the hotel staff helping the band set up cried for everyone to evacuate.

One of the large stereo had collapsed onto Devon, and everyone had stopped to help when everything had dissolved…

And then he was standing on the street, beside a wholly intact hotel. A crowd of confused hotel guests and staff were standing around him. Several standing next to the sidewalks were staring at the crowd in shock and fear, almost as if the crowd had startled them somehow.

Then he heard the voice in his head… and he knew.

He was once Daniel “Oz” Osbourne, a simple guy whose only passions were music and computing. Now… he was something more.

He was Daniel “Oz” Osbourne, a Bardic Hero. Though he bears four skills, only one was unlocked.

Singing, a passive ability that allows the singing of bardic songs.

Song Creation, a passive ability that allows the creation of new bardic songs.

Instrument playing, a passive ability that allows the playing of any musical instrument.

Techno-Song, an active ability that allows the Bardic Hero, Oz, to affect technologies with bardic songs.

He was bonded to Lord Alexander “Xander” Lavelle Harris, a magical vampire who used to be his junior in Sunnydale High. Besides him were other Hotel guests and staffs, who did not manage to escape the building before it was deconstructed, thus reformed as Heroes and follower units bond to Lord Xander.

“I am sorry.” Lord Xander’s voice said, reverting in Oz’s head. “I am sorry, but this is the only way to stop her without too much damages and area wide causalities. I know you are all confused… let me explain…”

In that moment as the voice in his head told him about the supernatural, about magic, and shared memories of visions and powerful beings with him, Oz knew that his life would never be the same again.


1 hour ago, Swiss Royal Hotel

Tim stretched lazily as he rolled out of bed. A week without paper work and a weekend with fellow writers, it was definitely the vacation he so desperately needed. Sure traveling from Norfolk to the little town of Sunnydale took a day by air travel to Los Angeles and then another three hour car drive to here, but it was worth it to him. Writing had been his passion, and he would never missed the chance to learn from the professionals in the field, even if the venue was a bit out of the area. He heard it was because of the very competitive pricing offered by the hotel to host the weekend Writer’s conference.

Day one of the conference starts in late morning, so there was more than enough time for him to wash up and hit the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast. Reaching for his wallet it to check how much ready cash he had on him, he brushed aside his NCIS badge. He should have left his badge back in his small Norfolk office, especially since he was on vacation, but he had gotten so used to carrying it around, that it became a point of pride for him to carry it on his person.

Becoming a real NCIS agent had not been easy, especially with his father’s disapproval… Tim shrugged the thought away, he had not talked to his old man in a long time, and there was no need to think about the past. He might be just doing computational administration work in the small NCIS field office in Norfolk, Virginia, but perhaps one day he might be permitted to conduct real investigative work out in the fields.

In the meantime, he had his passion in writing to keep him creatively occupied. He had been attempting to write several detective novel drafts without much success. The plots he came up with just seemed too awkward and chunky, perhaps he might get some new inspiration during this conference.

A loud shuddering thump came from upstairs. Then incomprehensible shouting and screaming started. Tim jumped out of bed, looking up at the ceiling with his heart thumping. He thought he heard clashing sounds of metal, and what sounded like a great fight taking place up stairs.

For a moment Tim was undecided on what to do, then he was grabbing his badge and phone, running out of his room and heading for the stairs. He did not have his gun, but he was a Federal agent, and he had a duty to find out what was happening upstairs.

As he ran towards the stairwell, he could see occupants from the rooms in the same floor opening their doors, looking around in fright.

One of the occupants was a familiar looking brown haired guy who looked at him and asked. “What is going on?”

Tim did not even have time to answer before the fire alarms started blazing.

“I don’t know, but all of you better make your way downstairs. I will check out what is happening upstairs.” Tim said flashing his badge. “Move quickly.”

“I will go with you.” The brown haired man said, following Tim to the stairwell up the stairs.

“You really should go with the others downstairs. It might be dangerous.” Tim said as he rushed up the stairs, the sounds of fighting now becoming distinctive.

“I notice you only have a badge.” The man said as he followed close behind Tim. “What do you plan to do if whatever is going on upstairs is dangerous?”

Tim never got a chance to answer when a boom several levels above him caused chunks of concrete to begin raining down. The whole stair case trembled as something landed with a thump in front of him. Coughing, blinking back tears at the dust cloud, Tim could made out a snarling blond woman wearing a torn red dress, raising a hand to make a swipe at him.

Then suddenly a crowd of people appeared before him, almost as if they had just teleported in. One of the man was chanting and suddenly blue glow erupted from his raised hands, sinking in front of the woman, and formed into what looked to be a watery humanoid form.

“What…” The man who had followed him said stupefied, scrambling up from where he had fallen behind Tim.

“We can’t hold her!” A dark haired man shouted as the woman punched the watery humanoid figure which splattered in a burst of cool water on everyone. “We can’t contained her. Yalen and his group is still handling her minions upstairs! If she gets out… I am sorry Lord Xander… we have no choice!”

Tim and the man who had followed, could only watch wide-eyed as one of the man pulled out a blazing sword and tried to lunge at the woman only to be battered away with a punch, the swordsman crashing heaving against the wall. Two other men and a woman were chanting, blazes of energies lit up their hands, and the snarling woman in the red dress began dodging the blasts of energies. She raised a hand to punch at one of the man and…

Motes of lights lit up around them, then everything was dissolving. Tim bit back a startled cry as first his hands began turning to motes of lights, and then his whole body….

Bright light of the morning sun hit his eyes, causing him to wince. It took a moment for Tim to realised he was no longer in the cramped and dusty stairwell, but out on the streets, among a crowd of people, standing next to the hotel.

In the same moment, Tim gained a deep and innate understanding of himself that he never felt before.

Once he was Timothy McGee, a fresh NCIS agent who had aspirations to be a writer. Now… now he was something more.

He was Timothy McGee, a Unit of the Investigator class. He bears four skills, all of which were already accessible to him.

Computation Mastery, an active ability that allows its user to understand any computational languages and codes for a period of time. 20 MP per use.

Sudden Intuition, an active ability that allows target to have a sudden flash of intuition. 30 MP per use.

Quiet Rebellion, a passive ability that allows its user to gain 30% increase in all resistance stats, when under compulsion/ binding skills and abilities.

Imagination, an active ability that renders imagination to reality for a period of time. MP consumption is dependent on the size and mass of imagination turned real.

Then the voice spoke in his head. And somehow, Tim knew instinctively who it was.

“I am sorry.” Lord Xander’s voice said, reverting in Tim’s head. “I am sorry, but this is the only way to stop her without too much damages and area wide causalities. I know you are all confused… let me explain…”

And as the wonder of magic and the supernatural world was explained to him, as the strong connection from him to Lord Xander pulsed within him, McGee could not help feeling… that something was wrong… very wrong…


8 hours later, Rupert and Calendar’s Sunnydale Mansion

“You ended magic on Earth.” Giles’ voice was thick with shock as the Watcher and Ms. Calendar confronted Xander who had just returned to the mansion.

Oz and Willow had been at the mansion when Xander had returned with the Archmage Yalen. Both of them looked as though they had been through a fight, with dirt smudged clothes.

“How could you make such a decision without consulting any of us!” Giles was ranting even as Xander began to explain.

Willow was watching the going-ons with wide eyes, as Xander tried to explain about a Hellgod, his promise to some Source of Magic guy, and his plans to form an alliance with the… good demons? Oz did perk up when he heard Xander mention a starship, even Willow looked excited, but whatever Xander was going to say about that was derailed when Ms. Calendar cut in.

“You mentioned deconstructing a hotel in Sunnydale, in order to dematerialise the Hellgod.” Ms. Calendar pointed out. “What happened to the rest of the people inside?”

There was a noticeable pause as Xander gave a sad grimace.

“Most of the staff and guests were near the ground levels, they managed to get out in time… before I dematerialise the hotel and rebuild it…” Xander stated, discomfort in his eyes. “Twenty-seven innocent people who stayed closer to the top levels, or were trapped in the hotel due to some reasons… had to be recreated…”

Giles pinched his forehead, a pained look on his face. “And there was nothing else you could do to deal with the Hellgod?”

“She was close to demolishing most of the top levels of the hotel and escaping.” Xander said reluctantly. I had to make a decision than… to… sacrifice those twenty-seven people, in order to prevent more casualties and damages across town.” Xander said looking conflicted.

“And the price to destroy a Hellgod… is the free will of twenty-seven people.” Ms. Calendar said softly with a sigh. “What do you plan to do for them?”

“I promised them that they could continue living out their own lives, and that I will help in anyway I can, if they wanted, they could… join the teams I am planning to set up to combat the supernatural.” Xander stated. “There’s also the fact that some of the stronger willed ones, the Heroes out of those twenty-seven and a number of the Follower units with various… unique counter compulsion skills, are already beginning to push against the bonds I have with them. I have a feeling that people from this world… who end up being recreated by me, might be able to resist the innate compulsion due to the soul bonds. I didn’t really notice that with Drusilla or Spike because we mostly leave each other alone, but now that I have a larger pool of Heroes and units from this world to observe from… its blatantly obvious.”

“How many Heroes were among the twenty-seven?” Willow asked curiously.

“Six actually.” Xander revealed. “And three of those Heroes are Sunnydalers. In fact, from their memories, those three were among the many affected during Halloween night. Their innate potential seems related to their Halloween personas. All three also became Hero units… even though they did not seem to have any special qualities, decades of experience or notable will power… well other than their Halloween experience. It seemed that the events of Halloween night might have lingering effects on those affected.”

“That will be interesting from an academic viewpoint.” Giles stated. “But do you have an actual plan to deal with this situation? I doubt those twenty-seven people could deal with having their life altered into a servitude bond with you.”

“Actually… they are coping surprisingly well.” Xander said reluctantly. “I mean passing them my knowledge and experience of the supernatural, what I was charged to do helps a lot I think. Some are actually sympathetic towards me, most are excited about their new… abilities. There’s even a few wandering around town right now trying out their special powers.”

“Good lord!” Giles said his face greying a little. He glared sternly at Xander. “I think young man, it is time you and I sit down to discuss what you plan for those twenty-seven people instead of just a vague ‘I will leave them alone to live their lives’. Because like it or not, they are empowered now, and you are answerable for them. So we are going to set some ground rules, and THEN we are going to discuss your plans for this alliance of yours…”


2 hours later, Swiss Royal Hotel

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” Angela Montenegro said fluttered as she paced around the room wringing her hands.

“Angela please, I doubt there is actually a god that is going to help us.” Brennan said with a sigh. “I am trying to concentrate here.”

“How can you be so calm Brennan!” Angela said staring at her closest friend. “We have been turned into game characters with special powers! I learnt that there are monsters out there, that magic is real, and that I am now soul bond to a pubescent teenage vampire! Oh my god!”

“But it happened. So now the best way to deal with it is to quantify and form a logical deduction about what is going on exactly and how our powers actually works.” Brenan said calmly as she stared at a chicken bone. “Hmm… I can sense the pieces of its connecting bones all over town, a few much further. I am pretty sure I can read much deeper if this skill level is increased.”

“Okay I used to think you are creepy, but now you are even creepier.” Angela stated deadpan. “At least my skills don’t deal with death and I have access to all of them.”

“This passive Bone Sense skill is very useful.” Brennan stated, ignoring Angela’s jib. “Once I unlock my other three abilities, I can foresee them becoming very useful to me.”

“You are actually considering going on a vampire hunt tonight?” Angela said shrilly.

“We are going in a group, one of them is a Federal agent, we will be fine.” Brennan said, patting Angela’s arm in a show of comfort.

“That Federal agent is a kid! Probably fresh out from the Federal academy oven or wherever they came from. He also does not have a gun!” Angela stated.

“A few of the writers have the Imagination skill. They should be able to outfit us some weapons from their imagination.” Brennan said in a matter of fact voice.

“Those weapons will have a time limit, I was there when we were all comparing skills and super powers remember?” Angela said before shaking her head at the absurdity of the morning. “This feels like one giant comic-con nightmare. Why did I come with you to this Writer’s conference again?”

“Because you insisted that I take a vacation, and you came with me to make sure I really have a vacation.” Brennan said, apparently not realising Angela’s question was rhetorical. “Anyway Angela, I am sure everything will be fine.”

“We are the soul slaves of a vampire! And all of this started because you decided you wanted to try writing as a hobby!” Angela said, wringing her hands dramatically. “Oh Brenna, why couldn’t you have taken my suggestion of nude sun bathing or guy watching when you were deciding on your hobbies! Now what am I going to do if our vampire master order me to have sex with him, or… or do things with him!”

Brennan shot Angela an askew look. “Seriously Angela, I doubt Xander wants us for his personal harem. I can feel his sincerity through the bond for one thing, and secondly we are too old for him. With your Free Spirit skill, I doubt he could give you any orders you can’t resist with time. If he really wanted to, I am sure some of the younger hotel staff are better and easier pickings.”

That was however the wrong thing to say as Angela drew herself up, giving an insulted huff. “Excuse me for being a beautiful and spontaneous mature woman. I will have you know that I am hot property and can compete with any of the younger girls out there.”

Brennan rolled her eyes. “Just wear something a little more durable and suited for outdoors tonight. We might need to run a lot.”

Angela gave a sniff and was about to remark on that comment when a voice spoke in their heads.

Everyone, please gather at this location tonight. The voice of their vampire master, Xander, said in their heads, as an image and location of a mansion form within their heads. I have done all of you a disservice and it is time I address it. We will discuss our continued future going forward, so please be there, I do not want to have to make this an order. But I will if I have to.

Because regardless of what happen, regardless of the bonds binding all of you to me, all of you are now empowered, stronger and more capable than the average human beings. It is your responsibility and mine, to make sure those powers and skills are not used for ill purpose.

We will discuss our futures together tonight, if you wish to live out your life in peace, you are free to do so, after we agreed on the ground rules, for any possible misuse of your skills and powers. 8.30pm tonight, be there. Xander said in a firm no nonsense tone of voice.

Angela shivered as she felt a faint hint of compulsion in the vampire master’s words, which she easily fought off as her Free Spirit skill activated.

“I guess we’re not vampire hunting tonight.” Angela said with a grimace.

“No.” Brennan said after a pause, a frown on her forehead. “We’re just meeting one.”



Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/ Star Ocean) [draft snippet] Chapter 13 part 1

Okay… so I decided to try something a little different in order to get myself committed and motivated to write. I will try my best to post completed draft snippet of chapter 13 on a bi-weekly basis/ weekly if I can manage it.

This will make it easier for me to complete writing the whole chapter part by part. Instead of raising my hands half way and surrender to more brain dead ways of spending my weekends ;)

For those that only want to read the full chapter 13 at the end ;) ignore this blog post to avoid spoilers.

>.<” hope I can get my rusty writing gear going again… was distracted and ended up playing Guild Wars 2 the whole day. And there’s one weekend gone…


Story Title: Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki

Crossover: Naruto / Star Ocean game series

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or plot from Naruto anime/manga series and the Star Ocean Video games series. This is a work of fanfiction.

Author’s Note: [To Be Filled In]



“Yes you will wouldn’t you?” Old man Hokage said, smiling idly. “One last thing. As this dimension is outside of space and time, when we return back to our bodies, it will be at the exact moment we left it. To leave the dimension, you need to return to the seal array on the podium and activate it by saying the word ‘Return’ while touching the middle of the seal. If you bring a non-Uzumaki into The Legacy, they need to be standing with you in the seal array, or they will remain trapped here. It has never been tested, but I am sure it would lead to unpleasant circumstances if someone is trapped in The Legacy while disconnected from their physical bodies. Without the seal bridge linking our yin selves to our physical selves, our bodies will continue aging as time moves on in the physical world.”

“I get that.” Naruto said with a nod. He hesitated before moving forward and hugged the older man awkwardly. “Thank you old man, for telling me… for giving me this… legacy from mom and dad.”


Chapter Thirteen: [Snippet 1]

Present time, opposite the street from Naruto’s apartment

Shadou stilled as the dark clad form of the Third Hokage entered Naruto Uzumaki’s apartment through the boy’s windows. He had caught sight of the hand sign the Hokage had made as he paused for a visible moment on the boy’s window still, a hand code known only to Konoha’s Chunin and Jonin, which the Hokage must have intended for Shadou and the Senju watchers across the street to see.

The hand sign was obvious, signifying the need for “Privacy”. Shadou knew that for all his age, the Third was still immensely formidable. There was little doubt that the old man could detect the watchers stationed around Naruto’s apartment. The Third was known as “The Professor” for a reason. The village leader was infamously known to have learnt most known ninja techniques in his lifetime. The rumours might have been exaggerated, but it was widely known the Third had an impressive Ninjutsu knowledge, with a high capability in chakra sensing.

Of course having naturally strong chakra senses came with its own flaws. Most strong sensors could only bear to activate their sensing abilities in short bursts, keeping them shut off most of the time for fear of being overwhelmed. Very few, with the exception of those with chakra sensing bloodlines, could cope with their chakra senses being activated for long durations. As they would be continuously assaulted by sensations their chakra senses picked up.

Shadou’s own hard earned chakra sensing ability, trained from years of practice, was rather mild, allowing him to detect strong chakra pulses within his immediate area. The one good thing about his weak sensor ability however, was that it enabled him to turn it on for long durations without hindering him, which actually gave him a huge advantage during long drawn out Taijutsu fights.

If he had been a dutiful Konoha Jonin, he might have turned away when The Third entered Naruto’s apartment. But he had not become an Elite Jonin by dutifully following orders. Elite ninja got to where they were by thinking with their heads. That the Hokage was personally visiting the Uzumaki boy in the middle of the night made Shadou curious as to why the Hokage was there.

Naruto Uzumaki was infamously known as the Demon Container of Konoha, by Konoha’s ninja corps and a surprisingly large number of civilians. No one knew exactly who spread the information about Naruto’s status to the common populace. The identity of the demon container was considered village secret of the highest level. But after the Nine-tails’ attack on the village close to eight years ago, certain powerful and influential civilians received notes detailing Naruto’s status, and information about the child began spreading.

The boy had been but a baby then, but once his status as the container of the Nine-tails was known to the civilian populace in Konoha, the Hokage had to place Anbu protection details on the child just to protect him from attempts to harm him. The Hokage even had to place a special law in place in order to prevent the spread of information about the Nine-tails’ container. Naruto Uzuamki’s status as the Konoha demon container was one of the worst kept S-rank secret in the village. Even until now, the Anbu could not discover the party disseminating information about the child back in the earlier years.

With the re-emergence of Root the previous night, Shadou could not help but wonder if the clandestine operation had any part in spreading sensitive information about the boy. For what purpose he could not even began to fathom. Already, the newly formed Uchiha council were up in arms after learning that Danzo had stolen Sharingan eyes from dead Uchiha members. Tales of the S-rank mission last night were already riling up the inner council, and it was all Shusui could do to stop the news from spreading further.

The Third might turn a blind eye to Uchiha Jonin reporting back to their clan head about details of an S-rank mission, but if tales of what happened began to spread, the Hokage might apprehend those that leaked S-rank secrets to the common populace, like what he did when the demon container’s identity first began to spread. The Uchiha council could not afford to offend the Hokage right now, not with the recent damages and loses to their clan.

Which was why Shadou was making sure he would not get caught as he tried to spy on the Hokage…

A thin flare of light burst from the window still the Third had briefly perched on before he had entered Naruto Uzumaki’s apartment. With his chakra enhanced sight, Shadou could briefly made out a complex seal of some sort activating on the window. When Shadou turned to peer through the apartment window, he could only see dim darkness and nothing else. Shadou had no doubt that the seal had also muffled sounds inside the room from prying ears as well.

Shadou chuckled in amusement, it seemed rumours of the Third’s skill with seals was true. There were few seal masters who could utilize the Flash Sealing technique. It was a technique that allows a seal master to instantly place a seal on any surface. The Uzumaki clan were notorious for the technique, which was not so surprising since they were the ones that developed that particular Seal craft in the first place.

As for Konoha, the Second and Fourth Hokages, as well as the Sanin were known users of the craft. Now it seems that he could add the Third Hokage to the list as well. It would at least be something for him to bring back to the inner council.

While the survivors of the Uchiha clan had no plans of turning against Konoha. When one was trained to be a ninja all his life, every bit of information counts, whether it was about friend or foe. There was always a chance that a seemingly irrelevant information might mean the difference between survival or death.

Knowing better than to go near Naruto Uzumaki’s apartment to see if he could break through the privacy seal on the window still, Shadou settled down to wait, listening to the soft snores of his apprentice.


Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/ Star Ocean) [Version 1 - updated] Chapter 13’s Interlude

Hi guys, sorry for the delay. Life… well it can suck sometimes.

To some of my readers, I previously promised that chapter 13 will come with a short interlude. However during the actual writing of the interlude… it sort of become a full chapter of its own.

I just completed everything, its still in raw draft form, and I am too tired to fine comb it (its close to midnight in Singapore, and I have work tomorrow >.<) I will post it first to those that really want to chance my horrible spelling and grammar to get at the story.

For those that decided to wait until I clean everything up, give me two – three days (double the amount if you’re feeling cynical =p) and I will post a cleaned version up on fanfiction.

I have edited what errors I could find. Here is the cleaned and updated interlude.

Thank you for waiting, thank you for reading.

And so the story continues…

To the first twelve chapters click here.


Story Title: Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki

Crossover: Naruto / Star Ocean game series

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or plot from Naruto anime/manga series and the Star Ocean Video games series. This is a work of fanfiction.

Author’s Note: Apologies for the dry spell of a year plus without updates. Work & life has been challenging to put it nicely. In order to say thank you to the readers who continued sending me PMs of the story, to those who read, reviewed and loved this story, I have written a bonus interlude before the actual chapter.

I hope you guys/ gals will enjoy this new chapter ;) my writing skills have been a little rusty.

The Interlude: The Missing Day takes place after the council’s first meeting after the Uchiha attack, and ends as Naruto received his legacy.



“So what is it?” Naruto asked confused “It looks like a metal cube to me.”

“To answer that, I will need a drop of your blood.” Sarutobi said, wondering if Naruto would be squeamish about it, especially considering his age. Naruto had simply shrugged and bit one of his finger, a bead of blood forming from the small bite. Sarutobi nodded. “Good, I need you to prepare yourself. Focus on the image of you opening a door. I need you to hold the mental image, as you smear your blood on the cube and said the words ‘Sanctuary’. Are you ready?”

“I am ready.” Naruto said with a nod. He looked at Sarutobi curiously as the older man lay a hand on his shoulder in a tight grip.

“Good, begin.” Sarutobi said. Naruto had given him a mystified look before following his instructions, smearing his blood on the cube, a look of concentration on his face as he said the words. “Sanctuary.”

The very air around them shivered, a roaring of energies surrounded them… and the essence of time… shattered. 111w


Interlude: The Missing Day

23 hours ago, Senju Council Room

“… So the child has the Wood Release bloodline.” Roozu Senju, the oldest of the Senju clan elders said in a whisper of a voice. She had been the younger cousin of Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage, and had already crossed a century of age.

“Yes, the The Third has confirmed this. Apparently he had assigned the boy to be trained in secret.” Natsu Senju revealed as he sat in front of the two Senju Elders, with the rest of the Senju Council members beside him.

“Really… the Third said that? Tell me Natsu, what was the first lesson I taught you, when you took charge of this clan after Tsunade left?” Roozu spoke up with a dry chuckle.

“Always check the facts.” Natsu said with a nod, acknowledging that he had learnt the lesson. “I have sent a team of our ninjas to watch over the boy for the night. The team leader has orders to discreetly obtain a vial of his blood and bring back the sample for identification. He should be back any minute now.”

“Good, you went straight to the source. With the way Sarutobi protected the boy all these years, the hospital records might very well be faked. I presume you have also already prepared the blood identification seals?” Touki Senju, the second clan elder asked with a rasp in his voice.

“Yes, I have Sentai prepared it.” Natsu said with a nod. “If the boy is descended from anyone in the Senju bloodline, the seals will show.”

“I see you’ve done the necessary work… before the destruction of the Uzumaki clan, it is known that the Uzumaki paid with their lives to allow their civilians, their retainers and townsfolk to flee before their fateful end. Many of the survivors of that time took up the name Uzumaki, in remembrance of the great clan that was willing to sacrifice themselves to save those not of the clan.” Roozu said with a regretful sigh. “A lot of Konoha’s orphans from that generation were named after the Uzumaki, in remembrance of our village’s alliance with them. We can’t just make the assumption Naruto Uzumaki is a true descendant of the clan and is thus distantly related to us.”

“After the clan’s destruction, Konoha has only housed two true descendants of the Uzumaki clan. The two known full blooded Uzumaki were our revered Lady Mito and her spiritual successor Kushina.” Touki said stealing a glance at Roozu. “You know we always suspected…”

“Your old age must be making you senile.” Roozu said with a snap. “Suspicions has no place in the council. There’s no place for rumours such as that to spread.”

“Elders… are you saying that Naruto might be descended from the main Uzumaki branch? Like Lady Mito and Kushina?” Natsu asked even as his mind put the pieces together. “The boy’s age… by the Sage! If Kushina’s child was to survive…”

“Hush!” Roozu said fiercely, glaring around the council chambers as the other Council members broke out into shocked whispers. “Unless we have proof, no word of this must be spoken outside the chambers. And even if we do have proof of the boy’s origins, it will not do that have it revealed to the public.”

“But Kushina’s child, the father was…” Natsu began and was interrupted by a knock on the council chambers. He looked at Roozu in frustration before placing his hand on the protection seals engraved on the Council chambers’ floor.

The seals which protected those in the room from any spying jutsu dispersed with a cackle of energy. There was a pause before the chambers door slide open, revealing Ginrin Senju, one of the ninjas sent to watch over the boy.

“Naruto Uzumaki’s blood as requested cousin.” Ginrin said as he walked forward, placing a small vial of blood into Natsu’s hand.

“How is the boy?” Touki asked in a quavering voice, his thin and frail frame leaning forward, as he stared at Ginrin.

“I think he is aware that someone is watching him. It is subtle, but the signs are there. Quite impressive since the team is guarding him from across the street.” Ginrin reported. “The kid is also a chakra monster, especially for his age. With close to high Jonin to Hokage level reserves if I am not wrong.”

“What!” Natsu said incredulously, an expression of disbelief crossing his face. It was unheard of for any child to possess so much chakra, not even those that started training from young. Not without some external factor. “Is it because he is a… container?”

“I have no idea. But I have to spend nearly a sixth of my chakra reserves just to apply a simple Genjutsu on him while I draw his blood!” Ginrin said shaking his head, the elders frowned at his words as they looked at each other. “Once I got in though, he’s out like a light. His large chakra reserves act as a natural Genjutsu defence. Genjutsu users with small chakra reserves will have problem manipulating him, but other than that, the kid has no other defences against any Genjutsu user that has the necessary skills and lots of chakra to spare.”

“I see… a weakness to Genjutsu that will be something we have to rectify… once we confirm his heritage. Hashirama had a whole set of Genjutsu defence techniques created back when he went up against Madara. As his spiritual successor, and with Madara’s current reappearance, that child might very well need those techniques.” Roozu said with a nod. “Ginrin can you continue seeing to the safety of the boy while we… discuss matters?”

“Yes grand aunt I will be on my way.” Ginrin said rolling his eyes as he left the chambers.

“That child needs to learn proper protocol and respect.” Roozu said with a sniff as the chamber doors were closed.

Natsu wisely kept silent, reapplying the protection seals before taking out a scroll that had the blood identification seals engraved on it. Adding the blood from the vial to the center of the seals, Natsu channelled chakra into the seal arrays.

The seals glowed a bright green as it analysed Naruto Uzumaki’s blood based on the information collected from Senju members’ blood throughout the decades. It took a moment before two names and relating information was written next to the same array as the seals finished its analysis.

“Naruto Uzumaki is an identified descendant of our Lady Mito.” Touki rasped as he stared at the name. “And according to the seals, Naruto’s blood bears certain similarities to Lord Hashirama’s blood work. Not enough for a descendant match, but still certain of his blood markers are a match.”

“It must be the similarities of the two Wood Release bloodlines.” Roozu said in consideration, stroking her chin in thoughts.

Natsu frowned. They already knew Naruto Uzumaki had the Wood Release bloodline. But that he was a direct descendant of Lady Mito was however a momentous fact. Though Mito was not born of the Senju clan, she was married into the clan and her blood information was available to the clan’s medical records.

Touki continued reading the information discovered by the seals, the lines on his face creased as he peered at the words. “Naruto Uzumaki is one of her grandnephews from the Uzumaki bloodline. He is not related to any Senju of the past few generations. But since he is descended from the main Uzumaki branch, any Senju ancestry he had might have, would be before the time our clan started keeping blood records.”

“Which means it is highly likely that Naruto might be… related to Kushina Uzumaki, who was Lady Mito’s niece.” Natsu said as he straightened his back. “Kushina’s blood records should be available at the hospital archives, we can get the information and…”

“No. The information we have will do.” Roozu suddenly rasped sharply, a look of decisiveness in her eyes as she straightened her back to glare at Natsu, stopping what he was going to say. “We have proven that he is a true blooded Uzumaki from the main branch. He has a shared ancestry with our clan and that is enough for us to accept him in as one of us.”

“But he might be the son of…” Natsu began to protest but Roozu cut him off with a quick shake of her head.

“Some secrets…” Roozu said sternly. “Are best to continue being secrets. If we are really going to prod the hornet’s nest to discover the truth, we have best be very careful and be prepared for the consequences. If Naruto is really Kushina’s child… do you really think The Third would not have measures in place if anyone started looking into it? And let’s say if Naruto really is Kushina’s son, why would The Third hid the fact from everyone? Think about it all of you, before you make rash decisions.”

There was stumped silence, then Kane Senju, the accounts keeper of the clan, said in a harsh voice. “The Third was protecting the boy. If he was really born from Kushina and… her husband, the amounts of enemies those two made in their lives, especially the latter, would make Naruto a constant target for revenge and assassinations.”

“Even the Anbu cannot protect a weak baby, or a hyperactive child 24-7. A well trained assassin can strike when guards are down, or if he/she gained the trust of a child who is ignorant of why he needs protecting.” Natsu said in understanding. “If the Fourth was still alive, his reputation and presence alone would keep all the vultures away… but he’s not. And the Third is getting old, his skills and capabilities are not what they used to be. The secret, if there is really as such, was to protect the boy through anonymity.”

“Yes, and thus that anonymity had best continue. At this stage of his life, Naruto does not have a powerful reputation to deter any would be assassins, though with the Wood Release bloodline, and his status as a demon container, he would be destined for great things to come.” Roozu said. “Now if he also possesses the Uzumaki bloodline… that would be something to see.”

“So if we were to bring him into our clan, I say that we let that secret lie and not prod for the truth, whatever the matter.” Roozu continued firmly. “The Senju clan is not what it used to be, neither is Konoha. With the passing of the First, Second and Fourth Hokages, as well as the deaths of so many prominent ninjas in the previous wars, it would be a dire situation if the other ninja villages began massing assassinations attempts against us to get at the boy. Look at what Madara did to the Uchiha clan only a few days ago. Can you imagine what will happen to our clan if let’s say Earth village send all their high ranking ninjas after us to get at the boy?”

A grim silence fell in the council room. Roozu was about to continue when she was interrupted by a sudden and urgent rapping on the doors of the council chambers. The rapping was in a code that the council members instantly recognized. Natsu tensed, quickly cancelling the seals protecting the room.

“Enter.” Natsu called out, as one of the Senju guards walked in with a grim face.

“There’s been a situation. The Hokage just sent out a Top Secret code Orange through secure channels. He is recalling all Anbu, Jonin and Special Chunins currently listed as active duties for an S-rank mission. No details of the mission was sent except a time and venue. Whatever mission is going down, it is going down within the next half an hour…”


19 hours ago, Naruto’s Apartment

Naruto opened his windows to let in the cool night air. It was already past midnight. Through his clones and Sica, he had been monitoring the take down of Root and Danzo. Old man Hokage and the Acting Anbu Head, Shikaku Nara, had been surprisingly efficient in leading the operations to dismantle Root operations in the catacombs.

Learning of how old man Hokage had personally conduct the torture and information extraction of Danzo within the Torture and Interrogation chambers of Konoha, had definitely changed Naruto’s preconception of his grandfather figure as a kindly old man. There had been a certain ruthlessness and fury in the Hokage’s actions that Naruto had never witnessed before.

The clone had recorded the whole grisly affair with his Sica. Replaying the recording in his head, mentally seeing how the Hokage had ordered Inoichi Yamanaka to mind rape Danzo of all his secrets, had shown Naruto how terrifying the Yamanaka Clan’s Mind Techniques would be.

While the Yamanaka’s clan techniques were at first glance not suited for combat, the brute force mind reading technique Inoichi used, had ripped through all of Danzo’s mental defences, turning him into a drooling mess. Konoha had gotten information on Root’s operations from Danzo’s head, at the cost of technically turning Danzo brain dead. Whatever old man Hokage or the Council would do to Danzo next would be but a formality.

It was only when Naruto asked Sica for more information about Yamanaka clan techniques, that clones stationed at the Yamanaka clan home had previously scanned, that Naruto realised the Yamanaka clan specialised in Yin chakra manipulation with a focus on mental manipulation.

Theoretically the Yamanaka mind techniques were replicable. Chakra after all was a balanced melding of spiritual and physical force, which basically contains yin and yang chakra elements. Yin chakra was theoretically formed by a highly advanced shape manipulation of spiritual chakra.

The problem was that for an average ninja, it could take years to master shape transformation of a single chakra element. With the largely non-combat application of Yin chakra, and how all the powerful Yin chakra techniques were closely kept secret by clans specializing in that field, usually the only ninjas that venture into mastering spiritual energies were medi-nins.

Through generations of specialization in their Yin elemental mind arts, most Yamanaka clan members were born with body structures that instinctively allows them to masterfully perform yin element shape transformations using their spiritual energies. The only clan that could compete with them in Yin chakra manipulation were the Nara clan with their Shadow techniques.

The whole affair opened his eyes to the wealth of information and techniques that he had previously scanned from the other ninja clans, that he had no knowledge of, either because he could not be bothered to find out, or he had made a prior decision not to copy any clan techniques of those that he was friends with. Either way, both decisions showed his own ignorance and short sightedness. Naruto now had a new resolve, to at the very least, familiarize himself with what the ninja clans in Konoha were capable of, and to further his own knowledge.

Naruto had stopped spying on old man Hokage and the Anbu after Danzo’s session. N11 and S11 did continue recording the tortures taking place, but Naruto had decided not to preview the scanned recordings. If there was anything about Root that he need to know, Sica would inform him. He had seen enough death, pain and suffering during the attack by Madara on the Uchiha clan. There was no need to add to his current nightmares, he already had trouble sleeping at night.

With the number of new seals S17 had scanned from the library within Root’s catacombs, the research clones’ Sicas had readjusted the calculations for the Shadow Clone Seal Array. It will be completed within the next 9.5 hours. The Heal array and the Fire Bolt array will be completed within the next 14 hours. Sica informed Naruto as he looked out of his windows, seemingly looking aimlessly at the dark slumbering buildings in the neighbourhood.

At these hour, almost everyone were asleep and the streets were dark. But Naruto still caught the glint of moon light reflecting off a binoculars lens from an apartment across the street. Naruto snorted and grimaced. He had to give his Senju guards points for persistence at least. Off to his left on a high apartment building, the second group of his baby sitters from the Uchiha clan remained virtually undetectable. If it was not for Sica previously informing him of their presence, Naruto might not even have known they were there. Sica’s current words however shifted Naruto’s thoughts for the moment.

Ah the library. Naruto thought with a twinge of regret. N17 had discovered the presence of the library only after the Hokage had begun launching his attack on Root. S17 had explained to N17 the significance of the find. After realising that the library contains numerous scrolls that could only be penned by the Fourth Hokage as they possessed his insignia, S17 had attempted to scan the opened scrolls in the library.

A large number of the sealed scrolls were however unscannable. Sica might be powerful, but its scans could not pierce sealed dimensional space. A small portion of the scrolls were opened or unsealed and they were scanned. N17 had then grabbed a few of the scrolls with his father’s emblem for keepsake before fleeing the library, just as one of the incoming Anbu team stumbled upon the place.

Naruto had to admit that he did wonder if old man Hokage would ever pass him the newly rediscovered legacy of his father. N17 and a few of the other clones he sent in as backup, had observed the Hokage personally leading a team to gather up every single piece of scroll, book and paper in the library, and transferring them back to the Hokage’s Tower.

The transferred scrolls, books and papers were currently kept within the Hokage’s library while the interrogation of Root members were conducted. Old man Hokage had suppressed knowledge of the recovery of his father’s legacy, all ninjas involved in the retrieval of the items were already sworn to secrecy. Naruto had no idea what the Hokage would do with the Fourth’s legacy but there was not much he could do to affect the old man’s decision anyway.

Of course, even if the Hokage was to keep his father’s legacy locked up in the Hokage’s library, Naruto was pretty sure he could find a way to get to them. No… right now there were other important things for him to worry about. Such as the Senju team “guarding” him across the building, as well as the more discreet Uchiha team that even the Senju guards had no knowledge of.

“Those Senju are even creepier than the usual Anbu guards.” Naruto muttered crossly as he turned away from the window, closing them again. “Not to mention there’s the Genjutsu one of them used on me just now, in my own room! If I don’t have to pretend to dumb down my skills, that I didn’t sense them, I would have smacked him around before he even get close enough to cast a Genjutsu.”

It is a 99% possibility that the Senju will try all means to get your blood, especially since they are set on their course of action. By willingly letting the Senju guard distract you while he drew your blood, you actually have control over the situation. You are in no danger since I am unaffected by the Genjutsu and is still able to assist in your protection should anything goes wrong. Sica remarked. Not to mention the Senju guards have kept their distance, while becoming more zealous in their duties, once your blood work has been confirmed as being a true blooded Uzumaki.

“Ah yes. The clones monitoring the Senju compound said that the Senju council members already suspected who my parents were.” Naruto snorted a little derisively. “Funny how they are now all about claiming me into their clan just because of some fabricated cover story. In the past I was the demon brat, now I am the god damn hero that saved the Uchiha clan and everyone wants a piece of me.”

Currently only the major ninja clans wanted a say in your future upbringing. Sica corrected, taking Naruto’s words literally. The civilians of Konoha will only receive news of your heroics once the new day begins.

“It’s an expression Sica, a figure of speech. I really have got to teach you not to take words too literally.” Naruto said rolling his eyes. “Anyway once the news are released in the morning about the cover story the Hokage and the elders spun for me, I have no doubts many of those civilians who have treated me badly in the past would have a change of opinion.”

Sentient societies as a whole are judgemental, and could be highly influenced by the reputation of an individual. Sica reasoned. It is logical to assume that many civilians might experience a change of heart towards you, once your reputation improved.

“Well… I don’t like it.” Naruto said disgruntledly. “But I also know there’s nothing to do about it. So let’s discuss other more important stuff. It is going to take a while for the old man and the Anbu to finish interrogating the Root operatives. The village will most probably continue to be lock down tomorrow. Add in the new Senju and Uchiha ninjas watching me, I have to be very careful if I want to continue my training tomorrow. I have to get stronger fast, especially since Madara is still out at large. Those words he said to me when he tried to kill me…I just want to be more prepared in future.”

I have already redesigned your training schedule. In particular I have begun incorporating the Wild Hunt exercises into your schedule. Sica advised. We can begin tomorrow.

“That’s good. What exactly are the Wild Hunt exercises?” Naruto asked thoughtfully.

The Wild Hunt programme, is a series of highly strenuous exercises, designed for the black operation O.M.A division. They were one of the Federation divisions that funded research for my development. As such I have limited data on their programme. Sica explained. The O.M.As are basically high level intelligence agents that were trained in the singular task of becoming a one man army, hence the designation O.M.A. They were the Elites of the Intelligence agency that none of the public knows about, and only two to three individuals managed to pass the training programme each year.

“That sounds tough.” Naruto said with a frown. “So these O.M.A people are supposed to be the ones you are created for?”

The O.M.A division is one of three Federation division that will have access to technology based on my template once research is completed. Sica noted. With my analyse of your chakra and learning capabilities, their programme is the best suited for making you combatively stronger fast. The normal Federation Infiltration lessons you requested previously would still be useful. But based on the events of a day ago, it is imperative that you gain a higher sense of combat awareness and fighting capability fast.

“So what does the Wild Hunt exercises do?” Naruto asked as he flopped down tiredly onto his bed. It had been a rough day, and it certainly did not get better with his discovery of Root and sending his clones to help old man Hokage clear them out of the catacombs. He actually became a Chunin for Sage’s sake, though what changes his new status would bring, he had yet to discover.

Basically the Wild Hunt exercises were structured in a way to train O.M.A candidates for the final test, which requires them to defeat an army of trained soldiers and operatives on their own. Due to this, strength training is a lesser criteria. Sica revealed. Intelligence, ingenuity, tactical abilities, technological expertise, medical training, chemical training (for making poisons), pathfinding and a whole hosts of other skills are considered more important.

In order to adapt the exercises to your situations, I have crafted various scenarios with different objectives, to pit you against your clones. You have to go against them without my assistance with whatever knowledge you were taught or would possess before the exercises. Sica noted. The clones however would be guided in battlefield tactics and techniques by their Sicas. Since you will receive their memories once they dispel, no tactics nor techniques will be reused. It also indirectly allows you to pick up battlefield tactics after the whole exercises through your clones’ memories. As a Sica’s range of detection is quite vast, when used against you… I predict it will be a challenge for you to even pass the first level of Wild Hunt exercises.

“What! They can use their Sicas while I can’t?” Naruto said sounding shocked. “That’s cheating!”

The purpose of the Wild Hunt exercises is to hone your battle senses, adaptability and skills. You cannot improve if you keep using me as a crutch. Sica admonished in a matter of fact voice. To allow for fair play, I will not communicate with any of the cloned Sicas.

Naruto scowled at Sica’s words and gave a reluctant shrug. “Fine.” He muttered. “But how am I supposed to go up against my clones if their Sicas inform them of my every position?”

That. Sica said in an impassive voice. Is what you are supposed to figure out. And you have to pass each level of exercises in order to proceed further. If not you will have to repeat the exercises you failed, until you figure a way to pass.

“That sounds like too work.” Naruto said, flopping lifelessly onto his bed. “Maybe I should stay in bed tomorrow… it has been a hard past day for me…”

Your earlier directive to train you takes precedence. Your attempt at inciting sympathy is unfortunately not applicable to me. Not to mention once your Chunin duties started, there will be less time for training. Sica stated bluntly. I will wake you up at 6 a.m. in the morning as per the training schedule.

“You are heartless Sica!” Naruto accused indignantly.

As I do not have a heart and am an inanimate, I must highlight your atrocious use of grammar and vocabulary. I will rectify this deficiency in your future language lessons. Sica stated calmly. Good night Naruto.



14 hours ago, Hyuga compound

A gong sounded in the courtyard and Hinata jerked up in startlement, snapped out of her sleep. Blearily opening her eyes, Hinata rolled out of her futon, going to the window to see what’s going on. The gong sounded again, this time with the chiming of bells. Hinata recognized the sounds this time round, the sounds were clan codes for an emergency council meeting.

The sky outside the window was still dark, but the reddish skylights, at the edge of the horizon signified that dawn would come shortly. What would be so urgent that the council needs to be called so early?

Curious, Hinata decided to open the door to her room, stepping out into the courtyard to find that a lot of the main and branch family members were already up. A large group of clan ninjas gathered at the path leading to the front gates of the compound. Amidst the group, she noticed the stiff and weary forms of some of the clan’s Jonin and Chunins. It looked as though they had just returned from a mission.

Though only eight years old and in her first year of the ninja academy, Hinata was not stupid. Her lack of self-confidence tended to make the Hyuga main branch members dismiss her, which meant that other than her training sessions, she spent most of her time in her room reading. Her favourite book had been the compilation of her mother’s herbal notes.

Hinata was keenly aware that something must have happened to the ninjas just coming back to the compound. The whole clan had been told of the appearance of Madara Uchiha, the big bad ninja of legend, two days ago. Most of the younger ones had no idea what was happening. All Hinata knew was that no one below the age of twelve, were allowed to leave the clan compound for the next few days. Her heart clutched in fear as she wondered if Madara Uchiha was back. She had read up on him in Ninja History, and he was not a very good person.

“Hinata! What are you doing outside?” A voice raised in concern asked behind her. Hinata whirled around guiltily to find the disapproving form of Ruer Hyuga staring down at her. The motherly Hyuga branch member was her aunt and served as the caretaker of her younger sister. Aunt Ruer had also taken care of Hinata when she had been much younger, after mother had died.

“I heard noises…” Hinata began, voice trailing off as she wilted under Aunt Ruer’s frown. She might have gained some confidence after hanging out with Naruto and the others after school, but it was not enough for her to stand up to the woman who had spanked her and bathed her when she was younger. “What… what is going on?”

“The Hokage called up an emergency mission last night.” Aunt Ruer said curtly as she herded Hinata back towards her room. “It must have gone bad from the looks of it. But that’s none of our business, the council will take care of it.”

Hinata turned to see the crowd of Hyuga council members and some of the Jonins moving towards the council chambers to the east of the compound. “I think I saw cousin Yue, her shoulder is bandaged up…”

“I am sure your father would take care of her. In the meantime, you should be in your room right now.” Ruer said firmly cutting Hinata off, guiding her back to her room. “I will be bringing you and Hanabi breakfast. Stay in the room for the morning until I find out from your father what is going on.”

“But… what about school?” Hinata asked as Aunt Ruer turned around to close the door to her room.

Aunt Ruer hesitated for a moment before giving Hinata a reassuring smile. “The Academy is closed for a few days. Now since you’ll have sometime on your hands, why don’t you spend the afternoon with your younger sister, teach her some ninja techniques? She will be receiving her first training in three months, after her fifth birthday. You can do your part as a big sister to help her.”

Hinata frowned, spending the afternoon with her younger sister sounds like a great idea, but she had really wanted to meet up with Naruto and his little group again. After hanging out with the group, for the first time in her life, she felt as though she really belonged somewhere, that she was not totally useless.

But if the Academy was not going to be opened for a few days, that would be a few more days of waiting before she could see them again. As to her plans for the afternoon, perhaps she could show Hanabi the herb seedlings she had been secretly growing in a corner of the back courtyard. And she might even impress her little sister with the new academy style Taijutsu she was learning.


10 hours ago, opposite the street from Naruto’s apartment

Ginrin frowned as Banii entered the apartment the Senju clan had rented. The apartment that the surveillance team was staying in, was rented for the sole purpose of watching over Naruto Uzumaki. The arrangement was temporarily, and would last until the clan could officially petition the Konoha council for Naruto to be inducted into the clan. Banii had left for the Senju clan compound for supplies during the early morning, and had only just returned.

“Any news from the clan?” Ginrin asked as he methodically began sharpening his kunai on a whetting stone. As team leader of the small group, he had to keep his ears open for any information from the clan.

“The Hokage called an emergency S-rank mission last night. All the active Anbu, Jonins and Special Chunins were supposed to be involved. The Senju council managed to exempt those of us looking after Naruto by citing clan rights to reject the call, and sent a few of the clan’s Jonins in our stead.” Banii said with a frown, putting down her satchel of sealed supplies next to Ginrin. “Something about the mission last night got the whole council spooked though. I heard from the clan guards that after those who left for the mission returned, they called an emergency gathering of the council members. All of them had been in the council room since before dawn has broken.”

“I wonder what mission we have missed.” Ginrin said with a thoughtful frown. “I guess it will be something to ask Natsu when we get back. I would rather have been out on a real mission than stuck being a babysitter. Though that reminds me, I thought the Konoha council was announcing Naruto’s bloodline and actions during the Uchiha clan attack to the public this morning. That was the whole reason our team was sent to watch over him with so much haste. We are to protect him and deter any would be mob that might arise from the announcement. But I hadn’t seen or heard so much as a news crier the whole morning.”

“I guess that mysterious S-rank mission the Hokage called must have derailed those plans.” Banii said with a shrug, flipping her blond mane over her shoulder as she began stacking the supplies she brought back into the cupboards. “How’s the kid doing anyway?”

“He has locked himself up in his apartment since he woke up this morning. The kid is incredibly boring…” Ginrin said shaking his head.

“Or maybe not as boring as you think.” A voice interrupted him. Ginrin turned around to see Tetsuki, his third team member, and the one who was supposed to currently keep an eye on Naruto from across the street, entering the living room of the apartment. There was a grim look in Tetsuki’s eyes that caused Ginrin to stiffen.

“What happened?” Ginrin asked, putting down the kunai he was sharpening, standing up to look at Tetsuki.

“The little imp has given us the slip.” Tetsuki said with reluctant admiration. “I have children of my own, so I thought it was weird that an eight year old boy would spend his entire morning reading in his room. I popped closer to his apartment to check up on him and realised that the amount of chakra he possessed was very much lesser than what I sensed last night.”

Ginrin narrowed his eyes. “He used a shadow clone as a decoy?” At Tetsuki’s nod, Ginrin cursed, though a smile of reluctant admiration crossed his face. “I knew he was onto us. Though to have that level of environmental detection skill in someone so young, it is almost unheard of. Is it possible he have long range chakra detection skill?”

“I can’t really tell.” Tetsuki said with a helpless shrug. “None of us in the team are real chakra sensors, and even the sensors in our clan would have difficulty determining the type of chakra sense someone has. But that’s not the only scary thing about the boy.” Tetsuki continued, drawing Ginrin and Banii’s attention. “The shadow clone he left in his room has Chunin level chakra reserves. My chakra sensing might be limited in range, but it is pretty accurate when it comes to gauging chakra reserves.”

Banii arched her eyebrow. “That kid’s a real chakra monster. Where are Haabu and Koubutsu anyway? If that Uzuamki kid has given us the slip, we need everyone to begin finding him.”

“I sent them out into the streets to gather information about the news the village council was supposed to release.” Ginrin said with a frown. “I will call them back to help with the search. In the meantime Tetsuki and Banii, search the neighbouring areas for any signs of the boy. Once Haabu and Koubutsu are back, we’ll do a wider spectrum search.”

“Hai!” Tetsuki and Banii said, their hands flickering into the Body Flicker Technique before they vanished out of the apartment in a gust of wind.

Ginrin reach into his pouch to adjust the team’s radio transmitter. “Haabu, Koubutsu. I need the two of you back at the apartment now, there has been a situation…”


1 hour ago, opposite the street from Naruto’s apartment

Kagu Uchiha frowned as she remained hidden in the shadows, on top of an apartment building, watching the Senju clowns watch Naruto Uzumaki’s apartment.

“Why are we doing this?” Kagu asked, moaning a little to her teacher. Shadou Uchiha was a stern unyielding man, who was one of the few Uchiha Jonin left without serious injuries, after what was now being termed as the Uchiha Massacre. He was one of the best Taijutsu specialist in the clan, and Kagu had been apprenticed to him ever since she graduated from the Academy three years ago. “That Senju team is more than enough to look after an eight year old, why do we have to be around to make sure he is safe?”

“You know why.” Shadou said sternly. “He and his teacher were instrumental in preventing a full massacre on the clan when Madara attacked with those traitors. From the Anbu reports, Madara apparently tried to kill the boy when he discovered him helping us in our clan. We as the Uchiha have our honor. The blood debt our clan owned to the boy must be repaid. Not to mention those Senju fools are pathetic enough to lose the boy’s trail, you really think they can protect an eight year old from our clan’s most infamous ninja?”

“He also slipped past us, and we can’t find him anywhere in the village.” Kagu grumpily pointed out the facts. “Now we’re all waiting here, hoping that he’ll return soon from wherever he went. But that’s beside the point, even if Madara really goes after this kid for personal vendetta, there’s nothing the two of us even counting the Senju team, can do against him.”

“There’s a reason the two of us were sent here by the council.” Shadou said looking disapprovingly at Kagu. She might had felt abashed by the look in the past, but she was too used to his mannerism that it did not have much effect on her now. “Aside from our… new clan head and a few others, we’re among the fastest ninja in the clan. We can at least stall and take the boy to safety if any attacks happened.”

“Much good that will do us.” Kagu muttered under her breath. She stiffened as a flicker of movement at one of Uzumaki’s apartment windows caught her eye.

“The boy has returned.” Shadou said, a look of approval in his eyes as he observed the Uzumaki apartment. He had caught sight of the movement as well. “That was an impressive use of the Body Flicker technique, especially for someone his age. Almost precise control and power over the technique, he really is a true prodigy.”

“I can run faster than that without using the Body Flicker at all.” Kagu commented in a tone of disparity.

“Yes you could do that, after years of physical training and having me beat it into you.” Shadou commented bluntly, causing Kagu to wince. “For a boy his age, having that level of Body Flicker mastery puts him on par with some of the more specially trained Chunin border scouts.”

Channelling chakra to her eyes, Kagu sharpened her sight and looked into the boy’s apartment. “He looks like he has been out training. He’s covered with bruises and sweat. I thought his teacher is still missing?”

“The Hokage called off the search after the S-rank mission yesterday night.” Shadou revealed. “It’s possible the boy’s teacher is still alive and has continued training him. Or the Uzumaki boy might have decided to do his own training.”

“What did happen last night?” Kagu asked, perking up at the more interesting topic. “I know you talked to Shusui this morning, when we dropped by the clan compound during the search for the boy. What did he tell you?”

“Something that does not concern my annoying apprentice.” Shadou said stoically. “Now settle down, I will take first watch, you get a little sleep for the night.”

“This is the first ‘mission’ in Konoha where I have to sleep in a bed roll on a chilly apartment top, while my very comfy residence is only a few miles away.” Kahi grumbled as she began lying out her bed roll.

“The council is trying to get hold of an apartment in the area where we can better observe and protect the boy from.” Shadou stated simply. “But it will take time. The clan funds are needed to pay for the repairs of all the destroyed properties in the clan compound. At the current time, the Uchiha council can’t afford to buy out a tenant with enormous sums of money like the Senju clan did. Get use to your bed roll, because that will be what you will be sleeping in, until either our clan or the Senju gets custody of the boy…”


Present time… Physical location – Naruto’s apartment

It was as though the air had shattered into a million sparkling shards. It felt as though the very air around him had been electrified. He was falling… no he was soaring… in a sea of fractured shards of luminous flickering images.

He could sense the presence of old man Hokage next to him, but it was as though he was frozen entirely, able to only see forward, as he was pulled and pushed by unknown forces towards destinations unknown.

As he flew past the shards, he saw…

The Senju council meeting to discuss about him…

He thought he saw himself back in his own room, after helping to take down Root the previous night…

He saw Hinata…

He saw the Senju team watching over him as dawn breaks over Konoha…

He saw the Uchiha duo sent to watch him…

He saw…

He saw…

His head pounded, the images coming at him too fast for him to completely comprehend. For a moment it was as though he was seeing through the very fabrics of time, to the very source, the essence of everything in the world.

His mind went blank as his brain gave up the struggle to understand or remember all the things he had seen. A doorway appeared in front of him and he flew right through it. It took him several long moments before he regained control of his mental state, as he began blinking, peering around him in a blur of bewilderment.

He had exited the strange tunnel of shattered shards, nearly collapsing onto what seemed to be a brown brick floor, inscribed with a set of enormous circular seal array giving off a mild golden glow. He looked up and felt his chest constrict, his breath wheezing out of him as he saw what was in front of him and what he was standing on.

Seemingly endless rows of shelves stretched out in front of him, into the far horizon. Looking around him, he discovered that he was standing on a brown brick circular platform that seemed to be floating slightly above the nearest shelves. He could see no walls around him, just endless rows of shelves filled with scrolls and books. There was sufficient ambient light illuminating the whole place, but there were no obvious light source around him.

A flicker of movement at the edge of his vision caused him to turn around. Naruto blinked as he saw old man Hokage standing beside him, the older man releasing his hand from Naruto’s shoulders. The expression on the old man’s face was filled with wistfulness and also joy as he looked around him.

“What is this plac…” Naruto began but Old man Hokage interrupted him with a smile. The older man’s eyes roamed around the chambers with a hint of remembrance and sadness.

“This… is your legacy, the true legacy of the Uzumaki clan.” Old man Hokage said gravely as he looked at Naruto. “The Library of the Uzumaki.”

Naruto blinked, remembering the strange cube with unknown seal arrays that had somehow brought both of them here. “So… You mean my ancestors actually managed to create a liveable environment within a storage seal of some kind? A sub-dimension of some sort which they set up to contain their knowledge? I thought that isn’t possible, the widely known limit of storage seals is that nothing living can be contained within the seals.”

“In a way you are correct, this place exists on a different plane of existence. However its raw form is not just a modular sub-dimension tied to the physical world, it is a malleable dimension created outside of space and time.” Old man Hokage said, smiling at Naruto. “I am surprised that you know the concept of dimensional space and storage seals. Even your father, the seal prodigy that he was, only really began his study of space-time after your mother… showed him her legacy.”

“Okay… so I take it this dimension we’re in right now is vastly different from the ones used by normal storage seals?” Naruto asked, even as he began looking around for a way to leave the podium they were on. The only way off the podium that he could see was to shelf hop all the way down to ground level.

“This dimension is not a self-contained dimension created by modified storage seals, tied to the physical world.” Old man Hokage explained. “It is in fact a sealed and mutable dimension space permanently etched into a hidden corner of our plane of existence. The unique seal arrays on The Legacy, the metal cube that you use to transverse here, actually creates a pathway cutting through space-time. The pathway connects the user of The Legacy, and those physically in contact with him at the time of activation, to the dimensional space.” Old man Hokage grinned as he waved at his body. “One thing you should take note is that we are actually not existing physically in this dimension.”

“What do you mean?” Naruto asked with a start, even as he sent another mental command to Sica. Usually Sica would have provided him with some information by now.

“It might be best for me to let you in a piece of Uzumaki history, so that you can better understand what is going on.” Old man Hokage said, his eyes glinting with humour. “This was told by your mother, to both me and your father, when she first allowed us to enter The Legacy with her.

“According to Uzumaki legend, long ago the Senju clan exiled a group of their inner council due to political reasons. The handful of exiles began their own clan, which began the founding of the Uzumaki. Later generations would mend ties with the Senju clan, but during the beginning, the clan was small, and wholly unremarkable until the third generation of the clan. Hakusho Uzumaki was the fourth son of the Second Uzumaki clan head. He was also the man who would change the clan’s fortune. He was considered a clan legend among the Uzumaki, though few outside the clan knew of this legend.

“In his youth, the only noteworthy thing about Hakusho was his fascination of the pre-cataclysm ruins and his scholarly skills. During that point of history, the deadly mists surrounding some of the ruins were beginning to dissipate, and there was a rush of adventurers’ making their fortunes by finding old artifacts or objects of power. The deterioration on the ruins meant that not much items of significance managed to survive, but enough new finds were brought forth to the world that made a handful of explorers rich, and expanded the knowledge of electric and mechanical arts in the Elemental countries.

“Hakusho Uzumaki was fortunate or unfortunate, depending on one’s point of view, enough to discover an artifact that according to your clan legend, predates even the pre-cataclysm period. There was not much known about the artifact. What was known much later was that the artifact implanted an entire repository of knowledge, most of it about exotic seals, into Hakusho’s mind, which caused his mental state to deteriorate rapidly.

“By the time his exploration party managed to bring him back to his clan, Hakusho was a jabbering mess. He was able to understand what others were saying, but when he spoke, it was in a language no one had ever heard before. The clan healer diagnosed that Hakusho’s brain was somehow breaking down due to the enormous stress of what happened, and that he would not have long to live.

“Hakusho must have understood what it meant, it was said that he secluded himself for several days. The Legacy was created by him during that time. According to the Uzumaki clan’s legend, Hakusho dragged himself to the Uzumaki council with the last of his strength, holding onto the metal cube, and in the first understandable words he had spoken since he returned to the clan, he was able to explain what happened to him, and passed on the cube as his Legacy to the clan.

“He told the council that he had extracted all of the foreign knowledge implanted into his mind and had secluded them in a separate dimension. This became a library of knowledge that the Uzumaki clan could later access. Hakusho passed away soon after his last great act, as his damaged mind gave up on him. But his Legacy empowered the clan to be able to later stand amongst the Senju and Uchiha clans in power.”

“So… this Library of the Uzumaki… is actually formed from the extracted memories of one of my ancestors?” Naruto asked slowly, trying to comprehend what he had learnt. “After some unknown artifact dump an entire repository of foreign knowledge into him?”

“In a way, yes. Artifacts from pre-cataclysm periods are dangerous for a reason, much less artifacts from a period predating that. It was said the Old Gods who birthed humanity into this world left powerful artifacts hidden in various corners of the world after they left for the heavens. Old manuscripts of pre-cataclysm era spoke of how several of those artifacts were found, how some could turn fertile lands to deserts, or sink continents into oceans, or transmute a whole civilization into a tree that touched the heavens. There are much suppositions among scholars in our era that those artifacts of the Old Gods might have been the cause of the later cataclysm, centuries after they left.” Old man Hokage said simply as Naruto widened his eyes in interest.

“I never knew the ancient artifacts could do this…” Naruto said in shock, wondering if those artifacts were advanced technologies of some kind. “I don’t think there’s anything about pre-cataclysm artifacts in the academy library, I would have found some information on them if that’s the case.”

“Konoha is a ninja village, our libraries tend to contain information our ninjas can use in their career, rather than scholarly knowledge like these. If you go to the Fire capital where the Metalworkers and Scholars have set up their bases, you might be able to find more information from them.” Old man Hokage said with a chuckle. “I do collect old manuscripts from the pre-cataclysm era in my spare time, carefully sealed away to prevent them from deteriorating further. Perhaps one day, I may show you those collections.”

“I will like that.” Naruto said eagerly, even as he sent a mental probe to Sica. He was beginning to get anxious at the continued silence from his only true companion. All these new information about pre-cataclysm era artifacts were new to him. Depending on whether they were fact or fiction, he might be able to convince Sica to re-evaluate the technological level of his world, and allow him to release more advance technologies into his world.

“But that’s enough about old manuscripts from the pre-cataclysm. Tell me Naruto, have you heard of Yin chakra?” Old man Hokage asked.

Naruto nodded. “Yin chakra is an exotic chakra element that’s often paired with Yang chakra. On its own, it is the basis of imagination and spiritual energy, used to perform…” Naruto trailed off, sprouting knowledge he had learnt from Sica before realising what he just said. He looked around the seemingly physical and endless library in front of him, and recalled what the Hokage had said much earlier about them not existing physically. Mouth opening in shock, he turned back to the old man. “You mean this whole place is made up of Yin chakra?”

“Yes… yes it is.” Old man Hokage said, eyeing Naruto in surprise. “That was surprisingly knowledgeable and deductive of you. It seems your teacher trained you remarkably well.”

“So when you say we are not physically here, you mean we are actually Yin elemental copies of ourselves? Like elemental clones?” Naruto asked, finally understanding why he could not reach Sica.

If he was a Yin clone formed within this dimension, it was doubtful Sica’s functionalities would be fully brought over. The Shadow Clone technique was the only clone technique he had tried in the past that fully replicate Sica with all its capabilities. The basic academy clone technique, wood clone technique and other elemental clone techniques he tried had all produced clones with Sica devices that were not operational. That was one reason he had stuck to using the Shadow Clone technique, even though each of the elemental clones have their strength and weakness.

“I guess calling our forms in this dimension Yin clones is not incorrect. It is very much like how the Yamanaka clan does their mind walking techniques.” Old man Hokage said with a pondering smile. He motioned Naruto to follow him to the edge of the podium. “Come, let me show you the library, as your mother had once showed me.” The Hokage said, giving Naruto an amused look, as he stepped off the podium, standing on air before an amazed Naruto.

“I didn’t know ninjas can walk on air.” Naruto said shocked. He had never heard Sica mention any air walking techniques before.

“Ninjas can’t walk on air. No one that I know of have enough chakra control to infuse and create a solid chakra platform in the air.” Old man Hokage said simply, his voice changing into a more lecturing tone. “Yin chakra is basically mental energies. This whole place is formed from mental energies, as are we. In this dimension, your own thoughts can shape the environment around you, or even yourself to a limited extend. Your ancestor built several safe guards when he created The Legacy, the major one is that the shelves containing the representations of his extracted knowledge can never be destroyed. There are others, which unfortunately I do not know about. Whatever safeguards that exists however, do not stop you from using ‘mental suggestions’ on yourself… for instance, suggesting to yourself that you are able to walk on air.” The Hokage said as he calmly turned and began walking down to ground level, as if he was standing on invisible stairs.

Naruto gaped at the older man who was already half way down. Biting his lips, taking a deep breath, Naruto decided to test out what old man Hokage had suggested. He did tense his body to jump to the closest shelf if his test attempt failed. Taking a deep breath, he leapt off the podium and focused on the thought that he could fly.

As if his body had wings, he soared in the air for a moment, before gaining enough control to follow the Hokage to the ground level. The older man smiled at the look of wonder on Naruto’s face, before motioning for him to follow. His feet touching the grey cobblestones of ground level, Naruto looked around him. All around him were shelves packed with scrolls and tomes. There was also a cleared space underneath the floating podium where a single book stand stood, with a thick tome placed on its holder. As the Hokage began to move to the closest shelf, Naruto scrambled after him, daunted by the sight of the seemingly infinite library.

“Now there are several important details you need to know about your legacy.” Old man Hokage said seriously. “First and foremost, only a true blooded Uzumaki can open a connection between the physical world and this dimension. At the current moment, that consists only of you.

“Secondly, much of the library actually contains the extracted foreign repository of knowledge from Hakusho Uzumaki. Towards his end days, when he was creating The Legacy, he was able to decipher and understand some of those foreign information in his head and use those knowledge to create The Legacy. When the foreign repository of knowledge was extracted out of his head into The Legacy, they became the scrolls and tomes you see on the shelves. Those scrolls and tomes are the mental representation of his knowledge.” The Hokage explained even as he began rummaging through some of the scrolls close to him.

“Now these two scrolls are a good example.” Old man Hokage said as he took two scrolls from the shelf. He unrolled the first one to reveal a series of unidentifiable words outlining some diagrams. “As you noticed, this scroll contains a language much different than the one we know of. This is an ancient language that probably exists during pre-cataclysm era or maybe even earlier. Your ancestors calls it the language of the gods, based on their assumption that the artifact which passed Hakusho Uzumaki all these knowledge was left by the old gods.”

Old man Hokage then unrolled the second scroll, which revealed another series of unidentifiable words. At the end of the unidentifiable words were what seemed to be actual translations of the unidentifiable words in the common language. “The second scroll contains translations of the ancient language into the common tongue used today. This is actually one of the few tiny portion of what Hakusho managed to translate and decipher, before he extracted his implant knowledge and placed them here.

“Subsequent generations of the Uzumaki made used of the translated scrolls and tomes to come up with a translation codex for the rest of the scrolls and tomes in Ancient tongue. That codex is contained within the Uzumaki Codex, the big tome located under the floating podium.” The Hokage said pointing behind them towards the tome on the book stand. “Throughout the centuries, before the destruction of the Uzumaki clan, they managed to translate hundreds of scrolls and tomes through generations of effort, unlocking rare seal knowledge that empowered them.

“Their power over Seal mastery became their downfall when some of the nations grew fearful of their power and destroyed them. Your mother Kushina and the wife of the First Hokage, Mito Uzumaki, were the only known survivors from the Uzumaki’s main bloodline.” Old man Hokage stated seriously. “Though your ancestors made great efforts in translating the ancient knowledge passed to them by Hakusho, they have not even managed to translate a quarter of the knowledge contained here. Each of the Uzumaki who have translated a scroll or tome, would form a duplicate copy of the same scroll or tome in the common tongue, and place them back onto the shelves. The Uzumaki clan saw it as their personal mission to fully translate all the knowledge contained in The Legacy.

“After the death of Lady Mito, your mother as the last surviving member of the Uzumaki bloodline, broke clan protocol by bringing your father, my wife, me and a few others, in to help with translating whatever scrolls or tomes we could in our lifetime.” The Hokage said in fond memories, a look of sadness crossing his eyes. “We also duplicated some of our knowledge to store in the Legacy, as a form of indirect payment to future Uzumaki descendants, for use of this… sacred space.

“This was where your father first gained the knowledge and idea to improve the Flying Thunder God Technique that was created by the Second Hokage. The improved Flying Thunder God Technique was what earned your father the title of “The Yellow Flash” during the Third Ninja war. The copy of his improved technique should be here somewhere. Your parents spent a lot of time here, before your birth. Where you was conceived, the protective measures in The Legacy prevented Kushina from activating it during her pregnancy. No one has been here since then.” Old man Hokage said looking at the shelves around them. “I remember your parents have a special corner set up with their own memory archives, but it has been years and I can’t seem to recall where it was.”

“I am sure I have all the time in the world to look around.” Naruto said his heart leaping at the thoughts that he might have some mementos of his birth parents, their own stored memories to look into.

“Yes you will wouldn’t you?” Old man Hokage said, smiling idly. “One last thing. As this dimension is outside of space and time, when we return back to our bodies, it will be at the exact moment we left it. To leave the dimension, you need to return to the seal array on the podium and activate it by saying the word ‘Return’ while touching the middle of the seal. If you bring a non-Uzumaki into The Legacy, they need to be standing with you in the seal array, or they will remain trapped here. It has never been tested, but I am sure it would lead to unpleasant circumstances if someone is trapped in The Legacy while disconnected from their physical bodies. Without the seal bridge linking our yin selves to our physical selves, our bodies will continue aging as time moves on in the physical world.”

“I get that.” Naruto said with a nod. He hesitated before moving forward and hugged the older man awkwardly. “Thank you old man, for telling me… for giving me this… legacy from mom and dad.”

“It is the least I can do for you.” The Hokage said with a smile. “What you do with the knowledge within The Legacy is up to you. But remember, knowledge is power, and those who wield great power must use it responsibly. Remember the Will of Fire, the legacy of the First Hokage.”

“I will.” Naruto promised, his mind whirling at the wealth of knowledge before him. As soon as he returned to his physical body, he would need to get Sica’s opinion on this. “I will. And I will need your help with this. There is no way I can translate even a small portion of… this alone.”


Pangalactic Federation Codex

– Compiled by by Dr. Reimi Saionji (Head Linguist, Historian and Diplomat 1-A of the USTA)

A.D. 2064: World War III broke out after several clashes between World Republic Federation, the ruling government on Earth, and their enemies. Both factions of the war utilized Weapons of Mass Destruction, razing the lands on Earth. This was known as the Shattering, and it was one of humanity’s darkest era.

A.D. 2072: Dr. Arnold Maverick of the Smithson Institute found the remains of an ancient civilization on humanity’s home planet, Earth. The razed and uninhabitable landscape of Earth had been rearranged, opening up areas that were previously undiscovered by Man.

DNA of this ancient race was extracted from a corpse contained in a 12,000 year old sarcophagus. DNA testing revealed that the genes of this race bears remarkable similarities to humanity.

Project Hope, classified Top Secret by the government of that era, tried to combine the ancient race’s DNA with modern human DNA, in order to create superhumans. It was later revealed none of the experimentations were successful.




Village Hidden in the Bay (Worm/Naruto) (Chapter Four)

Story Title: Village Hidden in the Bay

Crossover: Worm/ Naruto

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction. No profit is made from the story. Just a fan’s way of keeping the fandoms alive.

Summary: She was destined to be the saviour of her world. She was the fated antihero, coming into power on Jan 2011. Yet webs of fate could be altered. Realities away, a forbidden technique was used, and the web of destiny… was shattered.

Chapter Four – Change is Coming

Reality 8757-A41, Brockton Bay, 30th June 2010

Ashley Medina paused at the threshold of the job agency. Feeling weary as she looked at the small ground floor office that she had been in and out of, for the past two weeks. Ever since her husband died after being stabbed by some Empire Eighty-Eight gang thugs, she had been finding whatever jobs she could, just to keep the bills paid, to keep her son fed.

Selling off her two roomed apartment while getting a smaller place downtown had kept the family going for four months, but the funds were running low again, and if she did not find work again, she might have to pull her son Trevor out of school. It was a situation she would rather not have occurring. Her son needed to be educated, so he would have a prospect in future. But a Hispanic women with only High school education, had very few job choices in Brockton Bay.

She had been rejected for jobs more time than she could count, but she had to keep trying, if only for her son. Gathering up her resolve, she stepped into the office. The receptionist gave her a dismissive look after taking down her details. Ashley waited for several minutes on the dusty red couch which had seen better days. Surprisingly, someone came to get her faster than her usual wait.

She was led to an interview room. Her heart sank as she saw the job agent she was paired to, sitting next to a beautiful young white woman who was most probably the employer. She knew what would happen. The young woman would reject her because of her skin colour or some other faults, she would be sent back home to wait for another call…

“Ah so you are Ashley Medina.” The young woman said, getting up, clasping Ashley’s hands with a warm smile. Ashley paused in surprise, usually her agent would introduce her, and she had never seen any of the potential employers being so warm and friendly. Her agent blinked, apparently similarly surprised.

“Ashley, this is Ms. Helena Roberts, she is a stall vendor at Lord Street Market. Her business has been booming in over just a week, and she had decided to hire more help.” The job agent introduced as all of them sat down. “She has finished hiring the help she needed for her new warehouse. You are called here today because you are one of four women Ms. Helen has selected to be her stall assistants.”

“You will be paid fifteen dollars hourly. Eight hours work day, five days a week. Rest days are on weekdays, on rotation with other workers.” Ms. Helen stated, causing Ashley’s eyes to widen at the sum of money offered. On a good day, she might earn five dollars an hour, compared to that, the sum offered was huge. “I will be renting two stalls in Lord Street Market starting tomorrow. You will be managing one of the stalls with another woman I will be hiring. The contract is for one week, but as my business grows, I will be able to offer you a permanent position, with the related medical benefits. Are you fine with this offer?”

“Wait… you are offering the job to me now? Without an interview?” Ashley asked wide eyed, she had never expected the white woman to hire her in the first place.

“I have seen your resume as well as the two commendations your past employers have given you.” Ms. Helen said with a smile. “You are a hardworking worker, I need someone like you. Will you take up the job?”

“I…” Ashley said in surprise before quickly recovering. She needed the job, especially if it paid this well. “Yes! Of course!”

“Good Mrs. Medina, I will need you to sign this contract.” The job agent said pushing a stack of forms towards her. “Work will begin tomorrow at the stated location. As stipulated in the contract, you will be doing the following tasks…”

The agent droned on as she explained the contract to Ashley in detail. In a haze, she signed it at the end.

“Good Ashley.” Ms. Helena smiled at her. “Welcome to the team.”


It was afternoon by the time Taylor reached home. After nine days of hectic sales in Lord Street Market and a morning of planning for future, she could finally take a break. Her business had doubled and tripled following the days after her TV interview in Helen Roberts’ persona.

In total sales, she had made nineteen thousand, five hundred and thirty five. It was an unbelievable sum of money that even she had trouble comprehending. But of course, unlike normal businesses, she had no production costs or overheads, which explained her enormous profits. The amount of goods she could make was dependant on her chakra, and her chakra reserve was slowly increasing every day, which meant more goods and more potential sales.

More than half the profits she made were gained once she began fulfilling the furniture sales. “Hand crafted” furniture cost a lot out in the market, and hers were cheaper, yet sturdier and made of quality wood. Once her reputation began to build, more furniture orders started coming in. A portion of her profits had went into hiring a mover truck team of four men and to rent a warehouse near Lord Street Market after the fifth day. The furniture would be deposited by Taylor into the warehouse, after which the mover team would access the warehouse to ferry the furniture to the buyers.

Part of her profits also went into extending her current stall lease. As of yesterday, she had renewed the contract of her stall for another week. She had also taken over the rental of the stall beside hers, renting it for a full week as well. This morning, in her Helena Roberts persona, she had hired four stall assistants for her two stalls. Each of them would work in rotations, with their off days being on weekdays. Thus there would be a minimum of three women working the stalls on weekdays, with all four present on the busy weekends.

By the time she paid off the job agencies, the movers, the rental for the stalls and warehouse, she had ten thousand, seven hundred and thirty five dollars of profits left. That lump sum of cash was sealed into a special seal array drawn onto her left breast. It was easily concealed, yet constantly on her body. Of course, her father would have a coronary if he thought Taylor had started tattooing her body.

Taylor did have to admit that while looking for an easily accessible spot on her body to draw the storage seal, she had chosen her current seal location mostly out of a hint of naughty thrill. The old Taylor would not have been caught dead with a “tattoo” drawn on her breast, but the new chakra wielding Taylor was a totally different girl.

She had changed a lot over the past weeks, becoming more confident of herself, and all of this was because of Hashirama. In over a month, with the awakening of her past self, Taylor finally felt that she had grappled back the reins of her life again. She had powers now, powers that were growing stronger with every day of training. She felt in control of her life. When she was acting as Helena for the past few days, she even managed to break out of her shell of solitude, playing the role of a cheerful beautiful young woman who had the world at her feet.

Hashirama never forced or instructed her to do anything she did not want to do, unless it was related to the training of her powers. Instead for the decisions she made with her life, he was just there to support and be a guiding voice. Sometimes it was like having a big brother hovering at the back of her head. He would be there to catch her if she falls, and sometimes, he could be a pain in the arse as well.

Like now.

You know I have been thinking. Hashirama was saying, as Taylor went over the business plan she had drawn up in her notepad with Hashirama’s occasional help. Now that you have begun your plans for business expansion and have hired more help, you don’t have to be in the market every day. And you have been doing quite well with your chakra training, you should take a few days’ break, go out into the world, find new friends and have a life!

“I do so have a life.” Taylor said mulishly. “Training and running a business is having a life. And I have to be around the stalls for the next few days to settle the new assistants in.”

Well the stall assistants will need some guidance at first, but after that, there’s no reason for you to manage the stalls every day. The whole point of hiring stall assistants is for them to run the stalls while leaving you free to do other things. Hashirama pointed out. And please don’t tell me you want to do more training. Even the Genin in the Ninja Academy have rest days to avoid burning out. You have been training none stop for a month after I gave you your chakra system. You need a break. Surely you have some hobbies other than training and selling things?

Taylor bit her lips. Memories of sleepovers with Emma in the past rised out of the depths of her mind. Emma had been her one and only friend, after Emma betrayed her… well, Taylor had no one else. “I have other hobbies.” Taylor stated, though even in her mind, she sounded uncertain. “I can go to the library.”

No. Hashirama said firmly. No conducting research on rest days. You already spent three evenings in the library researching the parahumans of Brockton Bay. That’s not rest, that’s work. Pick sometime else.

“I thought you said you will let me live my own life and make my own decisions.” Taylor growled.

I did. Hashirama said with the equivalent of a mental shrug. It doesn’t apply to this matter.

“What!” Taylor said narrowing her eyes. “You promised to only guide me except in terms of my training! How can you just change your promise like that?”

This is a unique circumstance. I am breaking the promise. Hashirama said simply in a voice of amusement. You will take a few off days after the sales assistants are settled in and do things that are not related to work or training.

“Or what?” Taylor said with a hint of challenge in her voice.

Or… I will sing in your head. Constantly. Hashirama said in a very smug mental tone. In high notes. I will even whistle. Mito once told me I could crack glass with my whistles.

“Argh! You are impossible!” Taylor said growling, shoulders slumping in defeat. She had never heard Hashirama sung before, but she had no doubt he could be extremely annoying if he put his mind into it. “Fine! I will have a few rest days where I do other things, after I trained up all the sales assistants, and make sure the business can run without me.”

Good. Hashirama said in satisfaction.

Muttering angrily to show Hashirama how displeased she was, Taylor stalked down into the basement, making her way to the underground bunkers. She had a few chakra intensive plans scheduled later during the day, but now that she was fully annoyed, she decided to settle those tasks first.

One of the major task for today was to build a new underground bunker. This new bunker would be her “Cape Cave” a place where she could create armour or weapons for herself, or store any future equipment she would be buying to make her own cape costume. Taylor was not planning to be a Hero, or out her existence to the local cape community anytime soon, but she was going to start preparing for the eventuality.

The cape cave will be constructed on the other end of the training bunker, with a path leading to the surface. Based on her plans, the upward path would be situated between the cape cave and the training bunker. The secondary surface entrance would come out of her own backyard, on the ground right next to her back door facing the side road. It would take several Genjutsu and Protection seal arrays to secure the new entrance from any unwanted sight or entry. The whole project would occupy her for several hours at least.

As she began to work, Hashirama started humming a happy tone.


Reality 8757-A41, Brockton Bay, 1st July 2010

The new job was… interesting. May Jihoo thought as she tended to the stall that she and her partner was in charge of. The stall she was handling sold a wide variety of bottled spices, traditional medicines and sweet smelling lotions. She and her partner also had to assist in taking down furniture orders based on a furniture catalogue placed next to the rosewood stall table.

The furniture listed in the catalogue was obviously hand crafted and of the highest quality. May had taken a look at the furniture catalogue during the down times, and had already spotted a few nice pieces she wanted to order for her place.

To be honest, there was no need for the petite dark haired woman to work. Born to a rich Korean-American family, her father left her with quite the inheritance. Her husband worked as an attorney in Leigh and Bayle, one of Brockton Bay’s most prestigious international law firm. Her only son Park Jihoo studied in Immaculata High, a prestigious private school in the nicest part of Brockton Bay. She was basically a rich man’s wife, a rich woman in her own right.

But there had also been a streak of rebelliousness within her. She had been the good daughter, the good wife all her life. The stay at home wife who dolls up, look pretty for her husband, and greet the guests. She gave up her ambitious for a career because that was not “her role”.

Then her father died. She discovered her husband had been having a long term affair with his secretary. Something within her had died. For a period, she had been broken, but she had come out of it stronger. To maintain the appearance of a healthy marriage, for her son’s sake, she and the scumbag of her husband had agreed not to divorce.

Her husband had continued his dalliance, while May had decided that now her son was able to take care of himself, she would begin living her own life, the life she wanted for herself. It was too difficult for her to begin any sort of career at her age with no working experience. Even if she had the capital to set up a company of her own, she had no idea what business she should start-up or invest in. And she was not going to accept any pity favours from her friends by taking up a job at their companies.

In the end, she decided to take up part time jobs that strike her interest, it would occupy her time and distract her from her husband’s affair. Not to mention it would shame her husband once news of her “acting out” spreads. Sure some of high society wives might snub her when they found out about her “eccentricities” but honestly after what she had been through, she could care less. She was going to take charge of her life and do what she wanted. This particular job falls under the category of “very interesting”.

Her new “Boss” the stalls’ owner was in fact getting quite a reputation in the higher echelon of Brockton Bay’s blue bloods. In part, it was because of the super model looks of the young owner. But a large reason was actually due to the quality products the young woman sold. Her beauty creams were rumoured to be one of the best smelling products in the market. Those who used it had claimed that their skin looked healthier and softer. Now that May was selling those products, she could at least attest to the fact that the creams and lotions smelled really good.

When May first met Helena Roberts at the job agency, the middle aged woman had been prepared to hate Helena just on the principles of the woman being prettier than her. But May had never been a petty woman, and when Helena had showed her a display of friendliness and sincerity, May had changed her mind about the young woman. Helena was no blond haired bimbo, in fact May knew that there was a brain in that pretty head, considering the young woman’s business success in a little more than a week since the start of her business.

The morning crowd had stunned May, but she was able to get on with the rhythm shortly after. The goods have been carefully tagged with prices so there was little chance for May to make a mistake. And after a while, May realised she was liking the banter with the customers while promoting her products. Especially since the products she was selling was already well received by the crowd.

Helena in the meantime was running between the two stalls she had rented. She would stay with May and her partner, Leia for a while, before moving to the next stall which was a fruits and flowers stall. There were two other women operating the stall which was doing quite a brisk business as well. May could certainly understand why. The fruits and flowers Helena were selling had a remarkable wholesome and vibrant appearance. In fact all the products Helena put on sale had a certain high quality feel to them.

Though the stall had a shelter, May managed to work up a healthy tan by late afternoon. The crowd might have lessened, but a large number of tourists and locals still dropped by the stalls. A few were apparently regulars, like the stern faced Chinese looking man that just walked up to the stall. The man was tall and lanky, scars decorated his bare arms, and he gave off an intense presence.

“The usual.” The man said, after looking at the stall and its sister stall beside it.

“Oh.” May said quickly taking out a notepad where Helena had written out instructions and orders earlier in the day. Helena had just left for a toilet break, she or her partner would have to deal with the customer. “My apologies, this is my first day here, you are Mr…?”

“Hao. Just Mr. Hao.” The man said curtly.

May quickly glanced down the notepad, finding the man’s name and his regular orders. “Alright 6 bottles of saffron, 10 bottles of pepper, 10 bottles of cinnamon powder and 10 bottles of chilli coming right up.” May said, smiling at the man as she quickly packed his orders. “That’s a big order. You are a cook?” May asked, making small talk as she worked. At the other end of the stall, her partner Leia was attending to someone else, though the woman was shooting skittish looks at her.

“No.” The man said bluntly, seemingly hostile and not willing to indulge in any small talk. He also glowered at her, most probably to shut her up. The look was fierce enough to cause May to stiffen for a moment. Then her hackles began to raise as she glared back at the man. Mr. Hao was acting as though she had offended him or something.

“My sister runs a restaurant, I just help her pick up the spices.” The man finally relented when May refused to back down from the staring contest.

“Well that’s ninety two dollars in total.” May stated as she handed over the package. As Mr. Hao passed her the money, she added candidly. “You might try shaving your eyebrows a little.”

“What!” Mr. Hao said, giving her a stunned look at her off-hand comment.

“You seemed like someone that frowns a lot.” May said, still feeling upset over the antagonizing attitude the man had given her, putting a bit of bite in her comment. “You might want to try shaving your eyebrows a little so that they don’t look like giant caterpillars when you scrunch your face at people.”

“…” The man stared at her wordlessly before turning around and walking off into the crowd.

“Wow May… that was very brave of you.” Leia said, walking towards her, the woman’s eyes were wide as saucers.

“Brave?” May stared at her in confusion. “I was just telling off a rude customer.”

“You were just telling off… didn’t you see the tattoo on his left biceps?” Leia said gaping at her. “He’s from ABB!”

“Oh!” May said, suddenly feeling a little faint. ABB was one of the two most powerful villain gang in Brockton Bay, even the Protectorate had difficulties dealing with them. “Oh dear, I didn’t see that tattoo.”

“Do you think we should tell Helena?” Leia asked nervously. “In case ABB send some of its members to cause trouble?”

“I… I don’t think they would dare do anything here in broad daylight.” May said feeling a chill down her spine. “But yes, I think it is best for me to talk to Helena when she gets back…”


Hao Yi, better known to the world as the cape Oni Lee, stalked through the crowd, finally reaching the western end of Lord Street Market, where his siblings ran a small Chinese restaurant. There was a small crowd dining in when he entered. His younger brother, officially the owner of the restaurant, was at the counter when he entered. The two brothers nodded to each other as Hao Yi made way for the kitchen, where his older sister served as the restaurant’s head cook.

“Er Di!” Lai Hua smiled as he entered the kitchen, depositing the package of spices on her table. She put down her ladle as she turned to greet him in Chinese. It was an endearment she had called him by since young, because he was the second child in the family. “Have you eaten? I came up with a new hot and spicy recipe with cubed pork and chicken.”

“I can’t stay.” Hao Yi said, looking around the crowded kitchen. “I need to leave for work after this.”

Lai Hua stilled, the smile dropping from her lips, her right hand latching on his arm tightly. Then without a word, she began pulling him after her, towards the storage room. Pushing Hao Yi in, his sister entered, closing the door, shutting out the noises of the busy kitchen. She stared at the floor, not facing Hao Yi as she spoke with a tone of resignment.

“Can’t you just not go?” Lai Hua asked softly, her shoulders slumping in defeat. “I saw the news last week. Fifteen people. The news were saying fifteen people were killed by your bombs and knives. Please Hao Yi, it has been more than a year. You have helped Lung set up his drug empire. You’ve long repaid our blood debt to him. Please brother… just leave the gang.”

“Those people were from Empire Eighty-Eight, they are white supremacists!” Hao Yi said as Lai Hua glared at him, tears in her eyes.

“They are still people. Living breathing people with families of their own!” Lai Hua hissed at him, anger and a hint of horror at what he had done showing in her eyes. “Why can’t you just scare them off? You are a god damn cape! They are just ordinary people, like me… and Dai Men.” She said sternly as she mentioned their younger brother.

“I am Lung’s main enforcer I have to show our enemies that ABB is not a force to be tangled with. There can be no mercy. Everyone I kill attest to the power of the ABB, it keeps the vultures from targeting the gang.” Hao Yi said, his countenance unyielding. He loved his sister, he would do anything for his siblings, but there were some matters he could not cave in, even for them. This was one of them. “Lung rescued us from China. He kept me free from the Yàngbǎn. Our debt to him can never be repaid. Please Lai Hua, don’t ask this of me.”

Lai Hua shuddered at his words, tears dropping silently onto the floor as Hao Yi moved passed her. Giving one last look at his sister, he walked out of the storage room. He could not afford to be affected by his sister’s conscience or tears, for he had made his path long ago. He had given away his heart and morals, for the safety and freedom of his family. To him, that was a fair trade.

His hands wept with the blood of more than a hundred people by now, but there was no room for regret, for his fate was already set in stone. Lai Hua could not understand that. Once you were in ABB, the only way to leave the gang was in a body bag, buried six feet under. And the families of the gang deserters suffered worst fates than that, not to mention the other threat Lung still held over his family.

Lung held a set of documents that must never fall into any governments’ hands. For should the truth about his family be revealed, he and his siblings would be hunted by all the governments in the world. And there would be no hiding from that.

His siblings were all that he had left. He had to protect them.

In the end, his sacrifice… was necessary.


Reality 8757-A41, Brockton Bay, 3rd July 2010

Lisa Wilbourn was intrigued.

She had made her morning rounds, spotting a few rich and careless marks in the crowded Lord Street Market, and lifted enough cash off them to last her for another few days. She had tried getting jobs at first to get some steady form of income, but not many people wanted to hire a sixteen year old for serious jobs. She could not exactly tell everyone “Hey I am a Thinker. Let me work for you! I can tell you everyone’s secrets in less than five minutes!”

Her brief stint as a dishwasher, a newspaper girl, and a cleaner, taught her that it was much easier for her to use her powers to start a thieving career, rather than to do manual labour for a pitiful sum of money. There was also the fact that the more she uses her power to observe and analyse her surroundings for easy marks, the more she had control over her ability. It was as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Lord Street Market had been her hunting grounds for the past two week, though Lisa knew she needed to find another area to pickpocket soon. She had been noticing an increased in security officers patrolling the area. A few of them seemed to be specifically looking for someone. Lisa doubted she had appeared on anyone’s radar yet, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Though she knew she had to stop hunting in the market area soon, the catch had been good while it lasted. The market area was where Lisa first supported the mystery that had been eating at her for the past few days. She still remember what happened clearly. It had been the third day since she came to Lord Street Market to hunt for easy marks. She had been lifting the pockets of a portly young man when she had spotted Her.

Helena Roberts, allegedly a beautiful young stall owner who rented a stall in Lord Street Market. She gained quite an online reputation on the internet after a video of her facing off a rogue cape got onto the parahuman forum. Her business had literally bloomed within a week, and she apparently made enough profits to rent two stalls side by side to hawk her wares. She even hired four assistants to assist her, which spoke of how much profits she had already made.

Fruits, flowers, spices, herbs, traditional medicine, lotions and hand crafted furniture orders. All those were products Helena was selling or promoting, and all of those products were of the highest quality Lisa had ever seen. But things just did not add up. With just a look, Lisa could tell that the row of watermelons on sale were the biggest and sweetest watermelon she had ever seen. She had no idea how she could tell how the watermelons taste with a look, but she guessed that the vibrant colours of the watermelons actually meant something to her power.

The flowers were of the brightest and sweetest smelling bunch Lisa had ever seen outside of a digitally enhanced image. The spices were of the highest quality and cheaper than normal market prices, the bottles that contained them were also made of high quality oak. Who the hell use expensive oak bottles to contain products without taking into account the price of the actual bottles’ production?

And the thing was, all of those products… were uniform, seamlessly uniform. All the watermelons were of the exact roundness and pattern, exact duplicates of each other. The flowers had the same bright colours and petal arrangements, exact duplicates again. The oak bottles were seamless and duplicates of each other. All the other products were exact duplicates of each other except for the spices, medicine and lotions. It was as though someone had invented a plant Xerox machine and had created duplicated copies of almost everything!

Then there was Helena herself. The first time Lisa had set eyes on her, her power had only screamed one word to her. FAKE!

FAKE! what? Lisa had no idea. Her power could tell her if someone had gotten a nose job with a look. She could tell if this guy had liposuction, that woman had breast implants, but every time she looked at Helena with her power activated, there was only one word. FAKE!

The mystery of what Helena really was had eaten at Lisa from the first day she spotted the woman and her stall(s) of Xerox plant goods. Lisa literally could not sleep most nights because she kept wondering what was wrong with the woman. What does FAKE! means?

She could of course let her curiosity go, after all she was trying to keep a low profile. But a part of her wanted to find the real answers. Her powers had never failed her before, this was the first time she actually went up against someone she could not understand instantly with her powers. It became something of a personal challenge to her. After all she had a lot of free time these days, unrevealing the mystery of Helena Roberts seemed like a worthy entertainment for her afternoons.

She perched on a container in a side alley, where she had a clear view of Helena’s stalls while remaining hidden in the shadows. The woman was currently bustling around the two stalls as she and her assistants coped with the lunch crowd. Lisa narrowed her eyes at the woman, eyeing each part of Helena’s body, wondering which part of the woman was FAKE! She could not even read Helena’s body movements with all the FAKE! interference she was getting.

Based on the information she had gathered with her power, Lisa knew that Helena was most probably a cape, a parahuman with special powers just like her. Helena’s powers was most probably plant related if Lisa was to use the stuff the woman was selling as her baseline deduction. Of course, Helena’s powers might have nothing to do with plants, it might be some kind of duplication ability instead.

Then there was the FAKE! response that Lisa’s power kept telling her every time she looked at Helena. That most probably implied Helena was a Changer, maybe she could change her appearance or something? From her online parahuman research ever since she got her own powers, Lisa knew that there were actually records of cape abilities that allows one to transform part of his/her appearance or the whole body entirely.

Of course most Changers tend to be Case 53 as well. Known most commonly to the public as the “monster capes”, they were a group of parahumans that apparently had very traumatic trigger events to the point where they lost all their memories after they triggered. Case 53 had special marks on their bodies, and most of them tends to have some inhuman features. They were classified under Changers not because they could transform their bodies, but because parts of their bodies were permanently altered.

There were a few infamous cases throughout the years, like the pitiful Slug man, the maniac Scorpio lady, the Human Amoeba… but from what Lisa could tell, Helena did not seem to be one of them. Every part of Helena seemed human in nature… just FAKE!

Lisa was sticking to her first Changer theory, that Helena had some kind of body transformation ability. She had actually started trailing Helena after the woman close the stalls for the evening, and was beginning to come to the conclusion that the beautiful twenty year old model look was not Helena’s true appearance.

Trailing capes to uncover their identities was a big No-No in the cape scene, but what she was doing now was just for fun. It was not as though she was going to reveal Helena’s real identity once she figured out the stall owner’s real mystery. Lisa just wanted the sense of achievement when she discovered the answers. Not to mention it would proof that nothing could remain hidden from her power. It was arrogant, but well, she had time to waste, and very little to do for fun.

Time passed quickly at her stakeout, by the time evening arrived, Lisa was ready. To be safe, she trailed a distance behind Helena so that she would not be spotted. As what Lisa had observed of Helen’s pattern during the past two days, the woman would enter the nearby toilet shortly after closing the stalls. A few minutes later, a wizened old lady wearing a solemn dark gown stepped out of the ladies. Unlike the first time when Lisa had trailed the woman, Lisa had kept her power activated the entire duration. The old lady was instantly pegged as FAKE!

A grin tugged at Lisa’s lips. There was no doubt about it, the old lady was Helena. Carefully, she trailed the woman again. Letting the crowd separate them for a distance, Lisa managed to get onto the same bus as Helena this time round. Helena stopped after five stops, close to the eastern suburb of Brockton Bay. The district contains rows of houses that had seen better days. The area was quiet and idyllic almost peaceful. It was obviously not the richer part of Brockton Bay, but it was better than the neighbourhoods in downtown areas.

Helena, wearing the appearance of an old woman, disappeared into a small busy diner, entering the toilet. Lisa waited outside, peering in discreetly through the restaurant windows. She was rewarded when a young girl close to her age stepped out of the ladies. Tall, dark haired, lanky and cute in a lost waif kind of way, the young girl was as different from supermodel Helena, and old grandmamma Helena, the way the sky was different from the ocean. Yet somehow Lisa’s power registered the young girl’s apparent confidence, the way she walked and moved. Somehow Lisa knew, the girl was Helena Roberts.

Age 14 or 15. Body transformation power confirmed. Active transformation hinder analytic ability. Her power whispered as Lisa observed the girl walking through the crowd in the diner. Afraid of attracting attention to herself, shy away from contact with people instinctively. Have been bullied in the past. Stronger now. Changed. More confident. More self-esteem. Has recently gained a friend, or friends, someone she could confide in. Someone that is there to support her.

Lisa blinked, a sly grin appearing on her face. Now that was more like it. Her power was working again.

Movements firm, brisk and concise. Received training, have been training. Martial Arts? Lisa’s power deducted. Poor situational awareness. Mild crowd phobia distracting her. Uncomfortable in her own skin. More confident when she was transformed. Self-confidence increased with the “fake appearances” she wore. Trust in her transformation ability to hide her identity. Guard is down, relaxed. She is on her way home.

The young girl walked out of the diner, down the street, not knowing that Lisa was trailing behind her. At the back of her mind, Lisa knew she should stop. She had proven to herself that Helena Roberts was really a cape with transformation power. She had already proven that her power, as always, had given her the answers again. Although it took more work this time for her to uncover Helena’s life story. There was really no need for her to follow Helena back to her home and uncover her real identity.

But Lisa’s power pushed tantalizingly. There was an urge within Lisa to know more about the strange girl. She had already put so much effort in uncovering Helena’s mystery, surely following the girl some more, getting some more information about her would not hurt? As long as Lisa stay out of sight, there was no cause for the girl to discover that she was being followed, no reason for Lisa to end up in any confrontation with the mysterious cape.

She would just follow the girl back to her home and that would be enough. Lisa promised herself. The cape’s identity and home location would be her little secret. Something which she did not plan to tell anyone, although it was not as though she had anyone in town to tell.

The girl slipped onto a back road where there were less people. She stopped behind a run down two storey house and walked past a row of trees. Lisa picked up the pace. She had found the girl’s home. Reaching the row of trees, she looked past to see nothing…

The back door of the house before her was closed but her power was telling her something else. Helena never entered the house. Rusty hinges on door, should have screeching sound if opened. Heard slight thudding sound before rounding the corner. Wood. Thump. There is a trapdoor. Lisa’s eyes scoured the small and barren backyard of the house. As far as she could tell, there was nothing of interest except for two dried up rose beds. Dirt disturbed to left of backdoor. Faint impression of shoe print leading up to patch of barren dirt next to house. Possible trapdoor location. Trapdoor hidden from normal sight.

Lisa’s eyes widened at the information her power had provided her. What sort of powers did that mystery cape have? Was she a tinker of some kind? Able to create devices that hide things from sight? Or was she able to create illusions?

Illusion based power higher probability. Fits in with the theme of Transformation ability. Lisa’s power provided intuitively. In a way that answer made the most sense. Capes with multiple superpowers always have a “theme”. A cape that could create forcefields might have a secondary ability of energy blast or energy manipulation, while a cape that slow down time, might also be able to hasten time. There were few capes whose main and secondary powers were vastly different, in fact Lisa could not recall any that fit the category.

Curiosity overwhelmed her caution. It was foolish, but with this new mystery presented to her so soon after she resolved the first mystery, she needed to know… more. She needed to know how Helena disappeared. She moved towards the location identified by her power as the most probable position of the hidden trapdoor.


Momentarily, Lisa’s mind went blank, her body turned to move, and then her power blared at her, wrestling back control of her body. Mental Compulsion! Mental Influence! Foreign. Artificial. Attack! It cried. It strained. It struggled. Lisa’s head pounded as if she was beaten by hundreds of hands. She gasped, her head was splitting. Trapped in a sea of information she could not comprehend, she froze in place.


Her mind went blank again. Her brain throbbed. Lisa whimpered. She could not think. She felt weak, as if her entire body was rebelling against her, caught between two titanic forces. The strange OVERPOWERING URGE was telling her to move away, her power was fighting against that urge, that compulsion. It was screaming danger. She just stood, staring blankly before her, unable to complete any of her thoughts, unable to do anything. Her legs weakened, and suddenly she was falling.

The air rushed passed her as she suddenly found herself collapsing onto the ground… Sensation, wood. Visual, dirt. Trapdoor found. Visual illusion. Mental compulsion! Unable to hide from touch. Mental compulsion! Unnatural. Not comprehendible. Not of this world. Never before encountered. Resist. Fight. Attack!


Lisa felt her stomach rebelling, bile raising to her throat. She felt sick, horribly sick. Her mind was a chaos of information that did not make sense. Something within her brain stretched, screamed, and tore

Stars filled her vision. Blackness of space. Large objects. Beings. Sparkles, shards. She could almost understand what was happening… The cosmos infinite… the entities… pulsing crystals…. other worlds…. desert… ocean… mountain… forest… sucking energy… worlds dying… crystals, shards… growing… changing… gestat…

Her mind went blank again. She had no recollection of what just happened. Why was she here lying on the ground again? Her mouth taste sour. What… happened?

She tried to focus, but there was only the mental pain in her head. She felt sick, like dying sick. Vomit came out of her mouth. It was this afternoon’s lunch. She felt hot, as if she was running a high fever. In a confused and sickish haze, she clawed at the wooden surface below her, she felt an invisible latch, almost instinctively she pulled…

Cold harsh energy surged through her body. Her hand let go of the latch as she gave a small scream. Physical pain erupted, adding to her mental agony. Her body locked up and she collapsed onto the wooden trapdoor. She hurt everywhere. She felt like she was dying. Tears formed in her eyes. She was going to die.

HELP! She sobbed, wrecked with physical and mental pain. Her throat refused to work, even though the words were there in her thoughts. For a moment, she felt a vast connection with many… things? Beings? Many felt alien, some were familiar. It was as though she was floating in a sea of darkness, surrounded by pinpricks of coloured lights. Those lights were speaking, but she could not understand them. She felt even sicker as the strange sensations engulfed her. She screamed, her voice refusing to work. PLEASE! HELP ME!

Lost in overwhelming agony, she did not hear the sudden total silence descending in the surrounding area. As darkness consumed her, her last sensation was of herself sliding to the side, as the door below her was lifted. She saw a shadow being cast over her. There was a soft horrified gasp, a scent of roses, firm hands lifting her up…

And she fainted.

Village Hidden in the Bay (Worm/ Naruto) (Chapter Three)

Story Title: Village Hidden in the Bay

Crossover: Worm/ Naruto

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction. No profit is made from the story. Just a fan’s way of keeping the fandoms alive.

Summary: She was destined to be the saviour of her world. She was the fated antihero, coming into power on Jan 2011. Yet webs of fate could be altered. Realities away, a forbidden technique was used, and the web of destiny… was shattered.

Chapter Three – Trade and Profit

Reality 8757-A41, Brockton Bay, 21st June 2010

In many ways, the Lord Street Market was like a year long bazaar happening in Brockton Bay’s downtown area. Rent was cheap and the market was competitive. Yet those who found the right niche could prosper, making enough that they might even have enough profits to open an actual shop in the Broadwalk.

Even with Brockton Bay’s infamous reputation as a cape heavy city, or perhaps it was due to that reputation, there was always a constant influx of tourists, even after the shipping industry died. Brockton Bay’s weather was mild throughout the year, and summer was the peak tourist season as many come to the city to escape the heat, and maybe get a little sense of thrill from being in “close quarters”, staying within a city populated by known villain capes and Heroes.

As a result, Brockton Bay’s main commerce was the tourist trade, and because of that goods from all over the world could be found in the city’s Broadwalk and Lord Street Market. Lord Street Market further encourage this diversity by having a flexible rental agreement. Someone with the money could easily rent a stall for a few days or weeks in Lord Street Market with no other obligations.

Before Brockton Bay’s shipping industry died, the stretch of property around Lord Street Market was owned by a shipping magnate. The property was then foreclosed by Brockton Bay’s Central Bank after the shipping magnate lost billions of his wealth. The wise business acumen of the Central Bank’s Chairman, the late Raymond Christner, also the father of the city’s current Mayor, Roy Christner, was what turned Lord Street Market into what it was today. A foreclosed property became one of the Bank’s main cash flow assets.

The Lord Street Market consists of shop houses which operates on monthly/ yearly rental basis, and the cheaper road side stalls which had a more flexible rental arrangement.  The road side stalls were basically cheaply constructed lean-tos, with lockable metal shutters to protect the goods at night. Martin Lewis, was a mid-level clerk at the Central Bank, and part of his daily duties was to oversee the side stalls’ rental arrangements.

As per his schedule, every morning he would talk a quick walk around Lord Street Market, to make sure the old and new stall owners did not break any of the clauses of rental agreements, such as selling contraband items or restricted items that should not be found openly on the streets.

A pair of the market’s security detail would follow after him to ensure his safety. Though the security in Lord Street Market was not the top of the line like the Broadwalk, it was safe enough that that someone could walk around without fear of being robbed.

Having been in the job for three years, Martin had seen all sorts of vendors and goods passing through Lord Street Market. It was rare that the display of wares from a stall would make him pause for a second look. The side stall right at the west corner of Lord Street Market did just that to him.

“Oh my… this rosewood table is exquisite.” Martin said pausing at the stall to take a look. The stall owner was a new face in the market, a willowy blond with supermodel curves and looks. Martin remembered signing a three day stall contract with her back at the bank two days ago. Martin could still remember her name because it was not everyday a gorgeous twenty year old decided to rent a stall in Lord Street Market.

“Ah yes, my cousin is a carpenter, he made that for me.” Ms. Roberts smiled prettily, dimples flashing in her cheeks.

“I see you decided not to use the stall table provided to you for your goods.” Martin said as he gave a cursory browse of the goods Ms. Helena Roberts had displayed on the finely made table. The provided stall table was still folded and leaning against the back walls of the stall.

“Ah yes this table just seemed nicer.” Ms. Roberts said even as she busied herself with the arrangement of her wares. The morning was just starting, though the morning crowd would start trickling in within the hour. “I had to hire some help getting my stuff here but it was worth it.”

The right of the table was occupied with stacks of beautifully crafted wooden bottles. Wordings were engraved into the wood of the bottles indicating that they containing certain spices. Martin saw bottles of pepper, saffron, nutmeg, curry powder and ginger slices, with prices ranging from cheap to expensive. If Ms. Roberts could even sell half of her displayed spices for the day, she would be well on her way to netting a tidy profit.

The middle of the table was stacked with baskets of fresh fruits such as Blueberries, Peaches, Raspberries, Strawberries and Rose Apples. The fruits were slightly plumper than their average counterparts Martin had seen in the local supermarts, with brighter colours and a more healthy appearances, looking tantalizingly wholesome.

A smaller section of the table to the left was stacked with wooden bottles containing traditional medicines of some kind, lotions and sweet oils. There was also stacks of sweet smelling incense sticks bind into attractive bundles. Two large covered wooden crates behind Ms. Roberts showed that she had more goods stocked up.

There was also a tiny rosewood coffee table placed next to the larger table. It contained a stack of thin brochures containing pictures of beautifully crafted rosewood furniture pieces. The prices listed for each pieces seemed cheap when compared to market prices. Martin took one, noting that Ms. Roberts’ email was listed as the sales contact. The enterprising lady was also apparently accepting furniture orders, most probably for her carpenter cousin.

“You have a nice selection of goods, Ms. Roberts, I wish you well for your business today.” Martin said, tipping his hat smartly at the young stall owner who smiled at him.

“Thank you, Mr. Lewis.” Ms. Roberts said. She was about to say more but was interrupted when her first customers, an obviously out of town couple, arrived at the stall, looking at the fruits. Giving Martin an apologetic smile, Ms. Roberts turned her attention to the couple as Martin continued his way.

He would drop by tomorrow on his rounds, maybe buy some fruits and spices. He did wonder if Ms. Roberts was still single. If she was attached… well as long as she was not yet married, he might still have a chance at hooking up with the sweet young thing.


Reality 8757-A41, Brockton Bay, 21st June 2010

When she began planning to set up a stall at Lord Street Market, Taylor had decided that she needed a more mature looking persona to be the “Stall Owner”. With the Transfromation technique, she could basically change into the appearance of anyone or almost anything, pending time, practice and chakra.

Her own vanity had caused her to choose a supermodel appearance that was a cross between Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore. After being plain and awkward Taylor for most of her life, she wanted to have the chance to feel pretty and confident. It had taken her five days to get the appearance right, and another two days for her to get in enough practice that she could hold onto the Transformation for most of the day.

As the Transformation technique affects anything on her body, it had been easy enough to transform her ID to show the fake details of her “Stall Owner” persona. Helena Roberts, age 20, had thus signed a contract with Central Bank, passing their cursory ID check, and ended up leasing a stall on Lord Street Market for three days.

It had taken her eight days to fully plan and prepare the necessary goods before beforehand. Most of the spices, fruits and wood related furniture could be easily grown within a day or two but medicine, lotions, sweet oils, incense and some of the more labour intensive spices needed a lot more time to prepare, even though she could rapidly reproduce the plant materials.

Once everything was prepared, chakra paper had been used to draw storage seals, allowing the goods to be stored within. At the first morning of her business day, Taylor had arrived in her rented stall as Helena Roberts. Behind the closed shutters of the rental stall, Taylor had released the first batch of her goods. Should any of her goods run low, she could always close the shutters and release or create more goods behind a screen of anonymity.

The careful planning she had done, with help from Hashirama, had come to fruition. By mid-day, she was doing a brisk sale of fruits and spices, with several furniture orders. She had to refill her presentable wares three times during the morning rush hour, and just from fruits and spices sales alone, she had already netted seven hundred and thirty three dollars in profits.

Of course several hours into her new business, Taylor was beginning to realise that looking too pretty had its own disadvantage. Her stall attracted a lot of unnerving male gawkers that were just “browsing” the goods. The stocky looking pet seller from across the street had been leering at her. And Taylor was starting to feel that her appearance was attracting too much attention.

You aren’t the first civilian girl I have seen, that used the Transformation technique to create a more beautiful appearance. Hashirama remarked during a short lull in business. Most civilians living in ninja villages knew at least one of the Academic Three. And the most common Academic Three used by civilians is the Transformation techniques. The mistresses of the Fire Lord were well known for their mastery in using Transformation techniques to beautify their appearances.

So… you are comparing me to the high end prostitutes of your world… Thanks a lot teacher. Taylor said sarcastically in her mind. But from your memories, it seems everyone in your world can use chakra?

No, not everyone, though by my generation, a large number of people in the Elemental nations possess a working chakra system. Old legends did record a period of time when the people of my world cannot use chakra. Hashirama said in answer to Taylor’s question. The First Ninja, the Sage of Six Paths, from which the Senju and Uchiha clans were rumoured to be descended from, found a way to grant chakra systems to ordinary people. As chakra systems are hereditary, with time the descendants of those with chakra systems were born with active chakra systems.

Hashirama’s voice took on a slightly lecturing tone. As for those with no working chakra systems, there is an ancient set of Seal arrays, which according to legends, was passed down from the Sage of Six Paths. The arrays could grant ordinary civilians, even animals with mental processes and physical bodies, their own chakra systems. The process is expensive in chakra ink and lengthy in procedure, but it is the only way to grant ordinary people or animals chakra manipulation abilities.

So you know the seal arrays necessary to grant the people of my world their own chakra systems? Taylor asked perking up at the information. It was close to mid-afternoon and the crowd was thinning under the hot sun. She shot an evil eye at the stocky pet vendor across the street, the man had been leering openly at her for the past five minutes.

Yes, I know of the seals needed. Hashirama affirmed. But the process will take several hours at the very least.

That’s considerably longer than the time I took to get my own chakra system. Taylor replied mentally in surprise.

That’s because your chakra system is soul imprinted into your physical body, not created through seal arrays. Hashirama replied idly. You and I are one soul, one body. Because I have awakened, I am able to imprint a portion of my past life’s essence into your current body. Soul imprint of chakra system is unlike creating chakra systems through seals which… By the Sage, what is that awful noise?

Taylor lifted her head at Hashirama’s words, giving a snort of exasperation as she stared across the street where the pet vendor was struggling with a dog in a cage. The dog had somehow managed to bite onto his trousers and refused to let go. The pet vendor’s struggle caused a few other cages to be knocked against each other, and the wails of panicking animals sounded out from his stall.

It’s that pervert from across the street. Taylor said staring disinterestedly at the commotion. God, the cages he kept those animals in are so small, it is no wonder they are all rebelling.

If the Inuzuka Clan were here right now, they would be fraying that man for the poor conditions he is keeping his animals in. Hashirama said with a bit of heat. The clan might even set their ninja dogs on that man, and those ninja dogs aren’t nothing to joke about.

Taylor shuffled uncomfortably. She felt sorry for the animals as well, but there was not much she could do. The animals belonged to the pet vendor, and it was not as though she was rich enough to buy all of them and set them free. But the sight of them trapped in their small cages and being cowed by the pet vendor, remained Taylor too keenly of how she felt about being bullied by Sophia, Emma and Madison back in school.

Taylor got up, making moves to close the shutters to her stall. There was not much crowd right now, and she might as well spend some time doing a little good deed for the day.

What are you doing? Hashirama asked curiously. Though the powerful ninja might take up residency at the back of her mind, Hashirama had agreed not to go poking around in her thoughts without cause. Unless Taylor told Hashirama what she thought or planned, the ninja would know nothing more than what she let on.

I am going to pay a visit to one of the security guards around here somewhere. Taylor replied, pushing the table with her wares back into the stall so that she could close the shutters. I am going to get them to pass a message to Mr. Lewis, and get him to look into the poor conditions of the pet stall, which is creating a negative image of Lord Street Market. I am also going to strongly hint that I have seen tourists taking pictures of the stall. Pictures which might end up spreading bad publicity about the marketplace.

Ah the art of court politics and subtle human manipulations. Mito tried teaching that to me. I never could quite get the hang of it. Hashirama said sounding impressed at Taylor’s proposed actions. I prefer direct actions most of the time. I wonder if this… art of subtlety, is something all women instinctively know?

This isn’t Konoha, and I am not the revered village founder and respected God of Shinobi. Taylor said dryly. This is Brockton Bay, and I am just a fourteen year old, that currently looks like a gorgeous twenty year old, who happened to be able to manipulate chakra. I can’t bury my enemies under a sea of forest like you can. Neither do I have an army of powerful loyal subjects. We will do things my way here. I’d rather not land into any trouble that I can’t get myself out of.

Are you sure you know what you are doing though? Hashirama pointed out as Taylor prepared to reach for the shutters. Not to rain on you my apprentice, but you are not exactly savvy court politician or manipulator material. Even though you seem to know a bit of theory on that.

I have watched enough spy movies. Taylor said with a mental sniff. I think I can try hamming it up a little, especially with my current looks.

Grabbing the shutter doors, Taylor was about to pull them shut when a series of wild, loud and horrifying barks sounded from the streets. Taylor swung around and could only stare in shock as three… monster dogs, the size of cars, barrelled into the streets from a side alley. The thin crowd of tourists and people at the marketplace scattered in surprised yells and cries as the three dogs ran towards the pet vendor’s stall.

A brutish wild looking girl, most probably around Taylor’s real age, was seated on the biggest sized monster dog. The girl was most probably a cape of some sort, maybe a Master that can control dogs, with some sort of Striker or Trump ability to turn them into monsters. Of course the monsters dogs could also be some kind of Trump projections. With the strange varieties of superpowers out there these days, it was difficult to tell.

Wow… I didn’t know your world have anyone like the Inuzuka Hashirama said impressed as Taylor stood in front of her half closed stall, watching the dog cape sic a monster dog after the pet vendor who had taken off running the moment he saw the three car sized dogs coming for him. The rough looking female dog cape had then ordered the other two to guard the stall while getting off her ride, entering the stall and began opening the cage doors of all the animals, setting them free.

The dog cape was particularly gentle with the caged dogs and puppies, taking care to gather the pet dogs she set free close to her. Taylor frowned when she saw some of the freed animals limping around. She cursed. Some of the animals are hurt. Taylor said angrily. Especially those in the smaller back cages. That fucking inhuman man! I hope the monster dog that went after the man actually got him.

Taylor could sense Hashirama bristling in anger at the back of her mind. Grab some of the healing and pain numbing ointments. They don’t work as well on animals, but they help better than most animal medicines short of those actually brewed by the Inuzuka clan. Hashirama ordered briskly.

It spoke of how much Taylor had changed in the past few days that she had immediately grabbed a large plastic bag and dumped stacks of healing and pain numbing ointments into it, not even daunted by the fact that she would be taking those ointments and going directly to where a rogue cape was lying waste to a stall. With the tricks up her sleeves and her transformed appearance up, she could escape without outing herself if the worse comes to worse.

The streets were cleared by then. The nearby stall owners had either ran or had hid themselves within their stalls. The remaining crowd had done the same. Up at a street intersection, Taylor saw one of the market’s security guard speaking into a walkie talkie, most probably asking for help. With the way things were in the world today, ordinary people knew better than to interfere with a rogue cape. Everyone was most probably waiting for the Protectorate to send some Heroes over.

Cutting across the street in quick strides, feeling the eyes of the remaining crowd hidden in the stalls staring at her, Taylor walked to the trashed pet stall staring calmly at the two monster dogs blocking the way. She stopped directly in front of them, ignoring their loud threatening growls and putrid breaths.

Hashirama was at the back of her mind observing the dogs for signs of aggressions, keeping Taylor aware of whether she should fight, run or stay. The man had been around large ninja dogs most of his life. The Inuzuka clan, a clan of ninjas that took care of large intelligent ninja dogs, had been a close ally of the Senju for generations. Of course the Inuzuka ninja dogs never reached the size of cars, except for the clan’s dog summons which usually reached the towering heights of a building. Hashirama was confident that he could decipher the monster dogs’ intention enough to keep Taylor safe.

“Some of the animals are hurt.” Taylor called out. She could see the dog cape turning to look at her angrily from behind the monster dogs. “I have medicine to help them.”

The dog cape snarled at her. Hashirama’s discerning voice spoke within Taylor’s head, his voice had gone all seriousness instead of his normally jovial devil may care tone. The girl is half feral. She seemed more comfortable with dogs than people. I have only seen this kind of reaction in people who have lived too long in isolation out in the wilds or were seriously traumatized. Just out of curiosity, these parahuman powers of your world, do they negatively impact on the mental and emotional states of the ones that got them?

Taylor hesitated, she was not exactly a cape fanatic and encyclopaedia. I am not sure. What I know of the capes are the basic parahuman stuff from Parahuman history classes, online forums and the news. I know capes normally get their powers from traumatic trigger events. Of course it doesn’t mean everyone who has gone through trauma would become a cape, only a selected group of people actually activate powers.

Taylor continued warily. The scientists still couldn’t figure out the exact parameters needed for trigger events. Because most cape get their powers through the worst points of their lives, the majority of them never fully recovered from their trauma. A lot of villains used their powers to hurt people because of their own trigger trauma. It is the most common theory online about why there are always more villain capes than heroes.

There was a mental sigh as Hashirama considered Taylor’s words, I know I have been keeping you busy practising your Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Fūinjutsu the past few weeks, but I think it is about time we do more tactical research on the parahumans in your world.

Hashirama continued seriously while keeping a watch on the two monster dogs in front of Taylor. If this city is chockfull of them, you will need to learn whatever flaws and strength they have, in order to better protect yourself if you encounter any of them. Having good intel allows you to win half the battles most of the time.

It is a little too late for research now. Taylor said snippily as she waited before the two monster dogs tensely. But I think I can slot in some library research time if I survived till tomorrow.

There was a short pause as the dog cape just continued staring angrily at Taylor, but the pained whines of a small puppy distracted her. The dog cape picked up the puppy, gingerly holding out one of its paws that was bruised, most probably from the confined space it was stuck in. The feral looking cape snarled in anger, before waving Taylor in, barking out some commands to her monster dogs.

“Come in.” The girl cape ordered as the two monster dogs moved a little further down the road, giving Taylor more space to enter. The female cape glared at Taylor challengingly as she hold up the injured puppy. “You have medicine? Can help?”

Taylor nodded taking out one bottle of pain numbing ointment and another bottle of healing ointment. She then placed the bag on the floor and begin layering the sweet smelling ointments on the puppy’s paw. The result was almost instantaneous on the small animal. The pain numbing ointment was strong enough to release the puppy from its discomfort as it nested tiredly into the dog cape’s hands while Taylor applied healing ointment to the bruise.

Taylor was not that surprised about how effective her ointments were. With Hashirama’s immerse plant repository and her Wood Release bloodline, Taylor had access to many potent herbs in Hashirama’s world. The fact that Hashirama was in her head during the entire ointment brewing process meant that her supply of homemade medicine were of the best quality, maybe even trumping some medicines of her world which served similar functions.

“It helps.” The girl cape said in surprise as Taylor finished layering the ointments.

“I make good medicine.” Taylor said simply. She closed the two ointment bottles she used, placing them into the bag which she handed to the cape. “There are two kinds of ointments in the bag, pain numbing ointments and healing ointments, all clearly labelled. Use only a little spread of pain numbing ointments around wounds to numb the pain. Then apply the healing ointments directly on the wounds three times a day. You should go, the Protectorate would be here soon.”

The brutish girl stared at her for a long moment before accepting the bag with one hand. “Thank you.” The dog cape said gruffly, giving her a curt nod.

Then the dog cape totally ignored Taylor, as she took off an old jacket and gathered the smaller puppies into it, bundling them up and handing the bundle to one of the monster dogs that moved closer. The large dog held onto the bundle gently with its mouth. The dog cape then herd the group of freed dogs out of the stall, while giving a sharp whistle.

The monster dog who had been chasing after the pet vendor lumbered back from down the street, traces of blood around its jaw. Taylor frowned. She hoped the dog had not killed the pet vendor. The man was obnoxious, but he did not deserve death.

She stood watching from in front of the wrecked pet stall as the dog cape and her dogs disappeared into a nearby alley leading into the docks. There was a palpable sense of relief as the dog cape and her animals were gone from sight.

Before Taylor could even return to her stall, people were converging towards her, some asking her what happened between her and the cape, some commenting how brave she was. And in the background, the rest of the freed animals which had included cats and small monkeys left behind by the dog cape, began yowling in panic and frustration.

Rubbing her forehead tiredly, Taylor had a feeling her afternoon was going to stretch out into a long day.


“… so there was still no signs of this new cape that Empire Eighty-Eight was after?” Battery asked as she got into the Protectorate for her night shift.

“Nope. Nothing on our radar. Empire Eighty-Eight hasn’t been making any visible moves either. I think our girl has left town.” The brown haired Robin Swoyer aka Velocity, said as he looked at her with concern. “You seemed heavily invested in finding this cape Battery. You going to be alright?”

“I was the one on the shift when Dragon contacted us about a new cape in town. A cape that was being hunted by one of our most notorious villain gang.” Battery said with a sigh. “I guess I feel responsible in a way because of that. That’s why I am trying to find this cape and make sure she didn’t end up dead at Empire Eighty-Eight’s hands.”

“Sometimes you worry too much Jamie.” Velocity said with a smile, letting Battery take over the control station for the Protectorate. “Where’s Assault? He’s supposed to be on standby with you?”

“He is talking to Armsmaster, his armour needed some repair work.” Battery said as she called up the parahuman forums and began monitoring the call logs for the night.

Velocity snorted. “He is going to have to wait in line, Armsmaster got into a skirmish with Skidmark and Squealer this afternoon. Nothing major, but the two methheads accidentally got in a lucky hit and damaged part of Armsmaster’s armoured legs. The man’s been in a mood the whole afternoon.”

“Armsmaster got into a fight with The Merchants?” Battery asked in surprise. “I didn’t hear anything on the news while coming in. What did The Merchants do this time? Sell drugs openly on the streets? Or did Squealer create another crazy vehicle to let her goons use?”

“Hmm… it is a little more embarrassing than that.” Velocity said with a chuckle. He moved forward, taking over the control screen for a moment as he called up some files. “Armsmaster was on afternoon patrol, and he was near Lord Street Market when we receive a call about an unidentified cape causing a disturbance there. From eye witness reports, we deduct the cape is Bitch aka Hellhound aka Rachel Lindt. She has arrived in town recently and is wanted for a manslaughter charge.”

Battery looked at the files Velocity had called up. They were basically information the Protectorate had on Rachel Lindt. “Yeah, I saw the news featuring her rampage through Lord Street Market. She has the ability to enhance dogs, classified Striker 4-5, possible Master or Thinker to be further determined. She doesn’t seems too dangerous, and I don’t understand how her situation would lead to Armsmaster fighting The Merchants?”

“She fled before Armsmaster arrived.” Velocity said with a grin. “Didn’t do much damage except having one of her dogs chew on a pet stall owner. The owner’s injuries are mostly superficial, the guy got to a safe location in time. His wares, the dogs and puppies were stolen by Bitch who escaped into the Docks. Armsmaster followed after Bitch, based on eyewitness accounts of her last location. He chanced upon Skidmark and Squealer who were in the midst of a major drug deal, and both sides ended up skirmishing. The rest as they say is history.”

“Oh… no wonder it wasn’t in the news.” Battery said with a soft chuckle. “Not much eye witnesses in the docks I guess. And Armsmaster is not going to offer that information to the media anyway.”

Colin Wallis, cape name Armsmaster, had a certain stiff pride. As the current leader of Brockton Bay’s Protectorate, it would be a blow to his ego if it was known that the two meth capes had gotten the better of him. Not that there was anything wrong with sustaining light damage from a fight with those two. Skidmark and Squealer would be a terrifying pair in a fight if they could get their heads out of drugs and learn to use their powers wisely.

But Colin most likely would not see it that way. Not to mention the Protectorate’s publicity mandate was to never offer information about failures to the public unless they were already aware of it. Only the victories were to be publicly highlighted. Battery never did agreed with that mandate because it would only enable behaviours of self-importance in Heroes.

“Colin will never willingly make himself look bad.” Velocity said with a snort as he moved towards the couch behind the control station, gathering his stuff. “I admit he’s the most capable of all of us in a fight, but sometimes he’s like this super-efficient well-oiled human machine, with the social skills of one as well.”

“He’s not that bad… sometimes.” Battery said with a grin. She turned to see Velocity slinging on a bag as he walked towards the entrance of the control room. “I’ll see you tomorrow Robin.”

“You too Jamie.” Velocity said waving back at her.

As the door to the control room closed, Battery went back to the control screen, opening up the parahuman forums in one window, the late night news in another smaller window, and also the chat logs from the call center. Seeing nothing of note in the call logs and the news at the moment, Battery moved on to the forum.

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Topic: Villain attacked Lord Street Market

In: Boards Places America Brockton Bay

Marsplanet (Original Poster)

Posted on June 21st June, 2010: 1645hrs

Was in Brockton Bay for vacation and saw an actual villain! The cape was unmasked, seems like a rough looking teenage girl with these giant ugly dogs. She was getting them to attack a pet stall vendor of all things. I managed to take a video with my cellphone. Here is the link.


Posted on June 21st June, 2010: 1646hrs

That’s Rachel Lindt aka Bitch aka Hellhound. Her powers have something to do with those giant dogs of hers. She had one charge of manslaughter and is on the run from the law. You are one lucky dude man!


Posted on June 21st June, 2010: 1650hrs

The size of those monster dogs look terrifying. Why is she robbing the pet stall? And check out that hot stall owner from opposite the street in the later half of the video. The way she just walked up to two of the monster dogs and stare them down, is she a cape?


Posted on June 21st June, 2010: 1653hrs

Hellhound isn’t a villain! She is just a misunderstood Rogue who make it her life’s mission to speak up for the canine race! It’s obvious from the video that she was just freeing the animals in the cages at the pet stall!


Posted on June 21st June, 2010: 1650hrs

Oh god… not the she’s a Villain who is just a misunderstood Rogue argument again. That line had been used so many times in other Villain threads that it’s no longer funny.


Posted on June 21st June, 2010: 1700hrs

From Brockton Bay’s news report, Hellhound was after the caged dogs in the stall, she left after she got them. As for the hot stall owner, she is just a concerned citizen. Apparently she is some sort of herbalist, with a stall opposite the street. According to the reporter’s interview, some of the caged animals were injured, the stall owner was actually offering Hellhound some medicine for the animals.


Posted on June 21st June, 2010: 1703hrs

The stall owner’s hot, I just saw her actual interview on TV. That grainy camera phone video didn’t do her justice. Here’s a link to the TV interview.


Posted on June 21st June, 2010: 1705hrs

Oh I visited her stall this morning. She had this whole collection of totally natural products. Medicine, cream, lotions, spices and fruits. I bought a bottle of Rose hand cream which is one of the sweetest smelling product I have ever used. I applied some in the morning and I am still smelling refreshingly fragrant right now. I am definitely going over to get some more tomorrow. She told me she would be around for another two days.


Posted on June 21st June, 2010: 1710hrs

Wow… maybe I will drop by her stall tomorrow to get some fruits ;)


Posted on June 21st June, 2010: 1712hrs

The stall owner closed up her stall pretty quick after her interview. I will probably drop by with my wife tomorrow. Our shopping was interrupted by the attack.


Battery scrolled through the rest of the posts on the attack of Lord Street Market, but most of the post had derailed off the actual topic about some blond haired bombshell. She opened up other threads under Brockton Bay, but nothing major popped up. Someone in the docks did saw Armsmaster facing off Skidmark and Squealer. A thread was created about it, but there was no video.

After a few minutes of browsing, Battery heaved a sigh of relief. At least there were no further threads about sightings of the new cape, or any Empire Eighty-Eight propaganda on the forums about her. Maybe Velocity was right and the girl had done the clever thing and skipped town.

She could only hope. Too many young would-be-Heroes died because they did not know the hidden rules of the parahuman battlefields, lacking the cunning and battle awareness to survive long. Battery could only pray the young cape did not become one of the numerous casualties in their increasingly chaotic world, or become one of the parahuman lackeys among the local villain gangs.


Danny looked up at the clock from his seat at the dining table as he heard the front door opened. It was half past eight and the skies were already dark outside. Since it was the school holidays, he had no idea what his daughter was doing out so late. Taylor had always been a quiet child, who had bonded more to Anne then himself. The death of his wife had been particularly tough on the two of them. Even now, Danny had no idea how to really talk to his daughter, to be there for her, not like his wife did.

“Dad.” Taylor called out as she entered the house, her cheeks seemingly flushed. Yet there was a cheerfulness in her eyes that seldom showed during the past half a year.

Even as Danny thought that, he tried to recall when was the last time he had seen Taylor even a little happy. It was distressing that the last true smile he had seen from his daughter was when Anne was still alive. He had been so busy making enough money to pay off the mortgage, to pay the bills and daily expenses in the current economy downturn, that he had truly neglected Taylor.

“Taylor. I made some dinner.” Danny said as he took a few prepared dishes and began heating them up. He chose his next words carefully, not wanting to upset his daughter. “So where have you been? I thought you said you were going to the library… You have been there the whole day?”

“Oh I went there in the morning, to return some books.” Taylor said, before reaching in her wallet and taking out a stack of money. “After that, I went to interview for a part time job as a stall vendor’s assistant in Lord Street Market. The owner hired me on the spot, and wanted me to start work right after that. The stall owner was very nice, I will probably be working for her for the rest of the holidays. She pays a lot per hour too. I know how hard it has been around the house, I want to help out too. Here’s a hundred for the groceries this month.”

Danny felt his throat closed as he looked at his daughter, so young, yet she was already incredibly mature for her age. Shame filled him at not being able to give her a better home life, and not able to provide her with luxuries that the better off teenagers usually have. He tried to push Taylor’s outstretch hand back to her.

“No Taylor, you worked hard for that. Keep it. Save up and use it for yourself. I can still manage the bills on my own.” Danny said, knowing that he was being a little stubborn. If Anne was still alive, she would probably had ribbed him at his bull-headed man pride.

A look of hesitation crossed Taylor’s eyes. “But dad… I want to help. Please…”

Danny crumbled at the pleading look in Taylor’s eyes, accepting the money Taylor pushed into his hands. “Thank you Taylor… So tell me more about this part time job of yours.”

“The stall owner is this very beautiful lady, she sells homemade medicines, lotions and other stuff. Sales is pretty good, and she is confident that the estimated profits she would make every day would be enough for her to book the stall all through the end of the school holidays.” Taylor said as Danny set the heated dishes in front of her.

“Ah… she’s an out-of-towner?” Danny asked.

Brockton Bay’s shipping industry might have died, but its tourist trade was still booming more than ever. The city also had a seedier and much more recent reputation as one of the few places in the U.S.A, where you can get access to rare exotic drugs easier and cheaper than anywhere else.

That was why Danny always make sure his daughter was home before dark. Most of the drug deals were rumored to take place when night falls. Brockton Bay was on a slow decay to death, and Danny had been saving a little on the side, in the event that things got so bad he and his daughter had to leave town.

“She lives in the outskirts of the city, her family owns a farm and she sells products made from plants at the stall.” Taylor offered the information.

Danny nodded, the stall owner Taylor was working for sounded like an alright sort of woman, but maybe he would go down to the market one afternoon, to make sure she was on the up and up. “So where is this stall you are working at?”

“It’s a corner stall, right at the west intersection in Lord Street Market.” Taylor offered. “I wouldn’t be there the whole day though, the stall owner had me getting more goods from her warehouse nearby sometimes. It is nowhere near the docks Dad, so there’s no need to worry.”

“That’s nice.” Danny said nodding as he listened to his daughter talk about her day. For a moment, it was as though they were a family again. It was as though Anne was still around, guiding Taylor out of her quiet shell. It was as though the two of them could talk to each other again, after months of strained silence or awkward conversations after Anne’s death.

Danny could see the sparkle of life in Taylor’s eyes now, as though she was finally growing out of her cloud of silence and isolation, ready to take on the world, just like her mother did. Anne had been like the sun, bright and cheerful, ready to speak out against any injustice. Taylor’s personality had been more like his, quiet, maybe sullen at times, but Anne had loved both of them all the more for it. Now as Taylor talked, Danny was able to see a bit of his wife in Taylor, that his daughter was growing up, growing strong.

Danny wished the moment would never end.

Whatever the case, he was sure tomorrow would be a better day.


Taylor stood on the landing, relaxing as she heard the soft snores of her father from his room. It was only a little past ten, but her father had turned in for the night as he usually did. His work was gruelling, Taylor knew considering the numerous times he had brought her to his work place when she was in grade school.

Thanks Hashirama. Taylor thought silently to her past self as she made her way carefully down the basement. Thanks for telling me to talk to my dad… I guess… I never really wondered why we just drifted apart after mom died. And then the bullying at school started and all I could care about that time was how miserable I was.

It always helps to have a second pair of eyes looking at things. Hashirama said warmly. Your father cared for you, he just had no idea how to express it. Unlike my father… your sire cared for you because you are his daughter, not because you are a future asset to the clan.

I guess it must be tough back in your world. I still remember seeing you kill your first man when you are just a kid. Taylor said with a mental shudder. Things might be bad in my world, but at least here, most countries don’t train children to kill before they were even eight.

Well the time when I was born was a time of chaos. The nine tailed beasts roamed the world freely, ravaging the lands like they were unstoppable natural disasters. In a way, they were like the Endbringers of your world, except your world had three unstoppable entities, my world had nine. Hashirama said, his warm mental voice dimming slightly. The ninja clans were at war with each other while trying to survive in a world where the tailed beasts roamed free.

But from your memories, you and your wife found a way to deal with the tailed beasts didn’t you? Taylor asked. She was down in the basement now making her way around with a piece of chakra paper inked with an activated Light seal. She passed through the illusion wall and quickly entered the tunnels.

When Mito married me, I learnt that the Uzumaki clan possessed powerful containment seals created by their Seal masters long ago, to contain the tailed beasts. The Uzumaki clan never used those seals because they require full blooded Uzumaki as containment hosts. Hashirama stated as Taylor made her way into the training bunker, cutting a path straight to her Greenhouse.

Containment seals to trap tailed beasts were quite numerous in my world, but none could ever trapped them for more than a few years at most. The Uzumaki seals were different however, they were made to last a lifetime.

My brother, Mito and I began modifying those seals so that they do not require Uzumaki hosts. By then, I had found ways to exponentially increase the power of my Wood Release bloodline. With a special set of seal arrays inked on my palms, I was able to use my bloodline to subdue the tailed beasts, while my brother and wife sealed each of them away. Hashirama stated wistfully in memory.

I was foolish then, thinking that if I handed out the sealed tailed beasts to other ninja villages as gifts, that they could come together and live in peace. Hashirama continued. I learnt better after the Second Shinobi war. Several of the ninja villages created their own “longer lasting” containment seals, implanting the tailed beasts into human hosts, turning those “demon containers” into weapons that would last until their death. In my attempt to create peace, I created a different kind of war.

That doesn’t sounds like your fault. Taylor said at Hashirama’s words. You can’t predict the actions of people. But you did managed to seal the tailed beasts in your world away. Do you think I can do the same with the Endbringers in my world?

You will need at least Hokage level chakra reserves before you can attempt that safely. With the rate your chakra reserves are growing, and that’s if you continue your daily chakra training, you might reach Hokage level chakra reserves in around two years or so. Hashirama stated.

So you mean I can actually seal away the Endbringers? For real? Taylor asked in disbelief. The Endbringers had been ravaging Earth for decades. Killing thousands of superpowered humans who had banded together to stop them. It was near impossible for her to believe she could really do anything about them. She had only first asked Hashirama about it out of curiosity, not because she really thought such a thing was possible.

Yes it is possible. The most powerful tailed beast, the Nine Tails could cause massive earthquakes and destroy mountains. The Three Tails were recorded to have sank islands. If the containment seals I know of could contain them, they should be able to contain the Endbringers of your world. Hashirama said with the equivalent of a mental shrug. These containment seals aren’t your ordinary run-off-the-mill seal arrays though. You will need at least Hokage level chakra to activate the seals and contain one of your Endbringers, much less three. If you plan to go after the Endbringers one day, try… targeting them one at a time.

Oh wow… Taylor thought stumped. Imagining herself going up against the massive Endbringers just gave her the shivers. I don’t think I am ready to set such a high target for myself right now. You say I will need another two more years to become powerful enough to use those seals right? Let’s set that subject on the back burner for now. Thinking about going against the Endbringers is giving me a tummy ache.

So, you are going to create the new set of goods for tomorrow? Hashirama asked changing the topic obligatory.

Yes, and I am planning to add some new inventory. Taylor said with a grin. Nobody’s selling flowers in our stretch of the street, and the farmer that dropped by the stall this afternoon talked about the prices for good fertilizer. Sounds like good ways to increase our revenue.

You are beginning to get a good head for business. Hashirama said in approval. Once you got more profits coming in, you should think about really hiring someone to help you run the stall. Your cover story to your dad was good, and in terms of practically, hiring help would enable you to spend your time on other critical areas, like training up your Ninjutsu.

Village Hidden in the Bay (Worm/ Naruto) (Chapter Two)

Story Title: Village Hidden in the Bay

Crossover: Worm/ Naruto

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction. No profit is made from the story. Just a fan’s way of keeping the fandoms alive.

Summary: She was destined to be the saviour of her world. She was the fated antihero, coming into power on Jan 2011. Yet webs of fate could be altered. Realities away, a forbidden technique was used, and the web of destiny… was shattered.

Chapter Two –Beginning

Reality 8757-A41, Brockton Bay, 13th June 2010

Thirteen days had passed since she woke up back in her body. Thirteen days was also enough time for her to begin getting used to and become more comfortable with her chakra manipulation abilities. When Hashirama imprinted on her physical body, some of his chakra control was passed on to her, which meant that she had been able to pull and mould her chakra from the beginning, though her current chakra control could still be improved further.

The speed of her handseals were good enough for the first few tries, but Hashirama had made several comments over the days of how she would need to improve upon them, because if she was back in Hashirama’s world, an academy ninja with less potential then her, but faster handseal making speed, or faster physical speed, would be able to disable her before she unleased any powerful techniques. Making faster handseals might not affect her right now, but if she ever got into cape fights in future, she would need that extra edge to produce fast ninja techniques.

As was becoming routine, her father would left for work early in the morning, while she would stay in for the school holidays. With her limited funds, there was not much places she could go to, and she would much rather spend more time getting used to her powers and building up her underground base.

The moment her dad had left the house, Taylor had washed up the dishes and make her way down the basement. With practiced ease, she walked around the piles of obstacles she had carefully placed to hide the way to the other end. She arrived at the far corner of the basement where to all appearance, it ended up against the wall.

In actual fact, Taylor had reproduced the plant materials needed to produce chakra ink, and was able to begin the Art of Seal making. Taylor had shifted some of the stuff in the basement away from the wall, and applied a specific seal array, under Hashirama’s instructions, in the stretch of cleared floor against the far wall. It had taken seconds for the seal arrays to begin working, and to normal sight, the stretch of cleared floor was now replaced by the basement walls pressing in. Unless someone actually measured the dimension of the basement, or walk directly into the wall, no one would be able to tell that the stretch of wall was actually an illusion.

In Hashirama’s world, there were different categories of chakra manipulation. The first and most common was Ninjutsu, the Art of Ninja Techniques. Ninjutsu used handseals for chakra manipulation to accomplish incredible feats such as changing of appearance, healing someone, short distance teleport, create fire dragons or summon a tidal wave.

There was also Genjutsu, the Art of Illusion. Genjutsu used handseals for chakra manipulations that disrupt the mind and senses, an incredibly subtle and deadly art requiring immerse chakra control.

The third staple of the ninja world was Taijutsu. Chakra was formed by combining one’s own physical energies and spiritual strength. For ninjas specializing in Taijutsu, they only tap on one half of chakra’s aspect, the physical energies. They could use their own physical energies to unleash hidden potentials in the human body, strengthening their body’s endurance, physical power and speed.

The fourth and least common was Fūinjutsu, the Art of Seal making. It was from this art that handseals were born. An incredible and ancient chakra art, there were very few Fūinjutsu users who could claim mastery in the craft. In its raw and most simple form, it requires the use of special chakra ink to channel minuscule amounts of chakra to accomplish incredible feats. Enough knowledge of seals meant Seal Masters with the know-how could replicate any known Ninjutsu and Genjutsu techniques through written seal arrays given time.

Hashirama was considered a master in Ninjutsu, especially with his powerful Water, Earth and Wood Release techniques, a number of the later which were self-created. He had certain skills in Genjutsu due to his incredible chakra control in later years. After he managed to gain the essence of several powerful hallucinogenic plants, he was able to pair his Wood Release Ninjutsu with mid-level Genjutsu to great effect.

What was less known was his powers in Fūinjutsu. The art was a slow form that could not be deployed instantly in battle. This meant that there were little records of his skills with it. Though largely unrecognized by his peers, Hashirama was a Seal Master in his own right. He was in fact the one that got his brother Tobirama to begin learning about seals, though Tobirama soon begin to outstrip Hashirama in seal craft within a few years.

His wife Mito Uzumaki, also possessed incredible Fūinjutsu knowledge. And even though Hashirama could never reach the level of Mito and Tobirama in Seal making, he was aware of the common and major seals, and even some of the rare and more powerful seal arrays created by Mito and Tobirama.

Hashirama also had a distinct advantage over most Seal Masters. The plants needed to created chakra ink were incredibly rare and difficult to grow. One major factor that deterred a lot of ninjas from learning Fūinjutsu was due to how expensive chakra ink were. The moment Hashirama had gained enough control over his Wood Release bloodline, he had recorded and memorised the essence of the plants needed to create chakra ink so that he could regrow them much easily.

Much of the Senju clan’s wealth made during his era was due to his trade and sales of rare plants that he grew with his bloodline. In fact it could be said that Konoha, the village he helped formed with Madara and Tobirama’s help, was largely financed through manipulation of his bloodline to grow shelter, crops, herbs and rare plants for trade.

Hashirama was also known as a Taijutsu expert, Sage and master of many weapons. After all, there was a reason his peers nicknamed him the God of Shinobi for his unmatched ninja might. Though Hashirama did note that he would teach Taylor about Senjutsu, the Art of manipulating nature’s energies, and weapon mastery in future, right now they were concentrating mainly on her Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Fūinjutsu.

Mastering weapons takes time since muscle memories need time to train. Right now Taylor had an advantage in learning Ninjutsu and Fūinjutsu due to the significant chakra pool, chakra elements, and chakra control passed on to her through Hashirama. A Genin or Chunin level ninja technique which would take most ninjas in Hashirama’s world months to learn, can be accomplished by Taylor within hours or minutes due to her chakra advantage and Hashirama’s nagging guidance.

Having chakra force similar to a Senju meant that she healed faster and was physically tougher. With the techniques Hashirama created for concentrating chakra in parts of the body to enhance speed and strength, Taijutsu was the third viable option for Taylor to quickly master.

Taylor stepped through the illusion wall, feeling the tingle of chakra raising hairs on her body as she appeared on the other side, standing on a long stretch of cleared floor. Turning she could see out into the basement, but all anyone on the other side could see was just a blank wall. The seal array creating the illusion was maintained by nature energies collected from the environment. Theoretically it could continue powering the illusion for decades, provided no one disrupt the array.

She made her way briskly to the left corner of the empty stretch of floor, bending down to lift the wooden trapdoor that covered the entrance to her secret base. One good thing about Brockton Bay was that the water, gas and electricity pipeline of the older buildings such as Taylor’s home, tends to be placed above ground. She basically only had to worry about not disrupting her house’s foundations while creating her secret base with Earth Release techniques.

It had taken her one whole day to craft stairs down the tunnel to what would be her lair. Another eight days to create two large underground bunkers with Lumination seals, as well as enough wooden and stone supports so that they would not collapse in on themselves. It was slow, painstaking affair, but she had to be careful with it because she did not want the neighbour’s house or part of the road outside to collapse into sink holes.

The last four days, once the two underground bunkers were completed, she spent the time practising basic ninja techniques, creating furniture for the two bunkers, and preparing one of the bunkers to be her “Greenhouse”. Each bunker was thrice the size of her living room. The first bunker would be used for training, while the second would be used to grow the plants she needed. She was already growing fruits, carrots and tomatoes for the family fridge the past few days.

Taylor did have plans to go out later in the day to get some fruits and plant seeds that Hashirama did not have access to. It would be nice to have some oranges and sugar beets which surprisingly Hashirama’s world did not have access to. Her funds were currently limited, but she was already thinking of ways to increase her resources given time.

Hashirama, when he was not busy being one of the most powerful ninja of his world, was also a very shrewd businessman. Konoha, the village he founded, had prospered under his rule. The Senju coffers had increased drastically under his careful plant sales and transaction. Hashirama had used his Wood release bloodline to become extremely wealthy, and he was more than willing to share his business acumen and enterprising spirit with Taylor.

Making her way down the tunnel stairs, the walls luminated with a soft white glow from the Lumination seals, Taylor stepped into the first bunker, the training bunker. She had created several chairs, a bed, cupboards and shelves with the Wood Release bloodline the previous day, all clustered near the tunnel entrance. The rest of the bunker was left empty except for the giant wood supports holding up the underground bunker.

The empty spaces were designed for her Ninjutsu and Taijutsu training, but currently she was not here for that. Instead, she made her way across the bunker. There was a wooden door at the other end. Opening it, she entered the second bunker, where the ground was already set with moist rich soil created from a combination of Wood, Earth and Water Releases. As per her original plan, she walked to the middle of the bunker where several plant saplings were already growing. The herb bushes growing at the far corner of the bunker were left alone for the moment.

One of the sapling growing in the center of the bunker was a Sage Wood, a special tree whose bark can be used to produce chakra paper, and its leaves were part of the components necessary to create chakra ink. The other was a banana plant and an apple tree sapling. It would take the trees years to reach their full growth, but with the Wood Release bloodline, Taylor could speed up the process. The only problem right now was her limited chakra reserves.

Taylor concentrated on the apple sapling. Her hands flickering into a Wood Release: Plant Enhancement technique. The technique took form without any flaws, moulding a large amount of her chakra pool into Wood element which sank into the apple sapling. The change was instantaneous.

The sapling burst into growth, thicker bark forming before her eyes. It grew taller, more leafy, with many branches spreading out from it. Then the sudden growth resides as the chakra poured into it was used up. The apple tree was now half grown. In its normal cycle, it would take another one to two years to reach its full growth and begin producing apples. With her Wood Release bloodline, Taylor could speed up the growth in seconds once her chakra pool refills in another hour or two.

Her first task for the day done, she retreated to the training bunker. Finding an empty space, she took out a few crumpled leaves she gathered from the walkway this morning, and settled down to begin training her chakra control, which would over time, indirectly increase her chakra pool.

Taijutsu exercises would be next, and Taylor was well on her way to learning Hashirama’s self-created style of fist and leg movements. She was still trying to figure out the correct amounts of chakra to imbue in her hands and legs for each strikes though. But with her existing chakra control, she did not have to worry too much about destroying her hands and legs if she put too much chakra in them. Her current control still left much to be desired, but if she moderate her chakra carefully, she would be relatively safe.

With careful control, Taylor began the first chakra control exercise. The Academy style leaf floating is basically an exercise of floating leaves over any parts of her body in soft gentle rotation. Right now she was concentrating on focusing control in her palms to float the leaves.

Life was changing for her, and she was determined to become a ninja as powerful as Hashirama, because even though she might be exasperated by her past self at times, she was forever grateful for the opportunity Hashirama had given her.

Deep within Taylor’s consciousness, Hashirama gave a smile as he felt the determination in his current reincarnation. Whether Taylor truly knew it or not, their soul was bound for greatness, especially considering the destinies Fate had woven for all of their previous past lives. If the past cycles of their soul were any indications, Taylor was going to be one of the key pivotal points affecting her world or the fate of those around her.


Aisha looked doubtfully at the stack of money her older brother had pressed into her hands.

“It’s just some spending money. I am sure you need to buy stuff during the holidays.” Brian was saying as they browsed the busy street market that was set up in a corner of the Broadwalk. Commonly known as the Lord Street Market, it was a place where street vendors rent stalls to host their wares. The prices of goods were cheaper here, but on the flip side, there was less security around this parts.

“You just give me like five hundred dollars in cash. You gave me more than that in all for the past weeks.” Aisha hissed at her brother, even as she quickly stuffed the money into her wallet, hiding the money from sight. With the numbers of gang members and pickpockets in Brockton Bay, it was common sense not to flaunt that much money in plain sight. “What is going on? What did you do? Rob a bank?”

“Just some part time jobs I have been doing.” Brian said evasively. “It pays well.”

Aisha bit her lips in worry. Brian had changed… after what happened with the bastard boyfriend of mom four months ago. She managed to lock herself in her room after the asshole had tried to molest her. In her panic she had texted Brian for help instead of calling the police.

Brian had rushed over, beaten up that sicko, and gotten her out of her room. The police and social services had arrived after that. Her father was infuriated after learning what happened and made a scene at the police station trying to enter the cells to beat that disgusting man up.

Things had been chaotic for a while. Aisha’s custody was passed to her dad who tried his best but the old man’s bursts of temper could be terrifying. That was a key reason Brian stopped staying with their father after he reached fifteen years of age, preferring to take up part time jobs to pay for a small apartment of his own. But there was no way Aisha could live with Brian, especially with social services on her case.

Aisha knew Brian had changed after that incident. She knew that her brother had tried contesting the rights of her custody from both their parents whom Brian considered to be not fit for parenthood. But a seventeen year old high school drop out with sporadic part time jobs did not hold much weight with social services. Aisha did manage to see her brother more regularly now, as he went out of his way to meet her three times a week, to make sure she was alright back at their dad’s place.

“Well if you are sure. Thanks for the extra cash.” Aisha said, giving in. She wanted to push more, find out what job Brian had taken up now, if it was anything illegal, but with how tight lipped Brian was, she doubt she would get any answers.

“No problem, just don’t spend all of it in one shot.” Brian said with a rare smile. “It might take me a while to get another job.”

“Don’t worry I wouldn’t.” Aisha said as they made their way to a clothing stall. “With how much dad spends on his drinks, I will be lucky to have enough money for dinner next week.”

Brian frowned at her words. “Aisha… if dad’s in one of his moods again, call me immediately ok? I will drop everything and come.”

“You know dad will never hit me, even when he’s drunk.” Aisha said dismissively. “He just shouts a lot, I can take that.”

The two of them walked in awkward silence as Aisha began browsing for some skirts, her old clothing were beginning to be worn out. She had not had a wardrobe change for a while. She was eyeing a nice piece when Brian suddenly stiffened, before turning to Aisha.

“I just saw some people I know. I need to go speak with them. You alright on your own for a while?” Brian asked. Aisha looked up, turning to see what had Brian so distracted. She frowned when she saw two men in suits standing in the distance, dressed like one of the private security guards patrolling the high end shops in the Broadwalk, looking back at her brother. Aisha thought she saw a brief look of anger and fear crossed Brian’s face but it was gone in an instant.

“Yeah sure I will be fine.” Aisha said. Brian gave a nod and quickly made his way through the crowd, to those two men. Wondering what her brother had gotten himself into, Aisha discreetly left the booth she was browsing. Trying not to let Brian know she was following him, she made a detour before mingling with the crowd to try to get towards where she last saw Brian.

She lost sight of Brian and the two men however. They must have walked off somewhere, because by the time she reached where they last stood, there was no one there. There were two alleys in that avenue, did they enter one of them? With a shrug, Aisha picked the one on the left and entered it. It did not take her long to realise the alley was empty and led to the docks, the bad part of the town.

“Okay, wrong turn.” Aisha muttered to herself, quickly turning around to walk back to Lord Street before she ended up in a situation she might not be able to get out of. She paused when she saw that three muscled and tattooed teenagers had entered the alley behind her. Her heart clenched as she saw the markings of Empire-Eighty-Eight on their biceps. Oh god… of all people, why did she had to end up in an alley with those Nazi white supremacists gang members?

“Oh look, a black chick trying to enter our territory.” One of the guy sneered as the other two sniggered.

“Look I am sorry, I didn’t know this alley led to your territory.” Aisha said, keeping her head down as she tried to walk past the three gang members to the alley entrance. She gasped as one of them grabbed her and slammed her against the wall roughly.

“Oh she talks back.” A blond haired gang member said, digging his fingers painfully into her shoulders. “Probably thinks she is better than us.”

“She should really know her place.” One of his partner agreed. “Let’s teach her a lesson.”

Aisha began to struggle desperately. She needed to get free. She had an idea of what those three wanted to do to her especially when the one holding her tried to rip her shirt off. But she had learnt some tricks after nearly being molested the first time. Her hands inched towards the penknife in her pocket, if she could reach it…

There was a meaty thump, as something smashed into the head of the one holding her. The gang member gave a strangled cry as he collapsed bonelessly in front of Aisha, seemingly knocked out. Aisha blinked in surprise as she saw that her saviour was a furious looking white girl around her age.

The girl was tall and lanky, with long red hair, and blue eyes, but she hardly seemed strong enough to be able to knock out a physically stronger guy, even though she might have caught him by surprise. Her slightly broken nose did give her a certain rugged look, if not for the broken shape of her nose, she might actually be pretty.

“You bitch!” The two remaining gang members cried out. One took out a wicked looking switchblade that gang members like to use. While the second took out a gun.

The girl dropped a package she was holding in her right hand, quickly ducking to the side to avoid a gun shot. She skipped back to avoid a knife slash from the second gang member and quickly lashed out a powerful kick that actually lifted the gang member bodily into the air, smashing him into the wall, knocking him out as well.

Aisha’s eyes widened. There was no way that skinny girl had enough strength to actually deliver a kick that powerful not within the realms of possibility, which meant that the girl must be a…

“Cape!” The gun trotting member said in shock, staring at the girl who quickly picked up a stone and threw it at him. He was barely fast enough to avoid the thrown rock which impacted on the pavement before him with a sharp crack. There was a small impact crater where the rock had struck and the rock itself had shattered to pieces. The gang member froze, before quickly running off towards the other end of the alley.

“Are you alright?” The girl asked, relaxing a little now that the threat was gone. She retrieved her package and walked back to where Aisha was still leaning against the wall, her legs feeling remarkably wobbly.

“I… I am fine. I think so.” Aisha managed, trying to get her nerves under control. “Thank you for helping me… oh no! Those three have seen your face! I am so sorry! Now you might get into trouble with the Empire Eight-Eight capes!”

There was a twinge of nervousness on the girl’s face which quickly disappeared. “Don’t worry about that, I can take care of myself…”

Whatever the girl was saying was interrupted by a familiar voice crying out her name.

“Aisha!” Brian called out as he ran into the alley. His eyes were wide as he saw the two gang member lying unconscious in front of Aisha and the girl that had saved her. Aisha could see anger blazing in Brian’s eyes when he took in her dishevelled and slightly panicking state. “Oh god Aisha! What happened? Did those bastards do anything to you?”

“No, no, I am fine Brian.” Aisha said pulling away from her brother’s grasp as he pushed the girl cape aside, in his rush to get to her. “She saved me. They were… there were three of them and they were going to teach me a lesson… and she scared them all away.”

Brian paused, looking incredulously at the skinny girl standing behind him. “You saved my sister from three gang members?”

“I know some material arts, and managed to catch them unaware.” The girl said simply. “The last one ran away when he saw two of his friends were already knocked out.”

“That must have been some martial arts.” Brian commented as he observed the large bruise forming on the face of the gang member slumped unconscious near Aisha. He looked at the second knocked out gang member across the alley, the wicked looking switchblade lying next to his feet.

Aisha wanted to tell Brian that the girl was actually a cape, but that was not her secret to tell. She might be only thirteen, but she knew enough about the cape scene to know that cape identities were highly private. She did not want to anger the cape that just rescued her, by revealing her secrets.

“I am Aisha Laborn, and my brother is Brian.” Aisha said. She quickly took out a piece of receipt from her pocket as well as a pen, writing down her number. “This is my number in case erm… you want to meet out or something. I want to treat you to dinner for saving me.”

“I will consider it.” The girl said accepting the receipt with Aisha’s number. “I need to go now. The two of you should get out of here too before those two wakes up, or the one that ran off came back with more help.”

Aisha nodded as she watched the girl quickly walked back to the alley entrance.

“She’s pretty stuck up isn’t she?” Brian commented as he walked Aisha back to the entrance. “She might have saved you, but she didn’t even give her name.”

“I am sure she must have forgotten it in all the… chaos.” Aisha said, knowing that the cape was most probably protecting her identity. “I hope she calls, she seemed like a pretty cool person to hang out with…”


Locking the door securely behind her after making sure no one had followed her home. Taylor finally gave in to the adrenaline pumping through her body. A trip to the marketplace had escalated into something out of her control, especially after she saw a young dark skinned girl wandering into a side alley to the docks, with three Empire Eighty-Eight gang members following soon after.

A hunch had gotten her to walk into the alley after them, where she found the three gang members accosting the young girl. At least Taylor did have enough presence of mind to use the Transformation technique on herself before she inserted herself in the fight to save the girl.

Unfortunately, she did not have much control over the Transformation technique. Even though the chakra technique was considered one of the Academy Basic, and Hashirama had drilled the theory of the technique into her during the journey through the soul tunnel, true mastery of the skill required lots of imagination, planning of the physical change, practice, chakra control and manipulation.

Taylor could barely managed to change her hair, she knew because she saw her thick locks turning from black to red. She did try changing her eye colour, as well as made slight shifts to her facial features, but without a mirror, she had no idea how successful the changes were. Her attempts at creating a mask for her face or even changing her clothes apparently failed, judging by the fact that her clothes were the same and no mask had covered her face.

She did not exactly have time to check if any of the transfromations took hold, before things went south and she had to jump in to save the girl. She could have taken more time to attempt the Transformation technique a few times to ensure its success, but with time running out, Taylor had instead taken a risk.

The rescue was short and chaotic, Taylor barely recalled what she was doing. After the three gang members were beaten and chased away. She had shortly made her escape. She managed to sneak into a nearby toilet to check her appearance in a mirror and discovered that the Transformation technique did work partially.

Her hair and eye colour were different. Her face was narrower, with a sharper chin, there were faint stretch marks on the left side of her face as though the portion affected was drier. Her nose was obviously broken, and her lips were smaller, like the lips of an Asian girl. All in all, the person standing before the mirror seemed like a distant cousin of Taylor. They had some similar features, but were obviously different.

The Transformation technique she used on herself was not perfect, but at least Taylor did not have to worry that she might have ousted her real face to those Empire Eighty-Eight gang members as a cape. She had quickly dispelled that transformation, and spent some time to overlay a more powerful and complete Transformation technique just to be cautious in case anyone followed her.

It took seven attempts for her to make significant alterations to her physical shape and clothing. When she walked out of the toilet, she had the appearance of a dark skinned, busty middle age woman with curly brown hair, blue eyes, and wearing a Pokka dot dress. She had quickly made her way home after that. All in all, it was a hell of an ordeal for her very first fight using her powers.

Hashirama however was in approval over her actions. You pulled off some pretty impressive chakra punches and kicks just now. Your chakra control still needed work however. You pooled too much chakra into your fist during your first punch, which is why your whole hand is going to be bruised for the next few days. There’s going to be deep tissue chakra burns. The chakra enhanced kick however is much more efficient, almost perfect in execution.

“At least my leg isn’t going to drop off just because I saved someone.” Taylor grumbled aloud as she made her way to the fridge. She need to get some ice for her right palm which was already showing dark red bruising. The dull ache coming from it was making her twinge physically. “Injuring my hand is bad enough.”

You did a good thing today Taylor. Hashirama continued. The police of your city should be ashamed of themselves, to let things go so bad, that gang members could go about with their threats in parts of the city. If this was Konoha, the police force would have already caught and jailed those three. Konoha was one of the safest ninja village during my time for a reason.

“Yes well good deed or not, I don’t think I am going to play hero to anyone else until I have more practice over chakra manipulation, and have designed a proper costume for myself. Anyway, it isn’t fair to compare Brockton Bay’s police to Konoha’s police. Your police force are all powerful ninjas. A squad of them can probably take down any of the parahuman gangs here.” Taylor said as she prepared an ice pack for her right hand. It took her several moments to arrange the pack with one working hand.

Taylor wrinkled her forehead as she worked. “And before I can make a proper costume, I need more funds, which means I need to jumpstart our idea to sell plant produce in Lord Street Market. I have three hundred and forty dollars in saving. I checked today, a stall rental down at the marketplace cost a ninety dollars a day. I have enough funds to book a stall for three days, and hope I will make enough profits during then to begin my plant trading business.”

You can try selling spices, not just food crops. Hashirama suggested. Spices, rare plant poisons, healing herbs and chakra enhanced plants tend to be worth their weight in gold back in my world. Luxury plants like cotton are good too, though there were other plants products that could sell more in my world.

“I will try your idea with spices.” Taylor agreed. “Saffron in particular if I can get a sample, it is one of the most expensive spice I know. Pity that the plant doesn’t exist in your world though. The rest of the plants from your world though… I can’t really sell them without having their origins traced back to me. As for cotton or any of the so call luxury plants, I think there’s a market for them here, but only to the manufacturers. I can consider them in future when I know the industries in my world better.”

If you can’t sell the actual plant, how about selling the poison or medicine they produced. Hashirama asked, his mental tone sounding smug. I might not be a medi-nin, but I am pretty good with extracting and creating poisons and healing salves due to my understanding of plant life. And I came up with quite a number of original recipes in my lifetime.

“I guess I could sell the healing salves as traditional/ herbal medicines.” Taylor said in agreement as she checked the awkward bindings around her right hand. “Maybe I can even create some wood furniture to supplement the sales. Hand craft wood furniture are going for a lot these days, and the few chairs and tables I created with the Wood Release bloodline certainly seemed passable enough for high quality hand crafted work.”

Ah you are beginning to think my little apprentice! Hashirama said in delight. Mayhap in time you will even have the chakra and skill to go into construction. I do have a Wood Release technique to construct wood buildings. One of my finest and most useful technique to date, especially when you are stuck in a month long war campaign out in the desert, or forest, or swamp. I will teach it to you one day when you are ready for it.

“Building houses with chakra sounds incredible, but I don’t think I am going to war anytime soon or anytime at all. Not to mention in a city landscape, how am I supposed to hide the fact that I build a wooden house instantly with chakra?” Taylor said dryly. “Anyway, with my hand all bandaged up, I guess we have to skip the Ninjutsu practice for the afternoon. I don’t exactly have two hands to make handseals. What should we do instead? More chakra control exercises?”

Let’s continue with Fūinjutsu, it is about time you learn how to create storage seals. Storage seals are one of the most common set of seal arrays produced by Seal masters. Hashirama decided. It can allow you to store large amounts of goods within a seal array. I have seen some ninjas make very creative uses of storage seals during battle. Those tricks might prove useful to you if you are ever caught in a difficult situation. Especially since with your limited chakra and skill, you can’t just overwhelm your enemies with Ninjutsu like I usually did back home…


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Topic: Empire Eight-Eight up in arms! New cape alert!

In: Boards Places America Brockton Bay

BBObserver (Original Poster)

Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2200hrs

Just got news from my bro in the Merchants. Apparently Empire Eighty-Eight is up in arms after an unknown female cape rough up two of their gang members in broad day light while unmasked! Apparently the gang members tried to have some fun with a black chick when the cape stepped in.

She is probably some kind of Brute because she allegedly knocked out the two gang members barehanded. Empire Eight-Eight is trying to track down that cape. It is going to be a sorry affair when they caught up with her.


Posted on June 12th, 2010: 2210hrs

WTF?! Is the cape new to the scene? Why didn’t she at least cover her face before she step in to save the day?


Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2211hrs

That poor girl, she wouldn’t last long with all of Empire Eighty-Eight’s cape looking for her.

BBObserver (Original Poster)

Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2212hrs

According to the poster my bro got his hands on, the cape is *** comment deleted ***. With how detailed the description was, it wouldn’t be long to track her down.

*This user has received a 3-days ban for inciting criminal and/or reckless behaviour in endangering a cape’s identity. Brockton Bay’s Protectorate had been contacted of this matter. Do not do it again.*

-Tin Mother


Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2213hrs

Holy shit! The poor girl. Didn’t she learn the important history lesson about Brockton Bay Brigade? She’s going to end up dead like most of them pretty soon.


Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2215hrs

Who the hell, or what the hell is the Brockton Bay Brigade?


Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2216hrs

The Parahuman wiki exists for a reason. Just search for it.


Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2216hrs

They are a disbanded group of parahuman family. They tried to start a movement by unmasking their own identities, trying to promote the idea that Heroes should not hide their identities. Needless to say, things didn’t end well. One of them was murdered in her civilian identity, the group disbanded not long after. But they got back together recently as New Wave, unmasked like their predecessors. At least they have a strong enough reputation now that most villains left them alone.


Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2217hrs

Oh! Now I know! I have pictures of Glory Girl from New Wave since her first appearance in March 2009!


Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2216hrs

Apparently you only collect her photos instead of learning about her family history!


Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2217hrs

Guilty as charged =p


Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2220hrs

Not to derail the thread, but shouldn’t the Protectorate step in by now? Empire Eighty-Eight is going after a cape in her civilian identity. Isn’t that against some kind of cape law?

Battery (Verified Cape)

Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2222hrs

Tin Mother and I have already alerted the Protectorate. But to answer your question, there’s a cape law to ensure the privacy of a cape, but none that directly protects a cape once his/ her civilian cover is blown.

I will like to ask those in the forum NOT to post any details of this cape’s appearance publicly. Just PM me or the Protectorate the details if you have any.

A cape’s life is at stake. Please be responsible.


Posted on June 13th, 2010: 2223hrs

Battery! Nice to see the Protectorate is on the ball with this. Hopefully the Protectorate can find this new cape before it is too late for her.

* Brockton Bay’s Protectorate had acquired a court order to lock this thread in accordance to Parahuman Law Code 54, Cape Privacy Law. If you have any information about the unidentified cape, please PM Brockton Bay’s Protectorate directly. Any other similar threads in this forum will also be locked.*

-Tin Mother

In his small rundown apartment, Brian numbly stared at the old computer monitor that was showing the forum thread. The events of the afternoon was still fresh in his mind. It did not take him much to deduce that Empire Eighty-Eight was after the girl who had saved his sister from those gang members earlier in the day.

He did have his suspicious when he arrived at the scene to find two muscled gang members lying unconscious in the dirt, with a skinny blue eyed red head supposedly having beaten them up. Aisha must have been protecting the cape because she made no mention of the girl being a parahuman when he saw Aisha back to his father’s place.

Aisha would probably be in danger by association, but the more immediate danger would be heading in the female cape’s direction. She risked her identify to save his sister, but there was not much Brian could do for her right now. He could only start planning how to keep his sister safe.

A strip of paper containing a phone number was clenched in his fist. It had been given to him earlier today, by two well-dressed goons who had been following him around for days. They had apparently discovered his civilian and cape identity after he committed a few small time burglaries around town.

Brian had triggered four months ago, when he was beating up that disgusting shit of a man who had molested Aisha. When he realised he had parahuman powers a few days later, his first thought had been how to make money off it. His ability to generate clouds of darkness which had the side effect of muffling some electronics had led him to committing small time robberies for quick cash.

He had been spotted a few times, but since he had a helmet and costume on, he was just another two bit villain in Brockton Bay that was still unknown and unidentified. However, he must have slipped up somehow because the two goons he met today had told him that their Boss knew of his “special skills” and would like to hire him.

Brian had been putting off calling the “Boss”. He had been quite content with how much he made off the sporadic robberies. He had no desire to get caught up in something much bigger than he could handle. But with things as they were now, he had to consider other revenues for more resources if he was to keep Aisha from Empire Eighty-Eight’s attention.

He got his phone and dialled the number. There was a short ring before it was picked up. A firm male voice sounded over the phone. “So Mr. Laborn, I presume you are interested in my offer to hire you?”

“I want to know who you are, how much you will be paying me, and what kind of jobs you need me to do?” Brian asked in a calm voice, though his heart was racing.

“You may call me the Benefactor. I am looking to fund a small team of parahumans for several jobs involving theft and robberies, something I am sure you are familiar with.” The man sounded amused. “Should you accept, I will provide you with a monthly stipend of three thousand dollars, not including any mission pays that would be given to you for any tasks I needed you to complete.

“I am also aware of your efforts in getting custody of your sister. I can help you with that, provided you work for me.” The Benefactor said, shocking Brian with what the strange man knew.

“What… what do you mean you can help with my sister’s custody?” Brian asked, swallowing dryly.

“The monthly stipend and any mission pays would be transferred to you through a legal company. You will also receive a glowing commendation from the company’s manager, once you saved up enough, is old enough, and have enough solid backing to begin your custody law suit.” The Benefactor replied. “I can provide you with a stable income and financial background which social services can find no fault with. I can even provide support for your custody trials once you are ready for it.”

“You can do that?” Brian asked in surprise. “But why? What do you need to gather a parahuman team for?”

“Consider this… a small hobby of mine. I am quite wealthy, and keeping a parahuman team seems quite a fad.” The Benefactor said in amusement. “Rest assured none of the mission would be life threatening, just simple robbery heists within your control. You will have the right to accept or reject any missions. Rest assured nothing will happen to you if you refuse. There might not even be missions for months. Whatever the case, once you sign up with me, I will pay you the monthly stipend, regardless of what happened.”

“The offer… sounds quite incredible.” Brian managed as he went through the terms that was offered in his head. Whoever the Benefactor was, he seemed like an eccentric rich man. “But why are you funding what seemed to be a villain cape team instead of a hero cape team? If you are building a team for the reputation, I would have thought most people would go for the white coats.”

“Let’s just say funding my own team of small time cape villains, is my part in keeping the Heroes of Brockton Bay on their toes if things seemed calm.” The Benefactor said with a dark chuckle. “Consider it my contribution to prevent the Heroes from getting complacent. The team I will be gathering is made for stealth and speed. I will not be requesting any of you to engage in cape fights unless necessary. As an additional offer, you can leave the team anytime, no obligations.”

“I… the deal sounds good.” Brian said, biting his lips nervously. “I will take it, on one more condition. I want my sister to be transferred to a safer school with lesser gang member activities. The neighbourhood school she’s in right now has a lot of ruffians from ABB and Empire Eighty-Eight. Can you… can you fulfil this request for me if I work for you?”

“That can be easily done. Getting entry into Arcadia will be difficult, a better choice will be Winslow High.” The Benefactor said simply. “Winslow High is considered quite safe from gang activities especially with the rumours that a ward is studying there. I can get your sister into the school quite easily.”

“Thank you.” Brian said, a weight rolling off his shoulder. With Aisha in a relatively safe school, there would be lesser chance for the Empire Eighty-Eight gang members to find her when school started. He would have to tell his sister to lay low for the holidays.

“Now that we are in agreement, I will wire the stipend for the first month into your account. One of my… assistant will also drop by in the morning to give you a key for your new apartment.” The Benefactor stated simply. “I can’t have my retainer staying in a dump after all…”