Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/ Star Ocean) [draft snippet] Chapter 13 part 3

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Naruto’s apartment

Returning to his body from the otherworldly yin dimension felt… strange. It felt as though he was suddenly sinking into a heavy and immovable shell. Tingling sensations spread throughout his senses, and he stumbled as he found himself suffering from a serious case of pins and needles, from head to toe. Shocked and momentary afraid that this was some sort of attack, he struggled, gasping as he tried to move his numb limbs, only to stumble face first into a pile of books he had previously stacked on the floor. Grunting in pain, Naruto tried to push himself up.

Your body has expelled a burst of exotic energies and its residue is irritating your sensory nerves, causing temporary peripheral neuropathy. Sica’s dry droning mental voice said in Naruto’s mind. For a moment, Naruto felt a surging relief at gearing the voice of his closest companion.

Am I under attack? Naruto thought back. He seriously doubt his numb throat could form comprehensive words at the moment. He tried to remember what the word neuropathy meant, it sounded like some Federation medical term. Perhaps he remembered it from those Biology lessons Sica was trying to drill into him?

No, your temporary numbness will pass. Already your body and my regenerative functions are dulling your nerves’ sensitivity. Sica remarked. You will recover in 13 more seconds. The Hokage however will recover in an estimate of 20 to 55 seconds due to his lack of regenerative capabilities.

By the Sage. Naruto mentally grunted, counting down the seconds, feeling the numbness fading as he finally managed to push himself into a sitting position. What in the world was that burst of energy you sensed?

The exotic energy burst from you and the Hokage bears similar frequencies to energy signatures frequently detected from the Nara and Yamanaka clan compounds. Sica stated. Their clans’ records stated that most of their techniques are formed from the manipulation of Yin chakra. Based on data available, there’s an 89% chance that the exotic energy detect is Yin chakra energy.

Yin chakra? Naruto thought, thinking of the Yin dimension he was just in. That reminds me I need to tell you…

“Oh my, I have forgotten about the dislocation effect. It certainly doesn’t do these old bones any good.” Old man Hokage’s voice groaned behind Naruto. Naruto pushed himself up to his feet, turning to see the Hokage shifting his body stiffly. The older man gave a sheepish chuckle. “They always do say the mind’s the first to go.”

“Dislocation effect?” Naruto asked as the Hokage bent and picked up the Legacy from where it had dropped onto the floor. The older man also rolled the scroll containing the documents from Naruto father’s library off the floor, before standing up and handing both items back to Naruto.

“Ah yes, that was what your mother called the numb feeling that everyone gets when they returned back to their bodies from the Legacy.” Old man Hokage said as he stretched his body wearily. “Unlike most Yin techniques in the ninja world which happens in real time, the activated seal array on the Legacy created a ‘bridge’ of sorts to the Yin dimension outside of space/time and back to the real world. The Uzumaki clan believes that the ‘bridge’ contains a constant flow of powerful Yin chakra, some of which was brought back by the Yin clone when it returned to the real world. That shroud of powerful raw Yin chakra the Yin clones brought back would be enough to temporary paralyze the users and anyone near them.”

The Hokage shook his head. “That’s a key reason why your clan never brought the Legacy to any battlefields, and why the Legacy should only be activated in a safe zone. Seconds of paralysis would be any ninja’s undoing during a ninja fight.”

“I will take note of that. Thank you old man.” Naruto said, pausing a moment before moving forward and awkwardly hug one of the few people in this village who had looked out for him since he was born. “Thank you for passing me my parents’ … legacies. I will take good care of them.”

“See that you do.” The Hokage said with a grandfatherly smile, tapping the sealed scroll containing the sealed items of the Namikaze library. “Your father had quite an extensive physical library, each sealed by categories, and the sealed categories are then sealed into this greater storage seal. A portion of his library contains his Fuinjutsu and Ninjutsu researches which he kept in the physical world. There have been circumstances where your mother is not available to open the pathway into The Legacy, which was why he set up his own library in the first place.”

Naruto clutched the storage scroll the Hokage pointed to, frowning as he realised he was unable to recognize the incredibly complex seal.

“Most of your father’s library however contains rare Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu scrolls, tomes and works that he had collected and bought during his lifetime.” Old man Hokage chuckled. “Your father made many powerful friends during his time, and was able to get his hands on materials which I might not have gained access to. Of course he also made a lot of powerful enemies. The greater storage seal I used to store your father’s physical library is a personal Fuinjutsu creation of mine. It will only open with my blood and yours.”

Naruto blinked at the old man upon hearing that. His mind piecing the pieces together. “You are afraid someone will come after me for the library?”

“Not exactly…” The Hokage said with a weary sigh. “Officially, the Fourth Hokage’s personal library has been sealed away and stored in the Hokage’s library which is under Anbu protection. I have no intention for anyone to link your father’s legacy back to you, at least not until the time is right. And only when revealing to the world you are the son of the Fourth doesn’t put an assassination mark on you. However, if you were to unseal your father’s legacy in your apartment… For one thing, your apartment would not be able to contain even half of your father’s library. For another, unlike the Legacy of the Uzumaki which exits in another dimension and can only be entered by an Uzumaki, you do not have the necessary resources to protect your father’s physical library should you unseal it and someone finds out.

“But I promise you Naruto.” Old man Hokage said looking earnestly into Naruto’s eyes, touching the storage scroll in Naruto’s hands. “One day when I am confident that you can take care of yourself, that you can survive being named as the son of the Fourth, I will unseal your father’s library together with you. And I entrust this sealed scroll to you as a mark of my promise. In the meantime, if you wish to look at your father’s research, I believe he has made mental tomes of them back in the Legacy.”

“I will take care of them.” Naruto said promising. “And I understand why it has to be done this way.”

A wistful look crossed the Hokage’s eyes as he suddenly looked more tired and much world weary. “You are already so wise at such a young age. I wish your parents would have seen you now. I am sure they will be proud of the boy you have become.” Old man Hokage gave Naruto one last pat on the shoulder before making his way to the window. “Have a good rest Naruto, you will need all your energy when your Jonin instructor drops by tomorrow afternoon.”

Naruto nodded as the Hokage vanished from the window still into the dead of the night. He moved forward to close the window, his mind reaching out to Sica.

“We need to talk Sica.” Naruto said as the window was closed, and he began searching for a good hiding place for the storage scroll containing his father’s library, and the metal cube of The Legacy. “I have some very interesting memories for you to look through…”


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Monster Souls (BtVS/ Multiple) Prologue

I know I should concentrate on my current fanfics, but when I get these plot ideas, they keep running around in my head until I write them down.

So here’s the new plot, what if Xander gets the power to transform into five different rpg monsters from five different games. What if each of his monster form allows him access to some of the gameplay features and skills from each game, like the Limit Break system of FFVII, or the Job system of FFT?

What if more than that, he becomes the apprentice of a very eccentric reality travelling wizard?

And to answer those plot bunnies, I lump the ideas into a starter Prologue that I will hopeful have the time to continue.



Story Title: Monster Souls

Crossover: BtVS/ Fate/Stay Night/ Riviera: The Promised Land/ Suikoden II/ Final Fantasy VII/ Final Fantasy Tactics/ Star Ocean 2

Author: Wraithrune

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. No profit is made from this. This is just a whimsical creation for fans of the various fandoms. And to pay homage to them.

Summary: A reality walking magus, an improvised costume choice, True Magic and Chaos Magic merged, and created the birth of a lost power. Xander will never be the same again.


Prologue – Twist of Fate

He was bored.

Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, the only living Magician capable of wielding the Second Magic, “Kaleidoscope” in his home reality, was bored and that was never a good thing.

As the Wizard Marshall of his home reality, and one of the twenty seven Dead Apostle Ancestors of his world, he was extremely powerful and near immortal. So when someone of his status and bearing was bored, it resulted in a lot of dangerous situations for those around and close to him.

He was a tall stately looking man clad in a fine black cloak and hand sewn silk shirt and pants, with a defined muscular look. The older man would have cut a charming figure if not for his crop of spikey silver grey hair and blood red eyes. He had ventured to try a new hair style in the current reality he was in, which spoke volumes of just how bored he was.

Currently he was wondering the streets of a small town that sat on a nexus of power, which was what had drawn him here to sight see in the first place. He had finished his examination of the nexus half an hour ago, deeming it as yet another dimensional leyline linked to a lower plane of this reality.

As the Master of the Second Magic, he could freely transverse the multiverse and manipulate the energies of the infinite realities. He had a deeper understanding of realities that even the most brilliant scientists would envy. He understood that each realities had their own planes of existences, and that a single reality could play host to multiple planes leading to vast worlds of different planar denizens. A dimensional leyline was basically a short cut route to one of the planes in the reality. When you have seen and comprehended the workings of one, you have basically seen them all.

And since the dimensional leyline led to a lower plane, it attracted vast gathering of dark supernatural creatures native to this reality. Zelretch had already destroyed three vampires the day before when he first arrived to town, though to call them vampires was a disgrace to the name. The vampires in this reality were basically demonic in nature and possessed no souls, hardly comparable to the dead apostles of his reality.

It did seem he came into this reality and town at the right time, because this very day was Halloween. Having walked into thousands of realities since he deciphered the mystery of the Second Magic, it was always the realities closely alternate to his home reality that were closer to his heart. It was always amazing to see near similar cultures from his home reality demonstrated in different forms in alternate realities.

On his Earth for instance, people do not dress up in costumes for Halloween and freely roam the streets in what was obviously a demon infested town. Of course, on his Earth, there were a number of entities like the mage association and the church that would have long eradicated the town of demons so that they do not threaten the inhabitants. The humans of this world obviously had no such protection, and seemed to be largely ignorant of the supernatural threat.

For a moment Zelretch wondered if he should help clean this town of its more dangerous supernatural presence and drain the dimensional leyline under the town. Such an act would keep the town’s inhabitants safe for a decade or so, at least until the dimensional leyline replenished its energies and attract a supernatural crowd again. But after a moment of thought, the centuries old magus discarded the thought as too mundane a chore for him. He would have taken care of the problem in a few hours, but that would not have taught the people of this world, or of this town anything. They need to start learning to take care of themselves.

Walking past a crowd of costume clad children deep in thought, his stern expression and blood red eyes deterred them from asking candies from him. He was jolted out of his musing when someone grabbed his arm.

“Hey sir!” A costume clad teenager said fearlessly halting the Wizard Marshall. The magus of his world would have wetted themselves at the thought of physically touching the man. That was the good and bad part about reality travelling, people from other realities tend not to know his reputation as the crazy-wizard-marshall-who-can-turn-your-brains-to-mush. In this case, he was not so sure that was a good thing

Zelretch looked at the young man who wore a pair of green clawed gloves, a whip in one of his hands. There was also a pair of large ram like horns sticking out of the teenager’s head, two short and red plastic limbs glued to his rough clothed shirt and pants that seemingly belonged in the middle ages. Zelretch was about to make an off-putting comment about the boy’s hotchpotch dress sense and blindingly hideous costume choice when the teenager continued, a group of small children peeking behind the young man. “You dropped something.”

Zelretch blinked as the teenager held up his small leather pouch, which contains his travelling money. The rest of his wealth and personal items were sealed in a pocket dimension tied to his person for when he needed them. The money pouch was mainly meant for him to present a normal front, instead of startling the shopkeepers of this world by making money appear out of nowhere if he wanted to purchase any mementos.

“Thank you.” Zelretch spoke, his attitude of the young man changing as he took back his money laden pouch. Now that Zelretch observed the young man more carefully, he could sense the teenager’s earnest, goofy air and simplicity of mind, but there was also a hint of steel in the boy’s eyes. Pure of heart and not a push over Zelretch decided, as he read the teenager’s presence and body language. A wave of nostalgic hit Zelretch, the young man reminded him of Nagato Tohsaka, one of his numerous magus apprentice, who while not overly powerful, was fundamentally good at heart, and was someone willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

It had been centuries since he looked up on Tohsaka. His student would be dead by now, but the Tohsaka lineage might still probably exits. The Wizard Marshall did wonder if Tohsaka’s surviving descendants would ever finish the homework that he had passed to his average in power magus apprentice. Considering that the homework requires Tohsaka and his descendants to construct Zelretch’s own Jewelled Sword from just a blueprint, it would probably take the Tohsaka lineage another few centuries to be smart and powerful enough to build a sword that could create the Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon.

Zelretch shook off the memories, he doubt that the young man in front of him could even match half of Nagato’s better characteristics, he must really be getting old to reminisce about the past. Come to think of it, he was already old. Immortality… it does made him feel like a cranky old man at times.

“No problem sir.” The teenager said with a grin. The young man winked at Zelretch as he walked away with his group of children. “Nice costume by the way, I especially dig your red eye lens. Very dark vampire lord without the fangs and blood.”

Zelretch snorted. “Thank you. And what, might I ask, are you dressed as?”

The teenager gave a laugh, doing a twist of his body that made his extra plastic limbs wriggle. The children behind him broke into giggles while Zelretch just blinked, and then stared neutrally at the teenager as the young man replied. “Oh I am just a mix-match assortment of different RPG monsters. Have a good day mister and happy Halloween!”

The young man smiled, turning with a last wave of farewell even as Zelretch wondered what in the world an RPG monster was. Shrugging, Zelretch decided that it must be some sort of mythological monster in this alternate reality. Perhaps the ancient Romans named it, them and the Greeks do love naming their monsters after all. The Wizard Marshall was about to continue his way down the street when…

Power… dark… chaotic power billowed down the streets. Zelretch activated his personal protection. Protective amulets, crafted with the Second Magic, brimming with the powers of realities, formed a powerful shield around him that would have stopped a number of powerful forces in existence. The protection however, was not necessary as the dark chaotic energies flowed passed him, sinking into a number of the costumed teenagers and young children out in the streets in the evening.

Zelretch frowned, his mage sight showing him the intricate spell work forming before him, as he saw those targeted by the strange power undergoing a transformation into what they dressed as.

“A dark magecraft creation… formed by tapping into the dimensional energies leaking from the dimensional leyline under the town… moulded to a chaotic nature… to form temporarily reality marbles around predetermined targets…” Zelretch muttered, anger and shock building at the nasty and rash piece of spell work cast on the innocents before him. Whoever created the spell work would have gotten a Sealing Designation in his home reality just for trying to create temporary reality marbles, much less reveal the presence of magic so wantonly to the public eye. “The reality marbles continue to exist… by draining the lifeforce of its victims, even as they shape reality around the victims… granting them an altered perception of what they dressed as… changing reality around them…”

Screams sounded in the streets as the transmutated children and teenagers engaged in brawls and chased down those that were helpless and unchanged. Rage filled his body as Zelretch prepared a spell to hunt down and destroy the magus that created the atrocious spell work before him. He was halted as a large monstrous half humanoid creature made up of mismatching limbs began chasing those before him.

Zelretch instantly identified the monstrous shape as the young man who had returned his money pouch to him. The young man had grabbed several of the children turned demons, and were in the midst of chowing down on them.

There was no time to prepare a dispel spell on the affected young man, so Zelretch did the next best thing. Taking off one of his more powerful amulets, he threw it at the youth’s monstrous form. The protective power of the Second Magic, the harnessed and tamed energies of realities, met the dark chaotic energies that had changed the boy, sinking into the temporary reality marble powered by the teenager’s own lifeforce. The temporary reality marble was a wicked thing, altering the young man into a monster that was about to consume innocent lives.

Zelretch’s intention was for the powerful protective magic to dispel the dark chaotic energies around the young man, shattering the reality marble around him and revert the teenager back to human form. He never expected the dark chaotic energies to bond with the protective energies created from Second Magic. He could see the chaotic spell work rapidly mutating. It was also visibly and drastically altering the temporary reality marble around the young man. He could see the spell work being dispelled from all others affected, as the changed and malformed chaotic spell focused on the young man, who moments ago, had done a good deed for him.

The monstrous form of the teenager screamed and twisted, throwing the children in its arms away from him. A thunderous orb of energy formed around the boy, trapping him in streaks of what seemed to be lightning, powered by unstable energies of dimensional, chaotic and reality origins. The monstrous form of the boy flickered briefly into his human form, then back to a monster, and then to a human again. His pain filled cry filled the suddenly silent neighbourhood before he imploded into sparks of raw magic, killed right in front of Zelretch’s eyes.

Something dark filled Zelretch at that moment. A burning anger that he had not felt in centuries. Reality bent around him as Zelretch called upon the Second Magic. He had killed a young man he had intended to help. That heretic magus who had casted the chaotic spell had been the cause, and be it man or woman, they were going to pay for their actions and crimes.

The origin point for the chaotic magecraft would be easy to pinpoint with his mage sight. As the Wizard Marshall begun to warp space to travel to the source of the spell work, orbs of light appeared, swirling on the pavement where the young man had last stood before he imploded.

Coins, bronze and silver of nature, a sword and other items of magical nature appeared at the last resting place of the teenager. Zelretch’s eyes narrowed as his keen magical senses and mage sight finally deciphered what the distorted spell work which had mutated from his Second Magic had done.

“Oh dear.” Zelretch said, feeling surprise and shock for what must be the first time in centuries. His pent up rage disappearing. It had been a long time since anyone or any event had managed to startle the Wizard Marshall out of his calm confident shell. A look of awe appeared on the man’s face as he realised what was happening in front him. “Oh dear… this… this… is… fascinating!”

There in front of him, now visible with his mage sight and senses only because he wields the mystery of the Kaleidoscope, he could see a stable reality marble forming before his eyes. And within that reality marble, that piece of separate sub-reality, wisps of infinite energies formed from the soul pieces of the teenager who had imploded from raw energies were slowly piecing itself together.

Somehow, through an unfortunate circumstance, Zelretch, the Wizard Marshall and wielder of the Second Magic had done something that should not have been possible.

He had artificially induced the creation of an extremely powerful, and stable Reality Marble never before seen, imbued in a human soul. But more than that, he had recreated the Third Magic. A Lost Magic. The materialization of the soul. Heaven’s Feel. Wholly through an unfortunate accident that he very much doubt he could begin to safely replicate without decades of study.

For a long drawn out moment, Zelretch was stunned into silence. Then a grin began to stretch across his face as he began to chuckle, sending the children near him scrambling in fear.

It seems that things were getting very interesting in this quaint little reality. Perhaps he should make plans to stay a little while longer. After all the birth of such a great power would surely be felt by the more sensitive and magically attuned of this world. The magically vibrations might even have extended out of this reality to the alternate verses nearby, attracting dangerous and unnecessary attention for the young man.

Zelretch was not the only reality travelling being, though he was among the more powerful and temperate ones. The new bearer of the Third Magic would have no idea of the power he had now gained, and might be unable to defend against the attacks of those who would want his power for themselves.

The goofy young man would not survive long against a group of powerful and more experienced enemies. And who better to guide and nurture the teenager than Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, Master of the Second Magic, one of the twenty seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, and Teacher of numerous other magicians?


Author’s note:

In a nutshell Xander gained a Reality Marble containing the ‘realized’ templates of 5 different RPG monsters that follows different reality ‘gameplay’ rules, which is all powered by the Third Magic, Xander’s own infinite soul energy, through the Manifestation of the Soul.

Tentative Monster Forms:

Monster 1

Origin: Riviera: The Promised Land [Mid-tier Lizardman monster]

Halloween Representation: 2 lizard arms

Description: Spear-holding, butt-poking lizard creature.

Skills: Spear attacks.


  • Agility based combat system
    • Turned based agility combat system.
  • Field Exploration system
    • Creates an Exploration Zone around main character.
    • Randomly provides items, treasure chest or helpful clues to assist main character.
    • Impenetrable shielded Exploration Zone.
  • Hidden Potential
    • Unlock the hidden potential of items by wielding them.
    • Item will deteriorate with each potential unlocked.
  • Character Alignment
    • Party members’ alignment with items are defined.
  • Overdrive
    • Allows for unleash of Overdrive skills, when Overdrive Gauge is filled.
    • Potency of Overdrive skills depends on item alignment.
  • Universal Party system
    • Add members to party
    • Remove members from party
    • Party members have access to current activated Gameplay skills
  • Universal Levelling system
    • Experience is divided among party members.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Loot system
    • Chance of loot from game verses of Riviera: The Promised Land/ Suikoden II/ Final Fantasy VII/ Final Fantasy Tactics/ Star Ocean 2 forming during soul fragmentation.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Random Battles
    • Chance of random monsters engaging party in battle when outside ‘safety zones’. ‘Safety Zones’ include Home base, well defended towns and cities.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Inventory system
    • Hidden dimensional pocket with 99 slots for item storage.
    • A common item can be stacked in an item slot 99 times.
    • 4 currency slots to store the different currency types.
    • Each currency slots can contain 9,9999,9999,9999 of currency.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.

Item Drops:

  • Experience [100% chance]
  • 1-5 Bottom to Middle Tier Items


Monster 2

Origin: Suikoden II [Boss Lucia Human character]

Halloween Representation: The whip

Description: Lucia is the daughter of Kianu. She joins forces with Jowy Atreides by the promise that the Karayans will be given land. A fierce warrior, she once tried to assassinate Riou after sneaking into the North Window.

Skills: Devastating Whip attacks and Fire magic.


  • Regular battles system
    • Turn based combat. The only battle style where the Loot system is activated.
  • Duels system
    • The main character is pitted against another character in single combat. This style of fighting only has three moves: Attack, Wild Attack, and Defend. The enemy will hint to the main player what attack he/she is going to perform by the taunts he/she utter.
  • Massive battles system
    • Battle takes place grid style with main character in command of his ‘army’. Certain characters are ‘unit leaders’ while others are ‘supports’. Every character adds a certain amount of defense or attack to a unit and certain characters also add special abilities to the unit to which they have been attached. Every unit may take up to a total of two ‘losses’ which are counted when a unit suffers a severe amount of casualties. Each skirmish they take part in might result in no loss, loss on one side, or even loss on both sides. When a unit suffers its maximum losses it will retreat from battle and, when this happens there is a possibility of the characters in the unit being wounded or even killed. Should a character be killed in a massive battle, they are considered permanently dead.
  • Rune attachment
  • Universal Party system
    • Add members to party
    • Remove members from party
    • Party members have access to current activated Gameplay skills
  • Universal Levelling system
    • Experience is divided among party members.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Loot system
    • Chance of loot from game verses of Riviera: The Promised Land/ Suikoden II/ Final Fantasy VII/ Final Fantasy Tactics/ Star Ocean 2 forming during soul fragmentation.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Random Battles
    • Chance of random monsters engaging party in battle when outside ‘safety zones’. ‘Safety Zones’ include Home base, well defended towns and cities.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Inventory system
    • Hidden dimensional pocket with 99 slots for item storage.
    • A common item can be stacked in an item slot 99 times.
    • 5 currency slots to store the different currency types.
    • Each currency slots can contain 9,9999,9999,9999 of currency.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.

Item Drops:

  • Potch (Money) [100% chance]
  • Experience [100% chance]
  • 1-3 Middle to Top Tier Items


Monster 3

Origin: Final Fantasy VII [Low-tier Bomb monster]

Halloween Representation: The 2 short red limbs

Description: A fire elemental creature. Known for its self destructive blasts.

Skills: Fire magic and self implosion


  • Active Time Battle system
    • Real time combat where the time-keeping mechanism does not stop whilst the player selects commands.
    • Some real time events can be stalled when player is selecting commands.
  • Limit Break system
    • Characters in a combat party are able to unleash limit break skills when limit gauge is filled.
  • Universal Party system
    • Add members to party
    • Remove members from party
    • Party members have access to current activated Gameplay skills
  • Universal Levelling system
    • Experience is divided among party members.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Loot system
    • Chance of loot from game verses of Riviera: The Promised Land/ Suikoden II/ Final Fantasy VII/ Final Fantasy Tactics/ Star Ocean 2 forming during soul fragmentation.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Random Battles
    • Chance of random monsters engaging party in battle when outside ‘safety zones’. ‘Safety Zones’ include Home base, well defended towns and cities.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Inventory system
    • Hidden dimensional pocket with 99 slots for item storage.
    • A common item can be stacked in an item slot 99 times.
    • 5 currency slots to store the different currency types.
    • Each currency slots can contain 9,9999,9999,9999 of currency.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.

Item Drops:

  • Gil (Money) [100% chance]
  • Experience [100% chance]
  • 1-7 Bottom Tier Items


Monster 4

Origin: Final Fantasy Tactics [Mid-tier Bonesnatch monster]

Halloween Representation: The 2 horns

Description: Undead skeleton monsters weak to Fire and Holy-elemental attacks. They can absorb the Dark element. Being undead, they may revive themselves given time if their bodies are not eradicated.

Skills: Water and Ice, Melee attacks


  • Charge Time Battle system
    • Turn based combat.
  • Town system
    • Able to hire new characters from Soldier Offices by paying Gil.
    • Able to buy supplies and equipment from Shops.
    • Able to get paying jobs from Bars.
    • Able to obtain items from poached monsters from Fur Shops.
  • Job system
    • Party members are able to switch jobs that have been unlocked.
  • Universal Party system
    • Add members to party
    • Remove members from party
    • Party members have access to current activated Gameplay skills
  • Universal Levelling system
    • Experience is divided among party members.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Loot system
    • Chance of loot from game verses of Riviera: The Promised Land/ Suikoden II/ Final Fantasy VII/ Final Fantasy Tactics/ Star Ocean 2 forming during soul fragmentation.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Random Battles
    • Chance of random monsters engaging party in battle when outside ‘safety zones’. ‘Safety Zones’ include Home base, well defended towns and cities.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Inventory system
    • Hidden dimensional pocket with 99 slots for item storage.
    • A common item can be stacked in an item slot 99 times.
    • 5 currency slots to store the different currency types.
    • Each currency slots can contain 9,9999,9999,9999 of currency.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.

Item Drops:

  • Gil (Money) [100% chance]
  • Experience [100% chance]
  • 1-5 Bottom to Middle Tier Items


Monster 5

Origin: Star Ocean 2 [Bottom-tier Gladiator Human character]

Halloween Representation: Belt, pants and shirt

Description: A barbarian verse in melee combat.

Skills: Melee attack.


  • Open Field Combat System
    • Action oriented combat. Takes place in broad battlefield where players’ movements are not limited.
  • Talents, Skills and Specialty
    • Define the Talents of Party Members
    • Ability to consume Skill books to unlock new Skills and Specialities.
    • Ability to unlock Super Specialities.
  • Private Actions
    • Creates a time dilation bubble where party members can interact with each other.
  • Universal Party system
    • Add members to party
    • Remove members from party
    • Party members have access to current activated Gameplay skills
  • Universal Levelling system
    • Experience is divided among party members.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Loot system
    • Chance of loot from game verses of Riviera: The Promised Land/ Suikoden II/ Final Fantasy VII/ Final Fantasy Tactics/ Star Ocean 2 forming during soul fragmentation.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Random Battles
    • Chance of random monsters engaging party in battle when outside ‘safety zones’. ‘Safety Zones’ include Home base, well defended towns and cities.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.
  • Universal Inventory system
    • Hidden dimensional pocket with 99 slots for item storage.
    • A common item can be stacked in an item slot 99 times.
    • 5 currency slots to store the different currency types.
    • Each currency slots can contain 9,9999,9999,9999 of currency.
    • This is standard through all monster forms.

Item Drops:

  • Fol (Money) [100% chance]
  • Experience [100% chance]
  • 1-7 Bottom Tier Items

Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/ Star Ocean) [draft snippet] Chapter 13 part 2

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Edited 9th Nov 2014


Naruto’s apartment – Within Uzumaki’s Legacy

Flying above the maze of shelves, containing knowledge that he could not even begin to comprehend, Naruto could not help being dwarfed by all that had happened, of having a real piece of his parents, the history of his ancestors handed back to him.

Right at the moment, Old man Hokage was making one last attempt at finding the hidden corner where his father and mother had gathered whenever they were in the base. According to Old man Hokage, the small “home base” of his parents had been near the podium, as such, it did not took very long for the two of them to catch sight of a small corner hidden by a few shelves that looked different from the rest of the place.

There was a round table stacked with books and thick tomes, comfortable cushioned chairs around the table, and a hemmock hanging between two shelves. Old man Hokage smiled fondly as he brushed his hand against the table, his gaze seemingly faraway.

“I remembered the first time when your mother brought those she trusted into the Legacy. She took us here, showed us how to manipulate the yin chakra in this dimension into a permanent state. Because of the original structural creation of this dimension by your ancestor, it was easy to extract knowledge and formed them into books and tomes, but it was harder to shape the yin chakra in this dimension into something else.” The Hokage said in remembrance. “I never really got the hang of it, my wife, and one of my former student were however able to match your mother in yin chakra manipulation. Like your parents, they attempt to make a few small areas in this vast library places where they could rest and work. My dear Biwako and I used to have a personal space not far from your parents’.”

Naruto saw the Hokage’s eyes misting as the older man dwelled on old memories. Biting his lips, Naruto hesitated before asking. “Who did she brought in? Do I know any of them?”

For a moment, a look of pain flashed across Old man Hokage’s face. “There was my wife, your mother’s two best friends Mikoto Uchiha and Kojika Hyūga, and two of my former students, one of whom was your father’s teacher and your godfather.” The Hokage said, his eyes tightening with sadness.

“Wait… I have a godfather?” Naruto asked in surprise. “Why have I never seen him?”

“Shortly after your father’s death, he set off for a dangerous and prolonged mission outside Konoha. He has only been back to the village twice after that. The last time was when you was four. He left a toad wallet for your birthday.” Old man Hokage said with a smile.

“He was the one that gave me Gama-chan?” Naruto asked in surprise. He had received a toad wallet when he was younger, but he never found out who left it for him back at the orphanage. He had always thought it had been Old man Hokage who had given it to him. When he was moved into his own apartment and given the orphan stipend, he had saved up for a new toad wallet, keeping the original hidden away as one of his precious objects. All the subsequent incarnations of his wallet had been in the form of a toad, and nicknamed Gama-chan since then.

“Your godfather and I long suspected that the attack of the Nine-tailed beast on Konoha, and the death of your parents, were all part of a bigger conspiracy by a mysterious organisation of rogue ninja that we have been trying to track for years.” Old man Hokage said gravely. “Do not blame him for leaving you behind. He was trying to keep you safe in his own way. There are times a ninja had to make hard decisions to protect his people and his village.”

“Like when my father sealed the Nin-tails inside of me?” Naruto asked sardonically. Old man Hokage winced at Naruto’s words.

“I am sure your father has his reasons for using you as a human sacrifice.” The Hokage said gravely. He clasped a warm hand on Naruto’s shoulder comfortingly. “A lot of it probably stems from the fact that only a full blooded Uzumaki can ever hope to successfully contain the Nine-tailed beast without suffering grievous harm.”

Naruto was silent for a while before he pushed his bubbling emotions away, concentrating on the more important piece of information the Hokage had inadvertently revealed. “I am sure he has his reasons. But I can’t help feeling a little bitter over his choice to make me into a demon container… but about this… godfather… of mine… what do you mean when you say conspiracy? And what rogue ninja organisation are you talking about?”

Old man Hokage paused, as though he was giving thought on how to answer Naruto. In the meantime, Naruto was trying to recall his past conversations with Sica. As far as Naruto was aware, Sica had never mentioned coming across any information about the rogue ninja organisation that old man Hokage had revealed. So either the information did not threaten his wellbeing and the wellbeing of those close to him directly, or the information was never written down and archived. Which means Sica never had a chance to scan the information.

“Those issues are nothing for you to worry about.” The Hokage said, deflecting the question, causing Naruto to frown at the older man’s evasive answer. “You are still a child and your induction into Konoha’s Ninja Corp is a very special case. Take your time to understand your Legacy, figure out what it means to be a Konoha ninja, and train to be the ninja your parents will wish for you to be. Let me take care of the rest. I have already sent a message to your godfather about the recent attacks. When he returns to the village, I will get him to visit you and tell you more about your parents.”

“That is nice, but…” Naruto begun, intending to question Old man Hokage on the mysterious organisation and his godfather. He never got the chance as the Hokage began walking around the table, lifting up several scrolls with a smile.

“Ah I remember this.” The Hokage said with a smile, unravelling one of the scroll. “Your mother was continuing Lady Mito’s research on the Uzumaki bloodline. She managed quite a headway reworking a clan technique originally developed by Lady Mito. Her shape transformation of Yin or Yang Chakra chains was incredibly powerful. I remembered your father telling me she had completed the technique a few months before your mother realised she was pregnant with you. I have only seen her use the Yang Chakra Chains once, against a group of rogue Iwa Jonins who were trying to assassinate your father. They never had a chance to even fight back before she crippled them in a single move.”

The information distracted Naruto from his original line of thought, causing him to frown, as he thought back on what Sica had told him of the Uzumaki clan. “I know the Uzumaki clan was renowned as Seal Masters, and that some of the history books attribute their large chakra reserves and vitality as some sort of bloodline… But how can you create a clan technique if your bloodline just makes you more… healthy and have a larger chakra pool than others?”

The Hokage gave a laugh. “The Uzumaki bloodline is actually the same as the Senju bloodline, or at least they were the same roughly several centuries ago when your clan first begun. As centuries passed, the two bloodlines began to show subtle differences, even though at the core of it, they originated from the same source.

“The Senju were renowned to possess great vitality, large chakra reserves and potent chakra, with an instinctive grip of chakra and shape transformation. Due to inter-marriages between clan members, subsequent descendants began to gain very powerful chakra elements in either Earth and Water. The First Hokage was the first… and only one of his clan members to manifest the Wood Release bloodline, and it was largely thought by the clan to be a flux in their centuries of bloodline strengthening.” Old man Hokage said with a regretful sigh.

“The Uzumaki possess the same vitality and chakra reserves as the Senju. But due to their low numbers, inter-clan marriages were rare in the first few generations. Their chakra and chakra elements were not as potent as the Senju, but they possess more diverse chakra elements as a number of Uzumaki members married outsiders. Their clan descendants frequently showed one or two of the five basic chakra elements instead of only Earth and Water. Their chakra were also more malleable, allowing them to transfer their chakra to another without harming the person receiving the chakra infusion, or enable them to balance multiple chakra infusion in their bodies.

“Some of the best medical ninja of the older generations came from the Uzumaki clan. Because their chakra were potent and malleable at the same time, some Uzumaki members were known to be able to bestow regenerative healing just by infusing others with their chakra. Your clan even created a special ‘Chakra Resonance Seal’ just to store and build limited chakra before infusing it into someone else on activation.

“Tsunade Senju, one of your mother’s trusted companions and the second of my student, further refined that particular seal into something… extraordinary during the time your mother brought her here. I am sure you will be able to find records of her research around her workplace. If memories serves, it should be a few shelves to the north of your parents’ home base. Sadly her modified seal though powerful, requires a particular type of chakra system that is rarely found among the ninja populace. Her seal requires its user to possess absolute and precise chakra control, something that only a handful of ninja each generations would ever possess.

“As to the Uzumaki bloodline, there were other ‘special’ manifestations of Uzumaki chakra throughout the later generations. Your mother Kushina was known to possess a special type of chakra that was extremely supple yet potent in Yin and Yang chakra, giving her instinctive Yin release ability, though she only managed to gain Yang release abilities after years of training. Her special chakra and control over it allows her to mould her chakra into powerful chains using the shape transformation technique she came up with.

“At the crux of it however, the Uzumaki clan was more infamously known for their Great Seals. The Great Seals tapped into the malleability of their bloodline, were enormously chakra intensive, and could only be activated by an Uzumaki Seal Master tapping on the chakra of numerous Uzumaki clan members at the same time. The Land of Whirlpool, an island located off the coast of our country, was the home of the Uzumaki clan. It got its name not because there were naturally occurring whirlpools there but because the Uzumaki clan created those whirlpools with one of their Great Seals, whirlpools that lasted till this day.”

“I didn’t know seals could do those kind of things.” Naruto said with surprise. The seal knowledge Sica had scanned and tutored him in had never shown the craft to be capable of massive environmental alterations. From what Sica had taught him of Federation History and Sciences, many Federation nations only began studies into environmental manipulation, usually weather control, centuries after their first off world colonization.

“The Great Seals of the Uzumaki clan could do that and possibly more. And the knowledge is all contained somewhere in the Legacy.” Old man Hokage said looking around the shelves filled with ancient knowledge, his lips twisting in a sad smile. “But even if anyone knew how to create those Great Seals now, no Seal Master will be able to activate them without a large group of ninja capable of infusing him with chakra to support the seals. And unless the Seal Master has a malleable chakra system equivalent to an Uzumaki, he will be unable to balance so many different chakra infusions without chakra poisoning.”

“But I am an Uzumaki… and I can access the Nine-tails’ chakra… does that mean I can use those Great Seals?” Naruto asked, feeling a hint of excitement.

The Hokage paused, giving Naruto a considering look before smiling. “Perhaps Naruto. Perhaps… But right now you are only beginning to learn what it is to be a ninja. You don’t have to think about the Great Seals at the moment. Promise me that even if you find knowledge of the Great Seals in the Legacy that you will not attempt to learn them unless I am with you. Even with the Nine-tails providing you with additional chakra, you might end up seriously injuring yourself.”

“I promise.” Naruto said with a nod. Suffering a burn out of his chakra coils was one time too many. He had since learnt his lesson about reaching too far. Naruto did wonder how the Uzumaki Seal Masters that the Hokage had mentioned, had bypass the problem of having their chakra system outputting too much chakra.

“Good.” Old man Hokage said lying a hand on Naruto’s shoulder, looking wistfully down at him. “What I have learnt about your teacher, the training you received from him, how you have handled those secrets and saved the Uchiha, all these made me realised that you have grown up while I was not looking. You have become someone matured enough to be entrusted with your parents’ legacy. The knowledge contained in The Legacy can be dangerous and frightening at times. Just remember I am always here to help you, and be wise when attempting to learn the secrets contained here.”

“I will old man. Thank you.” Naruto said, smiling back at the man who had been akin to a favourite grandfather throughout his life.

“Good, let’s leave this place for now and get you some rest.” Old man Hokage said. “As a Chunin answerable to only me, it is within my jurisdiction to have some personal training time with you. We can go through the knowledge contained within The Legacy during those periods.”

“Will I also have a Jonin assigned to officially train me?” Naruto asked curiously as The Hokage took flight into the air, flying towards the podium.

“Yes, it is tradition, even for a special case like yours. And I already have somebody in mind. Now that things are finally settling down in the village, I will get him to pick you up tomorrow afternoon to officially initiate you into Konoha’s ninja corp.” Old man Hokage said with a smile. “I never planned for you to become a ninja at such a young age, but now that you are, do me proud Naruto, and put your parents’ legacies to good use.”


TNNU Chapter 13 [Draft] Part 3 >>

Rise of the Alliance (BtVS/ Multiple) [draft snippet] Chapter 1 part 2

<< Chapter 1 Part 1

3.5 hours later, Rupert and Calendar’s Sunnydale Mansion

Richard Edgar Castle, an overnight writer sensation after the publishing of his detective series, was quite a well-known name in the writers’ circles. Hell, a few of his best buddies were writers themselves. Known to his friends as Castle, he was a single dad with custody of his one and only precious daughter.

Castle had left Alexis under the care of his mother while he was away for the Writers’ convention. It was supposed to be a weekend of get away, meeting old friends, boosting of his popular works, scoring some hot writer chicks if there were any… It was most certainly not supposed to turn him into a real life game character, with real life gamer’s powers, bond to a magical vampire who was not even out of High School!

A number of those affected had been shocked, fearful and apprehensive of what had happened to them, especially considering the reality of the supernatural world. Castle on the other hand, were among the handful that were gleefully exploring their powers, skills and the possibilities that had opened up for them.

He had tried to organise a vampire hunt for the night, only for his plans to be derailed by an actual meeting with their vampire master. Speaking of vampires, Castle suddenly had a new idea for his next novel… chuckling, he wiped out his pen and notepad and begun scribbling.

“… and so those are the rules. I am sorry it has to be this way, but I cannot allow anyone of you to misuse the powers and skills given to you, to harm innocent people. Now, let’s have a break and enjoy the evening feast that’s prepared, for those that have questions, I will be here to clarify them.” The Vampire Master. The magical vampire with a soul, Alexander Lavelle Harris, stated firmly to his twenty seven new underlings.

The Vampire Master stood atop the stairs of what seem to be a Way Gate structure from the Warcraft III games. Other than the twenty seven people from the hotel, there were also other people and… beings, most probably characters created from the Warcraft III game, standing to the far side of the Way Gate setting up tables of food and drinks.

The distant group was definitely a sight to behold. Handsome men and beautiful women were mingling with what seemed to be dwarves, elves and trolls, placing down jars of sparkling wine and steaming pork and turkey roosts. Standing at the edge of the group was a handful of seemingly more normal looking people who were effortlessly diffusing any would be interracial fights that would have happened among the crowd.

“I have a question.” One of the more vocal writers that Castle never could remember the name of, spoke out. “You said we will have our own free will in living out their lives, but as you have demonstrated before, when you got us to all come here, that we are mere puppets to your will. How can any of us be sure that our own wills and actions are not influenced by you?”

“Well…” The Vampire Master seemed stunned by the sudden question. “When I make a promise I keep it. I wouldn’t enforce my will on any of you unless you use your powers to coerce or hurt innocent people…”

“And there lies the problem. How can we trust your words when you’re the one that made us this way?” The middle aged man stated hotly. “How can anyone of us gathered here be certain that our thoughts are our own, that our wants are our own, that…”

“Oh cut the philosophical shit Herman.” One of the few female writers caught up in this mess spoke up rolling her eyes. Castle glance at the woman, identifying her as Lisa Rizzoli, a small time writer who dabbled in crime writing, though she was more famous for her erotic novels. “The very fact you can even think and make those arguments means that you’re still your ornery self. I am more interested in that monthly stipend the kid promised each of us. So… Xander, when will we start receiving those income?”

“I will be giving each of you the first five thousand dollars when you are ready to leave.” The Vampire Master said, while waving his hand to the feast tables. “I invite all of you to join in the feast that’s prepared, and talk to some of my companions while you are at it. I know some of you are interested to learn more of the supernatural and your new powers and abilities, this is a good time to clarify all your doubts.”

Herman began mumbling about mind probes, while several of the people around him began asking The Vampire Master questions about their future, a few of the more adventurous ones made their way to the feast tables. Castle sighted one of his old pals, Albert Mallory, a prolific fantasy writer, making a straight line to a group of trolls. He was about to join him when someone walked up next to him. Turning, he smiled as he saw the young Fed he had encountered this morning, recalling their near death encounter against the being he had later learn was an actual Hellgod.

“Tim.” Castle said, nodding towards The Vampire Master who was being surrounded by several of the gathered people. “Crazy day huh.”

“You said it.” Tim said scratching his head. Castle had talked to Tim briefly when those affected during the hotel incident had gathered to make head or tails of what had happened to them. Castle knew that the young man was an aspiring writer, and apparently a fan of Castle’s work, though Tim had not recognized Castle when they first met. “I am still trying to decide if what happened to us is a good thing… or a bad thing.”

“For me, it feels… exciting. Our Vampire Master promises us free monthly stipend, which I don’t really need, but hey free cash! He also gave us super powers, introduced us to the supernatural world, at the price of being able to control us, which he basically promised he would never do anyway.” Castle said with a boyish grin. “Honestly, I think I trust the kid’s words now that I have seen him. He seemed scared… apprehensive, not exactly an evil overlord.”

“He does have a name.” Tim stated dryly. “Calling him our Vampire Master isn’t really helping with the ‘we are not under his control’ mindset.”

“Aww… but it sounds more dark and grand that way.” Castle said, getting into the mood, a scene already building in his mind. His voice deepened as he swept his arms out. “Imagine, the dark and angst ridden teenage Vampire Master, who rallied his magically bonded and created underlings, against the darkness consuming the world! We are the light, his champions in this heroic and epic fight…”

Castle cut off his dramatic monologue when a dark haired beauty stepped into his line of sight, a stern handsome looking woman beside her. He recognized the dark haired woman and her girl friend from the group’s impromptu gathering earlier in the day.

“Why hello ladies, no twenty questions for our Vampire Master or any desire to partake in the grand feast over there?” Castle asked suavely. If he had any weakness, one of it was definitely beautiful women. Most of the gathered twenty seven people had dispersed to either crowd around their Vampire Master, or gathered around the feast table.

“Beckett and I are just on our way to get some drinks when your… performance stopped us. Are you usually like this?” The woman asked looking at Castle in amusement. “Or do all writers tend to let their imagination runs wild?”

“I blame it on my mother, she’s an actress.” Castle said with a grin, winking shamelessly at the woman. “You’re Angela right? One of the non-writers in this group.”

“Yes you remembered.” Angela said with a dimpled smile. “It’s so chaotic this morning, I can’t even remember half the people in this crowd.”

“Well, I always remember a pretty lady’s name.” Castle said charmingly, he turned to Tim who had been standing by his side. “What do you say Tim? Let’s escort these two beautiful ladies to the tables and mingle with the crowd.”

“But don’t any of you have questions you want to ask the teenage vampire that can control us with his will?” Tim asked looking at the three of them.

“Beckett and I have already done that.” Angela said tapping her head. “It’s amazing how that Xander kid could reply both of us and talk to who knows how many others at the same time.”

“You have spoken to him telepathically?” Castle asked, his eyes going wide.

“It seems the most logical and efficient mode of communication.” Beckett, Angela’s friend said neutrally. The woman seemed like a stern school teacher, albeit a hot looking one. “We know that Xander could communicate with us telepathically, it is only logical to try communicating back. I’ve got most of my questions answered earlier in the day when he first told us to come here, and also come to the conclusion that his compulsion could be resisted… with great effort. Now that I have seen him face to face, I am quite certain he will keep the promise he made to all of us. Unless something drastic happens, it is doubtful we will become his mind slaves. Though of course, it’s not illogical to be cautious and reflect on your own actions every day just to be sure you are not under any compulsion.”

“Nice Beckett, nice. Just when I thought I have nothing to worry about. Then you go and say something like that.” Angela said dryly as she turned to Castle, extending her arm to him. There was a twinkle in her eye as she looked at both him and Tim. “Now about the escort, not that I really need it, but I will feel much better with you two around when plunging into the crowd of non-humans. Because if I know Beckett, she’s going to want to have an up close and personal look at some of their bone structures.”

“I am a forensic anthropologist, looking at bones is what I do. There is a rare opportunity to be had here, though I usually do look at bones when their originators are dead.” Beckett stated calmly. “And Xander promised that I could… observe some of his non-human followers if I ask them myself and if they do not mind. He also told me he has a dragon guarding his home which I will be most interested in…”

Castle stilled at Beckett’s words, a long ago wish he made in childhood coming to life. “Really!? A real dragon?”


1 hour later, Rupert and Calendar’s Sunnydale Mansion

His parents died in a car accident when he was four years old. He never could remember them. His foster father, the priest of the church his parents went to, was the one that had raised him. In a lot of ways, Father George Milton was his real father. But he had been angry and rebellious, especially during high school, he never did appreciate what Father George had done for him. Then there was that whole mess with Annie getting her pregnant, her subsequent abortion, and not long after, his foster father had passed away from liver cancer.

Uncle Jonathon and Aunt Selene, a couple from Father George’s service, had become his new foster parents until he was of age to take care of himself. The moment he reached eighteen years of age, Matthew had set off on his own, with only six hundred bucks in his pocket and a high school education. Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Selene tried to maintain contact, but Matthew had been wary of letting anyone close again, he had not contacted them in three months since he found a job in Sunnydale as a room attendant in the Swiss Royal hotel.

Life in Sunnydale had been monotonous and also a little strange. He made enough to rent a small apartment that had been surprisingly cheaper than he expected. One good thing about Sunnydale had been its low rental and housing prices. There was not much entertainment to be had in town, and he did not make enough to waste away on drinks, so Matthew had basically kept to himself in his daily routine of work, eat and sleep.

He had taken those time alone to consider his options because he could not see himself working as a lowly paid room attendant forever. The only real skills he had was that he was hardworking and willing to learn. The thought of becoming a priest like his foster father never crossed his mind. He knew all the hymns, and could recite the bible from memory, but he was never particularly devout.

Matthew had considered joining the army for the paid education but the amount of commitment that would require him to put in had given him pause. Lately though, that option had seemed more and more attractive. Matthew had actually been considering paying a visit to the army recruitment centre in Los Angeles next week, when his life was turned upside down.

As the room attendant assigned to the top floors of the hotel, he had been making his rounds when sounds of fighting caught his ears, followed by the setting off of the fire alarms. His subsequent deconstruction into motes of energies, and reformation into some kind of empowered game character was simply too bewildering to understand.

If he were to slow down and think, to reach into the power that now resides within him, he could sense the core of what he had become. Matthew Scott was now an Independent Youth unit possessing the following skills:

Independence, a passive ability that allows its user to have an 80% resistance against compulsion and binding skills.

Holy Words, a limited area of effect ability that damages nearby foes for 15 damage. Undead foes will be inflicted with an additional 10 damage. 15 MP per use.

Mark of Rebellion, an active ability that transmute any form of compulsion and binding skills on ally into boon(s). 10 MP per use.

Hard Worker, a passive ability that increase user’s base stats by +5.

His skills were not particularly impressive, especially considering some of the reality bending skills some of the writers have, but they were more than what he had a day before. It was an empowering feeling to reach deep and feel the excess of power he now had.

Beside him stood Sally, a middle age single mom who had left her kid at her parents just to sneak to this gathering. Lisa a cleaning lady for the top floor was also there. There was also a guy about his age, one Gage Petronzi, a high schooler who was working as a part time room attendant for extra cash. The four were the only hotel staff caught in the mess, and the rest were either guests or writers staying at the hotel.

Standing together beside one of the tables laden with food, Lisa looked distinctly uncomfortable at the hulking green trolls and short bristly dwarves mingling in the crowd.

“Well, I am going to take the monthly stipend promised to us and move out of Sunnydale.” Lisa spoke up, a look of unease on her face as she twitched nervously. “Find somewhere warm and quiet and live my life far away from all these supernatural stuff. It is… unnatural that’s what it is. I just want to forget that I am even part of all these.”

“I am going to get my parents and daughter and move out of this town too.” Sally said looking uncomfortable. “I have a girl to take care of, I can’t be part of anything dangerous.”

“Some of the writers and guests were talking about joining Xander, learning more about the supernatural and our powers, joining the demon hunting squads that’s being set up to protect the town. It sounds interesting.” Gage spoke up as Sally and Lisa shot him incredulous and worried looks. “I know Xander from high school, at least I have seen him and his cliché before. Never knew he was this bad ass though. I could speak with him, get him to let me be an actual part of this demon hunting business.”

“You are just risking your life for no reason.” Sally scolded in a motherly worried fashion. “Why do you even want to put yourself in harm’s way?”

“I doubt I will be in much danger, look at all these people and… creatures working for him. If what he told us is true, he could create more of them based on the Warcraft III game. I may not be a nerd, but I played that game before and I can tell you some of those units in the game possess skills and powers that’s more powerful than any of us have.” Gage said with a shrug. “Not to mention the powers and skills I gained seemed more suited to… fighting.”

Matthew nodded, Gage’s skills and abilities did seem more combat oriented. Especially the one that lets him turn into a fish monster.

“So Matthew, what’s your plan? With the monthly stipend, there’s no need for you to continue working at the hotel anyway.” Gage said turning to look at him. As the only two closest in age, the two of two had stick together back in the hotel rotations.

“I…” Matthew paused in thought. He did not have much direction for his future, and the existence of the supernatural world and his powers provided him with a goal of sorts to look forward to. “I guess I want to know more as well.”

“Well… the two of you be careful.” Lisa said with a sigh. “Sally and I will be getting out of here now after we get our money. Just try not to get in over your heads.”

Matthew nodded as the two older woman scurried off, avoiding the non-humans in the crowd. Gage turned to grin at him. “Guess you and me are going to be part of this grand adventure! Man, this is even better than the swim team.”

“You are too excited about this.” Matthew noted astutely. “You are aware if we do this we might end up being sliced and diced by whatever nightmare creatures are out there?”

“Aww come on man, are you always such a stick in the mud? Where’s your sense of adventure?” Gage said, pulling on his arm. “Come on, let me introduce you to Devon and his band. They are a band from my high school that was caught in this mess as well. I heard from Devon they are planning to stay to learn more about the supernatural. Us guys, we have to stick together. Who knows, maybe we can even form our own superhero or supernatural hunting team!”


Notable Heroes from Deconstruction of Sunnydale’s Swiss Royal Hotel

Daniel “Oz” Osbourne/ Bardic Hero

Singing, a passive ability that allows the singing of bardic songs.

Song Creation, a passive ability that allows the creation of new bardic songs.

Instrument playing, a passive ability that allows the playing of any musical instrument.

Techno-Song, an active ability that allows the Bardic Hero, Oz, to affect technologies with bardic songs.


Samuel “Sam” Walters/ Ninja Hero

Thrown weapons, a passive ability that allows weapons to be thrown with great accuracy.

Playing on strings, a passive ability that allows the Ninja Hero, Sam, to produce any sounds by plucking, slapping, popping or tapping on strings.

Potential of a Ninja, a passive ability that allows the use of Ninja skills.

Hidden Weapon Stash, a passive ability that allows the Ninja Hero, Sam, to store weapons in a hidden dimension.


Devon MacLeish/ Werewolf Hero

Lunar Transformation, a passive ability that transform the Werewolf Hero, Devon, into a werewolf during full moon. Gain + 10 strength, + 10 Agility, + 100 Hit Points.

Wolf Howl, an active ability that cast fear on enemies in the surrounding areas, and buff up allies by + 5 strength, + 5 Agility, and +30 Hit Points. 20 MP per use.

Vocal Charisma, a passive ability that makes that allows the Werewolf Hero, Devon, to gain + 20 charisma eveytime he speaks.

Summon Wolves, an active ability that summons a pack of wolves for a limited duration of time. 60 MP per use.


Richard Castle/ Writer Hero

Nose for crime, a passive ability that allows the Writer Hero, Richard, to sniff out nearby crimes.

Love of writing, a passive ability that allows the Writer Hero, Richard, to gain + 20 mana regeneration while writing.

Pen is Mighter than the Sword, a passive ability that grants + 10 Strength, + 10 Agility, +50 Hit Points and + 50 mana, to the Writer Hero, Richard, when he is wielding a pen.

Imagination, an active ability that renders imagination to reality for a period of time. MP consumption is dependent on the size and mass of imagination turned real.


Temperance “Bones” Brennan/ Forensic Hero

Bone Sense, a passive ability that allows the Forensic Hero, Temperance, to sense the synergy and history of bones.

The Power of Bones, a passive ability that grants + 5 Strength, + 5 Agility, + 150 Hit Points to the Forensic Hero, Temperance, when she is wielding a bone.

Forensic Reconstruction, an active ability targeting a bone, that allows the Forensic Hero, Temperance, to summon/ recreate its entire skeletal structure based on the targeted bone. MP consumption is dependent on the size and mass of reconstructed bones.

Living Bones, an active ability that targets a whole and intact skeletal structure of a sentient being. The skeletal structure will be animated under the control of the Forensic Hero, Temperance, for a limited duration. MP consumption is dependent on the size and mass of skeletal structure animated.



Timothy McGee/ Investigator Unit

Computation Mastery, an active ability that allows its user to understand any computational languages and codes for a period of time. 20 MP per use.

Sudden Intuition, an active ability that allows target to have a sudden flash of intuition. 30 MP per use.

Quiet Rebellion, a passive ability that allows its user to gain 30% increase in all resistance stats, when under compulsion/ binding skills and abilities.

Imagination, an active ability that renders imagination to reality for a period of time. MP consumption is dependent on the size and mass of imagination turned real.


Angela Montenegro/ Digital Artist Unit

Artist Talent, a passive ability that allows its user to have a + 15 agility when engaged in any artistic activities.

Artist Illusion, an active ability that renders its user’s visualisation to the physical world as illusion lasting a limited time and range. 20 MP per use.

Gentle Soul, a passive ability that grants allies around user + 10 Hit Point and + 10 Mana regeneration.

Free Spirit, a passive ability that allows its user to have a 70% chance to resist any hypnotic/ compulsion skills and abilities.


Matthew Scott/ Independent Youth Unit

Independence, a passive ability that allows its user to have an 80% resistance against compulsion and binding skills.

Holy Words, a limited area of effect ability that damages nearby foes for 15 damage. Undead foes will be inflicted with an additional 10 damage. 15 MP per use.

Mark of Rebellion, an active ability that transmute any form of compulsion and binding skills on ally into boon(s). 10 MP per use.

Hard Worker, a passive ability that increase user’s base stats by +5.


Gage Petronzi/ Swimmer Unit

Child of Water, a passive ability that increase user’s strength and agility by +10, and +5 health regeneration per second when in skin contact with water.

Meat Eater, a passive ability that allows user to gain health and mana regeneration when eating meat.

Sea Monster Transmutation, an active ability that changes user into a Sea Monster for a limited period. +15 strength and agility, +50 hit points and mana while in monster form. Gain a 10% bonus increase of all stats if monster form has skin contact with water. 30 MP per use.

Sea Monster Formula, an active ability that temporary grants ally the Sea Monster Transmutation. 25 MP per use.


Percy West/ Basketballer unit

Power leap, an active ability that allows user to leap in the air. MP consumption is dependent on the height of the leap.

Ball in hand, a passive ability that increase user’s strength and agility by +10 when holding a ball like object.

Power throw, an active ability that allows user to throw with unerring accuracy. MP consumption is dependent on the distance of the throw.

Power Feint, an area of effect ability of limited range, that confuse foes into becoming off-balance and missing their targets. 20 MP per use.

No updates for September

Hi Guys,

This is just a short post to those PM-ing me and reviewing my stories on & that I am unable to post an update this month.

To cut a long story short, currently I am getting up at 5+am and reaching home usually at 8+pm due to a lot of major shitty stuff going on at work. I am brain dead by the time I reach home, and today I have another pile of shit landed on my lap.

Weekend is the only time I can get to meet my friends and rest, so hope you guys can be patient with me. I will try to at least get a new story post up by sometime in October.



Rise of the Alliance (BtVS/ Multiple) [draft snippet] Chapter 1 part 1

(Book 2 of The Ultimate Peasant Series: Order of the Silver Hand has been abandoned.)

After a long departure from that story, I decided that Book 2 should instead be plotted about the missing two months before Xander and company left for space.

This will be written in parts.

Story Title: Rise of the Alliance

Crossover: BtVS/ Warcraft III/ Stargate/ Multiple

Disclaimer: I do not own, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Warcraft games verse, Stargate TV verse, or any other fandoms I will be dabbling in. This is a work of fan fiction. Written without profit, for the enjoyment of fans of these great fandoms.

Summary: Magic is gone from the world, and chaos rides the winds. In a battle for supernatural survival, those that seek to protect and defend need to band together… to create the Alliance.

Prologue – Death of Magic

Notable crossover cast for this chapter: BtVS/ NCIS/ Castle/ Bones/ Stargate Universe

1 hour ago, Swiss Royal Hotel

Daniel “Oz” Osbourne was a simple guy who just wanted a simple life, while making the music he loves. He was also an adept programmer because he had been fascinated by computer programming since he played his first computer game. But in other subjects that he had no interest in, he was mediocre at best. He was barely able to pass his classes during his senior year in high school. Not because he could not understand the subjects, but because he had better things to do with his time then to attend classes.

Which was why until a few moments ago, he had no idea that magic was real. That supernatural beings were out there, and that Sunnydale was a supernatural hotspot. There had been no logic in contemplating the existence of magic and supernatural, and he had never experienced first-hand encounters with the “night life” in Sunnydale.

Oh he noticed things, strange unexplained things, especially since he lived in Sunnydale ever since he was six, after his parents moved into town. There had been the infrequent reports of people being killed by gangs on PCP, which the newspapers in town barely covered. Grisly reports of those deaths were however speculated online by relatives of the deceased, who had been outraged about how Sunnydale’s police force had “covered-up” those deaths.

Then there were the handfuls of animal attacks once in a blue moon, and also the sightings of “monsters” around town in the middle of the night. All of which began increasing with frequency during the past few months. Frankly Oz was surprised with himself at not piecing everything together. He might have been unmotivated, but if he was to be honest, he was quite deductive in his own right.

Looking back, he first realised something was just not right with Sunnydale one month ago, during Halloween night. Dingoes Ate My Baby, the band he was part of, managed to get a spot at Sunnydale’s most popular nightclub, The Bronze, during Halloween night. Part of the theme had been to dress up as fantasy characters which basically forced Oz to don on a Halloween costume for the show.

He had gone as a Bard from Final Fantasy Tactics. Sam, the band’s bassist had the same taste in games as him, and had gone as a ninja from the game. Devon the band’s lead singer had dressed as a werewolf, while the band’s previous drummer had gone in his own custom made wizard outfit.

Right as the band began its performance, Oz blacked out. When he woke up much later, he was half sprawled on an overturned table, having dim memories of singing magical bardic songs, trying to calm a crowd of monsters and creatures gone wild, while dodging a hulking werewolf.

The band’s previous drummer had been a gibbering mess, screaming about everyone turning into monsters. The owner of the Bronze had chalked everything up as a gas leak. Oz had not paid much thought to that incident, especially after the state of confusion he was in when he regained his senses, though the drummer left the band shortly after.

They managed to get one of the juniors, a hulky Percy guy to stand in as a temporary drummer. Things came to a head a few weeks after Halloween, when Dingoes Ate My Baby landed an afternoon gig at the Swiss Royal Hotel in Sunnydale. There was going to be a Writer’s conference of some sort and the band were hired to entertain the crowd during breaks.

The four of them had been up early, setting up their equipment, doing sound testing before their gig started. He could still remember the high pitch screams of anger coming from above the ballroom. He remembered the whole building trembling, the shrills of the fire alarms, the chaos as the hotel staff helping the band set up cried for everyone to evacuate.

One of the large stereo had collapsed onto Devon, and everyone had stopped to help when everything had dissolved…

And then he was standing on the street, beside a wholly intact hotel. A crowd of confused hotel guests and staff were standing around him. Several standing next to the sidewalks were staring at the crowd in shock and fear, almost as if the crowd had startled them somehow.

Then he heard the voice in his head… and he knew.

He was once Daniel “Oz” Osbourne, a simple guy whose only passions were music and computing. Now… he was something more.

He was Daniel “Oz” Osbourne, a Bardic Hero. Though he bears four skills, only one was unlocked.

Singing, a passive ability that allows the singing of bardic songs.

Song Creation, a passive ability that allows the creation of new bardic songs.

Instrument playing, a passive ability that allows the playing of any musical instrument.

Techno-Song, an active ability that allows the Bardic Hero, Oz, to affect technologies with bardic songs.

He was bonded to Lord Alexander “Xander” Lavelle Harris, a magical vampire who used to be his junior in Sunnydale High. Besides him were other Hotel guests and staffs, who did not manage to escape the building before it was deconstructed, thus reformed as Heroes and follower units bond to Lord Xander.

“I am sorry.” Lord Xander’s voice said, reverting in Oz’s head. “I am sorry, but this is the only way to stop her without too much damages and area wide causalities. I know you are all confused… let me explain…”

In that moment as the voice in his head told him about the supernatural, about magic, and shared memories of visions and powerful beings with him, Oz knew that his life would never be the same again.


1 hour ago, Swiss Royal Hotel

Tim stretched lazily as he rolled out of bed. A week without paper work and a weekend with fellow writers, it was definitely the vacation he so desperately needed. Sure traveling from Norfolk to the little town of Sunnydale took a day by air travel to Los Angeles and then another three hour car drive to here, but it was worth it to him. Writing had been his passion, and he would never missed the chance to learn from the professionals in the field, even if the venue was a bit out of the area. He heard it was because of the very competitive pricing offered by the hotel to host the weekend Writer’s conference.

Day one of the conference starts in late morning, so there was more than enough time for him to wash up and hit the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast. Reaching for his wallet it to check how much ready cash he had on him, he brushed aside his NCIS badge. He should have left his badge back in his small Norfolk office, especially since he was on vacation, but he had gotten so used to carrying it around, that it became a point of pride for him to carry it on his person.

Becoming a real NCIS agent had not been easy, especially with his father’s disapproval… Tim shrugged the thought away, he had not talked to his old man in a long time, and there was no need to think about the past. He might be just doing computational administration work in the small NCIS field office in Norfolk, Virginia, but perhaps one day he might be permitted to conduct real investigative work out in the fields.

In the meantime, he had his passion in writing to keep him creatively occupied. He had been attempting to write several detective novel drafts without much success. The plots he came up with just seemed too awkward and chunky, perhaps he might get some new inspiration during this conference.

A loud shuddering thump came from upstairs. Then incomprehensible shouting and screaming started. Tim jumped out of bed, looking up at the ceiling with his heart thumping. He thought he heard clashing sounds of metal, and what sounded like a great fight taking place up stairs.

For a moment Tim was undecided on what to do, then he was grabbing his badge and phone, running out of his room and heading for the stairs. He did not have his gun, but he was a Federal agent, and he had a duty to find out what was happening upstairs.

As he ran towards the stairwell, he could see occupants from the rooms in the same floor opening their doors, looking around in fright.

One of the occupants was a familiar looking brown haired guy who looked at him and asked. “What is going on?”

Tim did not even have time to answer before the fire alarms started blazing.

“I don’t know, but all of you better make your way downstairs. I will check out what is happening upstairs.” Tim said flashing his badge. “Move quickly.”

“I will go with you.” The brown haired man said, following Tim to the stairwell up the stairs.

“You really should go with the others downstairs. It might be dangerous.” Tim said as he rushed up the stairs, the sounds of fighting now becoming distinctive.

“I notice you only have a badge.” The man said as he followed close behind Tim. “What do you plan to do if whatever is going on upstairs is dangerous?”

Tim never got a chance to answer when a boom several levels above him caused chunks of concrete to begin raining down. The whole stair case trembled as something landed with a thump in front of him. Coughing, blinking back tears at the dust cloud, Tim could made out a snarling blond woman wearing a torn red dress, raising a hand to make a swipe at him.

Then suddenly a crowd of people appeared before him, almost as if they had just teleported in. One of the man was chanting and suddenly blue glow erupted from his raised hands, sinking in front of the woman, and formed into what looked to be a watery humanoid form.

“What…” The man who had followed him said stupefied, scrambling up from where he had fallen behind Tim.

“We can’t hold her!” A dark haired man shouted as the woman punched the watery humanoid figure which splattered in a burst of cool water on everyone. “We can’t contained her. Yalen and his group is still handling her minions upstairs! If she gets out… I am sorry Lord Xander… we have no choice!”

Tim and the man who had followed, could only watch wide-eyed as one of the man pulled out a blazing sword and tried to lunge at the woman only to be battered away with a punch, the swordsman crashing heaving against the wall. Two other men and a woman were chanting, blazes of energies lit up their hands, and the snarling woman in the red dress began dodging the blasts of energies. She raised a hand to punch at one of the man and…

Motes of lights lit up around them, then everything was dissolving. Tim bit back a startled cry as first his hands began turning to motes of lights, and then his whole body….

Bright light of the morning sun hit his eyes, causing him to wince. It took a moment for Tim to realised he was no longer in the cramped and dusty stairwell, but out on the streets, among a crowd of people, standing next to the hotel.

In the same moment, Tim gained a deep and innate understanding of himself that he never felt before.

Once he was Timothy McGee, a fresh NCIS agent who had aspirations to be a writer. Now… now he was something more.

He was Timothy McGee, a Unit of the Investigator class. He bears four skills, all of which were already accessible to him.

Computation Mastery, an active ability that allows its user to understand any computational languages and codes for a period of time. 20 MP per use.

Sudden Intuition, an active ability that allows target to have a sudden flash of intuition. 30 MP per use.

Quiet Rebellion, a passive ability that allows its user to gain 30% increase in all resistance stats, when under compulsion/ binding skills and abilities.

Imagination, an active ability that renders imagination to reality for a period of time. MP consumption is dependent on the size and mass of imagination turned real.

Then the voice spoke in his head. And somehow, Tim knew instinctively who it was.

“I am sorry.” Lord Xander’s voice said, reverting in Tim’s head. “I am sorry, but this is the only way to stop her without too much damages and area wide causalities. I know you are all confused… let me explain…”

And as the wonder of magic and the supernatural world was explained to him, as the strong connection from him to Lord Xander pulsed within him, McGee could not help feeling… that something was wrong… very wrong…


8 hours later, Rupert and Calendar’s Sunnydale Mansion

“You ended magic on Earth.” Giles’ voice was thick with shock as the Watcher and Ms. Calendar confronted Xander who had just returned to the mansion.

Buffy and Willow had been at the mansion when Xander had returned with the Archmage Yalen. Both of them looked as though they had been through a fight, with dirt smudged clothes.

“How could you make such a decision without consulting any of us!” Giles was ranting even as Xander began to explain.

Willow was watching the going-ons with wide eyes, as Xander tried to explain about a Hellgod, his promise to some Source of Magic guy, his ability to create new and controlled sources of magic, as well as his plans to form an alliance with the… good demons? Buffy did perk up when she heard Xander mention a starship, even Willow looked excited, but whatever Xander was going to say about that was derailed when Ms. Calendar cut in.

“You mentioned deconstructing a hotel in Sunnydale, in order to dematerialise the Hellgod.” Ms. Calendar pointed out. “What happened to the rest of the people inside?”

There was a noticeable pause as Xander gave a sad grimace.

“Most of the staff and guests were near the ground levels, they managed to get out in time… before I dematerialise the hotel and rebuild it…” Xander stated, discomfort in his eyes. “Twenty-seven innocent people who stayed closer to the top levels, or were trapped in the hotel due to some reasons… had to be recreated…”

Giles pinched his forehead, a pained look on his face. “And there was nothing else you could do to deal with the Hellgod?”

“She was close to demolishing most of the top levels of the hotel and escaping.” Xander said reluctantly. I had to make a decision than… to… sacrifice those twenty-seven people, in order to prevent more casualties and damages across town.” Xander said looking conflicted.

“And the price to destroy a Hellgod… is the free will of twenty-seven people.” Ms. Calendar said softly with a sigh. “What do you plan to do for them?”

“I promised them that they could continue living out their own lives, and that I will help in anyway I can, if they wanted, they could… join the teams I am planning to set up to combat the supernatural. Some of the guys caught up in the mess are from high school so it will be easy to approach them from a common ground.” Xander stated. “There’s also the fact that some of the stronger willed ones, the Heroes out of those twenty-seven and a number of the Follower units with various… unique counter compulsion skills, are already beginning to push against the bonds I have with them. I have a feeling that people from this world… who end up being recreated by me, might be able to resist the innate compulsion from the soul bonds. I will really have to fully force my will on them to actually compel them to do what I want without question, like what I did with Spike… and a few others. I didn’t really notice the issue with Drusilla or Spike because we mostly leave each other alone, but now that I have a larger pool of Heroes and units from this world to observe from… it is blatantly obvious.”

“How many Heroes were among the twenty-seven?” Willow asked curiously.

“Five actually.” Xander revealed. “And three of those Heroes are Sunnydalers. In fact, from their memories, those three were among the many affected during Halloween night. Their innate potential seems related to their Halloween personas. All three also became Hero units… even though they did not seem to have any special qualities, decades of experience or notable will power… well other than their Halloween experience. It seemed that the events of Halloween night might have lingering effects on those affected.”

“Hold on a minute.” Giles cut in, his eyes narrowing. “You said you force your will on Spike and a few others, what few others are you talking about?”

“Well…” Xander hesitated. “Maybe it isn’t accurate to say a few others… it is more like a… number of others…”

“Xander… what did you do exactly?” Ms. Calendar asked in worry as Xander’s words caused both her and Giles to tense.

“The thing is, remember when I told you about the demon army protecting the Seed of Wonder? The demon army that I later deconstructed?” Xander asked.

“Yes, I am sure the feat of how you ended the Source of Magic will be forever etched in my mind.” Giles said dryly.

“Well… the demons were gathered by another party, in order to prevent the destruction of magic foreseen by their seers.” Xander said with a wince. “Remember Drusilla’s visions I told you about, the ones that led me to Terin, the so call Source of Magic? Well the visions were more than just showing me his past and his location. He knew that the supernatural world will be thrown into chaos with the disappearance of magic. So he outlined several plans of action by seeing into the numerous possible futures. Following his planned foresight, I seek out the party responsible for sending the demon army against me… and deconstructed their main HQ. I believe Giles would know what Wolfram and Hart stands for. Especially since they knew of the Watchers’ Council.”

“Dear lord!” Giles exclaimed, pinching his forehead. “You deconstructed the headquarters of one of the most powerful dark sided organisation in the world?!”

“What are you both talking about?” Buffy spoke up, her forehead knotting in confusion. “What does Wolfram and Hart stands for?”

“To the world, Wolfram and Hart is a prestige law firm with branches spread out internationally.” Ms. Calendar said as her lips tightened in distaste. “In reality the ancient law firm is run by three of the most powerful demons on Earth. Most people who have been in the supernatural world long enough will know of them sooner or later.”

“Actually the key word is Wolfram and Hart used to be ran by the three most powerful demons on Earth.” Xander said shifting uncomfortably at Giles’ horrified look as the older man put two and two together. “The three demons, Wolf, Ram and Hart jumped ship when their seers first got the visions of the Source of Magic being destroyed. When Terin deconstructed into me, the dimensional rifts were closed, and it would take a hell lot of magic to open a dimensional rift after this. The Wolfram and Hart headquarters in Los Angeles had portals linking it to its eight other international branches across the world. So after I reconstructed the Wolfram and Hart headquarters, I sort of take a trip around the globe via evil lawyers’ portals and… well… let’s just say all of Wolfram and Hart’s employees who were in the buildings at the time of deconstruction now works for me.”

“Why in the world do you even think that is a good idea?” Giles shouted, the older man seemingly at a loss for words.

“If I did not put Wolfram and Hart under my control, its top management would have attempted to seize what remaining power they have, especially with the eventual disappearance of magic saturating Earth’s environments. They would have lit the powder keg that cause the supernatural world to fully erupt into chaos.” Xander explained. “Terin has foreseen this, so one of my first task had been to subsume Wolfram and Hart and place them under my control. This way, instead of being a force of evil stirring up trouble, they will instead be my… instrument in uniting peaceful demon clans. With their centuries of demonic contacts, it will be an easy task for them to find most of the demon clans on Earth. And to make sure the evil lawyers are kept inline, as a secondary back up in case the powerful compulsion I laid on them falter, I have created an army of my own to keep an eye on them.”

There was a moment of stunned silence. Willow was about to ask about the army Xander had created when Giles spoke.

“So… you did what you did… because this Terin, who happened to be the Source of Magic in this world… told you to do so?” Giles asked in aggravated slowness. “Through the visions that was initially passed to you?”

“Erm… yeah.” Xander said. “The next few months will be tough once every demons and supernatural in the world realise magic is really disappearing. I will need all the resources I have to find those that want to make peace or form an alliance in this new… order of things. I will only create sources of magic for demons or creatures that do not seek to harm others, and those that can co-exist with people on Earth. In all possibility, the demons that reject peaceful co-existence with humans will be making trouble considering that they will face imminent death or loss of power with no other way out of their situations. I need an army, possibly armies, to make sure any possible supernatural conflicts will not spread into human populated areas. I need to… create more people that can help me, to have patrols covering towns and cities, so that I can keep this world safe in the coming months.”

Giles’ shoulders slummed as he released a weary sigh. “Tell me everything, all the visions Terin had shown you through Drusilla. And then we will plan for whatever will happen, and the ground rules for all of your… followers, even the ones you deconstructed from the hotel. For even though they had no place in your larger picture, you are the one that empowered them into something more than human, you will be the one accountable for their actions…”


2 hours later, Swiss Royal Hotel

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” Angela Montenegro said fluttered as she paced around the room wringing her hands.

“Angela please, I doubt there is actually a god that is going to help us.” Brennan said with a sigh. “I am trying to concentrate here.”

“How can you be so calm Brennan!” Angela said staring at her closest friend. “We have been turned into game characters with special powers! I learn that there are monsters out there, that magic is real, and that I am now soul bond to a pubescent teenage vampire! Oh my god!”

“But it happened. So now the best way to deal with it is to quantify and form a logical deduction about what is going on exactly and how our powers actually works.” Brenan said calmly as she stared at a chicken bone. “Hmm… I can sense the pieces of its connecting bones all over town, a few much further. I am pretty sure I can read much deeper if this skill level is increased.”

“Okay I used to think you are creepy, but now you are even creepier.” Angela stated deadpan. “At least my skills don’t deal with death and I have access to all of them.”

“This passive Bone Sense skill is very useful.” Brennan stated, ignoring Angela’s jib. “Once I unlock my other three abilities, I can foresee them becoming very useful to me.”

“You are actually considering going on a vampire hunt tonight?” Angela said shrilly.

“We are going in a group, one of them is a Federal agent, we will be fine.” Brennan said, patting Angela’s arm in a show of comfort.

“That Federal agent is a kid! Probably fresh out from the Federal academy oven or wherever they came from. He also does not have a gun!” Angela stated.

“A few of the writers have the Imagination skill. They should be able to outfit us some weapons from their imagination.” Brennan said in a matter of fact voice.

“Those weapons will have a time limit, I was there when we were all comparing skills and super powers remember?” Angela said before shaking her head at the absurdity of the morning. “This feels like one giant comic-con nightmare. Why did I come with you to this Writer’s conference again?”

“Because you insisted that I take a vacation, and you came with me to make sure I really have a vacation.” Brennan said, apparently not realising Angela’s question was rhetorical. “Anyway Angela, I am sure everything will be fine.”

“We are the soul slaves of a vampire! And all of this started because you decided you wanted to try writing as a hobby!” Angela said, wringing her hands dramatically. “Oh Brenna, why couldn’t you have taken my suggestion of nude sun bathing or guy watching when you were deciding on your hobbies! Now what am I going to do if our vampire master order me to have sex with him, or… or do things with him!”

Brennan shot Angela an askew look, hiding her smile. “Seriously Angela, I doubt Xander wants us for his personal harem. I can feel his sincerity through the bond for one thing, and secondly we are too old for him. With your Free Spirit skill, I doubt he could give you any orders you can’t resist with time. If he really wanted to, I am sure some of the younger hotel staff are better and easier pickings.”

That was however the wrong thing to say as Angela drew herself up, giving an insulted huff. “Excuse me for being a beautiful and spontaneous mature woman. I will have you know that I am hot property and can compete with any of the younger girls out there.”

Brennan rolled her eyes. “Just wear something a little more durable and suited for outdoors tonight. We might need to run a lot.”

Angela gave a sniff and was about to remark on that comment when a voice spoke in their heads.

Everyone, please gather at this location tonight. The voice of their vampire master, Xander, said in their heads, as an image and location of a mansion form within their heads. I have done all of you a disservice and it is time I address it. We will discuss our continued future going forward, so please be there, I do not want to have to make this an order. But I will if I have to.

Because regardless of what happen, regardless of the bonds binding all of you to me, all of you are now empowered, stronger and more capable than the average human beings. It is your responsibility and mine, to make sure those powers and skills are not used for ill purpose.

We will discuss our futures together tonight, if you wish to live out your life in peace, you are free to do so, after we agreed on the ground rules, for any possible misuse of your skills and powers. 8.30pm tonight, be there. Xander said in a firm no nonsense tone of voice.

Angela shivered as she felt a faint hint of compulsion in the vampire master’s words, which she easily fought off as her Free Spirit skill activated.

“I guess we’re not vampire hunting tonight.” Angela said with a grimace.

“No.” Brennan said after a pause, a frown on her forehead. “We’re just meeting one.”


>> Chapter 1 Part 2

Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/ Star Ocean) [draft snippet] Chapter 13 part 1

Okay… so I decided to try something a little different in order to get myself committed and motivated to write. I will try my best to post completed draft snippet of chapter 13 on a bi-weekly basis/ weekly if I can manage it.

This will make it easier for me to complete writing the whole chapter part by part. Instead of raising my hands half way and surrender to more brain dead ways of spending my weekends ;)

For those that only want to read the full chapter 13 at the end ;) ignore this blog post to avoid spoilers.

>.<” hope I can get my rusty writing gear going again… was distracted and ended up playing Guild Wars 2 the whole day. And there’s one weekend gone…


Edited 9th Nov 2014


Story Title: Technological Ninja Naruto Uzumaki

Crossover: Naruto / Star Ocean game series

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or plot from Naruto anime/manga series and the Star Ocean Video games series. This is a work of fanfiction as a tribute to some of my old time favourites.

Author’s Note:



“Yes you will wouldn’t you?” Old man Hokage said, smiling idly. “One last thing. As this dimension is outside of space and time, when we return back to our bodies, it will be at the exact moment we left it. To leave the dimension, you need to return to the seal array on the podium and activate it by saying the word ‘Return’ while touching the middle of the seal. If you bring a non-Uzumaki into The Legacy, they need to be standing with you in the seal array, or they will remain trapped here. It has never been tested, but I am sure it would lead to unpleasant circumstances if someone is trapped in The Legacy while disconnected from their physical bodies. Without the seal bridge linking our yin selves to our physical selves, our bodies will continue aging as time moves on in the physical world.”

“I get that.” Naruto said with a nod. He hesitated before moving forward and hugged the older man awkwardly. “Thank you old man, for telling me… for giving me this… legacy from mom and dad.”


Chapter Thirteen: Uzumaki’s Legacy

Present time, opposite the street from Naruto’s apartment

Shadou stilled as the dark clad form of the Third Hokage entered Naruto Uzumaki’s apartment through the boy’s windows. He had caught sight of the hand sign the Hokage had made as he paused for a visible moment on the boy’s window still, a hand code known only to Konoha’s Chunin and Jonin, which the Hokage must have intended for Shadou and the Senju watchers across the street to see.

The hand sign was obvious, signifying the need for “Privacy”. Shadou knew that for all his age, the Third was still immensely formidable. There was little doubt that the old man could detect the watchers stationed around Naruto’s apartment. The Third was known as “The Professor” for a reason. The village leader was infamously known to have learnt most known ninja techniques in his lifetime. The rumours might have been exaggerated, but it was widely known the Third had an impressive Ninjutsu knowledge, with a high capability in chakra sensing.

Of course having naturally strong chakra senses came with its own flaws. Most strong sensors could only bear to activate their sensing abilities in short bursts, keeping them shut off most of the time for fear of being overwhelmed. Very few, with the exception of those with chakra sensing bloodlines, could cope with their chakra senses being bombarded with information for long durations.

Shadou’s own hard earned chakra sensing ability, trained from years of practice, was rather mild, allowing him to detect strong chakra pulses within his immediate area. The one good thing about his weak sensor ability however, was that it enabled him to leave on for long durations, without his ability becoming a hindrance to him. That trait gave him a huge advantage especially during long drawn out Taijutsu fights, when he could use his ability to predict the movements and locations of his opponents.

If he had been a dutiful Konoha Jonin, he might have turned away when The Third entered Naruto’s apartment. But he had not become an Elite Jonin by dutifully following orders. Elite ninja got to where they were by thinking with their heads. That the Hokage was personally visiting the Uzumaki boy in the middle of the night made Shadou curious as to why the Hokage was there.

Naruto Uzumaki was infamously known as the demon container of Konoha, by Konoha’s ninja corps and a surprisingly large number of civilians. No one knew exactly who spread the information about Naruto’s status to the common populace. The identity of the demon container was considered village secret of the highest level. But after the Nine-tails’ attack on the village close to eight years ago, certain powerful and influential civilians received notes detailing Naruto’s status. Information about the child began spreading since then, and trying to prevent that secret from travelling out of the village was like trying to patch a leaking barrel with paper. Shadou was quite confident that the major Elemental villages knew the identity of Konoha’s demon container by now.

The boy had been but a baby then, but once his status as the container of the Nine-tails was known to the civilian populace in Konoha, the Hokage had to place Anbu protection details on the child just to protect him from attempts to harm him. The Hokage even had to place a special law in place in order to prevent the spread of information about the Nine-tails’ container. Naruto Uzuamki’s status as the Konoha demon container was one of the worst kept S-rank secret in the village. Even until now, the Anbu could not discover the party disseminating information about the child back in the earlier years.

With the re-emergence of Root the previous night, Shadou could not help but wonder if the clandestine operation had any part in spreading sensitive information about the boy. If they really did do such an act, Shadou could not even began to fathom what their purpose would be. Already, the newly formed Uchiha council were up in arms after learning that Danzo had stolen Sharingan eyes from dead Uchiha members. Tales of the S-rank mission last night were already riling up the inner council, and it was all the new clan head Shusui, could do to stop the news from spreading further.

The Third might turn a blind eye to Uchiha Jonin reporting back to their clan head about details of an S-rank mission, but if tales of what happened began to spread out of the clan, the Hokage might apprehend those that leaked S-rank secrets to the common populace, like what he did when the demon container’s identity first began to spread. The Uchiha council could not afford to offend the Hokage right now, not with the recent damages and loses to their clan.

Which was why Shadou was making sure he would not get caught as he tried to spy on the Hokage…

A thin flare of light burst from the window still the Third had briefly perched on before he had entered Naruto Uzumaki’s apartment. With his chakra enhanced sight, Shadou could briefly made out a complex seal of some sort activating on the window. When Shadou turned to peer through the apartment window, he could only see dim darkness and nothing else. Shadou had no doubt that the seal had also muffled sounds inside the room from prying ears as well.

Shadou chuckled in amusement, it seemed rumours of the Third’s skill with Fuinjutsu was true. There were few seal masters who could utilize the Flash Sealing technique. It was a technique that allows a seal master to instantly place a pre-composed seal on any surface. The Uzumaki clan were notorious for the technique, which was not so surprising since they were the ones that developed that particular Seal craft in the first place.

As for Konoha, the Second and Fourth Hokages, as well as the Sanin were known users of the craft. Now it seems that he could add the Third Hokage to the list as well. It would at least be something for him to bring back to the inner council.

While the survivors of the Uchiha clan had no plans of turning against Konoha. When one was trained to be a ninja all his life, every bit of information counts, whether it was about friend or foe. There was always a chance that a seemingly irrelevant information might mean the difference between survival or death one day.

Knowing better than to go near Naruto Uzumaki’s apartment to see if he could break through the privacy seal on the window still, Shadou settled down to wait, listening to the soft snores of his apprentice.


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